Sunday, March 10, 2019

Problems With One World Government Theory

There is no mechanism whereby Earth humanity could select or elect one fearless leader. Complete compliance to the selection by the citizens of every nation is improbable too.
Allocating planetary resources as a dictator would find some winners and losers according to the Dictator’s neutral decretals. 

People are not in agreement about innumerable political issues globally. To force one policy into effect Universally, such as homosexual marriage, would require the repression of billions of dissidents. A Dictator would need to brainwash all her subjects to accept policy issued from godless decree on high, perhaps with a genetically modified virus to dumb down humanity sufficiently to bring into being a planet of docile yes-persons.

Downsizing, consolidating, increasing efficiency with centralization, mergers and hostile takeovers; these are  popular business characteristics. Anti-monopoly laws aren't. 

One world government is a sophomoric idea that occurs to many college freshmen to simplify government down to just one. It is a kind of algebraic process of deleting like terms from both sides, or all sides in case there are several, from an equation. Unfortunately humanity is not reducible to 0s and 1s expect in abstract logic. It is the differences and complex structures that make life interesting.

When one gets more learning and experience one may approach efficiency increases from a different point of view and look for ways to bring good ideas into being globally that can rectify corruptions of systematic political logic, reform policies that are ineffective and create equal justice before the law while conserving and restoring a healthy ecosphere and human political economy.

That is, one can try.

Who's Obstructin Justice Now?

Democrats in the House can invent whatever they like to harass the President with. House investigations are a somewhat underutilized political tool that Republicans tend not to exploit as quantitatively. Dealing with lunatics in the House is part of the job of being President. President Trump seems to thrive on verbal conflict.
President Trump might consider dusting off an old F.D.R. trick and try to expand the Supreme Court and pack it with sympathetic judges. Then he could say over the House cries of protest that they are obstructin justices.

The Soviet Military Threat

The Soviet Union’s military was primarily structured for self-defense rather than hemispheric invasion. Joseph Stalin’s policy was communism in one country rather than the Trotskyite policy of global conquest. Mongols, Napoleon and Hitler had invaded Russia and the Soviet Union- not vice versa.
The Red Army rolled up the eastern front of the Nazi army and occupied the countries they had been in. There wasn’t a good reason to swiftly give them up and allow an unstable west without a pre-determined political future structurally to have an opportunity to attack again starting from the 10 yard line. After a half century when the Reagan administration and President Gorbachev working together through historical providence found a rapport, they gave them up. The Soviet Union faded away and the new Russian federation emerged through the Yeltsin administration.
With the death of the dictator Joseph Stalin and his one-country policy there was a renewal of Soviet expansionism and the Cold War became heated. Soviet and Western proxies fought battles around the global from Nicaragua to Vietnam and in Africa. The 1950′s until 1989 had nuclear proliferation, guerrilla and anti-guerrilla wars globally. It was a difficult era. The Soviet Union also had the problem of a rising China with leaders antipathetic in some respects to Soviet Far East interests. The Amur River saw Sino-Soviet militaries occasionally considering war.
The essentially Soviet threat to the United States besides nuclear conflict was two-fold. Communist expansionism from Latin America and fifth column socialist-communist citizen elements occasionally associated with the Democrat Party. Each of those invasion threats was contained.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Criteria for Erasing the Second Amendment

The second amendment and the rest could be abolished anytime with election of the right people. The Democratic House just passed a measure to let illegal aliens vote. Even with google translators the nation could have leaders that don’t give a d___ about the Constitution. The Supreme Court might be appointed with Curlie More and Larry justices to ditto whatever a Divine Dictator of the People decrees. People assume the laws and founding documents cannot be erased, yet they may be one day after some time of just interpreting laws with liberal inventive fiction to mean whatever the zeitgeist of the powerful require.

In the founding era it was nearly impossible for the government to take away guns from homes. Even when the civil war occurred and the south lost, the idea of taking away guns from homes would not have worked for long. Former slaves took up guns to try to assert independence. Today though, mass gun control is possible.

Mass surveillance and concentrated wealth would let the right people on the court and in government remove all firearms. That would be a useful social control tool for a perfected New World Order with just a billion people alive on the planet more or less.
Governments change historically. Documents may change or be replaced. Recall the fake Donation of Constantine. Tribalism is sometimes popular to take political control over vague abstract theories that are out of touch with the crude social reality; people may want a king.
The Democrat Party platform for 2020 seems to be emerging as Anti-Israel, pro-Talib, pro-Omar Mullah, pro-infanticide, anti-Trump, neo-socialist, illegal alien rights of citizenship including voting, anti-capitalism except with socialist government partnership, anti-Google, anti-Facebook, homosexual marriage, anti-Christian, pro radical Islam, pro-dope, anti-fobiya etc.

The nation has no guarantee of security or placid museum quality security.

US Should Build Up Border Security With Fence and Visa Requirement for Euros

The United States should require visas for Europeans entering the United States and put a global warming tax on them for offsetting the carbon of trans-Atlantic travel. Sailors would not be required to pay a carbon tax on the visa good for three months and available for just five easy payments of $19.95 plus a modest $50 Euro carbon flight tax. The visa fee could help pay for the cost of building a good fence on the Mexican border. It would be worthwhile keeping European terrorists out of the United States, as well as those terrorists just visiting Europe to get an easy shot to the U.S.A.

The visa-free travel program should be deleted for a security upgrade.

One must tighten up the border security looseness if global warming is to be reversed. With loose border security a King Canute command to fix it on cue won't work especially when illegal alien voters approved by Democrats veto the Rube Goldberg scheme because it gets in the way of monster truck sales and coal mining jobs.

Democrat Platform 2020-Anti-Israel, Pro-Infanticide, Illegal Alien Voting Rights

The Democrat Party platform for 2020 seems to be emerging as Anti-Israel, pro-Talib, pro-Omar Mullah, pro-infanticide, anti-Trump, neo-socialist, illegal alien rights of citizenship including voting, anti-capitalism except with socialist government partnership, anti-Google, anti-Facebook, homosexual marriage, anti-Christian, pro radical Islam, pro-dope, anti-fobiya etc.

Senator Dorothy Feinstein's days may be numbered as she seems to be anti 93 trillion dollar Green New Deal and possibly pro-Jewish. Demos of California will be eyeballing her post and slathering up and coming new b's with cash, prizes and fully stocked refrigerators.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Two-Season Roofing Panel Idea

Roofing shingles that are asphalt absorb heat in the summer and won't let snow slide off in the winter causing a few roofs to fail. Maybe extra roof snow shoveling works. It seems inefficient.

Why not manufacture a roofing panel that is aluminum for winter with a slate or heat repelling cover in the summer. One would slide over the other and return.

The two-phase roof panel/shingle could be changed electrically or manually. Just an idea.

Some would point out that it would be better to make a good annual slate shingle that resists solar heating yet is still slick enough to let snow slide off. I would agree with that concept myself, If it were lightweight, plastic, fire-resistant and maybe with glue-on adhesive strips with solar voltaic capability yet tough and long-lasting that would be even better.

I like the idea of roofing panels that change color seasonally or even diuranally like select glasses. Just saying.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

How Christians Do Not SIn

I have wondered if people might not misunderstand John. When saved one gets credit through the Lord as if one had never sinned. Sanctification may make the temporal life a work in progress. One could compare temporal life to ram space in a computer where the imperfect, condemned humanity lives. Jesus converts imperfect character code of those with faith to perfection before allowing them onto the eternal SSD.

A program may be perfectly written, as it were, suitable for a Garden of Eden. Characters created in the program may be given free will and operating instructions. They disobey, and the program is given a correction to contain the free will virus run amock.

The free will virus may have good and bad characteristics. Good because it emulates some of the creative, inventive spirit of God, bad because it breaks the parameters of its own existence (as if a dog off a leash in a home near a freeway runs into eight lanes of high speed traffic). Interestingly sin of the unsaved and those with badly understood theology use global economics to move the world to an ecospheric brink.  

Before the program code of the characters is allowed into the eternal SSD of heaven the code must be corrected. God is perfect and imperfect code just won't work in heaven. Jesus through His atoning sacrifice enters good code for each individual character subroutine who is saved so they can exist eternally with God through the Lord. Over time the code of each character is transformed like unto that of the Lord, who is perfect and fully God.

The saved do not want to sin though as imperfect beings probably do. They still have bodies that are reason enough for condemnation through original sin. Some have associated the liberal viewpoint of freedom to sin since Jesus is screening them from the penalty of sin viewpoint with a Gnostic heresy. If one cannot be credited with sin after being saved then, the reasoning went, why not use that as a license to sin. That viewpoint misunderstands the entire criterion of salvation.

Romans 6- 1"What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?""2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?"

2nd Corinthians 4 "7But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. 8We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 10Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. 11For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh. 12So then death worketh in us, but life in you.

13We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak; 14Knowing that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus, and shall present us with you. 15For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God.

16For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. 17For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; 18While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal."

Never Say Never on Humans Beating Super-Computer Chess Engines

I couldn’t say they won’t. The capacity lies the realm of science fiction. A break-through in human use of logic that allows shortcuts to winning calculations computers cannot make would be the best way. It is more likely that human brains enhanced with technology or D.N.A. modifications permitting spatial matrix folding calculation visions to find winning tensors will arise for other purposes than chess.

Chess has just 64 squares so, though there is a very large number of possible paths to victory, the number is finite. I am not sure why anyone would want to bend, fold, warp, rearrange the squares and their order in imagination to find optimal paths given the variable worth of pieces and pawns together, yet some mathematician of the future may learn how spaces and relations like those of chess apply to configuration theories of the Universe construction in some way and apply the discoveries to beating a chess supercomputer engine that lives in quantum spaces of all possible worldlines over the threshold of solid-state space before the dawn of quantum decoherence.

Mullah Omar;'The American Superpower is on the Brink of Destruction'

I was looking for quotes from an article on the late Mullah Omar of Afghanistan who was a Taliban leader and resistance fighter after 9-11 brought the U.S.A. to Afghanistan. I couldn't find much. The BBC report mentioned a "ritual claim" that  "American superpower and other allied forces are on the verge of destruction and defeat"".

Mullah Omar issued a directive for the Taliban to refrain from anti-Saudi activities. He probably would have been happy to engage in anti-Israeli activities.

It is interesting how recruiting of militants continue regardless of the death of Muslim leaders. Featuring the number of American soldiers killed in action was an enticement intended to get youth to sign up for the war.

Attacking the soft underbelly of the United States from the Mexican border with a million illegal aliens a year might not be a Taliban policy, instead it could be designed by some Argentinian as pay back for U.S. support for Britain in the Falklands war that resulted in putting down the Argentinian junta. That was comparable to the German popular revolt against the aristocracy at the end of the loss of Germany to the allies in the first world war (well, an armistice resulted that set the stage for WW 2).

A better try might be electing Omars from within the U.S. to attack Israel and weaken the Christian nature of the nation already under attack by godless Democrat infanticidalists.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Democrats Have a Gaggle of No-Good Candidates; Why is That?

One must wonder at the Democrat Presidential candidate roster so far. There are 24 announced or with exploratory committees and none seem Presidential.

Criteria for a President should include a few items.

1) Has read the second edition of Ecological Economics by Dailey and Farley
2) Has read The Unconscious Civilization by John Ralston Sauls
3) Served as an officer in any branch of the military
4) Has run two miles in under seven minutes
5) Was born in the U.S.A.
6) Read the Dialogues of Plato
7) Can accurately summarize the constitution of the United States
8) Completed a college course in science and can pass a general science CLEP exam
9) Has good verbal communication skill
10) Isn't a socialist or member of the communist party
11) Regards U.S. citizenship and political egalitarianism as important enough to secure borders against illegal entrants
12) Is fundamentally color blind in economic policy

That isn't much to expect. Democrats have a litmus test however that falls short of common sense. They expect a Democrat candidate to have these attributes;
1) Be pro-abortion including infanticide
2) Pro-homosexual and lesbian including homosexual marriage even if that goes against rationality
3) Flood the nation with illegal aliens that might vote Democrat some day and in the meantime will be good cheap labor for feminists and homosexuals-lesbians
4) Pro-corporatism and socialism
5) Not be a straight white male even if they say they support lesbians, homosexual and trans-gender bathroom choice and cross-dressing.
6) Hate Russia except when oligarchs make contributions to your foundation

Why Corporations Should Be Limited in SIze

There are several factors that make wealth concentrate in the Unites States. The U.S.A. is supposed to be a democracy with sovereign citizens getting their political interests done through representatives elected to government. When corporations become to large, wealth and powerful democracy is effectively eclipsed and the political philosophy of corporatism (invented by the fascist dictator Mussolini).

Too large of corporations in number of employees just have too much political and social influence and probably corrupt free market competition in a number of ways. Very large corporations and subsidiaries form networks and insider stockholders by into other large corporations and corporate boards may be overlapping. Such vast power and wealth networks drive business in the direction that best suits the bottom line of profit. The media fawns over Wall Street and no wonder- its owned by the most wealthy people.

Too large of corporate employment numbers also return outsize salaries to CEOs and board members reinforcing the concentration of wealth. Patents are filed by the truckloads by Silicon Valley American zaibatsu. Individualism is dampened.

A remedy would be to limit any corporation to just 20,000 employees. Then a corporation would think twice about paying huge salaries and stock packages to CEOs. If corporations could have no more than 20,000 workers and no individual could own shares in more than three corporations competition would increase and inventiveness would be more reward,, the concentration of wealth might slow a little for the 1% and democracy might emerge from the dark, dank moldy sub-basement it is locked in by Wall Street.

When some corporation has need of more workers it could form ad hoc business relationship with other corporations as needed. The army hiring civilian contractors used to work that way.

One shouldn't establish such large businesses and corporate networks that hey become regarded as too big to fail. That applies to banks too. One of the challenges of reforming mass economics to a sustainable ecologoical economic infrastructure is that too large of corporations put up far too much political and social economic resistance to change. Too large of corporations are maladaptive to the pace of economic reform required for a sustainable human economy.

Socialists are an even worse problem compounding the error of too large of corporations as they seek to ossify Wall Street with high taxes and socialist hegemony doubling down on the corporatist philosophy that creates a maladaptive macro-economy for the nation and ecological sustainability.

Moderate size corporations can be allowed to fail without social disaster. It is easier to modify and reform smaller corporations. Smaller corporations may be components for the macro-economy that can be integrated within a sustainable economic system more readily and without the disruption required for the very large.

Dictator Kim is Likely Stalling for Soft Democrat in 2020

Dictator Kim Un seems to have played president Trump in order to avoid war before he has good nuclear junk to throw at San Francisco. He needs to seem to want to move toward normalized relations yet in fact is simply a Dictator with no intention of relinquish Hitler-like domination over North Koreans. If he did he might be hung.

The Dictator probably hopes a soft-on-defense Democrat is elected to the WHite House in 2020 so he can have bread from Washington D.C. as well as nuclear weapons.

Who to Believe; Michael Cohen or Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren

A recent poll showed that voters believe Michael Cohen more than President Trump. Belief in the veracity of Michael Cohen is a kind of test of the emergency broadcasting media system. Voters may compare Michael Cohen usefully to numerous Presidential candidates past, present and future to determine who is more truthful or less false.

It is possible that the Mueller Report will be delayed for some time because it may have nothing positive about collusion in it. If it released and is a goose egg for Democrats they would look bad, so having the Michael Cohen truth meter ready to apply should amuse the voters until the Congress finds a new way to celebrate jihad on President Trump.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Senators Seek to Curb Executive Emergency Response Power

Senator Rand Paul and others including Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski are seeking to curb Executive power to respond to national emergencies such as gross border insecurity. If today's Senators had lived as politicians in the founder's era the nation and people would still be owned by England.

Fundamentally Senators against enhancing national border security are globalists for the corruption of national integrity regarding rights of citizenship. The treasonous ten are like dumb cattle doped by the most rich and nationally unvirtuous elements. (Republicans with Democrats being a lost cause). Mass illegal immigration is the greatest direct assault upon effective national democracy and the real value of constitutional rights of American citizens. Citizenship is meaningful only if it is.

Rights of citizenship and sovereignty are basic, integral elements of freedom in the given land area that is the nation. Foreign sovereign states have no need at all to sign off on U.S. constitutional rights nor respect them. Neither do U.S. Senators have a necessity to support and defend the constitution of the United States or the physical boundaries of the nation,if they are treasonous. They may nominally but not actually support and defend the constitution, borders and interests of the people of the United States.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Considering Neo-Trade War Tariffs

 Before the neo-trade war it did seem as if some rectification of China-US trade policy needed to be implemented. President Trump worked to accomplish that and tariffs are part of the method of making trade adjustments.
The United State seems to go with short term profits in business cycles more so than with long term strategies. Inertia drives non-sustainable economic methods that are a continuua with an evolving capital investment paradigm. Challenges and responses create opportunity and impediment to business in relation to tariffs and lack of tariffs. Long-term interests, and I wonder what time is regarded as long term, are subverted by the change of population demographics and culture far more than tariffs that are temporary and less than a speed bump in history.
Tariffs on particular businesses such as manufacture of solar voltaic panels have raised the cost to consumers of Chinese products yet the Congress does more to harm American electric vehicle and solar panel manufacture than tariffs on Chinese products. Those low cost semi-flexible 100 watt solar panels can easily recharge batteries for 12 volt devices. Because of the weight of batteries the U.S. domestic battery market probably isn’t too impacted by tariffs.

Why the Gag Order on Roger Stone?

Gag orders made by judicial coercion seem unAmerican. They seem like the kind of thing card-carrying Democrat Party members would work on people.

Why shouldn't those being persecuted by the state exercise free speech as they like without gag orders? The Soviet Communist Party used that sort of thing with arrest and export to the Alexander Archipelago. Censorship of political adversaries is perennially popular with Democrats lacking solid facts to win political points.

Attorneys usually advise their clients to say little to prosecutors. In the case of Roger Stone there might be an exception. It is disturbing to have ham-fisted goons ordering U.S. citizens to give up their free speech or be jailed.

Topic; US Global Domination

Some of us have been trying for some time to persuade politicians to stop dominating foreign entities. Yet bad habits are hard to break without willpower. As you may see from listening to AOC and Speaker Nancy, there is no willpower not to dominate.
Even so, if the United States loses its domination over foreign dominions it may be able once again to find it. Russia, China, Canada and North Korea have been asking the U.S. to quit with the domination however we still install coke machines wherever that’s practical.
Cheeseburgers, coke and ketchup have been tools for global domination for the better part of a century. Ketchup won the Cold War with Soviet Uninionists. Chinese communist leaders tremble at the notion of double cheeseburgers unleashed upon the masses without Chinese partners. Mass tonnage of quality soy beans decimate opposition to vegetarianism in so many nations it is pitiful. India may one day look at cattle as equivalent to so many acres of soy if and only if sanctions cut off their supply and they become socially decadent.
Nationalism is being supplanted by global oligarchs through corporatism with its pecentage of socialism built-in to appease and induct hapless masses into dominion. Until oligarchs let global warming extirpate most of the world population while they wait out the storm on Mars; until the desertified Earth is re-watered with comets and ice brought in from space, it is likely the United States will dominate global pizza production to the chagrin of the enemies of Mozzarella and pepperoni.

The Murkowski Machination

Alaska Republican Senator (nominally) has declared she will vote to allow illegal aliens to surge upward along the west coast to Alaska in taking a stand against an emergency to reinforce national security with a better fence on the Mexican border. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul exercised a penny-wise pound foolish option to oppose the security fence, yet what Senator Lisa Murkowski's real thinking about working to scuttle national sovereignty is, is difficult to discern.

In my opinion their may be a Murkowski replicant machination to replace aboriginal Americans of Alaska- their are more than 300,000, with vaguely resembling Mexicans. All or in part Mexicanization of aboriginal Americans would be a slowly evolving method of reducing aboriginal land power in the state with all of the vast natural resources so valuable to global extraction redistributors.

There is another cause for the Murkowski Mexican allegiance; Democrats would disapprove of signing up to support the President. AOC and Speaker Pelosi recently warned they were making a list and checking it twice, and going to remember who's naughty or nice. Senator Murkowski knows which side her bread is buttered on.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

China Policy, Technology Transfer and Joint Ventures

Forced technology transfer through a Chinese policy requirement that foreign companies that want to establish themselves in select restricted sectors have a Chinese partner in a joint venture diffuses technology to China’s benefit. Those corporations cannot keep proprietary technology secrets from their partners.

Is China’s International Joint Venture Policy Effective in Diffusing Technology? -

Until recently Chinese policy required that the Chinese partner owned 51% of the business. Investing in that climate would actually be selling the corporation or business to China who could do whatever they like with it.

Karl Marx did write that capitalists would sell communists the rope they will be hanged by. Foreign investors realizing profits from Chinese mass market sales dump their technological knowledge to Chinese partners.

It is interesting to consider the Chinese historical background in the deeper sense of thousands of years of virtual public slavery to royals vs the American background of freedom to start with (except for African slaves). The Chinese public sector in control has great distrust of the concentrated wealth of the private sector from which they emerged only through great struggle and the chaotic technological advances of state of the art early 20th century military weapons and struggle.

Because the United States has failed to capitalize on better post-Cold War relations with Russia, a more complex economic neo-isolationism and populist weapons development is developing. Perhaps American leadership is in a race with Russia of a kind for business with the Chinese production medium.

Video of a new, affordible Kamakaze drone by Kalashnikov

The United States grew without royal establishment once it was overthrown so a new nation could begin. Slave importation was quickly outlawed and 43 years later the government was able to eliminate the historical vestigial slave owners from owning people. Today though the concentration of wealth in the United States is about the same as the notorious condition of Mexico though at a higher average level of prosperity. From an initial good fortune of having no upper class of established wealth to repress ordinary pepole in the beginning of the nation besides the British aristocrats, because the people were from so many nations among other reasons, to the present is quite a social devolution.

In theory a nation that starts without an oppressive upper class given enough time will evolve one. They will be self-reinforcing and justifying and forget all about the benefits of egalitarianism within a democratic system and create de facto aristocracy and social stratification statistically.

Probably there are really just three forms of government.
  1. Royal
  2. Democratic
  3. Chaos
A combination of the three to various degrees usually prevails in the real world. The world can use the maximum amount of invention today to overcome empirical challenges of population and ecospheric decay, so limiting patent exclusivity to three years with 10% royalties from users to the inventor after after exclusivity expires would help field good product ideas. President Trump should press the Chinese to agree to a reformed patent system, and if not the Chinese should lead to establish that paradigm of just three years of exclusivity.

The Chinese idea of public safety differs from that of most Americans. There is an interesting ten-minute video on the subject one may make inferences from.