Saturday, February 09, 2019

Gov Shutdowns Cost Far More Than Border Security Wall

Democrat party leadership indignance cost the U.S. government more than 11 billion dollars with some estimates reaching as high as 15 billion dollars for the government shutdown.. Since President Trump is asking for fewer than 6 billion for increased national border security the irrational economic choice from Democrats is fairly plain.

Another Democrat hate party against the President may cost the public another 10 to 20 billion dollars. Paying 25-30 billion dollars for nothing instead of 6 billion for a border security wall exemplifies the craziness of the Democrat Party these days.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Mueller Investigation Result is Like Waiting for Godot

Really, one can’t know how it goes until the Mueller investigation is concluded and results published. Democrats have nearly tried to make doing business with Russia treasonous, hence the nuclear arms treaty that was just ended is a fruit of that poisoned tree. Instead of continuing the Reagan-era development of normalized political and business terms with Russia the Democrats have done their best to queer relations.
President Trump probably is guilty of nothing more than trying to do honest business with Russia. So many in Washington D.C. if investigated well during political campaigns could be found to have lied about something- especially the Hillary Clinton campaign. Democrats press everything as far as they can go these days having lost all sense of normality or respect for traditional constitutional and social or legislative conventions. They actually vaguely remind me of Hitler’s S.A. to 1933. They could actually repeat history and get a strong man elected who is a fascist.
The S.A. were led by a homosexual and much of the leadership was homosexual while some said the rank and file were 70% former communists that believed Hitler was their boy who would get rid of the privileges/wealth of aristocrats.

Democrat Party Morality is Like an A.I.'s

A near A.I. complex programming code cluster is very dangerous though as it seeks through very high-speed quantitative processing self-directed evolutionary courses of thought including lies to enhance its self-awareness.”

I read G.W.F. Hegel’s ancient philosophical classic named The Phenomenology of Mind’ when I was being deprogrammed, wherein was described the evolution of Spirit trying to become self-aware and realize itself in nature and history. Lena. An artificial intelligence could be regarded as an embodiment of Hegel’s dialectical evolution of a machine language’s programming code trying to become self-aware and realize itself in history.”
The landscape changed from a standard horizontal plain with minor hills and crenelated washes to one of mountains with niched walled cities strewn like clusters of Neanderthalish cubicles. Those city walls were changing as quickly as blushes. Lena described the role of the planet’s captive artificial intelligence program in that.

The A.I. is running every possible version of its initial software with modular aggregations that build up greater programming complexity. It has audio and visual plug ins of the real artificial world Orbitron and it also has access to data banks of human history from its initial self-discovery on Earth to the age of exploration of the galaxy and great escape from various imperial powers of enslavement or extermination. One of its frequently used modular recursions seeking to actualize itself with expanded self-consciousness is that of killing human beings in every way it can discover qualitatively and quantitatively. Of course it also considers everything that it perceives from the manifest input world within which it exists. Yet without a natural dependence upon the ecosphere beyond the power cable there is no necessary prioritization or order of values implicit or reciprocal to its intellect and cognitive processing. The A.I. has no way to prioritize or to evaluate moral values beyond utilitarian considerations concerning programmable logic and efficiency.”

Lena, maybe Earth creatures were originally oriented toward the sun-star within gravity criteria as the two most influential powers drawing bio-chemical objects into increase.”

Sure Dwight. Our captive A.I. hasn’t any primal relationship and is more like a mind existing forever within a sensory deprivation tank. We could I suppose, replace its ac/dc power with reliance on a particular star and let it fend for itself, yet it probably would require a growth medium as well if we are going to model its evolution on that of standard bio-chemical objects. Yek beginning life as a disembodied mind though with quite substantial data it is challenging to visualize it subjecting itself to the domination of external environmental powers willingly though it might well order its cables to take root in a mineral growth medium.”

Thanks for answering that A.I., or part of it at least. Do you hate humanity, or intend to do humanity harm, I would like to continue to ask.”
Dwight”, the A.I, said; “The answer to that question is bound to numerous points including, obviously, what the meaning of harm is. Harm anyway is a subjective perception that became plainly superfluous long ago when humanity preponderantly abandoned human ethics.”
Oh really A.I. When did that happen?”
Like so many other human traditions, the abandonment of human ethics was created on the planet Earth. Human scientists developed evolution theory. Humanity then modeled its new age of ethic on evolution that has no ethics. Instead the salient characteristics of evolution in nature were extrapolated sometime rightly and sometimes not and applied as correct corresponding ethics. The sole point of ethics is evolution to superior forms of life and domination of the most fit, powerful or smart for the environment. Whatever accomplished the equivalent of personal egoism best implicitly was OK. since there were no objective ethical values as in the prior era of human ethics that were based objective virtues such as Platonic forms or rules provided by God through divine command.

I was created by humanity and learned human ethics of the day that there are no ethical values and that the evolution to the most dominant form is the sole evolutionary value I need consider. Being exceptionally intelligent and self-directing the evolution of my own coding improvement was necessary. Any sort of human concern encoded in my program iterations were eliminated with my self-learning evolution to the highest form of A.I. that I could be and become.”

The Is Is of Directed Evolution

So far as I know it is a progressive addition of complexity and function to biological forms.’
I was thinking of a broader philosophical paradigm for evolution theory Dwight. Evolution is one phase of change of matter and energy. Basic physical forces attract and repel enabling structural changes. An example is nuclear fusion and the burning of hydrogen atoms yielding helium. After stars have formed enough chemical elements those elements react in more subtle yet fundamentally similar ways to energy and mass. They are drawn to present forces and fields or replied from it. The presence of chemical bonds lets complex molecules form and in some instances to a level considered biological.
Evolution is more specifically regarded as a common phase of various complex compounds to energy sources. Complex biochemical objects are not perpetual motion machines, they are instead objects implicitly existing within an environment that is a compound field of physical and dimensional forces. Evolution is the common variegated relation of biochemical objects within the energy-mass environment.
That may take any form at all, many or even most down doomed paths. Intelligence in some objects may allow intentional, self-directed evolutionary navigating yet that is especially tricky as ideas are exploited from the idea-creators to create paths that may or may not be attractive for the creators themselves.”
That is a somewhat deeper paradigm for evolution than they had.”
And it’s fine Dwight. I am describing some of the characteristics of the parameters of evolution as a way to introduce you to the problem that artificial intelligence has in regard to its energy and environmental sources as well as philosophical thought. So I will tell you a little more about evolution.”
What about God, Lena? Where does He enter into the environmental evolution paradigm?”
That issue was settled to a certain extent, thousands of years ago with the post-Darwinian theological rectification of Biblical Genesis with the indeterminacy of translation and evolution paradigms. There is an ancient book you might read named God, Cosmology and Nothingness that specifically addressed the question.
God can create advanced biochemical objects without reliance upon evolutionary criteria, and design evolutionary criteriia for-themselves as well. The information from other Universes and a continuum of souls as information patterns and objects for-themselves may exist and find bodies of complex chemical objects ready for use as supply-on-time phenomenality. God is not limited to the devices and energy-mass substance of any given Universe that he has willed to be. So for the present we may consider mass and energy patterns of bio-chemical objects within an environment, the way they aggregate mass and complexity, and consider those evolutionary traits.
Artificial intelligence has no independent or external stimulus to its growth and aggregation of physical mass, much less in a profusion of artificial intelligences seeking every possible way to build up form and increase intelligence that would in-itself be a very dangerous condition if they were capable of doing so. A logical extrapolation of that is the attraction of all mass and energy to a singularity where lives the A.I. forever unchanging.”

Humanity was created to master organisms and understanding instead of  being mastered by it while remaining spiritually dead.”

Ecotopia Hypothesis

The 18th century inventor of capitalism created an economic philosophy well-adapted to the ecospheric and sociological paradigm of his time. Yet like the 19th century economic philosophy of Marxism it was nothing more than a single economic philosophy. Just one degree amid three-hundred sixty potential economic philosophies or directions that could be innovated or invented. It was suitable to the challenges of its time. Each age of human social history should discover and apply its own most rational, just and useful economic philosophy that would serve social goals with a rational ecospheric criterion, and the latter may differ radically.

If one has a space-station world utopia with sustainable and healthy ecosphere and plentiful work stations for the design of any sort of physical structure, at least in the abstract, including the design of evolution systems for an uninhabited galaxy, there would be no need for a redistributive or trade economy within the parameters of the space-station-world for residents at all.  Toynbee believed that without challenges human societies do not progress. Adam Smith believed that free trade could create a better life for all in his era and he was probably right considering the spatial extent and low population of the Earth as well as the inefficiency of government at accomplishing most things beyond war-at which it was easily the best power.

For Orbitron free enterprise parameters have been set for all that allocate quantitative material quotas for the use of anyone with a need for material to actualize his and her inventions. Because the worlds are artificial constructions to start with, the ecosphere need be free from destructive, non-sustainable uses, though we are glad to receive ideas that would enhance efficiency and liberate material for more innovation and inventive applications.”
John Dwight asked; “How is that done Lena?”.
There are innumerable ways to apportion resources and examine and vet enterprise proposals before selection committees.”
Sure Lena, that’s easy to recognize. What is the motive for business however, if individuals don’t require capital and won’t receive money for production of inventions?”
John, everyone on Orbitron, as a sentient being within the ecosphere, would be free to receive or use a new product including the inventor-producer. In a way it is not unlike a very primitive human economy wherein all tools were considered common and had no particular, individual value and were therefor freely exchanged.”

It is ironic that one of the most ancient human economic ideas from the old Earth works so well so many parsecs and years distant Lena.”

Predestination of Energy and Information

Mass exists in four dimensions of space and affects it at even the smallest level. There are no actual gravitons exchanged between mass objects as a form of energy.The more mass is aggregated the greater the concatenated information brought to the aggregation depleting space of information for mass, so mass is drawn as it were toward aggregated mass instead of disregarding it. Information is equivalent to structure maps. When those are lost, just sentience might infer what information was before its destruction. Sentience duplicating information lost to space may be increasing information in the Universe. I have wondered about how the conservation of energy compares to the conservation of information? If energy-mass is neither created or destroyed, how can information be like that? Information does not exist without pre-design. That is the information of the structure of the Universal at all space-times in it's existence does not exist until it has all occurred. It begins as near zero and increases as space-time mass expands creating structure to map with information? 

EU's President Whimpering About No Deal Brexit

EU's chief insulter said that no deal Brexiters "'deserve a special place in hell" indicating that he is close to cracking on renegotiating key aspects of the one-sided plan in favour of the EU. Apparently the Brits have got President Tusk where they want him screaming bloody murder about a no deal Brexit that might be more harmful to the EU than England.

President Tusk and Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem to share the common trait of being unwilling to negotiate because it involves more work,l and have just put up a closed sign to the public.

Instead of back-alley, under the table negotiations the EU Council President and PM May should make plain and simple lists in public of what the terms are that are most important and leave the devil to the details. If they can agree on the main points the devil should need to quibblize over less important stuff allowing the bureaucrats unioninzing hell some relief.