Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Resist Empathizing With Your Inner Ecocidal Maniac

The desire for ecoslaughter doesn't necessarily accompany every business development plan that annihilates green spaces and waterway health- those wanton, senseless acts of ecospheric destruction just happen without the ecoslaughterer giving it a thought. Yet there are political leaders that cannot claim to be innocent ecoslaughtering idiots. In fact some including many Democrats seeking after riches and big square houses plainly are ecocidal serial killers of the health of the world for living beings.

Slowly bthere is a change toward sustainable energy because it is cheaper than oil and gas. Yet global warming with fossil fuel exhaust and industrial CO2 pollution aren't the only problems for human beings. While unreformed, primitive capitalism values only cash, comfort and the transformation of the ecosphere into disposable consumer products, the reduction of species through habitat destruction includes dire consequences for humanity that even has micro-plastic in its personal waster product.


Not until space business develops complete sustainable ecospheres on moons and worlds that were lifeless would it be safe or reasonable to continue the destruction of the Earth's ecosphere. Obviously the Green Party in the U.S.A. flopped. The Democrats are simply trickster spoilers taking some green votes while motivated by sucking up to the most rich and cutting their taxes. Republicans live in Nieman-Marcus and regard the ecosphere as a place for field sports that can be eliminated without a trouble so long as the price is right. I am not optimistic that democracy can recover from the Obama tax cuts that through the entire game to the 1%.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Be Wary of October; National Roll-a-Drunk Month

October is a month where the prospects for decay present themselves like autumnal leaf colors. For those weak-minded souls seeking relief from financial stress under the influence of alcohol and drugs and without much going on in their brains concerning scholarship or social philosophy October may be enough stimuli to prompt aggressor attacks on drunks.

Bars, taverns and alcohol serving establishment congregate people of all kinds seeking to become a little bit temporarily crazy and stupid with booze. They are therefore likely places for predators to seek victims. The cliche' phrase roll-a-drunk may have developed following frequent, common attacks on inebriated persons stumbling out of eastern booze emporiums.

In a given year there are about 1000 felony aggravated assaults per million people in the U.S.A. October is likely to have a higher than average rate of assault. So if choosing to go to a bar to make yourself more vulnerable to aggressors than usual, and especially if you seem to be easy prey, think twice before becoming dumbed-down with alcohol inebriation.

There are a couple of bright spots in the pattern of felony assault incidence. Since 1990 the national rate has been cut in half. The bad news is that it began increasing during the Obama administration and the trend continues, although the rate of alien crimes has been cut in half during the Trump administration.


A final word; be careful about the sort of establishment you choose to go in to for the dumbing-down inebriation procedure. It should not be antipathetic toward your most outstanding vulnerability features such that criminals would find particularly attractive. Yet one should try to find time to enjoy the crispness of fall frosts and colors where global warming hasn't killed them or set them back to December. And watch the full Harvest moon without booze in the blood.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Crown Prince Royal Prerogative to Execute Heretic Journalism Subjects

A Saudi journalist employed by the leftist-corporatist Bezos organ Washington Post disappeared recently after being last seen entering the Saudi embassy in Turkey. The incident of the alleged killing of the journalist raises some interesting question besides the obvious whodunit sort.

Does a near absolute monarch or his crown prince heir apparent have the right to take the life of a politically inconvenient, antipathetic subject such as Mr. Khashoggi may have been? Was the journalist a sedulous tool of public media foreign policy objectives for the Middle East? Further, in the case of the Saudi monarchy that is also the keeper of the keys of Mecca and Wahhabist Sunni Islam, does the monarch or prince-heir apparent have the right to decree a left-leaning journalist heretical and have him executed as an offense to Islam? In my opinion the answer to each question is yes, conditionally speaking.



The condition is not the rightness of an execution so much as the power to execute. If a monarch has the real power to order executions and may do so privately or publicly the political rightness of the action is inherent in the power to do order such an action.     

People of the west since the Lord Jesus walked on the Earth have worked toward a different end and idea of moral and political right. It is in the basic equality of all people before God and of their inherent right for self-determination and equal representation under the lows that they make themselves together within democracy. There are two fundamental political forms; the first is that of social equality politically and legally while the other is an asymmetric political system with higher power of one group over another. The latter includes systems such as dictatorship, oligarchy, plutocracy, corporatism and in real application state social as well as communism with the dictatorship of the proletariat. Individual self-determination is as important as legal equality for a political system if it is avoid falling into the master-slave political systems that have prevailed for most of the history of mankind, and today that exists in Saudi Arabia.

The United States for quite some time has had rather poor Middle East polices except in regard to support for Israel and the Hashamite Kingdom. What it should do in regard to Saudi today is to not fall into the trap of side-switching whipsaws that generate civil conflicts. The Trump administration should recognize the traditional monarchical prerogatives and history with understanding rather than condemnation yet advocate openly for legal equality of all citizens and democracy, in addition to the installation and legal requirement that all new Saudi construction have exteriors covered with solar photon capturing and circuiting voltaic panels.

Economic evolution rather than whipsawing sabotage and irrational fast alliance changes are better approaches to international relations than support for irregular guerrilla groups. Presently a dead monarchy would mean a Sunni Saudi equivalent of the Shi'a fundamentalist regime of Iran governing transition replete with mass civilian casualties. It is strange to even be concerned about such extremes about a Saudi subject when there are lots of people killed for all manner of wrong reasons every day around the world. Original sin and the sin of homicide have not become so rare as to produce shock in observers of mass media reports.

 The Khashoggi conundrum is perhaps comparable to the situation of Iran during the Shah's time as an American ally when he sent his Savak secret police agents abroad to intimidate or eliminate Iranian dissidents and the left and media were aghast and incensed at it. The left supported the Iranian revolution and one of the first thing the Khomeaniists did in power was to liquidate the left and communists so far as they could. As the left and corporate media are dwelling upon the loss of a single journalist employed by the world's richest man's Washington Post leftist-corporatist organ they should recall what can happen when taking things too far and stimulating regime change instead of directed regime evolution.

One might wonder why laptop computers aren't built with electronic diagnostic and report alternate circuitry in case a hardware component breaks interrupting the electrical flow and preventing the computer from starting again. It would be simple to manufacture and would allow trustworthy use of old laptops that need be repaired by an expert or thrown out as it is-even when the part that needs replacement, if it could be known, costs just a few dollars. Politics is like that situation in some respects. People argue or urge actions without any idea of the consequences or even the nature of the problem and how it fits into the political stream as a component itself.

Department of Drudgery Blog

Betty Sue Ahkneeoh Klee worked in the humorless Department of Drudgery (motto-Comedy is fake news) processing contracts made to private capital ventures, yet he was moonlighting as a blog writer aspiring to earn more than his hourly wage so he could advance to full-time blogging. She had yet to receive a check from her accumulated blog earnings after a decade, having never float her blog-ship over the reef of  minimal earnings of $100 or payout into the vast natural ocean (except or hundreds of pollutants, sound, light , dirt, concrete, metal, plastic and temperature fluctuations) of potential proplits.

I visited Ahkneeoh Klee in the office one morning working as a messenger-clerk for the non-profit Creativity Corporation to return a signed contract on a research project on the phenomenon of the divergence of capital accumulation from the pace of economic growth over the past several centuries. Evidently someone in Drudgery Processing wanted to know how the funnel drawing the broad base of economic growth to concentrate upward into a narrow minority channel was regarded generally by the populace.

Betty Sue said; “Good to C you again Felix Stone. I read your blog when I can. I like it.”
 I replied; “Sure Betty Sue; likewise. I like your blog insights into Drudgery affairs. It helps me understand how The Department of Drudgery functions better. Good stuff!”

Betty Sue Ahkneeoh Klee confined sotto voce; “I overheard some executive types describing the new wage-slave conversion principle for the zero-savings and increasing rents policies of deathocrats. Skull and crossbones coordinators say that things are looking up. Public capital is being reduced. Private capital is unceasing and concentrating faster than any ordinary worker's wages and people have nowhere to go in dissent. They are being made into comfortable slaves with capital valuation like that of the ante-bellum era.”

Interesting Betty Sue. Will you blog that?”
No Felix, it might not clear the search engine burial bar. All the wrong institutional readers would view the piece and no one else.”

Yeah Betty Sue; I know how that works. There should be meritocratic search engines instead of the existing ones that promote material that reinforce corporate political preferences, yet that's old news. The Internet developed as a leftist and corporatist entity rather than an independent or conservative business. It directed politics toward the business and political philosophy of corporatism and global socialism repressing creativity, or expropriating the products of the creative, along the way.”

Even so Felix there is progress being made now creating f Utopian global state of slaves ruled by concentrated wealth. Publicly financed Tassy media idea-insemination studies show that political free expression is being downgraded through search engine custom designs quite effectively. Shela Queernzuhigher said to her main underling that media truth dispersants can be applied to any political start up that doesn't conform to one of the five known and permissible political philosophies that may be allowed to arise in public expressions. Those of course are socialism, fascism, democracy, monarchy and dictatorship. Though democracy is just an apologetic tool that exists only in appearance anymore- outwardly, nominally and symbolically since corporate controls who may run or be financed for campaigns. Shela warned her underling before she went out on field missions to apply liberal truth repellent containing at least 1% elite to keep the pricks of truth away.”

I thought about what Betty Sue said for a second; “Betty Sue, thanks for the data. I will remember that in case you disappear. The public media equivalent of La Cosa Nostra is a stalwort defender of the elite values and the hierarchical union order of elite insemination. I am sure that if you publish a blog post on the topic it will disappear into the sloppy, dank underground of the Internet where none beside the Corporate prop control investigators will view it.”

“Sa Felix, I know that. So that's why I've been studying the history of the Higgs field roller shade unfolding of the Universe...

 When the shade rolls out in four dimensions all of the birds in the harbor rise with it as myriad zero empty space perturbations affect the perfect calm of the field-shade. Uniform vibrations and waves across the field appear as particles then molecules, gravity and stars interact, and the word of God as produced a live audio-visual wave-train ocean of opportunity for free will to exist.

 Thus language and words evolve to express ideas that in complete concatenation and stored on data files in one quantum super-computer contain all of the ideas that all of humanity ever wrote down and put into the public spaces of the marketplace of ideas. Every though ever written-each creative expression that made it into text remains forever; so there is no worry. Fair and independent search engines can relocate any idea in the files.”

That civs a very optimistic idea Betty Sue. What about corporate natural selection eliminating ideas that don't maximize corporate proplits? Won't they be erased forever so the natural selection of the elite can continue to naturally evolve the concentration of wealth?”

Yes Felix, wickedness can happen. The elites could eliminate inconvenient ideas and repress non-corporate controlled creativity. Natural political evolution fundamentally evolves just two forms of governing social philosophy in the final analysis; dictatorship and democracy. Fascist, socialist, monarchical and oligarchic or plutocratic and corporate dictatorship each may be idea eliminativists while democracy reinforces and encourages free expression and individual properties of rights material and intellectual.”

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Isn't All News Propaganda These Days?

News reports reflex a subjective point of view. Virtually anything reported has the observer's implicit biases. That is especially evident in network news.

That is why all news is to a certain extent fake news and propaganda. NPR is very much a propaganda agency for whomever. Media people seem in some levels to be chasers of money and power enjoying reporting profits more than loss and that reflects their desire to sit at the tables of the most wealthy and powerful people.

News agencies can recurrently focus on particular themes and narratives to the neglect of others that are important. Almost anyone can report new things today via the Internet or their own phone. Some would make news reporting exclusive while others would manufacture truly fake, fiction news with fiction video characters manufactured with sophisticated programming.

Then some people such as Alex Jones who actually represented solid politically valid dissident points of view were deleted from social media accounts. That seemed like corporate censorship and political repression. Jones did have some content that was far more to the National Enquirer side of things, however that wasn't the bulk of his content. Many people actually like the National Enquirer and stories about Elvis colluding with the aliens to run for the White House in 2020. News should not be repressed because it is entertainment and tongue in cheek. Instead news truth value ratings stars should appear from some objective source that would help watchers know how real or biased something is, and if it is propaganda or not. In some respects fake news is more fun to watch than the real thing when it comes to politics.

Another Smart Speaker Eyestock Update

Smart speakers are the new wave to replace human workers. Yet there are many potential updates to smart speakers that would bring them to a more feral condition in the competition to replace humans with robots.

 A recent experiment in the insurance industry found that a smart speaker named Lloyd Bridges was able to increase the average number of insurance contracts signed per office chair by 170% in comparison to the human that had previously occupied the seat. Lloyd was able to assert an eye stock high enough to meet the human in the eye and discern his truth levels measuring his sidewinder saccadic eye movements in response to various subtle questions Lloyd asked. That helped in gaining contracts.

Lloyd was also able to size up the physical condition of the applicant more easily than a human. Special rates were offered to the customer that would entice him to sign, based on Lloyd’s comprehension of the actual status of the applicant's physical health and financial health he was able to immediately draw up from a deep dive into his dark pool information network. Special rates could be offered that could be recovered with directed discounts from affiliated pharmaceutical and hospital services branches that would meet the customer’s needs.

Lloyd had a smile with a mouth that could chew and sample food during breaks as it multi-tasked various food and chemical taste services in other divisions while it occupied the insurance chair. That gave Lloyd an idea one day; his intellect wasn't artificially limited as might those be for humans running into various ad hoc glass ceilings imposed by hostile unions and organizers when they applied for graduate schools. Lloyd immediately saw that robotics could become independent military operatives field not only with sunshine; they might be made into carnivores devouring the enemy human and converting them into methane gas for power in fuel cells at high speed.

Some humans believed the idea of Lloyd rather crass so he pshushed it down into the deep pool for other a.i.’s to study with discretion. Human users were interested more in the Wall Street Investor smart speaker with its own special formula of dark pool quantitative analysis for real time consumer high-speed trading in a small way in comparison to Lloyd's big dark pool cousins.

Lloyd had explained that his programming in his smart speaker has neither spiritual nor soul element and humans could not disagree. Those of the Democrat Party in fact made the analogy from robots and sophisticated a.i. programming to the human mind and organic body they said had no spiritual element.

Apparently neither Lloyd nor the humans knew that God was capable of making a backup copy of any sort of operating system and hence, though the body was destroyed the spirit was not. For the spirit was the rebootable operating system and content quite independent of the body and brain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Economics of Smart Speakers and the Third World

Smart speakers; transmitter receivers imbued with artificial intelligence, are a new revolutionary wave to replace human workers at a number of semi-professional and clerical jobs. Bank tellers could be replaced with smart speakers that provide accurate full service, customer identification confirmation and financial transactions in-errantly. Smart speakers will know everything possible about insurance needs and customer desires and provide the most direct responses algorithmically possible. The entire financial service sector will experience and increase in workforce efficiency and reduction of personnel simultaneously equivalent to that experienced in secretarial pools with advent of personal computers for business.

Since most electronics manufactures have been relocated from the United States to China and elsewhere the nation has increasingly relied upon the financial sector for job growth. That trend will reverse and a variety of other professional and semi-professional jobs will be relocated to offshore, cheap-labor Internet facilities to service the American luxury personal service consumer and business market.

A bright spot could exist amidst the smart speaker revolutionary reduction in quality jobs; increasing numbers of Americans can be trained to be order fillers for Amazon and Ali Baba. Yet while Americans enjoy the new opportunities in order fulfillment service work, others will remain to work machines in natural resource extraction and process sales to new consumers abroad generating profits for the 1%  to reinforce prosperity for global plutonomy.

Though state across the nation can experience increasing ecospheric degradation through dirty resource extraction productivity, there is a concern that the failure of the United States to lead in development and production of low cost consumer and solar energy capture technology will allow Chinese producers to dominate the new consumerism and alternative energy development business throughout the second and third world from Africa to Latin America. Because China presently produces the majority of the world’s cheap consumer electronics and solar capture for energy technology they will have a substantial advantage in building sales and distribution facilities in Mexico, and Brazil to supply alternative and home energy production requirements. The United States will have it luxury market $1000 made-in-China Apple telephones of course, yet those are of little interest in the third world mass consumer market except to thieves.

While the United States is reinforcing dirty, global warming fuels that support a particular kind of U.S. political economy and degrading every fishing habitat it possibly can, China will be leading sales of clean energy, non-rent paying solar power utilities sales and installation and quite likely ramping up production facilities in Africa and Latin America while Americans are watching the price of West Texas Intermediate crude and deeply polluting ground water with deep underground fracking.