Saturday, March 09, 2019

US Should Build Up Border Security With Fence and Visa Requirement for Euros

The United States should require visas for Europeans entering the United States and put a global warming tax on them for offsetting the carbon of trans-Atlantic travel. Sailors would not be required to pay a carbon tax on the visa good for three months and available for just five easy payments of $19.95 plus a modest $50 Euro carbon flight tax. The visa fee could help pay for the cost of building a good fence on the Mexican border. It would be worthwhile keeping European terrorists out of the United States, as well as those terrorists just visiting Europe to get an easy shot to the U.S.A.

The visa-free travel program should be deleted for a security upgrade.

One must tighten up the border security looseness if global warming is to be reversed. With loose border security a King Canute command to fix it on cue won't work especially when illegal alien voters approved by Democrats veto the Rube Goldberg scheme because it gets in the way of monster truck sales and coal mining jobs.

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