Monday, March 04, 2019

The Murkowski Machination

Alaska Republican Senator (nominally) has declared she will vote to allow illegal aliens to surge upward along the west coast to Alaska in taking a stand against an emergency to reinforce national security with a better fence on the Mexican border. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul exercised a penny-wise pound foolish option to oppose the security fence, yet what Senator Lisa Murkowski's real thinking about working to scuttle national sovereignty is, is difficult to discern.

In my opinion their may be a Murkowski replicant machination to replace aboriginal Americans of Alaska- their are more than 300,000, with vaguely resembling Mexicans. All or in part Mexicanization of aboriginal Americans would be a slowly evolving method of reducing aboriginal land power in the state with all of the vast natural resources so valuable to global extraction redistributors.

There is another cause for the Murkowski Mexican allegiance; Democrats would disapprove of signing up to support the President. AOC and Speaker Pelosi recently warned they were making a list and checking it twice, and going to remember who's naughty or nice. Senator Murkowski knows which side her bread is buttered on.

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