Thursday, March 14, 2019

T-F and a Moscow Tower That Will Never Be

One would need to ask President Trump if he instructed Michael Cohen to dissimulate anything, unless it is a matter of public record. Mr. Cohen’s versions might be encumbered with the liar’s paradox Liar paradox - Wikipedia and the credibility may be damaged. Sorting out the T or F of things would be time consuming. Search (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).
The Trump organization has holdings in many nations. Russia is a logical destination for investors. I don’t prefer Cold War to peaceful free markets, so I tend to regard the Democrat Party hatred of Russia as a very poor method of actualizing political affairs. What is wrong with building a hotel in Moscow?
On the Ukrainian-Russian issues, U.S. political leadership is as tone deaf as possible, and as politically clumsy as the worst sort of five-thumbed oaf trying diamond cutting.

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