Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Relocate Laptop CPUs for Better Cooling, Increased Size, Speed?

If laptop and notebook computers are limited in size of their cpu because of heating considerations, wouldn't it be better to move the cpu to an outside locations where it isn't in a heat trap within the plastic or metal housing of the computer?

People use fans to cool computers and high power chips on desktops may have water cooling, yet cooling a cpu should exploit some naturally cooler locations on a computer than inside a case.

A cpu might extrude through the surface of a computer case in the lid or base. Probably the lid with the screen is a better, upright location. Some natural breezes or external fans or arctic air that natural cools things down even though the computer can release its heat directly to the air (an there could be a built in fan if necessary) seems like a better approach.

In fact one might have a complete notebook or laptop computer with the cpu seperate in a specially designed little box that plugs in. Then it could be simpler to make a low cost computer completely water resistant, and to have a built in solar panel on the outside of the vdt screen lid.

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