Sunday, March 10, 2019

Problems With One World Government Theory

There is no mechanism whereby Earth humanity could select or elect one fearless leader. Complete compliance to the selection by the citizens of every nation is improbable too.
Allocating planetary resources as a dictator would find some winners and losers according to the Dictator’s neutral decretals. 

People are not in agreement about innumerable political issues globally. To force one policy into effect Universally, such as homosexual marriage, would require the repression of billions of dissidents. A Dictator would need to brainwash all her subjects to accept policy issued from godless decree on high, perhaps with a genetically modified virus to dumb down humanity sufficiently to bring into being a planet of docile yes-persons.

Downsizing, consolidating, increasing efficiency with centralization, mergers and hostile takeovers; these are  popular business characteristics. Anti-monopoly laws aren't. 

One world government is a sophomoric idea that occurs to many college freshmen to simplify government down to just one. It is a kind of algebraic process of deleting like terms from both sides, or all sides in case there are several, from an equation. Unfortunately humanity is not reducible to 0s and 1s expect in abstract logic. It is the differences and complex structures that make life interesting.

When one gets more learning and experience one may approach efficiency increases from a different point of view and look for ways to bring good ideas into being globally that can rectify corruptions of systematic political logic, reform policies that are ineffective and create equal justice before the law while conserving and restoring a healthy ecosphere and human political economy.

That is, one can try.

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