Saturday, March 02, 2019

On the Topic of Choosing Your Own Determinsim

My thoughts on the topic of choosing one's own determinism, outside yet not exclusive of,  a Christian criterion are... 

A theoria of determinism may be constructed with several criteria from which to choose for whatever purpose is apropos for the goal in making the selection. The OP might be illuminated with the analogy of a quantum field of all possible world-lines wherewith an intelligent particle-wave (e.g. a sentient monad or one-dimensional point) could choose its own waveform collapse location, in the Universe, with quantum decoherence ossifying it down into being and becoming a  solid state amongst-others.

I guess another paradigm would be that of a philosopher getting off of a boat in Le Havre France who has a choice before debarking, a priori, of what and where he chooses to go. His will is pre-determined, perhaps to walk to the library and see the books that Sartre's self-educated man might have gone over to choose what to read first and last.

The philosopher might wonder about the determinism of the Universe or Universes with metaphysical, speculative thought. He might inquiry with mind-dialectics and induction levering synthetic progress with a posteriori cosmological data about his own phenomenal incarnation as being in-the-Universe if he could have free will or even sentience if all of the Universe is physically pre-determined. He might wonder if he could not have sentience as a 20th order branch location of a large tree of life, perhaps as a sentient leaf growing contempletively old.

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