Monday, March 11, 2019

NYC and America are "Garbage"- Rep Coretz

Representative of New York said that America (including New York) is garbage. Escape from New York might have new meaning; it is trash that would be no big loss if erased. Anarchy can level things to ground zero and build a better New York City with mountains ranges instead of buildings. People could live inside mountain ranges and mountain goats could climb outside.

Yet it is the invention of 93 trillion dollars worth of l.e.d. lights that will make a better New York that Americans can be proud of instead of the unsightly trash that is occupying what once was a place where mouse moose, bear and salmon could interact as peaceful predators upon-others for-themselves.

One can create a lot of jobs for the wrecking crew with an extreme urban makeover. Cities all over America could be demolished and beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges could rise in their place. High-speeder ptvs driving on in-line power from solar panels and liquid hydrogen with a super-conducting line in the pipe could make the utopia work until an inventor replaces l.e.d. bulbs with something better.

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