Thursday, March 07, 2019

Mullah Omar;'The American Superpower is on the Brink of Destruction'

I was looking for quotes from an article on the late Mullah Omar of Afghanistan who was a Taliban leader and resistance fighter after 9-11 brought the U.S.A. to Afghanistan. I couldn't find much. The BBC report mentioned a "ritual claim" that  "American superpower and other allied forces are on the verge of destruction and defeat"".

Mullah Omar issued a directive for the Taliban to refrain from anti-Saudi activities. He probably would have been happy to engage in anti-Israeli activities.

It is interesting how recruiting of militants continue regardless of the death of Muslim leaders. Featuring the number of American soldiers killed in action was an enticement intended to get youth to sign up for the war.

Attacking the soft underbelly of the United States from the Mexican border with a million illegal aliens a year might not be a Taliban policy, instead it could be designed by some Argentinian as pay back for U.S. support for Britain in the Falklands war that resulted in putting down the Argentinian junta. That was comparable to the German popular revolt against the aristocracy at the end of the loss of Germany to the allies in the first world war (well, an armistice resulted that set the stage for WW 2).

A better try might be electing Omars from within the U.S. to attack Israel and weaken the Christian nature of the nation already under attack by godless Democrat infanticidalists.

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