Friday, March 01, 2019

House Demos Should Do Something Useful; Pass Carbon Tax on Cars

One gallon of gasoline burned in a car creates twenty pounds of carbon dioxide. House Democrats should try something useful and practical for a change and simply pass a reasonable carbon tax on cars that burn gasoline or diesel. In my opinion Tesla deserves some sort of advantage for its clean cars and even GM should get some small break for developing tailgates that run L.E.D. advertisements (isn't that what the new GM tailgate does?).

Tesla is a great new American car company that should get some advantage for being a catalyst for positive change. It is a catalytic converter that brings people away from death-to-the-Earth fossil fuels to pure electronic logic areas.

While President Trump is solid at working for a good economy, he seems a bit off on appointing a coal lobbiest to head the E.P.A. Probably he has cancelled federal tax breaks for Tesla's too in order to help China's electronic auto industry.

In theory the President cars about the United States and restoring a clean environment. He is not another first generation native born carpet-bagger plundering anything he can to have better golden and emerald bejeweled toilet seats.

Much of the public like his willingness to avoid immoral Democrat policies such as infanticide and late term abortion. It is too bad he wasn't elected instead of Clinton and Obama to halt homosexual marriage enabled by a corrupt Supreme Court with Democrat appointees. It is not possible for a President to keep all of the people happy all of the time, Yet the President should not go out of his way to offend scientific reason to prove he hasn't much scientific ecospheric intelligence. It isn't too difficult.

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