Monday, March 11, 2019

Green New Deal Alternatives; Work in Progress

I have already mentioned demolition of major U.S. cities that would be replaced with hollow mountain range constructions for mass habitations with electric vehicle energy lines running between cities. Those lines would be super-conducting encased within liquid hydrogen made with hydrolysis Another idea would be to relocate all the world's cattle to Mongolia where the pharting would harmlessly be released at high altitude. Trans-world (via Alaska) hypertubes would replace air cargo traffic. Hypertubes would replace trucks cor continental mass cargo transit. 

This is a work in progress. Watch this space.

Adam Smith; a friend of David Hume, imagined free trade and a self-regulating invisible hand of enterprise evolving the best economic situation. He did not account at all for the invisible hand's affect on the ecosphere. Actually the invisible hand is run by a brain dead mechanism concerning environment.

While free markets evolve they do not do so with any ecospheric sentience. Instead they concern themselves with profit. If the world were in substantial ecospheric decline the laws of scarcity would become in effect to reinforce the increase of value and profit. Some might try to find new Earths to dump supply if possible.

What is required is directed evolution of free enterprise with thoughtful regulation and incentives.

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