Thursday, March 14, 2019

Comparing President Trump and Rep Alexandria Cortez

Rep. Cortez does seem to be a publicity hound. Her Green New Deal seems to be an inefficient crock of bull to me. Its not that all the whereas’ in the bill are wrong or half-truths or irrelevant, it is just that it seems like a sophomoric effort by someone without much depth in history, environmental economics, politics and etc who would like to have a King Canute, my way or the highway sort of power to gamble the nation’s future on her particular manifesto sort of approach to politics. As an intern for the brain-cancer challenged Senator Edward Kennedy Rep Cortez may not have learned how to value or apply tools of free enterprise with directed evolution toward ecospheric restoration with government regulation. To gamble 93 trillion dollars that her particular approach would fix the damages done by human culture to the ecosphere as a result of the inertial course of human historical development the past 9000 years would be wrong. There just isn’t wisdom enough in the Green New Deal to make things work. Rep. Cortez should have published a couple of books on macro-economics and specifically ecological economics theory and application before publishing a bill. The details matter. Politicians should feel free to use the Von Pelosi Method of ‘pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it’.

President Trump has a lifetime of business experience and continues that in the White House. He is solid on what he does well and isn’t experimenting much. Personally I don’t care much for the concentration of wealth in the United States that has a GINI coefficient location equal to that of Mexico, neither do I appreciate the President’s environmental approach, yet he has some strong points too of not starting wars across North Africa, not accelerating increase of public debt, and trying to secure the Mexican border so the nation can have a chance to keep a coherent civil polity without ingress of illegal aliens that the Democrat House recently voted to allow to vote- as if being an American citizen means nothing.

Rep Cortez has a racist viewpoint in her ideas about the distribution of wealth (see the Green New Deal). Wealth apportionment should be viewed statistically without reference to race. A poor white guy and a poor black or Hispanic generally experience the same purchasing power or lack of in the free market. Wealth inequalities are conflated with environmental decay in the same bill- and in fact the entire non-sustainable economic structure requires deep ecological economic restructuring and capitalism requires reform. Neither issue is addressed in any sort of deep way in the Cortez bill and it would hence place a great opportunity cost and misdirection blocking any actually effective course by taking up all the possible funding a priori. It is very wrong in approach.

It would have been helpful if President Obama had not twisted the arm of Democrats to cut taxes on the rich permanently. All Democrats except Sanders voted for making the Bush II tax cuts permanent. No one can really take the party seriously thereafter. They are a bunch of ignorant, air-bag lunatics.

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