Saturday, February 09, 2019

Speaker Pelosi Attended Catholic Colleges, Most Illegal Aliens are Catholic Too

One has to wonder why Speaker Pelosi has said that a border security wall is "immoral" while supporting abortion. The explanation may not only be that California grape growers such as herself often employ illegal aliens, it could be that she just supports Catholic immigration as does the pope, whom has said that walls divide and so forth. The Catholic approach to Christianity- amillenialism, gives great importance toward a papal imperial stature (under God) that Speaker Pelosi may adhere too when it is convenient.

Speaker Pelosi's religious background and affiliations may be the deeper explanation of why she seems crazy on the wall issue. The last government shutdown cost several times more than the Trump portion of a wall would, and doubling down on that may be fine with the speaker when the next government shutdown occurs.

Christian religions have several end-times theories that vary from sect to sect. Catholics are amillennialist and believe the Pope is the head of the church and God's vicar on Earth. They may believe that he is at the center of the kingdom of God and admits or excommunicates people to and from it.

Unlike the evangelical, pre-tribulationist viewpoint that the inverted 666 means the anti-Christ (actually it was a Jewish coded name for Nero in the 1st century a.d.) and there is a coming end-times apocalypse followed by rapture and second coming of Christ (really the third counting the resurrection appearances to the disciples), Catholic amillennialism may believe the kingdom of God on Earth can increase by flooding the United States with Latin Catholic  illegally so they are against border security and the requirement that a border barrier be constructed to physically make it more difficult to enter the U.S.A. in a criminal manner.

Instead of increasing the kinggdom of God on Earth, illegal immigration by the millions builds up the kingdom of the anti-Christ as abortion, homosexuality, concentration of wealth, destruction of the health of the ecosphere and sundry other issues (i.e. illegal drugs) follow the long range Kennedy-Pelosi anti-protestant, anti-security plan. Alexandria Octavia-Cortez and her Green New Deal may be another Kennedy-esque approach to bogging the U.S.A. down in debt and avoiding regulatory approaches with no up-front public costs to reforming economic policy toward ecological economics and sustainability. She also is Catholic and interned in the late Senator Edward Kennedy's office.

Speaker Pelosi's co-collusionist in legislation, Senator Chuck Schumer, is Jewish, and may have inherited some kind of WW II attitude towards wall, although the Israeli security wall has greatly cut down on Israelis being splattered about Jerusalem by Palestinian suicide bombers.

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