Saturday, February 09, 2019

President Trump and Dictator Un Have Peace Showdown in Hanoi

Democrat symps enjoy criticizing President Trump about his relationship with Dictator Kim Un that has changed the way the two nations regard one another. Horror novel generator Stephen King commented the President is being duped by his own arrogance into believing Dictator Un is inferior by quoting from The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Actually Dictator King does have a militarily inferior position and his economy isn't as good as California's yet although California is edging closer to that position. Maybe if the President is successful Silicon Valley will plant chip factories there to exploit cheap labor-who can say?

In scheduling a meeting with the Dictator in Hanoi, president Trump has the opportunity to continue a dialogue with a lost soul who inherited a political wilderness and permanent state of paranoia dating back to the end of the second world war when Korea split into two cold war camps. The cold war is ending, or ended and is only mildly refreezing in spite of President Clinton and contemporary democrats maladroit political choices to abort common sense and work late stage and post-birth abortions on normalized political relations between Russia and the United States. president Trump should continue to move toward normal economic integration of Korea into the free market economy. 

The Dictator could show good faith not only through reduction of nuclear development and nuclear stores, he could grant select civil liberties to his own citizens with a Korean very of glasnost and perestroika. maybe he should consult with Vladimir Putin on how to transition toward a free enterprise system and normalized relations with the western economic powers.

Democrat and Republican leaders have demonstrated unwillingness to launch a full-out war on North Korea to end its nuclear weapons development. Since Sect of State Albright danced before Dictator Un's father (it reminded me of Salome's dance before Herod for some reason), so peace and prosperity seems the least bad alternative political course to try.

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"New Testament. According to Mark 6:21–29 a daughter of Herodias danced before Herod and her mother Herodias at the occasion of his birthday, and in doing so gave her mother the opportunity to obtain the head of John the Baptist."

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