Thursday, February 07, 2019

EU's President Whimpering About No Deal Brexit

EU's chief insulter said that no deal Brexiters "'deserve a special place in hell" indicating that he is close to cracking on renegotiating key aspects of the one-sided plan in favour of the EU. Apparently the Brits have got President Tusk where they want him screaming bloody murder about a no deal Brexit that might be more harmful to the EU than England.

President Tusk and Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem to share the common trait of being unwilling to negotiate because it involves more work,l and have just put up a closed sign to the public.

Instead of back-alley, under the table negotiations the EU Council President and PM May should make plain and simple lists in public of what the terms are that are most important and leave the devil to the details. If they can agree on the main points the devil should need to quibblize over less important stuff allowing the bureaucrats unioninzing hell some relief.

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