Thursday, February 07, 2019

Ecotopia Hypothesis

The 18th century inventor of capitalism created an economic philosophy well-adapted to the ecospheric and sociological paradigm of his time. Yet like the 19th century economic philosophy of Marxism it was nothing more than a single economic philosophy. Just one degree amid three-hundred sixty potential economic philosophies or directions that could be innovated or invented. It was suitable to the challenges of its time. Each age of human social history should discover and apply its own most rational, just and useful economic philosophy that would serve social goals with a rational ecospheric criterion, and the latter may differ radically.

If one has a space-station world utopia with sustainable and healthy ecosphere and plentiful work stations for the design of any sort of physical structure, at least in the abstract, including the design of evolution systems for an uninhabited galaxy, there would be no need for a redistributive or trade economy within the parameters of the space-station-world for residents at all.  Toynbee believed that without challenges human societies do not progress. Adam Smith believed that free trade could create a better life for all in his era and he was probably right considering the spatial extent and low population of the Earth as well as the inefficiency of government at accomplishing most things beyond war-at which it was easily the best power.

For Orbitron free enterprise parameters have been set for all that allocate quantitative material quotas for the use of anyone with a need for material to actualize his and her inventions. Because the worlds are artificial constructions to start with, the ecosphere need be free from destructive, non-sustainable uses, though we are glad to receive ideas that would enhance efficiency and liberate material for more innovation and inventive applications.”
John Dwight asked; “How is that done Lena?”.
There are innumerable ways to apportion resources and examine and vet enterprise proposals before selection committees.”
Sure Lena, that’s easy to recognize. What is the motive for business however, if individuals don’t require capital and won’t receive money for production of inventions?”
John, everyone on Orbitron, as a sentient being within the ecosphere, would be free to receive or use a new product including the inventor-producer. In a way it is not unlike a very primitive human economy wherein all tools were considered common and had no particular, individual value and were therefor freely exchanged.”

It is ironic that one of the most ancient human economic ideas from the old Earth works so well so many parsecs and years distant Lena.”

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