Sunday, February 03, 2019

Dem Gov Northam's Blackface Musicality Stims Resigation Requests

Democrats have not provided uplifting and edifying material lately. Terrible, false claims of Indian ancestry comprise a kind of political blackface that Governor Northam of Virginia apparently used long ago in the primitive 1984 era at some medical school dance derivative contest. Senator Elizabeth Warren has less than 1% aboriginal American ancestry according to D.N.A. tests that are about average for white people that aren't recent immigrants.

 Black Americans average 20% European ancestry and white Americans average a fraction of a percent of black ancestry. Yet few Americans realize what politically correct term is used in France equivalent for the French when referring to what Americans in their vernacular approved by Democrats refer to as African-Americans. Many people don't like that term because it has too many syllables.

Colored actors faces are a political problem. Star Trek had half black and white faces, Guardians of the Galaxy had a green faced actress until she was killed by Thanatos in The Infinity War as a kind of crude sacrifice. Actors have used blackface to portray blacks in a condescending way.

Allegedly Ralph Northam picture circa1984

Blackface used by upper-class professional whites seems to be offensive to actual black Americans, and for some whites it seems jejune and stupid. Actual blacks appear in television and football these days so people have got the image fairly well now if they live outside the south.

Bill Cosby as Alexander Scott- I Spy TV Series 1965

Governor Northam's possible clowning as Michael Jackson to which he admitted using shoe polish on his face (probably not approved by his medical school) luckily covered up his approval of post-birth infanticide (the birthday after a woman consults with advisers) with an occluding story going so far as moonwalking tales from the dance contest.

One of the more comical ironies of the Northam-Jackson blackface moonwalk incident is that Michael Jackson invested a lot of time in trying to medically develop a white face for himself, or what is termed in the lingo as ghostface. Maybe the contemporary worst aspect of the Governor Moonwalker affair is the denigration of Michael Jackson and nature of human original sin behaviorally. Jackson was trying to improve himself and people ridiculed him for that-probably at medical schools too since he was using weird medical cosmetics that seemed to rot his face. Humanity likes to put down people trying to make their lives better, or find some sort of objects to ridicule.

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