Wednesday, February 06, 2019

A Judicial Racial Priviilage Pyramid

Federal affirmative action policies stimulated a lot of social infrastructure changes in the United States since signed into law by President John F. Kennedy in 1961.

Wholesale redistribution of social opportunities followed President Johnson's upgrade of the Kennedy plan that initially was designed to overcome the southern state's history of southern segregation following the civil war.

Today judicial nominees are examined by legislators and others for their personal beliefs regarding homosexual promotion. If a prospective judge looks askance at homosexual behavior- recall homosexuals are probably not identifiable genetically at the present time. Affirmative action policies applied to first generation descendants of illegal aliens is a fault in the policy; a corruption of citizenship that is simply racist. With tens of millions of illegal aliens entering the United States and staring families that will eventually benefit from affirmative action and national promotion preferences the existing population lacking large numbers of reinforcement racially are forcibly demoted to the bottom of the pyramid of power and opportunity. When nations pass laws; when majorities pass laws that compel them to become a minority and relinquish political power, nothing can be said for them except that they are stupid or corrupt.

The Democrat Party has become an intentional social engineering policy using the lack of southern border security to socially engineer the United States into conformation toward global socialism. The immigrants providing sympathetic fodder theoretically for socialism create the next generation for affirmative action. Equality before the law for citizens does not work with implicit injustice designed to eliminate citizens of a particular race. For affirmative action to continue with even a semblance of justice there need be zero illegal immigration. Otherwise affirmative action need be eliminated to stop the incremental genocide through politics.

I should stipulate that U.S. legislators are not very intelligent these days as they were in the 1960's and until the end of the Reagan administration. They solve few problems and are too concerned with social engineering and corporate profits globally, tax cuts and the concentration of wealth. At least E. Musk has a good moon program that may benefit more than a political party. It should be very simple to keep the economy good, create health care for all the poor and lower middle class by expanding the V.A. and Poor Clinics and tying them together with tube trains interstate at 300 mph running on electricity, secure the borders, get everyone on a legal sheet of music and reform capitalism and democracy such that the ecosphere is restored and patents exclusivity reduced to 3 years with a percent of royalties for the creators thereafter.

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