Friday, January 04, 2019

Unlimited Capitalism, Socialism and Corporatism are Wrong- One Remedy

The remedy to the over-concentration of wealth and all of the imperial problems that arise from that is a 90% tax on earnings of more than 1 million dollars annually and more than 50 million dollars in assets. Society requires people to have capital to start business ventures, invent and patent items and so forth, yet too much capital allows people to lever the market and end up buying businesses with capital that compounds and grows. Today one percent of the people have way too much wealth in the U.S.A. and control politics via the media and other means. It is as if the U.S.A. was taken over by Lord Fairfax, Lord Baltimore and peers.

The nation needs fresh free enterprise and politics as well as some of the old establishment in decent scale rather than as a scalar field that increases conquest and consolidation of national capital. Those out of work the longest should have tax credits given to employers for hiring them first. People should not be forced to poverty through networking of unemployment in a Las Vegas style gamed up Wall Street economy.

Networked capital is comparable to the gravitational field of a large star. People like stars and they serve a purpose. Yet too large and their gravitational attraction converts it into a black hole drawing in every planet and small object within a vast region into its orbit and event horizon. Too much concentrated capital snuffs independent political and free enterprise vectors. The Milky Way galaxy has a vast black hole at the center and the entire system orbits around it. The galaxy is a good thing yet because stars still remain moderately free and at a distance. The U.S.A. today is like that galaxy at a later yet not final stage were the black hole is much larger, the free planets fewer and more tightly bound in orbit around the black hole.

With a 90% tax rate on the most rich and the same rates as at present on everyone else the nation could go on a more creative and restorative path. It could pay off the public debt, provide fer high quality education for all citizens, better health care, restore the health of the ecosystem and finance new and different, more efficient yet less displacing transportation and living infrastructure. A fair minimum income for Americans would be innovated at about 6000 annually. A very large endowment to finance Eco-green patents and business start ups would be made to exist.

With people limited to owning shares in just three corporations the integrity of corporate development could resume. The military would continue to have solid financing at a slightly lower level; perhaps 20% off, and citizens would be required to perform 6 months of active reserve military training and eight years inactive reserve.

Socialism is wrong because it creates a low ceiling on individual independence of thought and business. Government should not run any business- free enterprise does that best and people should be allowed to help themselves to become rich, yet levering that wealth for further gain through Wall Street banks and business takeovers disrupts the integrity of the system. Democracy cannot survive vast concentration of wealth- it never has. Democracy requires that wealth so great as to intimidate, buy, corrupt and co-opt the system of political self-determination through an informed populace cannot be allowed to upsurge into existence as it has. One has evolved is corporatism- a political philosophy invented by the Italian Dictator Mussolini and used by Hitler in the Third Reich. In today’s political environment corporatism and authoritarian communism are likely to evolve a working relationship of rule over billions of poor and middle class subjects without any actual power for self-determination. The sad thing to me is that perhaps most will be happy with that.

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