Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Universal Evolutionary Design Required Omniscience

Omniscience may be required for proper design of species evolution. If one configures an evolutionary system to generate a targeted product in a very complex ecosystem with innumerable variables, the likelihood of system errors deforming the system to bring system failure to evolve the desired product are great. Omniscience is required to design the evolving system such that it is pre-determined to create the proper product at the right moment.

One might regard the evolution of human life through heterosexual events as an archetypal example of creation through omniscient configuration of evolution. In my opinion, when mankind was created and God rested, the designed evolution era ceased and human intelligence became capable of deforming the functioning patterns through genetic redesign and sundry forms of sin for-itself and for-others.

I go over some of the points and correlate a few of the details with the Bible in this free to download book.

Consider one point; of all the proto-human species that existed the challenges of designing the ecosphere such that just one species would emerge to dominate are incalculable except for omniscience. Democrats today believe that evolution has no design, or had none in the era in which God created the Universe from emergence in His will to the solar system and let it become peopled before bringing the era of Adamas and Edith to fruition, hence its o.k. to sin and miss the mark of evolving human function and conditional health (everyone is spiritual dead unless reborn with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ).

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