Monday, January 07, 2019

Rep Ocasio-Cortez is Racist

 Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is a racist. Accusing white people of racism that aren't, or that at least do not make overt expressions of racism, providing basic neo-libel for people in order to benefit one's own expansive race (hispanics) is the essence of racism. La Raza wants to annex the U.S.A.  Racism accusations may be the soft underbelly of U.S. politics easy for foreign governments to attack for leverage. War is a continuation of politics through other means (Clausewitz).

White people have been having the zero population growth experience for a half century while some hispanics have expanded demographics like a vast left-wing balloon. All the while they sought to dominate the nation through aggressive racial expansion they accuse the zpg white community of racism as their social demographics dwindle. Cortez may attack the President because he was a greatest symbol of capitalism during the cold war versus the Communist and she is a socialist with fellow travelers seeking to reignite cold war because Russia is no longer communist. Socialists should use more wisdom than to ignore nuclear brinksmanship and cold war conflicts that were past and not bring a revival. It would be better to reform capitalism, democracy and free enterprise starting with adequate taxation on the 1% of 90%.

The Demo perception may be that President Trump doesn't have the back of those shooting policeman as some of the public may have believed of President Obama during the BLM riots and police ambushes. The Dem party apparently wants to get racism as a political issue going with new accelerants since they lack any sort of substantive thought on economic and ecospheric reform.

Some-not all, hispanics seek to forcibly change racial balances//demographics as if their race had a right too. Actually that is racism. Rep Cortez probably is activating her racist mode now in order to try to get support for more illegal aliens invading the nation. To keep the wall from being built. Race trumps civil rights in her case.

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