Saturday, January 05, 2019

Democrats Seek to Defeat Border Security With Government Closure

The Democrat Party hasn’t much capacity to work cooperatively these days. President Trump and tens of millions of Americans want more Mexican border security. Democrats are more concerned with foreign interests and attacking the President. They would spend 50 billion on a highway bill, nearly a trillion on defense and not even 5 billion for border security. They would rather let the government remain partially closed.
Several foreign governments if they were asked would likely opt for an open border in order to better degrade California with drug smuggling and infiltrate people into the U.S.A. Democrats are more concerned with passing tax cuts for the most rich as President Obama forced through so they can have bigger wine cellars and more cheap illegal grape pickers.
Democrats just want to argue and attack the President. Maybe they believe a partial government closure can help them to impeach the President. I don’t know if zombies blink.

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