Thursday, January 31, 2019

U.S. Senate Expropriates Foreign Policy Management

Apparently the U.S. Senate wants to micro-manage foreign policy.  They seem as idiotic as the House. They "rebuked" the President and passed a measure against early withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria. The United States has only had combat forces in Afghanistan 17 years so they believe caution is really needed so nothing happens quickly.

Syria is another case in point. The United States has 5000 ground forces there so the Senate needs to express an opinion about that too. Once upon a time the President managed foreign policy. Now the Senate wants to do that too although they have been too corrupt or timid about declaring war on nations for decades, instead letting the war powers act and mission creep set troop levels.

The United States can never own Afghanistan. The U.S.A. does not make colonies of foreign countries. Afghanistan is the number one supplier of heroin in the world. Before the U.S.A. got involved it was second to the golden triangle. The Senate should rethink its ideas about Afghanistan and realize it is not the new Las Vegas.

What can be done with it is likely to be construction of large solid defensive walls around some long-term bases and support for non-Taliban somewhat moderate Muslim fighters. That may be about it. Education support for the people and economic liason activity might be the final elements of the long-term U.S. presence of 50 year de frappe bases.

Because the Senate is gutless and attacks soft targets like the President, piling on where they can, and because they are not terribly intelligent, the nation's business is poorly done. Idiots think about universal medicare, loose borders that allow tens of millions of illegal entrants including terrorists exist, global warming is bad, deforestation and zoning to prevent urban and suburban creep lacks imagination, there is 21 trillion dollars of public debt and the Senate seeks to micro-manage foreign policy as if the past 30 years benefited from their 'advice'.

Without a serious plan to create some sort of nation for the Kurds in part of Syria U.S. foreign policy is b.s. I would think the Senate would also want to condemn Russia again and pass more sanctions to restart that sleeping cold war that indignantly won't get up and work.

How Are Presidential Tax Returns Public Business and Not- Race Harassment?

Is it simply race harassment that has driven Democrats in the House to begin steps to investigate the President's tax returns? Isn't the time for that before or after the President is in office?

Rep. John Lewis- Inquiry Leader
The Democrats seem to be seeking new lows in trying to boost their 2020 election prospects by violating fundamental privacy protocol and distracting the President from public business so they can get information to leak for salacious campaign material or even to attack the Presidential private finance through learning his business in order to leak it to rivals.

I learned recently that Hitler's S.A. (Storm Troopers) during the Nazi build up era were actually about 2/3s former communists with homosexual leaders that believed that Hitler would eventually expropriate the mansions and wealth of the rich. Of course they had poor judgment in that. Even so the Pelosicrats do bear a certain resemblance especially affiliated with Antifah that is a sort of amateur S.A.

Honestly I haven't ever read or heard Donald Trump make a racist philosophical or even ordinary kind of statement or one indicating hostility and malign intentions toward another race. In my opinion white males did have the inside economic lines that were progressively attacked as white male privilege since the 1960s and the affirmative action era. In other words the former outside line agitators whom have equalized their position tend to be simply racist and sexist for-themselves and for-others far more than President Donald Trump.

How to Learn Chess as a Beginner

Chess requires that one pay more attention to it than Netflix. The 64 black and white squares have rows numbered 1–8 and columns lettered A-H. There are 8 pieces in the first row and eight pawns in the second. Beginners should learn and familiarize themselves with square co-ordinates (i.e. A-1 etc.), names of the pieces and the way pieces are allowed to move (pawns can only go forward toward the opposition force). There are ten million youtube videos (approximately) on all levels of chess. Good chess websites such as - Play Chess Online - Free Games also have free game playing against computers and people of the same skill level in addition to free how-to videos.

It is also possible to download a computer game playing program (for free), install it on a computer and play against it. One of the advantages of chess engines and computers for chess playing on-line is that the computer program does not let one make wrong moves or have bad calls (like the missed interference call by four California referees in the NFL Championship that took the game away from New Orleans and sent the L.A. Rams to the Super Bowl).

The different phases of the game (beginning, middle and end) and different openings provide more combinations that there are main sequence stars in the galaxy. No human understands every possible move combination, or rather has learned it. Chess playing computer engines sometimes reveal moves and configurations that no human player ever has. A player just enjoys the game and learns what one can as one advances.

Fortunately there are also records of about every chess game played by a Grandmaster in official competition in pgn files that are free to download from the Internet. With a chess playing program like Xboard (free to install) one can play any of those games forward and backward.

Download PGN Files

An online tactics trainer such as Chess Tempo Chess Tactics lets a player improve their chess tactical skill.

Democrat Party Plan to Extend Child Abortions to Age 44?

The Governor of Virginia recently proposed extend the age of abortion to the day after birth. The Washington insider and Special Leaker Agamemanon learned that the collusion goes even deeper; far into the chatonic realm of the Wuhula mythos.

In long range planning special covert committees will select Republican and Independent babies for abortion within the first 45 years of birth. Special biological, humane and compassionate baby abortion protocols will be strictly followed and included on Medicare-for-Everyone who remains alive as a Democrat.

Such Destiny- a rewrite from 'Pieces of Eight'

John Dwight looked at the branch diagram outlining the lava tube ahead with little interest, distracted as he was with reflections on the illicit, methodical social economic veto of his self-interest objectives by supervening powers . Nevertheless the tube system below the surface of the moon of the main planet of the Diafron system required his attention if he was to complete the journey to a storage area for teacher-robots with jigged programming; unknown to the Aristarchs.

A crusty-cruel coordinator for the Aristarch Department of Offense named Hard Carbon was hunting Dwight. Receiving data and energy through his power anus from the Shenzing float-vehicle soft-dope seat energy plug Carbon followed a vaporous trace trail in the air over the subterranean tunnel network that brought it to a relative exo-stationary synchronization. He saw the mole fugitive John Dwight scurryplinking in futility below. Hard Carbon disdained the whole fugitive political dissident movement that sought reallocation of energy resources from the Aristarchs to the masses of individual poor-poops. Energy, Carbon knew, could only be rationally allocated if in the control of the elites owned all power and managed it righteously for the benefit of the righteous rich.

The threat of existential philosophers arising whom would ignore the intimidation of Aristarch military power contaminating outer worlds needed to be contained. The existential threat terrified military equipment manufacturers across the aristocracy. Poor poops needed to be tolerated for conservation environmentally of their genetic basis that could be exploited to assure the supremacy of the elites that governed development of the Silky Way galaxy. Neither could they could be allowed to exist with unslaved thought  to become an empirical threat to the elite dominion.

John Dwight made his way deeper through the lava tube. It was coated throughout with glow light paint creating a moderate bluish illumination in his eyes. After an hour of taking ecosphere motion trails through the silent, empty variegated cylinders he reached a drop shaft. The original inhabitants of the tube system mined useful resources and deepened and expanded the network. The down fall was broke and without any gel-charges in the wire-tubes to provide electrons for empowerment. He clipped a carabiner onto one intact wire and used a magnetic wedge for a brake then leapt into the darkness to slide a few hundred feet down into the chamber. His sonic ear chip had sounded the depth.
Landing in a modified crouch, John saw a niche at the bottom of the main chamber with a pile of teacher robots piled arms and legs akimbo like detritus moved out of the way by an auto-skidder. Maybe this was the pile with artificial intelligence in an unnaturally altered state?

John Dwight wiped his brow with the back of a hairy hand and gave the first bot he reached a jolt of gel-trons from a tube clipped magnetically on his servo-derm. The bot's artificial intelligence came to life with a light in its eyes.

It spake thus; “And so they reached the age of truth and reconciliation. The D.N.A. of every member of society was freely submitted to the Public Identity Project. The true parentage and genetic history of every member of society was mapped. Occupational percentages of progeny fathering was statistically discerned, and members of the broadcast media were found to have an anomalously high factor of supra-marital progenitor productivity trailing only athletes and politicians in fecundity although with leftist chirility.

Those elites were unhappy with publication of the results of their sexual prowess and quickly suppressed the results with a declaration of martial law. They blamed the facts on subversive terror-revolt of poor distant poops. Yet that was just the start of the war to end mankind. Soon the elites discovered their control of finance and energy provided absolute power politically. With genetic samples of all of humanity in their possession already through free, legally mandatory public health provisions, humanity itself was superfluous.
The genome of any particular individual could be grown,if required for some reason, within a human synthetic uterus, while computers with A.I, could run artificial evolution genomic recombination programs simulating every possible genome that could ever have happened for humanity of humanity and continued to exist. It was thus tin light of the horrible hegemony of the elites taming free humanity that  the first inhabitants of the lava tubes sought refuge from the pandemic conversion of human-kind in the Diafron System. They survived just a few Diafronous years before they were discovered and converted into the ubiquitous and pervasive blood pool.”

Dwight turned the A.I. off and considered the surprising history of this remote and old outpost of the Trittytwillium Empire that had given birth to the first Aristarchs of the Silky Way. As an ordinary poor-poop he became more concerned about his future prospects for security. Yet he was already distrustful of the Aristarchs, so what was new really, he thought?

Hard Carbon banked the Shenzing left and dropped three-thousand feet closer to the dirt of the Diafronous moon. His sensors observed Dwight's movement through the tube tunnels. Carbon noted Dwight's stop at a lower level. He thought that could not mean anything good was happening and choose to directly intervene.

John Dwight's thought wasn’t common for a nin-com-poop in that it was not entirely slaved to thought-minders as was that of nearly all of the poor poops brought into existence to serve Aristarchracy and purely materialist, egoist, expansionist, and unsustainable corporate economics. Dwight had been to the edge of the Silky Way on a few missions. And those regions still had feral free-thinking human poops that may have liberated Dwight's formerly enslaved mind. When Dwight was taken into custody for reprogramming and given a fresh Aristocratic neural minder he could explain where, when and how his pristine enslaved mind had become contaminated with ideas about freedom.

Diafron's moons (of which there were several and variable according to the valuator chart with extra gravitation and resource allocations useful for system management) generally were converted to star photon capture and subversion surfaces among other applications. Physical engineering exploited voltaic materials in regolith that were fused into superconducting surfaces. Moons of Diafron would capture and store sunlight and release it as luminous orbs too if directed so. Hard Carbon's subsurface imaging technology presented Dwight's image as a vapor trail with varying degrees of solid red heat. He wondered what Dwight was thinking.

Truth”, Dwight thought, “is like a tiny sand castle constructed on a beach before a giant wave of lies and deceit crashes upon it to disperse its meaning forever. Organizations produce their own falsehoods and regard them as truth because of their utility for working toward organizational goals with moral righteousness. Union lies always defeat individual and accurate truth. So even if the Aristarchs wipe out humanity of the poop class when their usefulness expires, where does that knowledge go? Where could I find anywhere to live beyond the power of Aristarchus and the Aristarchs?”

Space and time were bound together as a relationship in regard to the deployment of matter and energy of the Universe that was said can neither be created or destroyed. Even virtual particles in space are temporal and potential cohort balances for existing mass and energy. Energy, mass and space-time began together it has also been said, in a primordial singularity (as viewed from within the Universe by some sentient beings in history). Space expanded along with energy and later, mass too as it was converted from energy to a more solid-state form of being. In some respects mass drew space outward with it for several billion years. After 7 billion years from the singularity and inflation, gravity had drawn much mass together and so intergalactic space was left without matter or energy to a vast regions and space newly liberated from the ties of energy and mass was free to expand. Space it seems has a super-fine, non-granular nature of its own.

In the beginning there may have been eight Universes compacted together at a particular point after their useful life spans were completed and matter was allocated to a desolate, low energy state of maximum entropy. In their miserable terminal condition the eight Universes experienced phase shifts with energy cascading into infinite compaction in pervasive, ubiquitous and equal gravity with their dimensions reduced to four  dimensions compacted with mass and then energy vanishing into singularity. Spheres have something three dimensional about them with time adding a fourth dimension. At singularity zero dimensions have potential to skip a spherical phase and expand more than three or four, yet that isn't here nor there for this, my recollection.

Dimensions may be made of different natures or colors. Some may combine easily and other not at all, or may even repel of take reactive configurations. The Universe with the Diafron System and Silky Way Galaxy is a four-brain Universe. That was not entirely disadvantageous for poor poops that were able to free themselves from the reductive powers of Aristarchs. If they only knew.

Hard Carbon was mostly human. The poor poops also were human yet they were as aliens to Carbon. He had changed. Promoted to being from the nothingness of the blood pool of which he had no actual memory, and given a state of the art neural mind control actuator nestled in his cortex that trained his thought to the best killing efficiency deemed appropriate for him by the benevolent Aristarchs, he calculated an intercept course to take down the plainly malfunctioning John Dwight.

The Shenzing A.I. was networked with the moon A.I. controller of its sub-atomic composition and ordered it to part enough to enable a high velocity friction-free penetration of the craft through the lunar surface into its chtonic depths. It slowed to maximum survivable decent speed within 15 meters of Dwight who already was entering a probability exfiltration phase.
Dwight's backpack auto-sensors shot emp grenades and quark fog at the Shenzing that landed in smoking melt-rubble. Dwight's actual position auto-strobed for most opfor sensory targeting systems while he ascended the wire upward. In the Shenzing Hard carbon saw a jackrabbiting prey escaping the close confines of the storage chamber with growing frustration. The will-o-the-wisp soon disappeared through the ceiling while his tracking tech was returning inaccurate locations on the Dwight prey.

In addition to being a moon-sized solar energy collecting and storage surface, Diafron's main moon Enchilada was infused with innate print on instruction nano-tech ops that permitted it to reshape itself into any material form for habitation or utility structures on demand. It presently resembled a ski slope lit eerily with blue-green light. Accelerating his escape to the surface Dwight engaged electro-magnetic leviforward instructions to the wall magnets to propel him faster upward through the tube network. He thought of the unquenchable fires of hell that awaited those that failed to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ as he discovered in reading of God in the Holy Bible transported from the ancient forerunner Earth world of the Gentiles before the age of the Trittytwillium Empire and the following rise of Aristarchus and his Aristarchs.

So many people had drawn the wrong conclusions from the appearance of Darwin's theory of evolution. They believed that God was dead as a necessary inference from life evolving biologically. The believed the Biblical explanation for the creation of life was incompatible with natural evolution, and that God could not have used evolution for-himself as a creative tool. And further, the lost believed that the book of Genesis could only be understood in terms completely antipathetic to biological evolutionary process; in that they were entirely wrong. The destiny for those without faith in God was eternal hell and that was the thought presently holding John Dwight's focus as he neared the lunar surface. Where could hell be physically located? Perhaps in the singularity at the beginning and end of time?

Below absolute zero physicists speculated that the opposite end of the heat spectrum exists at a virtually infinitely high temperature. Beyond the heat death of the Universe when entropy has dispersed the subatomic quanta so far that individual particles are isolated and the temperature of space is absolute zero, hell awaits either as a membrane phase shift and/or through gravitational re-collapse into singularity.

In a naked singularity of a black hole time and motion virtually stop. Matter and energy are compacted to a condition with less actual energy than that of a Bose-Einstein condensate. Paradoxically, while all the energy and potential mass of the Universe reaches its virtually infinitely small state of motionless, timeless stasis, it takes on the temperature of infinite hell. Because soul mapping continues even into the singularity and no information is lost through conservation of Shannon Entropy criteria, each soul that was not saved with the Lord and taken unto heaven continues as a present mind experiencing eternal hell in the singularity where Satan rules the remnant Universe compacted to a smaller size than 1492 angels dancing on a pinhead could imagine. Information, mass, energy and everything not extracted by God from the Universe unto a special place eventually encounters eternal singularity in hell. Though they had a way out through faith, they would not be saved Dwight thought,with sadness.

Below, or inside the singularity nothing existed besides everything left out of heaven, and information. Beneath the absolute motionless compaction of everything that transformed temperature and time to absolute zero, each was information and infinite heat that the info-minds experienced. Satan clawed through the sentient beings and the information of the Universe in all of its forms as ideas that rose and disappeared as images and ideas with which to torment his faithless captives forever. And the funny thing is, nothing of it was real. Nothing existed outside the minds and information of the singularity that Satan ruled from boundary to boundary that comprised no space-time at all. Such destiny!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

On the Retirement of Vladmir Kramnik

The retirement of Vladmir Kramnik from classical chess is a novelty to me. He was fairly young when he defeated Garry Kasparov for the World Championship in 2000- 24 or 25 years old. I only began learning chess in 2012 when over age 55 so it’s still all somewhat new to me.
Vlad Kramnik’s style of attack gives the impression of clever use of advancing and promoting pawns; perhaps a forerunner of Magnus Carlsen, yet of course he utilizes a greater range than that.
He doesn’t look to much different now than in 2000. One assumed he would keep his FIDE 2800 rating up and chug along as a good number three or four player another 20 years.
Top level Super GMs apparently require a tremendous amount of time investment in keeping current, after a couple of decades of best 100 in the world and really learning chess long before some players look to pursue other lifestyle directions if they feel they have gone as high qualitatively as they can. With so many interesting spots in Siberia and eastern Russia for outdoor recreation (i.e. fishing, climbing etc.) and the ability to afford to go it is more of a boon for himself than a loss for chess.
Mr. Kramnik has said that he plans to work educating younger players. So his retirement is less than an obituary notice than a change of career direction. At age 40 or 41 his blitz game stands room for improvement and he may take the time to sign up for a - Play Chess Online - Free Games account and enter in to tournaments. Blitz chess is attracting a lot of attention from players these days. So many players have never actually played a game of chess with classical time controls. One can play a a few dozen games of blitz in two hours instead of just one classical game.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Theological, Philosophical Creation Cosmology Concepts (revision from a novel)

Omniscience might be requisite for flawless design of species evolution and no one should expect to get it. If one configures an evolutionary system to generate a targeted product in a very complex ecosystem with innumerable variables, the likelihood of system errors deforming the system to bring system failure to evolve a desired product are great. Omniscience usefully designs an evolving system such that it’s pre-determined to create the proper product at the right moment. Thank God for God.

Top-down modular approaches to flowcharting from T=0 to T=Omega aren't the only way to format structure. One can have natural and rational numbers with different dimensional variables (joking)for vectors and tensor-sets. Contingent dream sections may be modularized in chapter-units them placed on some sort of a tree-chart, harvested and set like bricks into a mosaic that's the preferred narrative. If one writes like Jorge Luis Borges the mosaic could be a multi-level circular pyramid with a time axis in several directions.
One might regard the evolution of human life through heterosexual events as an archetype of creation through omniscient configuration of evolution. I suppose when mankind was created and God rested, the designed evolution era ceased and human intelligence became capable of deforming the functioning patterns through genetic redesign and sundry forms of sin for-itself and for-others. Through seven or eight Universes they might find an emergent composite sectional single-verse.

Consider the point that of all the proto-human species that have existed the challenges of designing the ecosphere such that just one species would emerge to dominate were incalculable except for omniscience. Some wrongly believe evolution has no design, or had none in the era in which God created the Universe from emergence in His will to the solar system and let it become peopled before bringing the era of Adamas and Edith to fruition. They go farther and assume it's o.k. to sin and miss the mark of evolving human function and physical health (everyone is spiritual dead unless reborn with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ).

Retrospectively one is looking for a dream on the edge of a desert where night can yield to day and the beginning of the eons of time and history set memories alive and poignant;  bittersweet in that they occur at all before destiny wrests them away, before seasons die and thoughts dissipate to be less than dust; before faces of tomorrow disappear into yesterdays. When living being is given to surpass nothingness from God, who never dies,  when fragments stir sands of time like illusions worn from mountains as Ordovician echoes on a planet, beyond some star, a landscape given to exist, destinies are given, missions are set.

A ball shaped dimension received a zero dimension singularity. Mass-energy went through ball for split second (hyperinflaton). One field-mass-energy stretched over ball. Surface-tension was four dimensional space-time. It was stuck on the surface. Ball dimension surged through mass-energy surface tension- dark energy. Voila. A pre-universe ball-shaped dimension with fragments inflates up.
Goals that ask for investments of time and effort in-a-world arise. Yet one may never achieve the summit and world picture with endless stories and objects. An empirical world does not forever glisten like a shining city on a lake calling those inducted to the halls of consumerism. A transcending, surprising destiny overcoming the world emerges in the fog of time...something never foreknown waits for being and time to expire.

In the beginning of each Universe first light shines into the darkness as the Spirit of God wills it.. First light on a pre-determined holographic membrane given a particular course and destiny moving through a zero-energy vacuum without friction or exogenous relativistic effects as if it were in free fall not subject to extra-Universal forces. I would never know if God could experience an eternal recurrence of omniscience. Probably He is without a temporal yardstick for-himself. That yardstick for the passage of time is time-for-others.

Each braniverse required a certain surface tension analogue to stay together with orderly coherence. The primordial vacuum state remained so at the pleasure of God who one infers was the author of any temporal disequilibrium in regard to an orderly neutral mind-field.

I had so many unanswered questions about mass in regard to relativity where it seemed capable of surpassing itself and its own existence. Observations of super-massive black holes have discovered rotational velocity of as high as 84% of the speed of light. Can they spin at light speed? God can transcend all mass and energy and move it into comparatively null space. Mass and energy quantification and qualification are conditional subject to God. If all Universe, time and space that could be were infinite in number for-God, they could fit within an infinitely minimal space area or actually become nothing at all; becoming quality or quantity as He wills it to be.

EU's Tusk Should Work With PM May to Avoid Article 48 Scenarios

The EU Council leadership is unwilling to work with Prime Minister May to modify the Brexit agreement, yet it should work with the British leader. The European Union would like to gain a pile of cash one might believe, at Britain's expense, yet the real concern the EU should have is that British domestic politics threaten to undermine the democratic hegemonic way of life.

Dissidents opposed to the May Brexit deal with the EU want better terms, and of course many oppose leaving. The Eu may hope that latter scenario develops again at Britain's cost.

Parliamentarians seem interested in changing the way government and parliament relate regarding promulgating laws, in order to have their way in rejecting the deal PM May already made with the EU. If that were to happen it is challenging in this era of corporatism as a political philosophy of the day to say where it would end.

German Chancellor Adolph Hitler exploited Hindenberg's Article 58 giving him emergency powers to make The Enabling Act that set his course as dictator. Though Britain is unlikely to go anywhere that far in the years ahead without the May a Brexit agreement it is a sobering, malodorous direction British radicals seem willing to take.

European Council President Tusk can provide enough negotiating room for moderate changes to allow PM May to get the Brexit deal through without major problems if he wishes to. And he should in order to reinforce democracy so far as he can.

Will Mueller Investigate Pelosi Collusion With Mexico Next?

After Special Investigator Mueller completes his Russian collusion investigation of President Trump, will he be given the task of investigating Speaker Pelosi collusion with Mexico? Plainly, Speaker Pelosi seems hell-bent on keeping national borders as easy to cross for illegal aliens and drug smugglers as she can. With four California referees throwing the NFC championship game to the Rams to thwart an honest Saints victory, who knows how far Collusion goes with Mexico from the Speaker from California?

California seems to produce politicians that feel it is their own right to be beyond good and evil. If Speaker Pelosi needs cheap illegal workers for her vast California vineyard then collusion with Mexico just might be what she feels is needed to continue her personal advantage. The likelihood of Pelosi collusion with real Mexican powers to influence legislation is greater than President Trump colluding with Russian agents to swing the U.S. election. That is, it is easier for Mexican interests too influence Nancy Pelosi than for Russians to become U.S. electors that takes McCarthyist paranoia to an extremely neurotic level.

Democrat Party leaders would have us believe the like Frederick III of Saxony aka Fred the Elector, President Putin is actually Prince Vlad the Elector of Muscovy choosing his preferred Presidential candidates of the United States as well as the outcome. Some are incredulous at the presumption of American gullibility and stupidity.,_Elector_of_Saxony

Like the Democrat Party with many whom prefer to get rid of the electoral college because more people live concentrated within vast urban areas dominated by Democrat bacchanalians, Prince Vladimir the Elector would like the U.S.A. to end the electoral college system because it prevents direct voter absolute majority democracy.

Poor Mexican workers can only benefit when illegal labor cannot be easily obtained in the United States. When only legal workers are available on both sides of the border wages will start to rise in the United States and Mexico too. Those southern aristocrats that kept wages down in the south paying slaves nothing except grief continued a similar policy with mass specious arrests and forced convict labor across the south until a couple of decades into the 20th century. The Pelosi preference for loose borders, the Kamala Harris method of high paying government commission appoints after sex with Willie Brown, are elements of a corrupt San Francisco-L.A. swamp of political ethical corruption threatening to become the national way too.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Howard Shultz May Be the Ticket Leader for President

Farmer CEO of Starbucks may be the right billionaire to get the nation squared away. He seems sober enough and if elected might be able to get the nation a good deal on coffee beans from foreign rivals that aren't given Americans a fair coffee break.

Mr Shultz expressed concern about the U.S. public debt of 21 trillion dollars even going so far as to call it reckless. Maybe he hasn't eaten the magic beans and kool-aid required for supply side economics and more tax cuts for the rich- who knows?

He talked about ideas rather than party hack loyalty and that is a good sign. It seems like a game of musical chairs in the White House though and soe day some lucky winner will be their when the economy crashes really solid and Wall Street hits a floor of 10,000 to 15,000 points downward, maybe.

New ideas are useful but ordinary unions and inertia averaged doesn't like that. New to democrats and open minded often means simply queer and dopey. That's the party idea for reform really (and a redefinition of morality along with censorship of dissent). CBS story in Schultz campaign 2020

Hitler's S.A. Is a Fascinating History

Hitler's Storm Troopers helped a lot in putting him into power. He didn't purge them until their number had grown to nearly 3 million. They were led by a homosexual named Ernst Rohm. He and other S.A. homosexual leaders were the thugs that knocked down opposition political events and defended Hitler's Nazi rallies. Apparently about 70% were former communists.

The Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilung) were paramilitary. In the first world war actual military units of Storm Troopers were made to generate unconventional tactical ops. After the war they slowly evolved as civilian paraa of former soldiers and beer hall thugs to become a political organizational resource for Nazi empowerment. The German army apparently was limited to just 100,000 soldiers by the armistice agreement.

The S.A. became a worry eventually to German army officers. While Hitler was exploiting article 48 of the Weimar constitution to grant himself emergency powers after being appointed Chancellor (the Nazis were the largest party in the Reichstag) he created the Enabling Act that let him become dictator. Army officers required that he purge S.A. leadership- their purpose was completed. The rising new S.S. was tasked to work the purge of the S.A. Four hundred S.A. leaders were killed in the Knight of the Long Knives in 1934.

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1982-159-21A, Nürnberg, Reichsparteitag, Hitler und Röhm.jpg
Hitler and Rohm
It is not unlikely that  homosexual former communists believed the German Democratic National Socialist party would help deliver on making the Weimar State a socialist swine utopia getting rid of large private property-estates. Apparently they did not understand Hitler's true political interests-direction.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Grand Prix Attack Against Sicilian in 3M Blitz

I played white in this 3M game

Is Trading Sex for Political Advance (i.e. Kamala Harris) Now Ethical?

Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris apparently had a solid sex relationship with the married speaker and later San Francisco mayor WiIlie Brown. He helped her with three political jobs; two well paying appointments to commissions and a District Attorney campaign. While women trading sex for favors outside of marriage isn't a new thing, using sex to get political boosts raises ethical questions concerning what are valid ways of promoting candidates in a democracy/meritocracy.

Apparently the former S.F. mayor and California State Assembly godfather-operator boosted several well known California politicians including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in yet undisclosed ways.

President Trump has experienced withering flamethrower quality criticism of alleged sex relationships that did no include political promotion and then comes along this Kamala Harris clown car of confirmable sex-ethical swampiness that makes the 2020 campaign look like a swamp-sewer with an odor worthy of cancelling the election (to go one better than cancelling the state of the Union address).

Link to an Article on Solar Power News, Forecasts

This is a good article on solar power prospects the next two years etc

Why Democrats Would Close the Government Over the Wall

The federal budget for 2018 was 3.4 trillion dollars. President Trump proposed a 4.47 trillion dollar budget. There are 1000 billion dollars in a trillion. Five or six billion dollars is a tiny, tiny fraction of 3.4 or 4 trillion dollars. For Democrats to shut down the government over such a tiny fractional portion of the federal budget was inexcusable. If President Trump had decided to close the government if Democrats would not eliminate 30 billion from the food stamp program, or shrink military wage 50% that might have been understandable.

Secrets of the Federal Budget Revealed

There are far larger chunks of money at play in Congress every year and Congress is not shut down over such issues. Unless funding is for abortion, murder, homosexual marriage or other heinous criminal activities there is little excuse for shutting a government down. Democrats should have funded the tiny item of meaning to tens of millions of honest American workers and moved on. Democrat Party leadership is corrupt and supports global corruption so long as their leadership is included in the politburo’s prioritization for goodies. Presently they want Hispanic votes and believe that a loose southern boundary best serves mutual Mexican-politburo interests. Some believe they are in collusion with Mexican drug cartels.

There may be payback at some future time when an actual important issue arises that Democrats want. Closing the government will be one way to make sure they don’t get it; even if it costs less than .06 percent of the federal budget. Important issues could arise; making an agricultural zoning law that requires variegated crop production to conserve soil fertility, requiring federal border wall barriers to be producers of solar power’d electricity, building a vast border desalinization of seawater irrigation canal network through evaporation and condensation fresh water generation of 1500 miles in compensation for global warming desertification, making no net loss of wild lands a requirement for building (maybe artificial mountain ranges covered with vegetation would work to comply with the law) etc.

Democrats have chosen to shut down the government over the issue by not signing off on funding for a well constructed slatted fence-wall for political reasons. The ability of cheap labor to illegally invade the United States and undermine supply and demand laws concerning labor satisfies those on Wall Street that have been happy with keeping the minimum wage of the nation from rising more than $5 in fifty years while Wall Street’s index has risen from 850 to 23,000.

Democrat Party leaders are not laborers, they are millionaires that enjoy illegal alien labor themselves in their vineyards, sweatshops, chicken pluking and slaughtering packing plants etc. They don’t give a rat’s a about U.S. labor.
There is no question about the Secure Fence Act of 2006 of the Bush administration increasing national security.The record shows that it did. More barriers will reinforce apprehensions of illegal entrants.

Mexico–United States barrier - Wikipedia

Where natural borders do not exist, physical borders need be constructed. Since the civil war combat engineers around the world have learned to construct earthworks defensive barriers. Democrats prefer electronic methods that require agents to go out and arrest individuals instead of deflecting them. In war for quite a time people liked using land mines rather than physical barriers such as defeated some landing craft at Normandy. Non-explosive, non-electronic methods of making borders to protect labor supply and demand are better than electronic that will fail whenever Wall Street decides it requires another 50,000 cheap workers in a year to gut wage increases versus profit increases for the 1%.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Where Magnus Carlsen Stands in the Blitz Chess GOAT Competition

When Joe Montana was asked about Tom Brady being the GOAT, he replied with a mention of Otto Graham who played football ten years and won the championship seven times with the Cleveland Browns. The greatest chess player of an era is a phenomenon in-itself. One can not predict the future too well; all-time includes the future. Is MC the greatest of all-time? No.

Magnus Carlsen certainly lacks playing the King’s Gambit enough in blitz. The King’s Gambit was declared busted by Robert James Fischer, yet that was in classical time controls and not blitz. Most people aren’t as good as Fischer anyway. Electronic blitz chess has brought good prospects for the King’s Gambit.

FIDE has only had a recognized world blitz chess champion since 2006. It seems premature to look for ‘the greatest of all time’. World Blitz Chess Championship - Wikipedia

With computers ubiquitous and chess engines free the actual greatest blitz champion of all times may be lurking out there with a computer in a crib, or as the joke goes; ‘he became a GM in the eighth month of gestation’.

MC is a great player whom has benefited new players learning proper end game method watching his games. Plainly he is the best chess player in the world today. If he plays the King’s Gambit often enough and well enough in blitz so as to always dominate Super Blitz GMs with wild improvisational games recognition may last beyond his time in ranking with great blitz champions; though it would help to win the World Blitz Championship several years consecutively.

Friday, January 25, 2019

The Rich Congress Doesn't Want a Wall

It is ordinary Americans that voted for President Trump that want a wall for security and to slow down illegal cheap labor that keeps wages down for legal workers. Because the cost of being elected is so high- a million and up, congresspersons get fundoing from the rich that own corporations and the congress so they just don't want to actually fund construction of a border security slatted wall.

The Pope too sides with the rich to destroy labor value in the U.S.A.

Those against democracy, sovereignty for nations and security and in favor of imperialism tend to like to divide the body politic of nations they seek to invade. Mexicans too benefit from labor that cannot be relocated illegally in pursuit of scab labor. If North America had no illegal labor wages would rise everywhere. Yet there are those that always seek to corrupt civil society and keep it in stress and strife as if it were s frontier town and workers like whores to be used for the lowest possible cost.

Yet it would be possible to use cheap legal Mexican labor to build a slatted wall and temporarily employ maybe 20,000 Mexican construction workers on the project. U.S. steel might drive up the cost of course, yet maybe Chinese steel could sneak in under the 5.7 billion and get a hundred extra miles built.

Legal Mexican workers paid $8 dollars an hour with Americans allowed to work for that too if they are qualified could expedite construction. Of course Congress is interested simply in enriching the rich, so it is not very likely.

It would of course be better to build a vast left and right wing canal to contain desalinated seawater siphoned from the Pacific ocean with solar powered pumps. Desalination would start in New Mexico under plexiglass  v shaped canal covers to provide water for agriculture and to offset global warming desertification of the S.W.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pelosiocracy and the Unitary Corporatist State

The United States has already evolved about 2/3s of the way toward being a one-party corporatist state. Globalists will bring it somewhat unintentionally toward becoming a unitary planetary government with Chinese Communist leaders if it isn’t reformed. The down side of a global government is its absolute power, and that it requires the bloodiest civil revolt to get rid of.

Really I think corporatist leadership that owns the media and concentrates wealth is a consequence of the natural human pile-on principle in economics. It is very difficult to reform that pile from within or without when about everyone is trying to get to the top- sometimes with different ethics so it is tamed a little and more safe. The Utopian United Fruit Company is the overweening applied political philosophy of the Democrat Party

Corporatism promotes people useful for control of power rather than the best for society. It represses those deemed unprofitable. Today society needs a reform of democracy and free enterprise and the concentration of wealth should be capped to prevent a tiny minority from repressing democratic free expression and the marketplace of ideas.

The major political systems are at minimum nearly two centuries old- except for corporatism that was invented by the Italian fascist dictator Mussolini. It was used by Hitler and worked well for a while. because it is the most recent invention it is the most effective rather like Marxism was effective at being taken up by nations in the first party of the 2oth century.

Democracy can be reformed such that all people have a minimum income and security and are not exploited unwillingly by capitalists, yet they would have incentives to work and to invent to have more material substance. Basically the marketplace of ideas need be reformed so society can use the best ideas and ecospherically progenerative ideas and move away from the mindless pile-on monkey see and monkey do value system.
Patents should become public and freely used after seven years with the inventor-patent holders receiving 10% royalties from those that produce the product after the patented idea becomes public.

Tame Wolf Demense of Constitutional Monarchy

Monarchs rule through pure force. The most powerful would have the most rightful claim. Constitutional monarchies have devolved from absolute monarchies. Why people that have progressed beyond that would think of going backwards- politically devolving to a lower life form, is beyond me.

Dogs have been bred from wolves. Personally I like wolves a lot better than dogs, yet wolves would have trouble in modern society socially. Some lunatic recently shot one in a U.S. state. Humans do not share every feature of dogs. Dogs probably die too soon to get gum disease bacteria sufficiently to cause Alzheimers disease (the bacteria eat the brain too). Non-divine monarchs never die soon enough. Neither do old political philosophies get replaced soon enough.

People breed dogs yet rely on ancient political philosophies like socialism, capitalism, communism, democracy etc that were designed for different centuries past. They look backwards to the days of wolves without living in a wild ecosphere. Democracy and free enterprise need adaptation to demographic and ecospheric reality.

Gum Disease May Be the Cause of Alzheimers

A scientific study has found that gum disease and bacteria associated with it may be the cause of Alzheimers. Good dental and gum health is even more important than was thought if the study is right.

Bleeding gums are a symptom of gum disease. The bacteria go to the brain and slowly consume it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

State of the Union From the White House- Congress Could Watch TV-Reduce CO2 Gas

President Trump should go ahead with this year's state of the Union address and make it from the White House since Speaker Pelosi has cancelled authorization to make it in Congress. The speech is really for the people anyway. It is no big deal to skip informing the Congress directly. They too could catch it on Fox. Congress is de trop this year.

Initial Content of Hilbert-Vector Space and a Creativity Game

Eventually a better game than chess may model Hilbert -Vector space and players will be aesthetically judged on the creative use of the initial content in it. Math and logic without content are no more than vague theoretical and variable structures. A posteriori content endowed through a time axis provides content that for-itself shall afford theoretical reconfigurations, aesthetically, for artful purposes.

All particle-wave quanta of Hilbert space coexist within the metaset Vector Space
vector space is temporal while Hilbert Space is static.

Mass, even represented as Energy, phenomenally appears only within Vector Space, because time-space-mass are integral. Cutting a slice of Hilbert-Vector Space and relocating it without severing the HVS originating location 'connections' is a problem. So it might indeed be useful to clone HVS content for relocations, although not philosophically satisfying.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Record Lifetime Quantity of Water Use

To help conserve water the awareness of how much water one uses at a home or commercial building should be recorded annually. Like an automobile flow meters should be able to record hundreds of thousands or millions of gallons used cumulatively since the flowdometer was installed. on a faucet They might also be given wireless connectivity in some cases to upload data to one's overall energy and water use data bank.

There are lots of flowmeters out there.

Rep Ocasio-Cortez and Sophomoric Socialism

There is no easy way to get good political philosophy that works in the modern world. Many like to take up their great great grandparents new theories of socialism as if it was newly revealed from Mt. Chomolungma unto them. Bernie Sanders came by his socialism honestly. Rep Ocasio-Cortez learned hers in Boston working as an intern for the late Senator Ted Kennedy (or Boston College). It is a maladaptive political philosophy that cannot be practically implemented without great destructive effect. It is also fundamentally an anti-free enterprise theory.

Sophomoric academic socialists don't learn ecological economics nor understand what corporatism is (Mussolini's invention) and work to reinforce one world government under a unified corporate-communist monolithic power risen from plutonomy and Mao. Concentrated wealth dominates through party elites and ordinary human inventiveness is enslaved; t'isn't a good thing.

The remedy is to reform capitalism and make democracy work. I've written how to accomplish that elsewhere, and a 90% tax rate on earnings over the first one or two million annually is a good idea- only if it is first known what it would be spent on, and that helps t benefit human health nationally and rebuild the damaged ecosphere while continuing full employment.

There is no easy way to develop a state-of-the-art political philosophy. Adam Smith had to put some serious work into his effort; and he probably consulted with the philosopher David Hume about the content of The Wealth of Nations in their conversations as friends. People today are often happy to just follow that venerable lead thoughtlessly as if this still were the 18th century.

A good economist and a well-read philosopher might be able to work together to create a good theoretical model of a reform of Democracy and political economy such that it is well adapted to the very different modern world compared to that of the 18th century. Government should seek to assure that all citizens in the artificial world of today with a crowded social environment have optimal creative and health opportunities to be as productive as they can be. It should reform democracy in policy so wealth does not strangle free enterprise and patents for the millions that do not control the market through networked ownership. Democracy should have some sort of screening to select business ventures that are the most synergy with the environment and body politic.

Morality is what people actually do. An existential anthropologist may describe it objectively. In a capitalist system being a billionaire is not immoral. It is just exemplary for an economic system not adapted to maximize human creative potential and national security. Too much concentrated wealth also stifles democracy and free expression making it difficult or impossible for democratic political reforms to occur if they are not what the most rich oligarchs want. Where was the referee when the Saints were robbed of the Superbowl? Where was justice? The most rich got the best demographic viewership and the Saints were kicked to shuffle out.

Fact Check; Americans Are Not Hostages as Demos Claim

Americans aren't hostages as Democrat Party leaders claim because the federal government is partially closed. Second Corinthians 3:17 "the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty". American Christians shall always be free so long as they are within the kingdom of God regardless of what the godless atheist Democrat Party leaders think.

Democrat party leaders are keeping the U.S. Government partly closed to prevent a very small portion of the federal budget from being spent on border security. There isn't a sign of Stockholm syndrome with them yet. Little chance of them sympathizing with the President. They also believe they have Americans as hostages. They are wrong about both.

Some Dare Call Capitalist Business With Russia Treason*

Sometimes Americans seem like backward hillbillies regarding foreign policy and history. Unfortunately the Democrat Party- a party that seems to be in permanent foreign collusion with illegal aliens and their governments or at least criminal organizers to defeat U.S. national security, feel the need to make the worst sort of McCarthyite accusations against Donald Trump for a domestic political platform. The Anti-Russia phobia of the Democrat Party leaders exemplifies U.S. ignorance of history.

Donald Trump is not a traitor because he is a capitalist. Maybe investing in China or Mexico could be considered treason by the sort of people that believe business with Russia is treason. For myself I felt that President Clinton’s foreign graduate education at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar was a qualifier for treason in a Presidential candidate; he might have ate jellybeans with King George III's face on them.

During the cold war while an Army reservist I took college courses including those for Russian history. A good general historian need learn more than western European history or African history or U.S. history; he need cover all the world including Russian history. Usually Democrats are so bloody ignorant on the topic one might guess they devoted their lifetimes to inhaling bleach fumes.

Democrats might not be able to differentiate Menshivism from Bolshevism or Alexander Nevsky from Alexander Kerensky. They could not recognize that Boris Godunov is not a pseudonym for Boris Yeltsin, and some might believe that Chernyenko was a nuclear plant melt down.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Pelosi-Schumer Axis Likely to End MLK Month Before President's Day

Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer have made January a federal holiday probably in honor of Martin Luther King. The government partial closure gives federal workers an extended unpaid holiday to reflect upon the sacrifices people have made to secure equal rights of American citizens- not that Democrats support a strong nation or borders anymore.

I predict the recalcitrant Democrat Party leaders will return the government to function with the Trump border security bill before Presidents Day.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Democrat-Republican Dialectic of Closed Minds Show Need for Third Party

Democrats would keep the government closed rather than let the President have 5.7 billion dollars more for border security. Plainly there is a need for a tie-breaking third party in government ordinarily.

Brits have coalition parties and show the way parliamentary government is supposed to work stalling implementation of a national referendum and jacking the system to benefit the most rich. Brexit has brought calls for new government yet border security has just brought Speaker Pelosi to demagogic indignity.

A third party might not differ much from the Demo_Republican dialectical evolution of corporatism and scialism unified to concentrate wealth and political power yet it might help bring some ecospheric political progress.

Corporate power controls the media and politics with mass communication control to program the electorate. Democrats have provided Orwellian hate of Russia while seeming to be rabid dogs regarding political theory and priorities. Everyone expects Republicans to just benefit themselves. Conservatives seem somewhat anti-madness yet many are on the Satanic sheet of msic anyway and one could not differentiate them much from Democrats in that regard. Homosexual corporatists seem to be an economic sabotage element glad to break laws for political purposes with internet access technologies. They work like the most conservatives in history toward censorship- lacking any sort of democratic principles of free speech. It is unfortunate that they have politically formed a permanent division within the body politic through a will to intentional domestic political hegemony.

Conservatives often aren't creative enough and resist change that is necessary, positive and utilitarian. Yet rabid, pervasive change and dogish moral norms are not beneficial either. The repression of civil liberties may occur through innumerable avenues.

ETs Might be Interested in Theology

Maybe aliens would be interested in theology. For instance; Would God's omniscience allow an infinite recurrence of mind or does eternal recurrence have a limit in potentially existing only within matter and time? Though God is non-temporal in his eternal being, are black hole singularities with zero-time at 100% general relativity compaction not restricted to particular spatial locations?  Interesting to consider how omniscience relates to N-dimensions and space-time singularity terminal points.

Because there are millions and more black hole singularities time ends at a vast array of spatial locations, yet how do those ends of time coexist with loose spatial-temporal matter without?  Are all ends of time equal and of equal scale? Do space-time terminal points find appropriate classification within Cantor trans-finite infinity sets? One might believe the zero-points move independently of their outward appearance.. White holes may emerge with being and time letting light be and become, and eventually beings are scheduled at teleologically correct moments to consider it.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Plot Structure for Dream Formatting

Top-down modular approaches to flowcharting from T=0 to T=Omega aren't the only way to format structure obviously. One can have have natural and rational numbers with different dimensional variables (joking). Contingent dream sections could be modularized as chapter-units them placed on some sort of a tree-chart, harvested and set like bricks into the mosaic that is the story you prefer. If one were like Jorge Luis Borges the mosaic could be a multi-level circular pyramid with a time axis in several directions.

Why Hasn't Musk Developed EMG Mass Drivers for Orbital Launches Yet?

Since the Star Wars program of the Reagan administration developed electro-magnetic accelerators to launch 'smart pebbles' into Earth orbit to attack hostile space vehicles everyone has been developing electro-magnetic accelerators for weapons at least, yet none to my knowledge has adapted the variable and controlled speed magnetic launch switching for launching space modules shaped like bullets more or less with extra disposable heat shield shock absorbers up front. Elon Musk seems like a natural engineer-electro-magnetic propulsion space-developer, so it is a curiosity to me at least why the natural development hasn't occurred?

Chemical rockets are expensive and slow. A linear accelerator 30 miles in length, quite straight and placed gradually upslope in New Mexico could launch rightly designed modules as often as a machine gun. Robert Goddard was aware of the potential of electro-magnetic accelerators for launching to orbit (and between planets with in-space accelerators of a different design and lengths of a thousand miles or more); he sought government funding to build an emg subway from New York to Boston about 1915 or so.

At 3/4s the speed of light travelling to Pluto only takes a couple or three months

Democrat Party-Butina Collusion to Subvert N.R.A.?

One must wonder if the Democrat Party colluded with alleged super-spy model knock-out Maria Butina to infiltrate and weaken a main enemy within the enemy camp; the National Rifle Association. When Hillary Clinton's hard drive was lost or the data erased one might wonder if a trail to Netfliks-worthy material was deleted and unavailable to screenwriters.

The N.R.A. as a target of Russian espionage just seems to lack a certain zing of credibility, unless she was captured with hidden cameras and videos of N.R.A. officials stockpiling classified military weapons for a coup d'etat. Maybe Russians have sent special aging super-agents to infiltrate A.A.R.P. to discover if they are padding their discounts with a little extra for elite staff cadre.

If the Russian Communist Party is sending people with special skills to infiltrate Hollywood to rig the Academy Awards in favor of leftist films (Tom Cruse has never won an Oscar) the Mueller Investigation should open a branch office in Hollywood to interrogate actors and actresses of interest. In the meantime at least they have Butina arrested and unable to try anything tricky that might weaken U.S. gun security.

Speaker Pelosi Set to Censor/Ban State of the Union Speech

President Trump's opportunity to make a state of the union speech before congress is being shot down by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats are the party of censorship these days and apparently Alex Jones being banned from large Internet platforms wasn't enough; they also want to censor and ban the State of the Union speech.

Speaker Pelosi did say the President could submit the speech in writing and presumably some members might get a copy to read. How generous.

The Speaker cited security concerns though Homeland Security said they have the matter in hand. The issue is really about censoring the President's opportunity to say antipathetic political items concerning the border wall and partial government shut down of course. Democrats are used to attacking personally instead of addressing issues and creating party cult loyalty instead of rationally thinking about good ideas independently.

President Trump did at least have the opportunity to postpone another Speaker Pelosi winter travel junket cancelling her Air Force flight to a few countries abroad.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez Esl (?) Adumbration Stimulates the Vile

When Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in an interview said she was going to 'run train' on the progressive agenda the next couple of years she sparked broad laughter and amusement in the media at her adumbration. Probably it was an English as a second language adumbration. Maybe she meant 'engineer' the progressive agenda or something like that.

I read the report at Fox News that went heavily in to the sexual slang usage interpretation. Comments were as happy with the vile interpretation as could be. None apparently were aware of the way ESL speakers or those that forget the particular word they want (I have recently used the substituted the word 'martinet' for 'marionette' in error yet that's not quite the same) use a descriptive phrase meaning the word.

The media makes a living reporting on sensational topics. They profit reporting on wars and other conflicts and do not invest much in trying to solve them. The media want followers (as do most in business) and aren't necessarily ethical in how they get them. When wars are made obsolete for some reason the media can evolve- as they may be already, to simply reporting on corporate products sensationally. The trouble with that is they report the news sensationally and in service to those that pay them or own the reporting media infrastructure.

In some ways it seems as if things are not getting better.

Permafrost and Oceans are Warming, Antarctic Ice Melting Faster

Recent reports note a globe of warming features of real concern to those with a little awareness of the environment of the Earth they live in. Instead of just reporting facts that 97% of scientists believe it would be useful to identify those large regions with global warming troubles and work on finding politically pragmatic alternate industries and industrial methods for those people and corporations developing to ill effect those sensitive areas.

Governments need to form perennial think thanks looking for employment solutions for business that should be phased out of particular sensitive areas instead of simply passing laws to protect areas that throw people out of work and then are eventually revoked.

I personally feel there should be no fossil fuel engine use in the high arctic because all that carbon monoxide piling up toward the pole must be bad. Yet the chances for doing anything differently look negligible.

One additional ecosphere challenge is that of land degradation. A report is here...

SDG Academy- free courses on sustainable development online -

Britain Did Not Heed "Make No Permanent Foreign Alliances"

Because the British did not take George Washington's farewell address seriously when he said 'Make no permanent foreign alliances' England now faces punishment from the European Union for bungling the exit plan (Brexit).

President Trump, Congress and future political leaders of the U.S.A. should learn from the British error of joining the EU that is akin to joining one of those blood in blood out criminal gangs so far as financial matters go, and take it as an admonishment not to entangle the United States in permanent foreign alliances that bind the hands of political self-determination behind the back.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Democrat Party Leaders Hate Red State Voters

Democrat Party leaders seem only to care for the interests of party members instead of the people of the United States. Republicans gifted with many dumb or rather wrong ideas do at least appear to care about all of the people of the nation.

Democrats seem to care more about immigrants and especially illegal immigrants than red state voters. Basically red state voter interests are fair dinkum for decline and the people can eat it even unto death in the probable Democrat Party playbook.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer don't really comprehend nor have ab interest in understanding how an endless stream of illegal, cheap labor bumps out the well being of the poor and middle class in the United States while being primarily of benefit to the rich and Democrat Party voters.

Democrats care about lesbians and male homosexuals, minorities and women that vote Democratic. They care about global socialism and for enriching themselves, yet of red state voters well being, nothing at all.

That's how it seems. They are either negligent or malevolent. So flooding the nation with illegal immigrants and labeling people as KKK symps who support immigration being limited to those that Congress has lawfully allowed to enter through legal immigration policy is nothing at all to Democrat Party leaders.

Clemson Was Given McDonald's Food While Gov Partially Closed

Since the President served the same gruel as soldiers get to the championship Clemson footballers, some media and others are criticizing the President for providing top-of-the-line McDonald's and Burger King foods to the visiting Clemson football team. Maybe the White House servants are gone too- the President has said he is almost alone there. Are the media so spoilt as to think quality fast food in hard times is a hardship or even an insult?

Combat soldiers were given a substantive upgrade when VP Cheney brought fast foods to the war zone of Iraq. It beats c-rats. So why should football players that if pro expect to e millionaires and never serve in the military has such a bad attitude toward food that hasn't got nice meats with the crusts cut off and other delicacies such as Russian caviar?

President Trump also forgot the Crystal champagne.

Maybe the real reason the SF Warriors did visit the White House  after winning the N.B.A. title was the food. They might have believed it wasn't up to San Francisco treat standards they are accustomed to.