Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Democrat Party Leaders Hate Red State Voters

Democrat Party leaders seem only to care for the interests of party members instead of the people of the United States. Republicans gifted with many dumb or rather wrong ideas do at least appear to care about all of the people of the nation.

Democrats seem to care more about immigrants and especially illegal immigrants than red state voters. Basically red state voter interests are fair dinkum for decline and the people can eat it even unto death in the probable Democrat Party playbook.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer don't really comprehend nor have ab interest in understanding how an endless stream of illegal, cheap labor bumps out the well being of the poor and middle class in the United States while being primarily of benefit to the rich and Democrat Party voters.

Democrats care about lesbians and male homosexuals, minorities and women that vote Democratic. They care about global socialism and for enriching themselves, yet of red state voters well being, nothing at all.

That's how it seems. They are either negligent or malevolent. So flooding the nation with illegal immigrants and labeling people as KKK symps who support immigration being limited to those that Congress has lawfully allowed to enter through legal immigration policy is nothing at all to Democrat Party leaders.

Clemson Was Given McDonald's Food While Gov Partially Closed

Since the President served the same gruel as soldiers get to the championship Clemson footballers, some media and others are criticizing the President for providing top-of-the-line McDonald's and Burger King foods to the visiting Clemson football team. Maybe the White House servants are gone too- the President has said he is almost alone there. Are the media so spoilt as to think quality fast food in hard times is a hardship or even an insult?


Combat soldiers were given a substantive upgrade when VP Cheney brought fast foods to the war zone of Iraq. It beats c-rats. So why should football players that if pro expect to e millionaires and never serve in the military has such a bad attitude toward food that hasn't got nice meats with the crusts cut off and other delicacies such as Russian caviar?

President Trump also forgot the Crystal champagne.

Maybe the real reason the SF Warriors did visit the White House  after winning the N.B.A. title was the food. They might have believed it wasn't up to San Francisco treat standards they are accustomed to.

Canada; Good or Bad Target for Refugees?

Many international refugees and or fugitives flee to Canada as a destination of first choice.


Let us briefly consider if this is a good choice or not. For behind the misty fog of Molson's beer we may find the facts.

Fact one. Canada is cold and getting warmer.

Fact two. The magnetic north pole is fleeing Canada and moving toward Russia for refuge.


Explorers and mushers that rely on a good position for the magnetic north pole are becoming confused and even lost due to the government shutdown that does not fund the tracking of the pole

Monday, January 14, 2019

If Pres.Trump Could Share Common Ground With Russian Business That's Good

Maybe President Putin will supply a text for his private conversations with President Trump that are the present media-political football. Hillary has already said “I told you so. He’s a puppet.”- in reply to the theory that President Trump was working for the Russians.

I hope the Mueller investigation ends soon because an interminable one lasting nearly the entire term of office or at least into the next election cycle’s campaign season is corruption more or less.

The idea that the Russians influenced anything substantial in U.S. political opinion about substantive issues is not credible. If U.S. opinions were made and held so lightly that the citizens could be programmed by foreign sponsored ads that is a concern more about the nature of American reasoning than who the martinets were.

If President Trump was working to end the recrudescent Cold War and arms race including nuclear weapons that would be beneficial to Americans even if it is something that Russia wants. Russia would also like good commercial relations and that is definitely in U.S. interests too. Just because Democrats prefer to go the neo-socialism way that China offers more than to have close relationship with a growing free enterprise Russia that is no good reason to entertain every paranoia they have about defining normal statesmanship as treason or collusion, improper, etc.

Mr. Mueller has six months of new financing for his investigation- that is simply too much and he should conclude the investigation forthwith and let the public (Congress) decide if they need further investigating. Thus i.m.o. will probably let Mr, Mueller conclude his investigation. Of course it will be made public- classifying it simply would not happen, and it did it would just be redacted to line out classified material.

Non-Believers in Global Warming are the New N-Word(s)

Apparently many people believe that those adults that don't believe in global warming are the new n(wiggers). That's too bad. Many are very nice people that don't understand that cars are the major gtreenhouse pollutant sources in the nation and their beliefs are wrong.

President Trump though a good businessman and correct on the border barrier unfortunately is regarded as something of a N(wigger) for his global warming non-belief.


One must wonder if any of the three are global warming non-believers- maybe all three.

Can President Putin Publish What He and Pres Trump Talked About?

It is likely that it was Director of the F.B.I. James Comey who investigated the matter of President Trump possibly working for Russia. Plainly the President of the U.S.A. should work against Russia to help restart the cold war better because a lot of jobs depend on that. New arms need to be built to create prosperous economies. The United States is confused about what direction international relations could or should have taken after the terrible end of the cold war.

In the good old days before President Trump seemed to chummy with President Putin the United States was making progress and renewing hostile relations such as existed with the former Soviet Union. President Reagan isn't around anymore so its o.k. to get a good nuke arms race going and even space-ships of war race.

President Putin; you may be called before the Mueller Investigation to testify as to what President Trump said to you in Helsinki and at any other occasion where it was not on the public record. If you would just send the record to wikileaks it might pre-empt that. Unfortunately it does appear that you won't be asked over to a summit in DC this year or to speak to a joint session of Congress.

Did President Trump Ever Eat Fish Eggs?

Russian sympathizers are known to eat fish eggs. It is called caviar by the barbarians. They also eat sea snails named welks, and sea spiders named crabs. The F.B.I. may have overlooked those obvious tells when investigating the President as a resident Russian agent.

Ancient Germans in the day of Tacitus used a float test to determine truth or falsehood. Those that could not float wearing concrete galoshes were deemed guilty. The F.B.I. may have discovered a more modern method of investigating Donald Trump; Special Harasser Mueller will subpoena the President to do the Cossack dance. If he cannot he is no Russian agent and probably just an innocent dupe.

It may be that Democrats hate Russia because it is not socialist enough anymore and like China because it is. Even so there are Democrat sleepers that persist in eating Russian fish eggs; a habit from the old days not easily broken.

Why Iran Should Convert to Christianity

Iran is a preponderantly Muslim nation. True that is better than godless atheism yet it still misses out on salvation for the glory of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way unto a personal relationship with God. Muslims don't know that and Muslim nations thus have the concatenated problems of millions of unsaved, unredeemed citizens directing affairs through unsaved political criteria to the usual disasters.


The west has a lot of godless atheists duped into believing that evolution theory and science contradicts evidence for the presence of God throughout history and transcendantly in cosmology and it does not. The intentionally lost corrupt themselves into easy disbelief categorically and never take the time to think about the word of God in the Bible as well as science and philosophically, spiritually consider each in the context of human history and knowledge. Many people haven't the time for intellectual effort in any sort of disciplined way and don't think for themselves. They want an easy bite of a sinless apple that transforms their lives into blameless consumerism- the way of the lost and unredeemed.

Iran with a conversion to Christianity generally would be better off in the modern world and if even moderately evangelical would continue to have interesting, engaging argument with many of the west's leaders who might be outraged over the conversion; for their hope is that Iran will evolve into godless atheist consumerism that is the contemporary ethos of Wall Street.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Tent-Trail Dec 20 2013 (video)

Pelosi-Schumer Axis of Foreign Collusion to Keep Southern Border Loose?

Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer permanently wear rose colored glasses on their Utopian vision for illegal entry to the United States. Border breakers are regarded as motivated people seeking asylum to work hard for Democratic leaders that with gratitude for mowing their lawns and making their Democrat beds will vote for them for countless generations.

Democrats prefer to believe that 90% of those making illegal entries to the U.S. are caught and the remainder are here to do the dirty jobs Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer wouldn't. They also believe they have no effect on the minimum wage of $7.50 set by the U.S. government. That has just gone up five bucks since 1972. Wall Street in the meanwhile has risen from 850 to 23,000.

More accuracy on border crossing of lightly defended areas about the number that make it through ICE security might be enhanced with networks of invisible laser beams counters such as might be used in protecting valuable items from burglars. Democrats could at least suggest such measures for better measurement metrics for an annual better guesstimate of how many make it through. One realistic survey estimate of the number apprehended as a percent of those making it through is just 20 to 40%. Government bureaucrats have an historical tendency to over-estimate the effectiveness of their programs.

Still, that cannot account for the consistent unwillingness of the Democrats to invest in real defense at the border vs theoretical defense with trillions of dollars for existential threats against Russian super-weapons and soldiery menacing the soft underbelly of The Soviet European Union and shopping malls in the mid-west. After or if the government returns to work the Mueller Mandate should be expanded to include an investigation of Democrat leaders into foreign collusion to keep southern border security loose.

Alternatively it is possible that Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are working a diabolic plan to keep the government partially closed simply to collect pay while not working. The Pelosi Speaker era may become known as the big recess. If government does little work it is possible they may do little harm so their is a bright spot in the dark cloud after all.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Brexit Crash Seems Doomed to Success

The impending crash of organized Brexit leading to a no-deal exit of Britain from the Soviet European Union seems destined to lead Britain to better days. It seems like the great Y2K event that wasn't even a flatulent moment in the breeze (*except for 9-11 that occurred the next year). Maybe England should be concerned more with terrorist issues than economics that would sort themselves out ala' Adam Smith's invisible hand perhaps better without the binding rules of a vast left-wing union government that cannot even be confident of defending itself against the new Russia. Actually if the EU wasn't so klutzy they would be on good term with Russia. I suppose Bill Clinton helped with the poisoning of the post cold war quite a bit- yet where was the statesmanship of that continent when the Serbian conflicts arose and they were not forestalled or pre-empted.

Probably Britain is lucky not to be equally yoked with the inept at diplomacy and good at blaming EU than is possible as poor at the U.S.A. at foreign policy the better part of the time.


There is a Good Article on the Border and Democrat Leadership Problems

Friday, January 11, 2019

President Trump Gets His Share of Abuse from the Hate-o-crats- Emergency Declaration Soon?

President Trump may get ten billion or more to build border security barriers from national disaster money if he declares a national emergency. It is only an emergency in the sense that myocardial infarction is- it can go on for days (or months and years in the case of the wall) before causing death. Some tough guys can stand the pain indefinitely though its still an emergency. The nation loses jobs in construction and wages don't rise with a surfeit of illegal labor that pile into the back of a truck stopping on a corner in the south and increasingly across the nation. For the homeless that can't find work easily, it is an emergency though they too can survive.

Democrats should not have closed the government over 5 billion dollars- that was plain wrong. The authoritarians seem to want everything their own way, all the time, and cannot share government well while hating on the President as a four year plan.

A Terminal Velocity for the Rotational Speed of Black Holes?

Observations of super-massive black holes have discovered rotational velocity of as high as 84% of the speed of light. That raises innumerable interesting questions regarding the effects of special and general relativity on the black holes. Can they spin at light speed?


As an object approaches the speed of light its mass scales up toward infinite; so how does that pertain to the already super-massive black holes? Does the special relativistic effect of mass increasing and speed slow nearing light speed multiply the mass of black holes more than what it is for-itself? How much of the mass of a black hole can accelerate in proportion to the total mass?

Is the 84% of speed of light just at the event horizon and less so toward the center? How would the numerous differential rotational speeds and relativistic effects on mass affect the composition and structure of a black holes such that it would be non-uniform in space and time? Are their trans-finite infinities of mass in black holes subject to tensor quantification along the lines of Cantor sets?

Something Like a Sea of Glass

Stars like the sun convert themselves into crystal spheres given ten billion years more or less. 

N.A.S.A. image

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Turkish Invasion Plans for Genocide Practice on Kurds Threatens U.S. Troops There

Though there are innumerable reasons to partially close the U.S. Government and keep it that way permanently, maybe the favorite reason for the President could be the under-funding of the never-ending Mueller Investigation that is supposed to end in six months -after the next election campaign is in full swing.

The F.B.I. agents union apparently wants the shutdown to shutdown. Democrats are diabolically clever at attacking the United States for the benefit of foreign powers, though they may do so inadvertently as they work for the global people's utopia that will follow open borders and breakdown of foreign and domestic policy reason.

Speaking of foreign policy; Turkey has threatened to invade Syria fast on a Kurd killing mission if the U.S. doesn't quickly pull out it's 2000 or so soldiers from Syria. If Turkey hadn't been working to get Russia on it's side in the vacuum of American friendship and development with Russia, that threat wouldn't have been made.

Turkey after the end of the Soviet invasion threat has no place in N.A.T.O. where it can work its empire and own caliphate dreams in the region and throw wrenches into U.S. European political common sense. Turkey is a good example of the no mission for N.A.T.O. since the end of the cold war development toward the dark side of the force. Some might theoretically think that Turkey can lever Muslim power and hegemony over Europe better and also lever the United States into increasing foreign policy irrationality (counter-productive policies that don't work very well) since N.A.T.O. has no necessary existence except for bureaucratic laziness and inertia.

The Russian conundrum could have been settled readily so full normal economic relations could resume if the Dnepr were the permanent Ukrainian boundary with Russia and the Crimea was recognized as Russia (it is and was). Real politic is not blind stupidity and clutchiness.

With Russia a good economic partner Turkey wouldn't be so bold about threatening American interests in the middle east. The United States could reduce Syria and expand a Kurdistan in the corner as a federal state with ties to Kurds in Iraq and Turkey. Russia could keep its ports in Syria and watch over a defanged Alawite state that is safe for non-Sunni citizens. Europeans could work on their own security issues and some sort of reduced N.A.T.O. could respond to existential threats that don't arise from careless reading of Jean Paul Sartre's tome 'Being and Nothingness'.

Probably a marine division could help carve out a Kurdish state that should have been done after the first world war as Kurds were promised. Turks have been genocidalists and would be recrudescent imperialists since, or at least looking for some way to expand their cut down former empire remnant. They are haters.

Democrats just look for ways to expand utopia in the U.S.A. by increasing tax cuts for the rich. They are glad enough to create wars at a distance if necessary, and when their pre-conditioning for war through stupid foreign policy pays off. The Ukraine is the apple in the eye for Wall Street they cannot relinquish. Like a dog fighting over a bone that cannot see a bigger, plentiful bone pile nearby because of political tunnel vision, they would wreck U.S. security so far as possible near and far by dismissing policy with a backbone as militarist. Democrat Party sloppiness at border security and unreal politic may build up another 9-11 as did the Clinton administration.

U.S. May Need to Send Marine Division to Syria to Defeat Turkish Invasion

Turkey's defense minister has plans to attack Syria if U.S. troops remain. They want to kill Kurds in Syria who are U.S. allies. Though direct military conflict with a N.A.T.O. member isn't good, it may be necessary. If so the United States should deploy a marine division to Syria ASAP.


Turkey was historically an enemy of the United States. Turks were on the German side of the First World War and would have sided with Hitler if they had thought they could get away with it. Turkey was worried sufficiently by the Soviet invasion threat to become a N.A.T.O. member, yet after the cold war ended the communist danger with its conclusion Turkey became an alien in N.A.T.O. serving to divide Euro-American interests in foreign policy. They only very reluctant allowed U.S. military forces access to the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Now they are endangering and threatening the security of U.S.troops and national friends who were journeyman warriors in the conflicts in the region for more than a decade.

Turkish leadership has so little respect for the United States and friends that they use abusive ultimatum style language to order U.S. forces to hurry up and leave or they will just go ahead to invade Syria and kill Kurdish allies. Only Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and possibly Representative Ocasio-Cortez would like that.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Universal Evolutionary Design Required Omniscience

Omniscience may be required for proper design of species evolution. If one configures an evolutionary system to generate a targeted product in a very complex ecosystem with innumerable variables, the likelihood of system errors deforming the system to bring system failure to evolve the desired product are great. Omniscience is required to design the evolving system such that it is pre-determined to create the proper product at the right moment.

One might regard the evolution of human life through heterosexual events as an archetypal example of creation through omniscient configuration of evolution. In my opinion, when mankind was created and God rested, the designed evolution era ceased and human intelligence became capable of deforming the functioning patterns through genetic redesign and sundry forms of sin for-itself and for-others.

I go over some of the points and correlate a few of the details with the Bible in this free to download book.


Consider one point; of all the proto-human species that existed the challenges of designing the ecosphere such that just one species would emerge to dominate are incalculable except for omniscience. Democrats today believe that evolution has no design, or had none in the era in which God created the Universe from emergence in His will to the solar system and let it become peopled before bringing the era of Adamas and Edith to fruition, hence its o.k. to sin and miss the mark of evolving human function and conditional health (everyone is spiritual dead unless reborn with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ).

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The Kashoggi Option to Murder Kurds Sought by Pres Erdogan

Turkey seems to want the Kashoggi option at mass scale with the arrogation of power to murder Kurdish fighters in Syria. President Trump should put sanctions on Turkey until President Tayyip Erdogan resigns from office or is impeached. The United States can't support for killers just because the are Sunni leaders. The United States can't betray allies by commission or omission to such a degree as to allow murderous foreigners to kill U.S. allies simply because they were for some unnatural reason allowed to join NATO.


Democrats May Be Dissimulating About Support for Real National Security at Boundaries

Democrats might be lying about supporting national security. That is fact checkers could examine if being unwilling to spend even five billion for border security of a five-hundred-ninety billion dollar annual security budget called defense is consistent with support for national security.

National security that is for theoretical security without immediate practical application if fine with Democrats yet reinforcing border security- the most basic national security measure for a nation to take, is something Democrats are entirely unwilling to do.

The Democrat Party apparently supports the right of foreigners to invade and occupy the United States illegally whenever they so choose.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Rep Ocasio-Cortez is Racist

 Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is a racist. Accusing white people of racism that aren't, or that at least do not make overt expressions of racism, providing basic neo-libel for people in order to benefit one's own expansive race (hispanics) is the essence of racism. La Raza wants to annex the U.S.A.  Racism accusations may be the soft underbelly of U.S. politics easy for foreign governments to attack for leverage. War is a continuation of politics through other means (Clausewitz).

White people have been having the zero population growth experience for a half century while some hispanics have expanded demographics like a vast left-wing balloon. All the while they sought to dominate the nation through aggressive racial expansion they accuse the zpg white community of racism as their social demographics dwindle. Cortez may attack the President because he was a greatest symbol of capitalism during the cold war versus the Communist and she is a socialist with fellow travelers seeking to reignite cold war because Russia is no longer communist. Socialists should use more wisdom than to ignore nuclear brinksmanship and cold war conflicts that were past and not bring a revival. It would be better to reform capitalism, democracy and free enterprise starting with adequate taxation on the 1% of 90%.

The Demo perception may be that President Trump doesn't have the back of those shooting policeman as some of the public may have believed of President Obama during the BLM riots and police ambushes. The Dem party apparently wants to get racism as a political issue going with new accelerants since they lack any sort of substantive thought on economic and ecospheric reform.

Some-not all, hispanics seek to forcibly change racial balances//demographics as if their race had a right too. Actually that is racism. Rep Cortez probably is activating her racist mode now in order to try to get support for more illegal aliens invading the nation. To keep the wall from being built. Race trumps civil rights in her case.



Saturday, January 05, 2019

Democrats Seek to Defeat Border Security With Government Closure

The Democrat Party hasn’t much capacity to work cooperatively these days. President Trump and tens of millions of Americans want more Mexican border security. Democrats are more concerned with foreign interests and attacking the President. They would spend 50 billion on a highway bill, nearly a trillion on defense and not even 5 billion for border security. They would rather let the government remain partially closed.
Several foreign governments if they were asked would likely opt for an open border in order to better degrade California with drug smuggling and infiltrate people into the U.S.A. Democrats are more concerned with passing tax cuts for the most rich as President Obama forced through so they can have bigger wine cellars and more cheap illegal grape pickers.
Democrats just want to argue and attack the President. Maybe they believe a partial government closure can help them to impeach the President. I don’t know if zombies blink.

China Should Recognize Taiwan's Independence

A government has more than hegemony in relation to its citizen/subjects. Few governments are self-abnegating. The will to power exists in the people that are in government generally. The basic goal isn’t to create utopia unless that idea is defined as the ideal bureaucratic state. Taiwan is a free island-nation. It historically was independent of China and is likely to remain so even though it presently has a majority of ethnically Chinese people. Mainlanders often desire to oppress islanders and assert their tyranny. The Communist mainland dictator apparently feels he has a valid historical claim to annex Taiwan because he can bum rush in on the backs of the previous invaders of Taiwan- nationalist Chinese- that have since relinquished claims to rule the mainland and have adapted to Taiwan to become native Taiwanese. Dictators always want to invade someplace and have megalomaniacal claims. The late Saddam Hussein was that way.

In my opinion reckless Chinese expansionism is counter-productive to the general welfare of the mainland Chinese that endangers Chinese security and economic development. A respectful recognition of Taiwanese independence alternatively would enable peaceful trade and concentration upon ecospherically productive business and governing ventures and even joint efforts.

Today the Communist government has more similarity with the role of Nazis seeking to invade France or Poland. I suppose Hitler could have argued that he was just seeking the inevitable reunification of the Carolingian Empire disingenuously. The circumstance of Germany was quite unlike that of the independent nation of Taiwan. In fact the Dutch settled Taiwan before the Chinese (according to the wiki article). They imposed upon the native Taiwanese that were not a part of China.
The Qing dynasty did own Taiwan through invasion for a couple hundred years before the Japanese arrived and took it for themselves. The exiled nationalist government arrived eventually with the Japanese leaving. The Qing government was definitely not communist.
Virtually any independent democratic Taiwanese government would be more efficient and responsive to the people locally than the Borg of the Chinese Communist Party that is a swollen, economically prospering new power seeking to glom up everything it can.

Sure China had a civil war with two groups asserting the right of sovereignty. Ideally self-determination is the better way for political existence rather than coercion and subjugation beneath an authoritarian government. Taiwan though has a self-standing geographical identity apart from China, and apart from the claims to rule China. That old political split is a social phenomenon that cannot rightly be healed with even a semblance of justice if the rights and status of Taiwan and the Taiwanese were to be erased under authoritarian communist mainland rule.
Actually China is of course composed of a hodgepodge of peoples and nations built up since the Shang dynasty especially growing with the warring states period and the Chin dynasty following. Chinese rulers until reaching natural boundaries and terminal growth were expansive. Tibet was a free society until recently when China invaded and subjugated it. Justice in a new expansion would require that mainland Chinville take upon itself the name of Taiwan if the people of Taiwan wanted to be saddled with the problems of the mainland regardless of who the ruling powers are.
There is however no logical need for the Chinese of Taiwan to merge politically with the people of the mainland. Neither is there a need for the United States to merge with England etc. Racial lines need not require some sort of unified racial governance by the race anyplace on Earth.
Chinese communist leadership needn’t be concerned too much about western wishes for it to be politically regressive regarding territories. Fundamentally ‘western’ nations recognize the cruel subjugation of Tibet and the threats to Taiwan. Besides those issues China might be regarded as a nation of such immense population with such vast problems and challenges that the west may be thankful they don’t have any political responsibility for it. Capitalists of course like to profit from the Chinese human resources and consumption through sales and joint production ventures.
The historical western powers are also always concerned about increasing human rights in China and conserving human political and spiritual liberties domestically. Those seem to be threatened by purely secular authoritarian government expansion and socialism tends to undermine free enterprise.
That is all part of the challenging global situation where all 7.7 billion souls live, about how progress materially can occur with sustainable development even wile the ecosphere requires restoration as it is being rapidly depleted.

Crazy Horse and MLK are not Senator Warren's Distant Relatives

Elizabeth Warren declared at an Iowa campaign prep that she is a person rather than woman or man and is not a colored one. That disappoints many potential voters who are looking for a colored person to vote for in 2020.

Senator Warren has disappointed us before. It was proven that she is no more a red blooded American Indian any more than the average non-immigrant American whom has minuscule trace elements of that and European Jew in their blood. Now she is declaring that she is not a colored person either. Many had thought that she was a distant relative of Martin Luther King.

Why Not Triple the Number of Congressional Representatives

There have been quite a few republics in world history going back as far as 7th century B.C. India. Republics have a lot of adjustable parameters of course, so the name isn’t as meaningful as the form and structure.

Plato’s The Republic was nothing like a representational form of government. Instead two philosopher-kings trained since birth to serve the best interests of the people were made to rule society as dictators. The late philosopher Bertrand Russell called Plato a fascist. It is possible to have republics that are nothing more than claves of oligarchs.

Republics can be regarded as democracy with representatives overcoming the practical problems of distance and other factors that would prevent the majority of people from participating and voting. There is also the problem of occupational specialization such that ordinary citizens cannot spend the time to be well informed on every issue. In the early United States the distance from Washington D.C. of the states meant that all the citizens could not drop their plows off the horse and gallop to vote every day in D.C. before returning home to continue farming. Representative government was a practical adaptation to the challenges facing the designers of the constitution.

Representative government can be co-opted so the practical function is to represent special interests, just the rich or simply socialists in fact if not in law. Inflationary processes can hit a Congress of Representatives too with demographic growth driving up the cost of a campaign run at the office.

I wonder if the United States today has too few representatives per capita to adequately cover constituent opinions and to pay attention to political problems and challenges affecting the nation. Monetary currency is increased quantitatively by the treasury and Federal Reserve from the Bureau of Engraving when more money need be in circulation to serve the population.

The number of U.S. representatives probably should be tripled.

Friday, January 04, 2019

Unlimited Capitalism, Socialism and Corporatism are Wrong- One Remedy

The remedy to the over-concentration of wealth and all of the imperial problems that arise from that is a 90% tax on earnings of more than 1 million dollars annually and more than 50 million dollars in assets. Society requires people to have capital to start business ventures, invent and patent items and so forth, yet too much capital allows people to lever the market and end up buying businesses with capital that compounds and grows. Today one percent of the people have way too much wealth in the U.S.A. and control politics via the media and other means. It is as if the U.S.A. was taken over by Lord Fairfax, Lord Baltimore and peers.

The nation needs fresh free enterprise and politics as well as some of the old establishment in decent scale rather than as a scalar field that increases conquest and consolidation of national capital. Those out of work the longest should have tax credits given to employers for hiring them first. People should not be forced to poverty through networking of unemployment in a Las Vegas style gamed up Wall Street economy.

Networked capital is comparable to the gravitational field of a large star. People like stars and they serve a purpose. Yet too large and their gravitational attraction converts it into a black hole drawing in every planet and small object within a vast region into its orbit and event horizon. Too much concentrated capital snuffs independent political and free enterprise vectors. The Milky Way galaxy has a vast black hole at the center and the entire system orbits around it. The galaxy is a good thing yet because stars still remain moderately free and at a distance. The U.S.A. today is like that galaxy at a later yet not final stage were the black hole is much larger, the free planets fewer and more tightly bound in orbit around the black hole.

With a 90% tax rate on the most rich and the same rates as at present on everyone else the nation could go on a more creative and restorative path. It could pay off the public debt, provide fer high quality education for all citizens, better health care, restore the health of the ecosystem and finance new and different, more efficient yet less displacing transportation and living infrastructure. A fair minimum income for Americans would be innovated at about 6000 annually. A very large endowment to finance Eco-green patents and business start ups would be made to exist.

With people limited to owning shares in just three corporations the integrity of corporate development could resume. The military would continue to have solid financing at a slightly lower level; perhaps 20% off, and citizens would be required to perform 6 months of active reserve military training and eight years inactive reserve.

Socialism is wrong because it creates a low ceiling on individual independence of thought and business. Government should not run any business- free enterprise does that best and people should be allowed to help themselves to become rich, yet levering that wealth for further gain through Wall Street banks and business takeovers disrupts the integrity of the system. Democracy cannot survive vast concentration of wealth- it never has. Democracy requires that wealth so great as to intimidate, buy, corrupt and co-opt the system of political self-determination through an informed populace cannot be allowed to upsurge into existence as it has. One has evolved is corporatism- a political philosophy invented by the Italian Dictator Mussolini and used by Hitler in the Third Reich. In today’s political environment corporatism and authoritarian communism are likely to evolve a working relationship of rule over billions of poor and middle class subjects without any actual power for self-determination. The sad thing to me is that perhaps most will be happy with that.

Regarding the Sancutary City Rebellion or Sedition

It seems more like sedition rather than rebellion. The major parties have their own world views and are antipodes regarding legislation. Idiots anyway…corrupt, spoilt. Destining Americans pointless minion-peons for globalist corporatist-socialists with concentrated wealth and power.
While minimum wage went up 3.5 times the past 50 years the stock market went up from 850 to 23,000. Those extra trillions went to 1% of the people. Real Americans were left behind and are politically a herd to be controlled. President Obama making tax cuts for the 1% permanent was the final betrayal required for the end of democracy.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Recurrent Cycles of New Year Historical Determinism

New Year 2020 could have new items like pink ladies high heels plastic drinking cups and floating sphere lamps a foot in diameter easy to relocate from room ceiling to ceiling, yet the usual political suspects with the same tired old planks will reappear. None know the difference between capitalism/corporatism/oilgharchy, socialism and free enterprise democracy,  so the emergent political choices remain those of pre-determined cyclical historical vectors negating intelligent choices of future determination.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Trade War Should Continue 'Till China Recognizes Taiwanese Independence

While China has perpetrated racial-political genocide on Tibet, people like Bill Gates have sought partnership building experimental nuclear plants in China to empower the oppressive regime further. President Trump has rightly conducted trade war to stiff arm the aggressive, expansive, vastly populous nation a little, yet President Xi of China has made implied threats toward the peaceful island nation of Taiwan declaring it a prize for China's borg empire waiting to be consumed.

President Trump should continue the trade war until China recognizes Taiwanese independence. Democrats should sign off on the wall and face reality instead of dopey fantasy utopia they perceive all around them if it weren't for the President.

Chinese leadership under the dictator should forego the usual ways of politically swelling with a large population and an increasingly efficient and productive economy often leading to war or annexation of lands and regions unwilling to be dominated by oppressive and vast left-wing bureaucracy. Humanity needs good new ideas rather than old ways and social vectors leading through unsustainability to conflict. War is the historical way for the rectification of politically acceptable ways and means internationally that well should be rendered obsolete with more innovative applications of logic.

Mitt Romney's Father Was Born in Mexico- Foreign Born Ineligible for the Office of President

In a way, Mitt Romney's attack on President Trump during the border wall government shutdown seems like the former Presidential candidate loser's way of validating himself as being a worthwhile politician not really rejected by the nation. The fellow who transported his dog in a car top carrier possibly in a hurry to get his family to a dressage elite horse prancing high stepping show (or maybe some other form of vacation) is the son of a man who was born in Mexico and ineligible to run for the office of President yet did. George Romney was born in Mexico. George's parents fled during the Mexican revolution. When the dictatorship was in jeopardy they had nowhere to go except Salt Lake City Utah.



Mitt Romney is something of a mercenary for the most rich globalists. President Trump seems more common. General Stanley McCrystal-the excellent American soldier proficient at the art of killing combatants,  has also recently attacked President Trump on moral grounds. In my opinion the General's attack isn't warranted. Killing humans isn't the highest level of morality possible. It in fact violates one of the ten commandments technically, while President Trump's moral failures and use of hyperbole instead of pure logical clarity in expressions doesn't quite rise to that level.


http://fortune.com/2017/07/17/general-stanley-mcchrystal-brainstorm-tech/ attacks America first policy

One might believe that General McCrystal was a possible candidate to be the President's next Secretary of State. It is fortunate that he spoke out when he did.

Americans have elected less than top of the pile Presidents in recent years- actually since Ronald Reagan. The office fundamentally enriches the most rich and pursues bad policies as the candidate's ideas are vacuous. That isn't likely to change. Those commenting critically of the President are of the insider-elite average non-sustainable economic ignoramus class of people. General McCrystal is himself a career government technician without any free enterprise spirit who as a good soldier could have done his job equally well for the Soviet Red Army.

Mitt Romney and other losers that support corporatism and the destruction of the U.S.A. should refrain from working to elect a Democrat through attacks on the only electable Republican. Massachusetts was a leader in queer things such as Obamacare, and Romney was the Governor of that State before fleeing to Utah to be elected a U.S. Senator.

Mitt Romney said that half of the people were bums or something like that, who did not want to work (maybe it was just 50 million) while Hillary said that Trump voters were trash or something to that effect; Romney-Clinton are antipode peer elitists against ordinary Americans. Democrats fail to comprehend why people vote for President Trump.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Could North Korean Cheap Labor Build the Wall for One and a Half Billion?

President Trump is to be given one and a half billion dollars from the purse of Speaker Pelosi, for maintaining a wall; should he use the money to finance the construction of a wall on the Mexican border by North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un's cheap laborers in a deal for the cash and denuclearization with verification by the forces of Speaker Pelosi?

Just something to think about. When will North Korea have a minimum wage?


Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening (Frost)

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

                       - Robert Frost