Sunday, December 02, 2018

Ukraine Escalated Naval Belligerance a Month Ago

The Sea of Azov is a Russian pond that provides easy access to the soft underbelly of Russia for attackers. It is therefore not unusual that Russia would seize belligerent Ukrainian vessels seeking to enter it. Missile boats could threaten sites deep into Russia.

Apparently Ukraine provoked the Russian response. A month ago Radio Free Europe reported that Ukraine was working to increase its naval forces in the Se of Azov. Russia interdicted the recent Ukrainian provocation to illustrate its stakeholding rights with clarity. The following video was published  by the U.S. Radio Liberty on youtube October 10, 2018...

The United States often has very bad foreign policy largely playing to domestic media priorities with little solid political thinking involved. politicians are better at attacking than thinking and working in positive directions. Democrats are equally guilty as Republicans. With their fanatic attack on the President seeking to associate him with Russian election collusion they have driven him toward their side of restarting the cold war. For some people the reprobate new cold warrior antagonists make it challenging for those that valued ending the first cold war to work to stop the growth of the second.
Black Sea map.png
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I will reiterate that U.S. leadership fails to comprehend Russian sentiment and governance to quite a serious degree. Russia in the long run is as unlikely to relinquish the Sea of Azov, Ukraine or Crimea as the U.S. Government would be to give up Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Maryland.

The Democrat Party is the party of slavery and tends toward starting wars. For example World War Two, Korea, Vietnam and the Obama organizing of Arab Spring conflicts through pure daftness toward probable consequences not dissimilar entirely toward the Democrat restart of the Cold War.

I is useful to work for the construction of positive goals rather than to just create conflicts. That may be incomprehensible in D.C.

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