Tuesday, December 04, 2018

FIDE Bliz Championship for 2018 Moved to Russia from Saudi Arabia Due to Anti-Nationalism

Saudi Arabia banned Israeli chess players from entering the kingdom to play in the 2018 blitz championship and have been stripped of the opportunity to host the event. The blitz championship was relocated to Russia.


While the Kingdom's murder of a political opponent that may have endangered state security is historical understandable if primitive (the Washington Post journalist Khashoggi), banning chess players because of nationality is in violation of F.I.D.E. law. The U.S.A. ought to take action against Saudi Arabia too and ban its oil product with high tariffs until solar power alone powers American automobiles without adding to global warming gases such as the Saudis release in their war against sustainable human life on Earth.


George Washington and the founders probably would have banned Saudi oil imports and refused to play chess in the kingdom of Sauds if F.I.D.E. had existed back in the day.

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