Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Apple's Mr Cook Defends Power of Wealth to Censor Social Platforms (e.g. Apple)

Apple CEO Tim Cook supports the right of social media to censor speech it regards as hateful. The language that comprises hateful speech is of course subjectively determined. Like the computer running the future government of Los Angeles in Sylvester Stallone's 'Demolition Man' that issues tickets for citizen use of inappropriate language, Mr. Cook believes concentrated wealth have the right to determine what anyone can say on its platforms.


The Orwellian concept of 'hate speech' is a malodorous and pejorative classification of language offensive and hateful to free speech and liberty of the constitutional rights and powers of the United States. It is a device such as Adolf Hitler would have found useful and that those that hate Christianity and moral conservatism relish while they have power and sufficient wealth to outlast mortal life. Joseph Stalin's censors would have understood the need to have censor anti-Soviet activities in public discourse and would have used Apple's tools too.

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