Friday, December 14, 2018

Obamacare Individual Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional

So many people knew that it was unconstitutional for the government to compel people to buy insurance and to tax other people to pay for it. A federal judge saw it that way too and ruled the Individual mandate unconstitutional. So much time wasted by Obamacare. Democrats should have just expanded VA Hospitals and homeless clinics, brought them together to treat those that are actually poor for nothing, and built a national electromagnetic tube transport system to get people to treatment locations.

Hobson's Choice of Paying off Federal Debt or Economic Growth?

There are innumerable configurations of macro-economic relations possible. Creative economic minds select one course of action for political economy and determine the present vector. Yet the U.S. Government probably is functioning to materially benefit the 1%. Three billionaires have as much wealth as 160 million U.S. citizens. Concentrating wealth allows the most rich to buy the media and control political opinion and thought to a certain extent while also closing down secure internet sites for writers to express dissenting ideas. One could reduce the federal debt (and they should) yet that would require progressive taxation and Americans have been misled to believe that higher taxes on the rich support indolent socialists that don’t want to work and want everything for nothing.
A democracy should be somewhat egalitarian and support individual independence so far as possible. Because concentrated wealth can become a political danger the progressive tax is requisite to keep the blimps tethered.
Democracy is the great middle ground between socialism and plutocracy. Democracy can serve the demographically real people best and fairly reform non-sustainable economic policy toward sustainable economic foundations that place growth in quality instead of material quantity. Most U.S. politicians are unable or unwilling to defend real democracy and progressive taxes instead of sieging the capitalist fuhrer of either party in the White House who may nominally talk about conservation of the environment but in fact doesn’t in the least move away from the concentration of wealth to the point of making the 1% royalty. One-percent economics is non-sustainable economics and completely against democracy.

Maybe This is Why Some Foreigners Consider the U.S.A. a Great Nation

The United States has had the strongest democracy for a couple of centuries with liberal immigration policy and freedom from the ossified social structures of the old world or the pathos and suffering of underdeveloped countries. Landing a man on the moon made a good impression although Steph Curry of the Warriors doesn’t believe that really happened. Being on the winning side of the past two world wars mattered.
In recent years the concentration of wealth tarnished the image with just three of our billionaires having as much wealth as half of the citizens of the nation. The left have supported foreign sides of armed conflicts since the start of the 20th century now and then and they have helped create a negative view of the U.S.A. and sometimes seek globalist socialism such as that envisioned by Trotsky. Most of the broadcast media are left-leaning corporatist stooges that are not for egalitarian democracy with progressive taxation. The ultra-rich and global socialists are both globalists, so Hollywood leftists get along well with the 1% as long as they are well paid.
Many Americans are against foreign migration to the United States now because of the economic structure that tends to benefit the rich, create vast public debt and encourage cheap foreign labor for the advantaged with immigration and outsourcing. If foreigners don’t want to migrate here that would be good.
Ecological economics and sustainable economics require a stable population too rather than millions more. The nation already has 320 million souls and without radical ecological economic reform that is nearly impossible to innovate with the current political stasis, that is more than enough. The economy is on a disposable material foundation of non-renewability like that of most nations and eventually, with over-population, that won’t work.
Censorship through indirect means is increasing in the U.S.A. though it is not as bad as that of authoritarian nations. Corporatism closes down venues for writing and expressing dissenting political opinions while authoritarian nations like China just arrest people and toss them in jail.
The United States continues to have religious freedom unlike China and Muslim nations. The evolutionary atheists movement hates Christian though and are gradually trying to marginalize Christians.
The United States also has a large economy, military and allows free enterprise. Foreigners locating to the U.S.A. are often very successful in business.
N.A.S.A. photo from L.R.O.
New Earthrise Image from LRO spacecraft

About the Worst Charges the President Faces

It may be that no one is very sure of what Mueller is looking into. It is a kind of posterior alien probe providing ongoing pain for the President. A federal judge presently is examining the F.B.I. paradigm for the Flynn interview and Mueller may have some tainted evidence. It all does seem partisan and hostile in comparison to the treatment that Hillary and minions got. They were widely believed to be liars and no sort of lying charges were brought.

Yet there are some funny elements to the Democrat Party efforts to purge the Republican President from office. It looks like it could be boiling down to a matter of if the payments to a couple of women that say they sexed the President years ago were some sort of campaign finance violation, and that seems rather far-fetched.

The most serious matter however, might be if Special Investigator Mueller has evidence of alien life forms from Area 51 acting in collusion with Donald Trump to move the Earth elsewhere in the galaxy because of all of its liquid water. Three billionaires in the U.S.A. have more money that 160 million U.S. citizens. Americans like bread and circuses more than egalitarian democracy. Luckily none of those billionaires are in cahoots with the extra terrestrials that might be colluding with the President if they exist.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

RT News Notes That PM Trudeau is President Trump's Lackey

Finally an independent opinion has arisen noting that Canada is a lackey of the U.S.A. Russia's RT news wrote that  Canada is an American lackey. America lacks colonies yet it may have a lackey equivalent of a Facebook follower. So far as I know this is the first media use of the term lackey since the end of the Cold War so history is being made.

Canada arrested someone named  Meng Wanzhou. China is arresting Canadians as hostages to secure the release of Meng who I believe is being extradited to face charges in the US. Supposedly she coordinated sanctions violations and sold product to Iran that was American.

Huawei is larger than Apple and second only to Samsung in making smartphones. Their 5G products may be directly used for Red Army espionage, or some other intelligence agency.

Canada seemed to want to be independent during the recent NAFTA renegotiation and PM Trudeau had a rather piffy attitude now and then. Yet as an American lackey he did not complain when American motor plants were closed recently because prospects for building in China down the road may be better than Canada that pollutes rivers with mining tailings piles' wastewater.

Probably RT has shamed Canada enough now to make them reconcile with Russia over Ukraine and seek better relations with China as their lackey, leaving lackeyhood with the U.S.A. It is important to anticipate or at least keep track of the primary nations of interest. Saudi Arabia didn't accuse Canada of being anyone's lackey. Maybe that isn't an Arabian concept.

Russion Collusioner Butina Cops Plea for Influencing NRA to be Conservative

Evidently the National Rifle Association was the unwitting dupe of a femme fatale Russian spy and community conspiracy organizing agent trying to persuade the National Rifle Association- quite unfairly- to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton as they  normally would have. Democrats are all over gun ownership rights and border security.

President Trump's former fixer-lawyer plead guilty to throwing the election to Donald by paying two former alleged sex partners of the President as well as the National Enquirer to not publicize the salacious alleged sex. Normally Donald Trump wouldn't care if women and the national scandal sheets told the planet about his sexual adventures. House Speaker to be Nancy Pelosi recently questioned Donald Trump's manhood publicly suggesting that he wanted a big wall to compensate for his genetic endowments. Plainly the President prefers the former sort of publicity rather than the latter

Speaker Pelosi might want the world to believe California is wide-spread and waiting for illegal immigrants. She might agree that those seeking asylum in Caravans should be given $50,000 apiece as they demand to return to Central America or else they will continue to agitate for asylum and discover ways to slip through holes in security to California.

The collusion of Russia to get President Trump elected apparently went so far as to promise to base Russian nuclear-capable bombers in Venezuela to help out the President if he nears impeachment. The American public is so gullible to foreign election interference that they cannot be trusted and in the future Democrats may need to rule by decree or at least special electors to vote as Demo leaders know Americans would vote if they had any sense.

                                                                                   Inside the Russian Tu-160 Bomber in Venezuela via RT News

Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing (NASA Video)

Editing Away Breast Cancer With CRISPR

Scientists have improved the way CRISPR works to an extent that permits increased accuracy in understanding a priori the effects will be on editing genes. So far the effets could be rather random with too much uncertainty.

The ability to edit out breast cancer will be a strong political motivation for liberal deregulation of genetic modification. The trouble with genetic engineering is that the changes are passed on to all of humanity through interbreeding. Hence mistakes can cancel out the entire human race in theory.

Human beings sometimes makes errors and have less than perfect judgment. Maybe not in foreign relation or federal budget balancing, education or health care, yet I suspect that a possibility of creating irreversible errors in genetic editing is a real if vague possibility.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Turkey Readies to Chump Trump

Turkey is a N.A.T.O. member state that intends to war against solid U.S.Kurdish allies in Northern Syria. Kurds have been serious warriors fighting in battles that usually ditto U.S.  regional Middle East interests. For the Trump administration to let Turkey go ahead and attack and kill U.S. allies would be a substantial error and breach of trust in the United States once again.

Sect. of State Pompeo is blustering about Russians and Iranians as well as Venezuelans to the best of his ability while the Senate goaded on by the broadcast media over the killing by Saudi's of a liberal revolutionary Washington Post journalist in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey, plans to vote on some kind of alienation of U.S. Saudi alliance or support in the war against Shi-ite revolutionaries in Yemen (if  have that right).

So briefly considered; the U.S. Government wants to
1) let the only Muslim member of N.A.T.O. kill our best non-Israeli friends in the Middle East
2) Increase adverse relations with Iran
3) Develop adverse relations with Saudi Arabia
4) Oppose in effect Shi-ite support for Syria's Alawite Government and Christians
5) Develop more than a few dozen or hundred Sunni rebels to fight against Damascus and Assad
6) Sell ten thousand clown cars to the Saudi Government
7) Complain about two Russian bombers landing in Venezuela after the U.S. flew aircraft over Ukraine recently to warn Russians about possible military support for the Ukraine anti-Russian forces
8) Oppose Iranian missile development that if sanctioned enough could stimulate Russian-Iran joint missile development

I think there are a few more issues yet that's enough for now. The approach of just negativism works about as well as polyannish unrealism. I guess President Reagan's constructive engagement policy works better and should at least be tried with Central America.

Mexico pledged to provide 30 billion dollars in financial aid to Central America. Meanwhile the caravans of aliens seeking to illegally invade the U.S.A. from Mexico are demanding $50,000 each from the Trump administration or they will continue to seek to force their way in. Plainly those making financial demands have little or no regard for U.S. security and know the broadcast media and left-o-crats are on their side.

Turkey should try to share real estate with Kurds. Kurds not having a safe homeland is the problem. Realpolitick would develop a lasting Kurdish state Amidst Syria, Turkey and Iraq with some land from each. Maybe Turkey could create a Kurdish state at least equal to the Iraqi state and permit free travel around so it works like a nation.

Not much to say about it. I guess IQ points are generally lacking in government.

Replying to; Could Brits Have Won the War Without U.S. Help?

The British Empire continued many wars without the United States being involved. Probably they would have lost the First and Second world wars without U.S. intervention.

Crown Prince Rupprecht finally did accomplish a German breakout in the First world war. The Germans advanced as far as 250 miles into France before the Germans just ran out of men. American reinforcements supplied new blood to Brits and the war against Germany and Turkey, hence the war concluded with an armistice that Patton knew to be a mistake. Some German veterans including Hitler felt they were cheated and could have won without the pacific political settlement. Some were eager for a rematch. Patton wanted to fight until unconditional surrender. The deposed German aristocrats also sought a new way to take social control so they reinforced Hitler and the rise of Corporatism. The supply side deficit financed reichonomics expanded rapidly and needed new land to repay or erase debt. Maybe erasing lenders was part of the plan too.

It is interesting that Hitler and some reichonomic theorists continued the policy of aristocrats of taking Russian land such as much of the Ukraine through military victory and leverage of communist revolutionaries such as V.I. Lenin who sought at least neutrality from the German aristocrats. Hitler later launched operation Barbarossa to claim the remainder of Russia.

Hitler had believed that Jews in German were political enemies. Jews in the beginning of the 20th century were seeking some place in Europe perhaps for a homeland to call their own. The restive and historically exploited populace without a homeland were landless Zionists and internationalists. Being intelligent some became political leaders and were blamed by Hitler for the crimes of lending money I would think, as well as supporting rebellion against the German aristocracy leading to the German revolution just before the end of the First world war.

 The brilliant Soviet communist revolutionary writer Leon Bronstein also known as Trotsky  was Jewish. Jews were easily blamed by Nazi socialists for creating the Soviet Union as well as ending German aristocracy. Jewish Zionist goals were not monolithic. As nationally homeless people too often victimized by pograms some perhaps were susceptable to siren calls of socialist utopias.

When the 3rd Reich purged all the counter-German nationalists in Europe they could during the 2nd world war, that led the U.S. and other allied governments to support the Zionist desire to restore the Jewish national state of Israel helping to end the problem of unsettled people being restive and simultaneously scapegoat victims.

It is good to settle political differences without violence or force. Yet in the first part of the 20th century humans hardly knew any other way in macro-politics.

Kaepernick May Be Shunned for Low Passer Completion Rate

Much has been said about why Colin Kaepernick isn't playing in the NFL. He is supposed to be a victim of racism, yet in fact he is a bootleg quarterback with a low passing completion percentage.  Cam Newton, Chad Henne, Blake Bortles and Matt Cassel are the few recently employed NFL quarterbacks with a lower rating.

On the list at the website above Colin Kaepernick has a 59.5 completion percent and that is good enough to put him in 47th place among all-time QBs. Peyton Manning has a 65% rating and Drew Brees the highest at 67%.

If one looks at modern quarterbacks one finds that all of the starters have 60% or better and just one or two marginal QBs carry a 59% and still play. Since Kaepernick isn't a drop back passer and just as a running threat was able to get his completion rate as high as 59.5% its easy to understand why NFL teams don't want to risk  playing a quarterback who nearly guarantees empty seats for boycotts. Colin Kaepernck uses games as political platforms and understandably people are concerned more with making a profit. At age 31 running quarterbacks tend to slow down and develop fumblelitas in the hands from all the hits.

Quarterback passer rating have been going up since the 1950s when the best quarterbacks were lucky to rate higher than 50% on completions. Maybe the artificial turf helps, maybe its the receivers with sticky fingers. The 2018 completion stats are rather amazing; Drew Brees leads at 75%!  The top 19 are all above 65%!

NFL tickets at the most cheap run from $10 (If I went to an NFL game I would get one of those) to $200-$300. Apparently team owners actually care if they sell out stadiums for revenue's sake.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On Being and Becoming a Repressive Minority (a poem)

When the former majority became an oppressive minority
concentrating wealth, buying broadcast media
flooding a nation with external proletariats
subverting the former majority further
democracy became a sham

 When the winds of the globe
reverse times a quarter billion years
hot oxygen depleted red tides
lap shores with cardinals mere memories
where deserts have replaced dry woodlands

Ecclesia for the kingdom of God
as a priesthood of believers
echoes of individuals with liberty
submerge with theocratic communist elites
corporatists destroying the day

for all to become night.

Free Course in Sustainable Development Starts Today (14 weeks)

A free 14 week course in sustainable development starts today on The course is provided by Columbia University.

More courses in sustainable related economics include... 21st century

Reds Like Rotten Apple and Hate Christians

Though the Communist Chinese government has banned Apple from import or selling a couple of models of phones that may have infringed on Qualcom patents, the Apple Corp has general been welcomed as sympatico atheist, godless materialists. Apple manufactures phones for export to the United States from the communist enclaves for foreign business.

The Chinese Government arrests protestant Christians while welcoming Apple. Apple of course has no problem with that and is mute on the matter being consistent with the basic corporatist policy of neutering political speech and language. Corporatism- a political philosophy developed by the fascist Dictator Mussolini is antipathetic with state media propaganda control of free speech, religious freedom and so forth. The official Nazi Church wasn't much different from the official Communist approved Church of China expect maybe it was a little more liberal.

The Communists of China should support free Christian churches as a better way to modernize and upgrade the evolution of socialism in that nation. It wouldn't be a Marxist approach obviously, yet godless atheism and the mechanical society of repressed drone workers in a great hive of secular oblivion hasn't worked out well. It resembles an advanced corporatist-ruled state , and that future of one world government will lead to civil war and megadeath like as not.

Smockocrats Resist Border Security

The reason why Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can't compromise and keep the government open through Christmas may just be that they prefer illegal immigration and all of the dope things that brings over national physical security.

A border wall is just a natural evolutionary response to an issue that has been written about for more than a half century; that of southern peoples migrating north as world demographics and sundry motivations urge journeys to easier pickings. More than a quarter of a billion people migrated to other nations last year, mostly for financial reasons, and that sort of thing reinforces cheap exploitable capitalism that exploits the ecosphere while creating social strife. The right response is to make second and or third world nations livable with projects such as the UN Millennium project for Africa.

Modern transportation and communication support mass illegal and illicit nation-busting traffic. The U.S. Democratic Party simply isn't serious about governance (except for a move toward Stalinist Soviet Communism with the rich being the Communist Party elites) of the nation with security or development of rational responses to the external challenges presented in the contemporary world political and social environment.

President Trump should offer the Smockocrats a border wall proposal that has it covered with solar panels along with a plan to invest a couple of billion dollars in central American nations for economic development along green sustainable lines and establishment of Universal small arms home and neighborhood defense training; basic pistol marksmanship, a supply of small arms for each nation and training in organizing neighborhood militia. Those nations should be like the Swiss with a gun in every home so the people can combat drug and criminal gangs for-themselves.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Former Senators Warned of Dangers to Democracy

I don't like to be critical of the use of language by others. Yet U.S. Senators are supposed to have some element of quality in their speech and thought. I have regarded Senator Thune as being erudite enough. His former Senate colleagues seem unable to say anything directly at all with any sort of clarity however. They collectively warned of the peril to democracy that may follow the Mueller Investigation without actually saying anything.

Consider this quote from their news release;  “It is a time, like other critical junctures in our history, when our nation must engage at every level with strategic precision and the hand of both the president and the Senate. We are at an inflection point in which the foundational principles of our democracy and our national security interests are at stake, and the rule of law and the ability of our institutions to function freely and independently must be upheld.”

The U.S. government is well known to use strategic precision liberally applied. That worked in Iraq and in Obamacare for recent examples. President G.W. Bush's cash for clunkers was another precise strategy. American politicians are veritable surgeons at balancing budgets precisely.

Apparently the people are being warned that we are at an inflection point, for one thing. American has many veterans of inflection point battles and can deal with that. Sometimes napalm was used to get the right inflection, and at other time indirect fire. Of course I know that napalm isn't direct fire in the form of bullets- merely fire in the form of fire.

Secondly, besides emergent inflection, foundational principles are at stake. That is principles of foundation; the foundation that occurred more than several two score and two hundred years ago. Those principles of foundation such as homo marriage are at stake. So is dope using and the right of foreigners to enter the nation illegally and for the broadcast media to dominate propaganda for the benefit of concentrated wealthy owners.

Foundationals include...
1) Concentrated wealth
2) Broadcast media
3) Illegal entry by foreigners as they will (there were only a quarter of a billion migrants in the world last year so its no big deal)
4) Homosexual marriage
5) Legal dope smokin
7) The right to use large nutcrackers on partial birth abortions
8) The right to make up reasons for wars with baloney yet official principals of foundational arguments ie Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and maybe a Nuke Russia and Take Back Crimea Resolution.

These high principals are in danger of experiencing a setback mif President Trump is allowed to continue instead of Hillary Clinton who could be appointed Special Envoy Adviser to France and England or something to keep her busy because she could probably fix those nations and their weirdo parliaments right away).

President Trump has principal foundationals that could also be undermined by the Mueller Probe including...

1) Getting rid of air quality control and child labor laws
2) Expanding offshore drilling wherever there are good beaches except near Marrow of Lardo Key
3) Eliminating taxes on the rich and making pay as you go user taxes on people breathing air or buying food
4) Putting more sawdust filler back in school lunch green meat treats
5) Requiring citizens to watch NFL football or report to reeducation camps.
6) Eliminating biological life as a threat to reduction of building maintenance costs

Probably the main bi-partisan threat is their support for corporatism and the concentration of wealth with globalism making peons of us all. They don't know what corporatism is though.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Democrats Should Support Green Wall Construction

Democrats need to face the Presidential challenge to fund the wall or experience a government shutdown over the budget. There is good ground for compromise to help reduce global warming fossil fuel for energy reliance; build a green wall with more solar panels than any other project in history. The President has pledged support for that green project already...

Rioting French Luddites Want Trump and Cheap Diesel Fuel

French Luddites opposed to a gas tax to discourage fossil fuel use have been rioting recently turning Paris into something more like an American City with a Black Lives Matter weekend.

Unlike the clean and peaceful U.S. Tea Party assemblies the conservative French rioters known as yellow jackets behave like wild animals on LSD. France seems to be more unlike that peaceful society with bread and circuses these days. It is lucky that police persons haven't the opportunity to fire their automatic weapons with an equal measure of careless wild abandon just for the heck of it. In prior eras mass police shooting increased protest response- except notably for Tiananmen Square where the people were pacified with machine gun death.  Personally I visited Paris in 1987, found it quite expensive and left after a few hours. I am sure it remained a somewhat decent plays to lose a few dollars until recently.

President Macron's policies in support of a more green agenda illustrate the incompetence that democrat reformers have in moving toward ecological economics even mildly inasmuch as they need comprehensive reform that includes compensation for persons displaced by reform. President Macron should have examined the particular economic transport conditions of rural Brittany and installed electric vehicle discounts, charging stations, high-speed electric mass transit or whatever else might have served to replace the costly gasoline; otherwise he left the sorry unpatriotic rioters without any hope of being able to afford gas and German pastry.

One should make no mistake about President Trump. For our President capitalist fiduciary axiology far outweighs rational transition to newer transport and energy infrastructure. He is a Luddite for fiscal reasons unable to comprehend that other values exist that require competent government economic direction sufficient to accomplish meaningful goals.

Modern Luddites Opposed to Solar Power Energy Efficiency

The modern Luddite movement is an offshoot of the flat Earth society and has characteristics of disbelief of atmospheric global warming from human activities with a deep preference for coal and oil for generating electrical power. Advanced Luddites are capable of reading reports about clean coal and efficient fossil fuel engines yet have occluded vision unto eclipse regarding solar voltaic panels and lighting that can be placed around homes and especially daylight businesses to minimize the need for grid power produced with oil, coal or gas.

If President Trump can be brought over from the dark side of the force, he could be a tiger to develop support for national solar and fuel cell power where China is currently taking the lead. It may be his only chance for re-election since he needs some independent support.

Flexible solar panels are very light and many have built-in charge controllers. Smaller panels of 12 volt, 30 watt size can recharge 12 volt batteries clipping onto terminals to power 12 volt lights. Larger panels can recharge quicker and quantitatively more. This panel has a 20% efficiency rating for converting solar photons into useable electrons

Solar panels work well in cold, clear weather- good for home power production in winter.

Hydrogen fuel cells have the capacity to replace many small to moderate size fossil fuel electrical generators.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

The Good Trade War

Chinese communist government economic planners have certain select authoritarian advantages over the west. The EU has Brexit and immigration issues that indicated elements of uncertainty and double-mindedness that China lacks. China is expansionist regarding Tibet and Taiwan and naval development with something more of single-mindedness about it with a dictator for life leading the Chinese Communist Party.
I don’t wish to imply criticism of Chinese government policy since it is developing along historical lines that are logical and somewhat deterministic regarding demographics, geography, world historical events, transition from prior forms of government and economic content. It is good that China participates in free enterprise to a certain extent. In my opinion the trade war is a mild correction on the political stage of the phenomenon of Chinese economic expansion with the reciprocal decline of the quality of U.S. economic content domestically.

A trade war may be the best approach to correcting or adjusting the way that foreign investors relate to China. Direct foreign investment accounts for about 3% of Chinese economic growth these days, I believe. That is more than 100 billion dollars annually (US) and the number is increasing. The rapid increase of foreign investment in the Chinese economy in monetary and intellectual capital leads American capitalists and government to neglect qualitative economic growth in the United States. The Roman empire experienced a similar decline in domestic infrastructure and economic development with a great deal of foreign investment in villas, vineyards etc. Of course imperial Rome earned much wealth from foreign conquests, while the United States built its wealth largely on the land and intellectual capital it was blessed with. Globalism for the United States means neglect of its domestic economic reality and preference for mass immigration of cheap labor and outsourcing of production to locations like China. Donald Trump is thought to be trying to counter some of those trends and to restore a national economic social priority.
For some ecologically minded economists there is an implicit value in building local or national sustainable economic development within a criterion of ecological economics. China is somewhat of an innocent bystander in the need for the United States to restore its economic vitality. And that restoration should be on the new foundation of ecological economics; a very challenging social task given the tremendous force of Wall Street investment and capitalist principals of profit in the given axiological (value) system as a secular god to worship.
The infrastructure of the United States is in decay while the public debt of the government is greater than 20 trillion dollars. Fifty million citizens have less that a half of 1% pf the national income. Plainly there is much to fix, yet economic leadership is based presently on a capitalism with the humanity of pimps selling out any nation including the U.S.A. as nothing more than a tool for corporate profit.
I suppose President Trump might like to have more investment in the United States than China. Yet much of the Chinese trade advantage is a result of American capitalists building in China and sending their product to the United States, and that is entirely legal. Meanwhile the U.S. Democrat party supports illegal immigration of cheap labor to bump out workers that can’t find good jobs that were sent to China. None of that is the fault of China, though there may be something to the value of the yuan and dumping of steel, I really can’t say.
“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III, L. 140-141)

Friday, December 07, 2018

Maybe the House Should Outlaw New Coal Fired Power Plants

Though we like many of President Trump's policies, he plainly rates an 'F' on comprehending the global warming problem and the recurring danger of mass species extinction. If he wants to be re-elected he will need to learn some new tricks in regard to carbon dioxide greenhouse gassing releases to the atmosphere made by humans.

Biggest mass extinction caused by global warming leaving ocean animals gasping for breath

U.S. Government facilities should utilize earth tube heating-cooling systems as often as possible to reduce energy costs and develop capability for having a reasonable interior temperature in the event of war and electromagnetic pulse destruction of the electrical grid.

                                  Earth tubes as heat exchange

Maybe Earth tubes of very large size near cities could be used to bring cool air and high sped electric trains across the countryside to office buildings.

The new Democrat House could pass a law outlawing new coal fired power plant construction as often as the Republicans voted to overturn Obamacare because of its implicit corporatism and Orwellian invasion of privacy. An expanded VA hospital system joined with the nation's poor people's clinics could have provided free walk-in service to the poor. A national very high speed transport infrastructure could have been constructed to provide free fast transport to the hospital network.

It Is OK for the President to Talk About Issuing Pardons

No; not at all. A President cannot wear blinders about reality. He, she or a combination of either or none may issue pardons lawfully. Bill and Hillary might benefit from that a priori in case they are convicted of anything.

President Trump would need to actually obstruct something- overturning trash cans in the path of hounds pursuing Paul Manafort for example, to obstruct justice officials. Saying that he may issue pardons to his former contract workers still allows justice officials to arrest, try and possibly convict those persons of interest they desire to roast over flaming faggots of interrogation upon the rotisseries of justice.

Some might say that the prospect of a pardon might provide a motivation for a captive of the Democrat Party inquisition to remain silent and not spill his, her, or a combination of both or neither, guts. Yet that is neither here nor there, for that is just too vague and amorphous and outside the scope of the inquisition of juridical machinations.

Consider that when the Apostle Paul was arrested for casting demons out of a nagging woman seer following them around several days saying (truthfully) that he was a servant of the highest God, he broke a Roman law that banned worshiping strange gods without approval from Rome. Yet as is pointed out well enough in the article referenced below the primary reason for Paul’s arrest was that he had financially harmed the seer’s handler’s who had profited from her demonic abilities to inform the public with mysterious insights that was lost after the exorcism.

Why Did Paul Get Arrested at Philippi and What Should We Learn From It? - Community in Mission

President Trump isn’t a Caesar whom must be worshiped. The Democrat Party and late night comedians actually hate the President and want a demon-filled, spaced out President who will flood the nation with illegal aliens, dope and sexual depravity or something like that. It may be true that scientists have inferred that the largest mass extinction event in world history that occurred 250 million years ago when the oceans overheated and lost oxygen content in addition to several other problems following the Siberian mass volcanic events that lasted for decades making diamonds that some on Wall Street might like to expropriate the Myrny diamond pipes starting with Ukraine and annexing land north and eastward, however no Democrat President has the slightest competence for reforming national economics into a sustainable ecological infrastructure creating profit and security for all U..S. citizens. President Trump apparently believes the private sector should lead in fighting global warming instead of government. Considering how badly the U.S. government is at working its own budget, he is possibly right.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Backfist of Bear Claw (a poem)

The left of the airport knackwurst
opened babbling books of simple minded focus
hooking too many tuna
walking the runway
lifting off over the waterfall’s edge
through the bear claws
so slippery evading sharpness
clawness clowning air with swipes
like wuh wuh whirling backfists
prowess of the fair

Grid works in sliced salami
American cheese like the morning sun rising with forced field lines
concentrates of plasma plates
tightening dimensions in layers spread thin
like guacamole slathered upon bread
evenly before the bread disappears

Beginning the being of a square world box
hollow inside yet no more than the outside
plasma lines snapping with cornered energy
where cube calls with equal gravity 
treating every coffee with something sugary

Each city with moving sidewalks
across the great spaces crowds in lines flow
on tired aching knees
shuffling ahead a few steps
a caterpillar eyeballing opportunities
no one thought about
when the temperature dropped and the rain fell

Nothing remains something
claims of shouts along the lines
dots moving ahead
lemons pledge to each easy squeeze
fealty and towers, lyrical rhyhmes and powers
continents with creatures howling
governments in every box
looking back upon the pomp circumstantialy
evidence of deluxe colors
shapes of glistening others
reproducing in kind

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The USA Doesn't Lead on Sustainable Economic Development for Africa or the U.S.A.

The U.S. federal (public) debt is 20 trillion dollars, so the government at least is unlikely to develop much abroad in the way of business that is a private sector concern at any rate. Wall Street and the 1%’ers invest where they like already. Many Americans invest in China and have helped the Chinese business sector grow (i.e. Apple and Warren Buffet). In turn, China with a communist government has more capacity to get involved with government financing of foreign businesses.

The U.N. produced a millennium development plan for Africa that was a sustainable development plan. It needed some modest public funding from world governments. The U.S.A. wouldn’t contribute anything at all, nor lead, so it didn’t really get going. It was designed by Jeff Sachs- the economist that helped Russia reform its economy after the end of the Cold War and Soviet communism.

US Intellectual Properties Duplicity and Patent Reform

The present USA-China intellectual properties conundrum is a result of corrupt U.S. patent law that tilts the advantage to those with deep pockets able to afford and defend patents. The exclusivity of patents retards technological economic development and needs reform. The rich exploit ideas of the poor that cannot afford the patent process that was designed for the 19th century.

The remedy is to reduce patent exclusivity to 3 years. After three years anyone could produce a patented item and just pay the inventor and patent holder 10% of what the item sells for per unit. The inventor is protected yet anyone can soon manufacture an item lawfully with no need to plunder it with theft.

In the contemporary speed-of-light global Internet era the slowness of patents let them have a good chance of leaking. Security on brilliant new ideas is difficult to maintain. Patents cost thousands of dollars and millions for defense if they are profitable items.

The world economy needs new ideas right away; not in several decades. The concentration of wealth is reinforced by the present patent system that lets those already wealthy buy everything in sight creating a Jabba the Hut syndrome of preferred locations soaking up everything that passes.

Apple's Mr Cook Defends Power of Wealth to Censor Social Platforms (e.g. Apple)

Apple CEO Tim Cook supports the right of social media to censor speech it regards as hateful. The language that comprises hateful speech is of course subjectively determined. Like the computer running the future government of Los Angeles in Sylvester Stallone's 'Demolition Man' that issues tickets for citizen use of inappropriate language, Mr. Cook believes concentrated wealth have the right to determine what anyone can say on its platforms.

The Orwellian concept of 'hate speech' is a malodorous and pejorative classification of language offensive and hateful to free speech and liberty of the constitutional rights and powers of the United States. It is a device such as Adolf Hitler would have found useful and that those that hate Christianity and moral conservatism relish while they have power and sufficient wealth to outlast mortal life. Joseph Stalin's censors would have understood the need to have censor anti-Soviet activities in public discourse and would have used Apple's tools too.

FIDE Bliz Championship for 2018 Moved to Russia from Saudi Arabia Due to Anti-Nationalism

Saudi Arabia banned Israeli chess players from entering the kingdom to play in the 2018 blitz championship and have been stripped of the opportunity to host the event. The blitz championship was relocated to Russia.

While the Kingdom's murder of a political opponent that may have endangered state security is historical understandable if primitive (the Washington Post journalist Khashoggi), banning chess players because of nationality is in violation of F.I.D.E. law. The U.S.A. ought to take action against Saudi Arabia too and ban its oil product with high tariffs until solar power alone powers American automobiles without adding to global warming gases such as the Saudis release in their war against sustainable human life on Earth.

George Washington and the founders probably would have banned Saudi oil imports and refused to play chess in the kingdom of Sauds if F.I.D.E. had existed back in the day.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Blitz Chess (3M) vs Scandanavian Defense

                                                                                            I played white in this blitz game.

Can Democrat Conversion Therapy Be Outlawed in California?

The terrible behavioral modification practice of Democrat Party conversion therapy should be outlawed in California. Here in the enlightened 21st century the hateful, hurtful procedure of Democrat conversion therapy has no place. If a man, woman, combination of both or neither choose to become Democrats no one has a right to tell them that's wrong, nor try to talk them down with persuasive reasoning to normal, alternative party behavior.

Far too many people have already been harmed with Democrat conversion therapy. Some have actually become Republicans. Unusual reports of former Democrats listening to country western music have arisen in some dark quarters of certain Southern California cities. That cannot continue.

Cohen Plea Bargain May Be Just About Cohen's Other, Non-Trump Interests

Michael Cohen's plea bargain with Robert Mueller doesn't need a basis of Cohen providing information about the President. It may be no more than the Special Investigator expediting clearing peripheral, emergent, non-essential lines of inquiry such as possible Cohen affairs that were or might have been illegal. Those possible actions may involved activities Michael Cohen that did not involve the President at all.  The President's former personal lawyer had other interests than those of Donald Trump.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Ukraine Escalated Naval Belligerance a Month Ago

The Sea of Azov is a Russian pond that provides easy access to the soft underbelly of Russia for attackers. It is therefore not unusual that Russia would seize belligerent Ukrainian vessels seeking to enter it. Missile boats could threaten sites deep into Russia.

Apparently Ukraine provoked the Russian response. A month ago Radio Free Europe reported that Ukraine was working to increase its naval forces in the Se of Azov. Russia interdicted the recent Ukrainian provocation to illustrate its stakeholding rights with clarity. The following video was published  by the U.S. Radio Liberty on youtube October 10, 2018...

The United States often has very bad foreign policy largely playing to domestic media priorities with little solid political thinking involved. politicians are better at attacking than thinking and working in positive directions. Democrats are equally guilty as Republicans. With their fanatic attack on the President seeking to associate him with Russian election collusion they have driven him toward their side of restarting the cold war. For some people the reprobate new cold warrior antagonists make it challenging for those that valued ending the first cold war to work to stop the growth of the second.
Black Sea map.png
By Created by User:NormanEinstein - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I will reiterate that U.S. leadership fails to comprehend Russian sentiment and governance to quite a serious degree. Russia in the long run is as unlikely to relinquish the Sea of Azov, Ukraine or Crimea as the U.S. Government would be to give up Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Maryland.

The Democrat Party is the party of slavery and tends toward starting wars. For example World War Two, Korea, Vietnam and the Obama organizing of Arab Spring conflicts through pure daftness toward probable consequences not dissimilar entirely toward the Democrat restart of the Cold War.

I is useful to work for the construction of positive goals rather than to just create conflicts. That may be incomprehensible in D.C.