Monday, November 05, 2018

The Real Civil War of the Future Tense v1.9

The future of civil war in the United States is a popular theme these days. War is more fungible than abstract politics and rhetoric bitten by media casters and regurgitated in various forms so the topic is getting a lot of play by those that haven't the slightest intention to be caught dead with a gun or micro-bomb in their basket. Realistically talk about civil war is unrealistic. Instead, the future could go like this...

The sparsely populated American west has a few million more Latino immigrants that reproduce enough to become a racial majority. They vote to let in all the Spanish speakers they want, and in turn border security falls away as Chinese move in large numbers to provide enterprise in the slack job market of the U.S.A.

Eventually the United States civilly splits along the Rockies with the new Latino-Asian west taking about 100 miles of the Eastern slope too. The United States returns to 13 colonies with a lot of white Muslim slum

I would guess that water wars drive the Mexican States of the West into Dictatorship. The Latino fascist element works well with global plutocrats with a finger in every nation's pie. Europe and the U.S.A.'s people of European ancestry will all have negative population growth. In time non-white Americans will select white skin and blue eyes for their offspring in vitro with DNA recombination technology and though the U.S.A. will evolve a mostly white society it will be mutlicultural chaos with ecospheric pathos.

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