Friday, November 30, 2018

Presidents Trump, Putin and the G-20 Disconformity

Because of the Russia probe started by Democrats for the 2016 election the President has been driven far to the right regarding Russia. He cannot seem to be reasonable or well informed about Russian history. With the Mueller probe going after the Trump lawyers (another raid in Chicago) and the Cohen plea bargain President Trump had to distance himself from President Putin.

The Sea of Azov is a Russian pond historically. Imperialists seeking to dismember Russia in a war through other means paradigm wrested away integral regions of Russia circa 1994 building a bone of contention to restart the Cold War. Democrats are totally bought in to the Master-Blaster Brits as the midget ruler controlling the U.S. beast warrior with the mind of a child and want to expand Europedic power into traditionally Russian areas like Crimea and Ukraine.

The failure of good judgment, common sense and historical reason has allowed Democrats and the media restart the Cold War making a sow’s ear out of a silk purse.

The Problem of Anti-Christs

Some may believe another Democrat President anti-Christ will be elected. One that supports making sin official U.S. law more fully than it already is (there are a few modest policies that qualify). There are already lots on anti-Christians in the world. Some Christians have an eschatological belief known as pre-tribulationism that believe there are special end times leading to Armageddon ahead with a special political leader of wickedness working for the Devil. Pre-tribbers are wrong i.m.o.


There are three Christian eschatological viewpoints that have existed since the second century a.d. The other two don’t have a future Armageddon in them. Post-tribulationsists believe the New Testament end of days occurred in the First century A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed as the Lord prophesied it would be. He said that all the events he spoke of would occur while some of his generation were yet living and they did. Pre-tribbers ignore that and interpret the Revelation incorrectly as did Mohammad. Martin Luther said that the Book of Revelation had a lot of straw in it, and he was talking about brick making I believe. The Revelation written by John had veiled language so the anti-Christ (Caesar Nero- number 666 in Jewish number of the era) and contemporary persecutors would not have an easy time of understanding it.

The Kingdom of God is within you. Until the age of the Gentiles is fulfilled the Kingdom of God will increase. The thousand years or millennium in which that happens indicated ‘a very long period of time’- not exactly a literal expression. Actually it could go on for tens of thousands of years, I would think. What may wrap it up is the time when humanity just can’t go farther with its own devices and degrades human life with some sorts of technical morphing into horror. Then God may once more save humanity from itself, or at least the elect.

Why the U.S.A. Din't Help Ho Chi Minh to Assert Vietnamese Nationalism in 1946

The United States had a lot of work continuing in 1946 when the Viet Minh started a civil war of revolution against France. France owned Indochina then and Vietnam was part of it along with Cambodia and Laos. Communism was a problem in China and Korea also was a concern. MacArthur had to oversee reconstruction of Japan and a Marshall plan for Europe was needed to rebuild Europe.

A wiki article pointed out that U.S. Sect of State George Marshall warned France that its colonial policy was obsolete. Yet the U.S. would not have found supporting Ho Chi Minh to revolt against France o.k.

                     Image of O.S.S. Deer Team and Viet Minh leaders in 1945
Accompanying two Việt Minh leaders, the OSS Deer Team in 1945. From l. to r.: René Defourneaux, Ho Chi Minh, Allison Thomas, Võ Nguyên Giáp, Henry Prunier and Paul Hoagland, far right. Kneeling, left, are Lawrence Vogt and Aaron Squires
By Unknown - Stewart, Richard W. (2012), Deepening Involvement 1945-1965, Center of Military History, United States Army, Public Domain,

The French Fourth Republic- a provisional government that existed from 1944 to 1958 may not have been the best to address the Vietnam problem. France had a lot of war damage and didn’t have a spectacular military at the time. After the Japanese left Indochina and the Philippines there was a lot of human strife to recover from. It is reasonable that the Viet Minh wanted to assert national sovereignty with Ho in a revolutionary government since all the foreigners were malodorously cruel it might have seemed.

With a global circus of the tragedy of war to recover from and the complexities complicated by communism, Stalin, Mao etc Providing U.S. military support to the Viet Minh just wasn’t in the cards. The U.S. had a policy of containment of communism that continued through the next few decades that sometimes was a blunt instrument of policy that produced collateral damage. Sometimes people overlook the bureaucratic inertia that takes root in U.S. foreign policy (and in other nations too) that works against clever individual solutions for different nations and situations. The present Democrat party efforts to reignite a cold war with Russia is a good example. Perhaps the different policy stream vectors that shape formation of foreign policy are too many sometimes for a political leader to have an opportunity to deliberate and select the best course of action.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bernoulli Equation Applied to Dimensions (note)

The idea of Bernoulli's equation paradigm applied to dimensions in a cosmological context is interesting. Especially interesting to me is how dimensions at T=0 and plus time in any direction-even vectors of pre-thermodynamic determinism, would actualize with and/or without mass.

Relativity criteria objectively cohering within accelerated dimensional content of various numbers and scales are fascinating to consider as well.

Russia Owns the Sea of Azov

Apparently Ukraine provoked the Russian response. A month ago Radio Free Europe reported that Ukraine was working to increase its naval forces in the Sea of Azov. The Sea of Azov is a Russian pond that provides easy access to the soft underbelly of Russia for attackers. It is therefore not unusual that Russia would seize belligerent Ukrainian vessels seeking to enter it. Missile boats could threaten sites deep into Russia.

The United States often has very bad foreign policy largely playing to domestic media priorities with little solid political thinking involved. politicians are better at attacking than thinking and working in positive directions. Democrats are equally guilty as Republicans. With their fanatic attack on the President seeking to associate him with Russian election collusion they have driven him toward their side of restarting the cold war. For some people the reprobate new cold warrior antagonists make it challenging for those that valued ending the first cold war to work to stop the growth of the second.

Black Sea map.png
By Created by User:NormanEinstein - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I will reiterate that U.S. leadership fails to comprehend Russian sentiment and governance to quite a serious degree. Russia in the long run is as unlikely to relinquish the Sea of Azov, Ukraine or Crimea as the U.S. Government would be to give up Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Maryland.

The Democrat Party is the party of slavery and tends toward starting wars. For example World War Two, Korea, Vietnam and the Obama organizing of Arab Spring conflicts through pure daftness toward probable consequences not dissimilar entirely toward the Democrat restart of the Cold War.

I is useful to work for the construction of positive goals rather than to just create conflicts. That may be incomprehensible in D.C.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Yellow Browed Bunting or Some Kind of Warbler?

I caught a photo- not a very good one, of a bird at Wrangell Alaska November 28. It might be a yellow browed bunting or a finch or warbler...I don't really know. Black and yellow head stripes; the breast feathers were slightly yellow too.

Democrat Presidential Candidate Advice- 2020

The next President should present a clear 2020 vision to the country. He or she should make a list of ten realistic goals to accomplish in the first four years in office. The second term if any is often slop time with pork piles.

Ten goals may not sound like much, yet actually modern Presidents seldom seem to get even two or three done. A rule for the public is that if the candidate doesn't have a list of realistic goals he or she won't get much done besides deceit and Hollywood if elected. Who hires a contractor without knowing what they will do if paid?

The 2020 President needs to relate ecospheric restoration leadership to ordinary economic practices. The next president should continue moon construction to place scientists and engineers in the real off-world construction and building laboratory. The next president should use new infrastructure to upgrade the nation instead of using old infrastructure that would be patched over. That might mean eliminating cars and highways for electric vehicles-even hovercraft- drawing power from lines suspended above the ground.

The next President should completely secure the borders against illegal human traffic and regard the civil rights of all U.S. citizens as of paramount importance. There should be a national minimum income tied in to all existing entitlement structures including disability and unemployment insurance. There should be no dark pools where citizens are trapped in poverty for decades for whatever cause.

The minimum income structure should be tied into the employment structure and employers should be given preferences for hiring those out of work longest as well as creating businesses that restore the ecospheric vitality and reduce habitat loss of degradation of the atmosphere's oxygen level.

The next president should transition public education into continuing free education with redesign of public pay and compensation for educators at all levels. Innovative support for college and post-graduate education might allow pay-per-student extra ad hoc independent education structures to supplement regular educator compensation for example.

Health care for all citizens including the transitive poor should exist. The V.A. hospital system should be upgraded and made to include existing and new clinics for the civilian poor around the United States. Very fast inter-urban and rural hypertubes should be built to allow the poor to travel to jobs and hospitals.

Adequate taxation on the most rich in order to prevent over-concentration of wealth and the inevitable repression of democratic self-determination that follows should be made to be in a new Congress. The nation should have an establishment for creating new business and manufacturing technologies following a complete democratization of the patent system that would make obtaining patents simple and uninhibited by substantive economic obstacles that benefit the rich with deep pockets.

The next president may choose to follow the racial, gender and perversion line of dividing and conquering the electorate in order to weasel in to enrich the rich and party elites that has worked so well in recent times. The best way to attempt to move away from the usual public corruption in high office would be to require that candidates actually enumerate ten goals and to let the public deliberate what they would accomplish if actualized, and of the chance that they could be actualized. Needless to say the public debt and annual deficits require rectification and it should not be the poor that bear the burden after decades of incompetent rule by the rich with those ineffective policies.

Jeff Sachs probably would be the best candidate Democrats could field, if he were interested. President Trump is likely to crush the usual all-pr, no real content candidate.

World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Slick Federal Northern River Roads

The federal government has title to navigable waterways of the U.S.A. including Alaska. Modern transportation methods have transformed virtually any moderately level riverbed into an avenue of commerce. Hovercraft can travel over dry and frozen waterways- even drone hovercraft transporting supplies- to remote locations. Surface effect craft moving above the riverbed can journey at high speed. Power lines strong out from lamp-posts set in the middle of interstate margins can charge drone and passenger electric vehicles alike. The potential for using northern rivers and shorelines for commercial highway travel is great. It would be a new adaptation though, and bureaucracies aren't terribly adaptable, as they prefer to continue the way things are (i.e. the Cold War v 2.0 with Russia) rather than adaptively change for the positive.

Plainly adaptive transportation technologies could work in southern regions too. All of the solar power for charging reduces potential development costs for new infrastructure to replace the blacktop-fossil fuel axis of global warming evil. Asphalt exists for durable load bearing of heavy platforms, and with hovercraft that need disappears. Grassy lawns could replace asphalt when hovercraft can draw electric power from overhead power lines. Hot cities such as Phoenix could lower their average temperatures in proportion to the removal of asphalt and replacement with grass. Heavy load vehicles could move through Musk hyper-tubes or some other means of very quick conveyance to local depots for drone delivery.

Love and Hate (poem)

Love and hate
like and dislike
light and darkness
starkly what is write
reciprocal descriptions of continua
weathering words coring storm front
occlusions of space-time precipitants
forming puddles and pools of thought-minders

Being and becoming
points and lines along time-strings
growing with disequilibiac composition
warping the mobius strip
farther dimensions grown from the string
a bell shaped light cone curvature
aesthetically hosting love an hate
inscribed like adjectives
upon the experience of time and space-mass

Love expropriated unto homogeneity's falsehoods
where wormwood consumes itself like gossamer mad cows
jumping the lunar surface
so cratered with tendrils of tomorrow
building nerves in spaces of broken vertebrae

Love and words of polar attractions
hating the pain of pain
liking levity less than love though more
than leaving the past
in the depression of darkness
silent like dreams
where sound was the torture of extra-dimensions ripping through reality
the production of completion of a stage

Hate the darkness that kills
hate the light that drills tiny lased holes
through life-proliferating
thoughtlessly unfeeling temporality
pain and love
opposites like hand and glove
charged particles in fields
creation's web through saline conjunctions
resolving ideas of enterprises
origin of theories
sailing time lines hove to
zero point virtuosity
improbable appearance at one of every when
where being isn't nothingness next to the house
beside the dimensions locked
tight like artifacts wearing away
one substantial element
configured in every way
stacks of fields
polarized filters of existence
sharing zero point particles
trans-dimensionally balancing
acts like drawn swords
mooring fords of constructions
space-times Universes loved and hated
hungry and sated
destiny of end-point virtual particles
adhering to moving ships.

Central America Needs Universal Well Organized Militias

Central America needs well organized civil defense militias. The United States should form a new training organization that is para-military and like the Peace Corps designed to better civil society. In this case the betterment would be local armed self-defense training for citizens of central American nations as well as construction of neighborhood militia infrastructure.

Each central American should get free basic rifle and pistol marksmanship training at an early age- maybe age ten. Local neighborhood militias allied with a national militia would be structured and guided by U.S. trainers. The people would learn about identification and defense against gangsters too. Facebook could be used for mug shots and suspect inventories to help identify perpetrators of crime against Central Americans as well as tracking of wanted criminals.

The United State should provide free weapons to citizens now and then to enable realistic defense leagues to function. Neighborhoods should collectively be able to bring out the firepower to stop gang attacks on neighbors. Solar panels also should be brought into the civil defense upgrade program in order to charge 12 volt batteries and the Universe of 12 volt devices that already exist and are quite affordable on-line.

Campfire Embers and Ecospheric Management Failure

California's Democrat Party seems to take no responsibility for the devastating wildfires of November 2018 that took so many lives. Ecospheric management is a human responsibility in an age of mass human population growth encompassing the entire Earth. To fail to take responsibility for directing ecospheric health isn't acceptable. It is not enough merely to wish to sign agreements with French and Chinese about global warming over pastries and coffee.

In the Anthropocene Age of Mass Extinction people are generally aware that as the extinction of the ecosphere species proceeds eventually the human number will arrive too. Many put blinders on and still pretend there is an unlimited supply of non-renewable resources and that other resources can be found or invented to replace those consumed in thermodynamic processes of entropy that transform complex biological life into ash and simple waste products.

California needs to find ways to apply principles of Ecological Economics to large scale state structures comprising forest aspects of the ecosphere. It is challenging intellectually, for most haven't a clue about the relationships of sustainability to economics and how to get more bang for the buck out of real existent ecospheric resources such as forests and waterways with symbiosis and synergistic innovations.

One approach might be to design homes within zoning ordinances that do require a given amount of green space around every property and home built on it to continue ecospheric health for wildlife. Yet with climate change and the human disruption of natural evolutionary responses artificial manufactured processes must be applied to substitute for natural evolution. Armies of feral goats may be supported to eat down wild underbrush, homes should be given tax breaks for being made of concrete and flame resistant. Cities should have panic rooms for the populace in case of wildfire as a civil defense requirement, Feral goats could be given tracking tracking technology so they might be easily harvested for food for the homeless and for sale as barbecued burgers with fries.

Desalinating reservoirs might be built at high locations with canals running down from them that could serve as fire breaks in case of emergency. Solar power could be exploited to pump saltwater high up in the mountains where the salt would be evaporated away through condensation and recollection. There are innumerable ways to synthetically combine existing technologies with large scale ecospheric management that would contain wildfires and simultaneously conserve wild habitat for endangered species. Humans need only have intelligent political leadership enlightened enough to support the development of effect mass projects such as those of the 1950s that employed so many people building new infrastructure.

U.S. political leadership except for President Trump is fairly poor these days. It is dull and unimaginative and incapable of getting anything done. It repeats old errors and restarts cold wars when it cannot make new ones. It spends trillions to continue centuries old technologies such as highways and fossil fuel engines, bridges and public schools.

Semi-wild sectors of rural California public lands might be re-envisioned as vast natural orchards with hedgerows maintained with wildlife that produce more product for the market. Pre-existing wildlife need be encapsulated within the parameters of the new forest design to continue or increase their health.

Maybe the nation should have a better ground up social foundation where ecospheric engineering and sustainable energy research, development and application are routinely the subject of public interest. Instead of creating a new political party it might be more practical to create a national ecosphere club equivalent to the Rotary, Moose Lodge, Elks Club, veterans of foreign Wars and so on. Such a club might form in numerous towns and offer a food bar, coffee, occasional dinners and all the information one could ask for about ecospheric enterprise, management, alternative energy and methods and projects for applying materials to local structures and infrastructure.

Queer Marriage of (Y)UK and EU is Finally Dying

Just one parliamentary vote remains for the UK to kill its homosexual marriage with the EU. England is the world leader at homosexual hegemony and converted France and Spain to homosexual union with its royal imperial persuasiveness. France will stand alone as the EU homo leader role mode, with all the frill and frippery that follow following the final Brexit vote.

A few key questions remain unanswered before the homo marriage is laid to rest. Will France and Germany look to Turkey for a new partner in moral decay? Will English cordon insanitare barriers around nations with obvious majorities of belief in God still be effective social and economic tools for the conversion of nations to Godless atheism? Can leftist organs abroad (ie NPR) receive insemination from British evolutionary atheist powers of satanic theology to transform Christian beliefs into atheistic legalism rendering sin to mean that which misses the mark of evolutionary atheism and furry beasts of broadcast?

As the imperial (Y)UK forces look with economic horniness to new partners for succor to assert the royal powers of supremacy Australia might be concerned about the new attention. The Philippine President has moved toward China for tender economic and moral ministrations- and not a bad choice considering the Chinese don't care much for Muslims in their nation, yet the moral rot of communism is now the moral rot of the EU and the YUK; each share the mindless philosophical wall of personal egoism (spread in myriad ways for communists) and parameters of evolution sans spirit as the absolute reality of matter. Communism and imperialism appear to be the two best like approaches to sharing the material world of non-spirit and its dark, dank, desertification of philosophical and rational thought that is delimited by ignorance.

Evolution paradigm is just one chop-logic parameter of an infinite set of infinite sets of possible constructions for being and non-being, any might be encapsulated within space-time and dimensions-for-others. Spirit transcends the boundaries of matter, energy and time. Yet the godless atheist wave has no moral or civil boundaries at all that matter. Its primary sin is in failing to comprehend that all of life has structure and boundaries through which space-time flows.

Speculation about the role of the new world order plans in regard to Brexit may run along the lines of developing atheist pincers front to squeeze Muslims between the EU and China with England (YUK) bailing out from the action early in order to better independently associate with forces and evil elements assaulting western hemisphere resistance to full, thick evolutionary -only indoctrination.

Atheist religious indoctrination of evolution requires no Christian awareness of original sin as innate thermodynamic urges toward predation. The homosexual agenda political serves to organically attack any resistance globally to sin. The most pure sin is of course violence.

Evolutionary genetic theorists may utilize the CRISPR gene splicing technology to implant a generation of homosexuals and halt human reproduction except for imperial and select elite line that would render the Earth suitable for royals only served by automatons in a verdant, peaceful world (sic).

Yet theoretical lines of YUK's termination of its relationship with the EU include the necessary possibility of a Muslim-Atheist actualization of the prophesied cataclysm at the end of the age of the Gentiles. A Muslim-Atheist Ragnarök would leave Christians as mere observers from within the Kingdom of God of the war between Muslims of the Middle Empire with Atheist empires on their eastern and Western flanks. Christians I should note have pre-tribbers with an incorrect belief in Ragnarök too, yet they are likely to be marginalized and subsumed by atheistic legalism and government broadcast deceit into oblivion before the final battle of Atheists and Muslims winds up.

The Thickening Plot of the Thickenblogger Voltaic (fiction)

A thick-lipped feminine executive strode from the glass office box with a grim face and a plan to spread hecho along the Mexican border. Charmin Thickenblogger's thick lips weren't typical of uber executive agents of status quotes. With a bit of Chinese sanctions good fortune Mexico would experience a tenfold increase in solar voltaic thin film panel production naking export to the United States uc-king successful. Clutching her thick portfolio tightly under her arm as if it were a costly Crassgrill purse Charmin Thickenblogger crossed the tile plaza with a staccato tlikiti tlak rhythmic tap of her pointy heels that reminded her of the incessant mechanical hum of deep diesel power. A strong wind from the river drove the flags up flapping her bright pleated skirt along with it. Though Thickenblogger had thick, sensuous and enigmatic lips often framing shining teeth of an actress' smile, now her thick lips were drawn back a lizard style bringing her to resemble a ravenous synthetic coyote-wold hybrid predator. She was determined to terminate thin lipped supremacists dominating the commercial dance of change driving it down into a pasty pudding of inferior product wrapped in glossy plastic white spread racist sophistry. The world had too little time remaining on the melting glacial ecological clock for seminal cultural special interest wars to assert personal egotism class priorities over the common good of mankind and its prospect for survival on Earth.

Charmin caught a taxi to the Borneo lunch bar. She exited the taxi on 32nd Avenue and stepped into the fashionable Bonecrusher Cafe taking her usual table where she could view crotches entering though the double door.

Charmin removed a packet of meta-thick plans from the portfolio and took two clear viles from it, setting them down on the table top. With practiced precision she poured one vile of thin liquid electronic syrup into a rectangle then took the other; a thickening agent, and poured it onto the first causing a chain reaction formation of a digital data communications device in a few seconds.

Charmin read the status of plans he'd set in motion. Thick intelligence lines informed her that thin resistance with thick dispersants were maleffecting the border regions body politic to vote toward fossil fuel economics and develop biases lines against solar voltaic tax incentives. Broadcast public relations had thickened thinning forces and overcoming with anti-hecho speech articulations of her designs to hecho merchants south of the border. Thin lipped rivals had kilned for repression of thicker plans. If they only knew the real solar voltaic hecho plans….

Charmin ordered a thick vegetable beef soup with spicy meatballs. She ordered the thin phone to expand to ultra thick and multi-task a new coordinated hecho political directive that would retake the political high ground seized by national public relations that were sedulously, thickly anti-nationalist. A thick politics diamond level channel had the President speaking. The President was addressing the problem of thin political coverage of global warming driven tidal surges drowning Alaska coastal villages along the Beaufort Sea and the political need to thicken American villages with endangered villages relocated to monolithic concrete domes on higher ground.

The President's C.I.A. Chief provided a redacted report to the President already leaked in full to the broadcast media. The President scanned the report and said;
My fellow great Americans I am feeling great today and you should be too. Even so the shit is getting thick. Unlimited collusion has unleashed a designer micro virus brain thinner that liquefies and purges the susceptible brain from the skull housing unit. Thin brain syndrome has occurred in areas with high doper concentrations of California, Massachusetts and along the Mexico-U. S. border. Re-thickening thinned brains at this time is not possible. Once brain thinning syndrome sets in there is nothing that can be done about it except to place several rolls of paper towels around the victim and step away a few miles. Be sure to call authorities.”

Charmin ordered the phone to mute and dug into the soup when it was placed before her. She gave a thin smile with her thick lips as best she could to the waiter, who was acting at being a manly yet insouciant waiter inspired as he was by Jean Paul Sartre's section from Being and Nothingness on the topic of acting at being a waiter. The soup was luscious and she hungrily set it aside after a few spoonfuls knowing that discipline thinned is no discipline at all. She intentionally allowed the soup to cool without so much as a cracker tossed in or even a piece of shredded cheese. The aroma to some would be intoxicating yet for Charmin it was a test of thickness of mind over thin skin and olfactory resistance.

She flipped comm to the NN station. Their news reader; a Mark 15 syntherbot droned, “Progressive hecho speech thinning operations are proceeding throughout distal thickets of resistance to Global Corporate Univision. Political hecho speech thick content has dropped to fewer than 5% nation-wide. There have been no reports of outbreaks of thick speech in opposition to Global Corporate Univision since containment of the thick blog bulge wildfires that were found growing in a dark area of the Internet. Happy speech now is 95% of the nation's speech content and approval ratings are greater than 100%!”

Charmin turned a jaundiced eye away from the VDT and put a privacy bag over her head.
Tightening the bag's attachment loop it inflated with a thickening infusion of thin gel into a round shape. The privacy bag had air filtration and purification with a 360 degree peripheral selection of visual display of the exterior and of Internet selections in whatever form she directed. Privacy bags had become ubiquitous on urban streets when technology advanced to a stage where they could also serve as impact defense and security helmets. Charmin had optional laser beam weapon and retinal blinding flash device added to hers because of the need for added security in the sudden transitions to dark alleyways and smoky back rooms that she occasionally encountered. With the bag actualized over her head she took leave of the Bonecrusher Cafe snapping the comm device into a mating space on her shape altering intelligent torso bra as she exited through the doors into late afternoon sunlight.

While Charmin Thickenblogger strolled down 32nd Avenue amidst thousands of office workers wearing security bags configured in whatever shape they desired- outwardly hers was an aquarium for-others with a large goldfish swimming around it- a few hundred miles away the director of the Colonel Von Od Man Nixon Healthcare Phase Two Update- the delirium dancer Sigor Safah from the Bookings Institute, ordered commencement of the Ocean Metals Transformation.

The Metals Transformation project was a covert project sponsored by the Love is Us Consortium for Proprietary Verdance and others that supported conversion of the worlds ocean into nano stew.

Colonel Von Od Man Nixon's original ocean conversion formula discovered by Sigor Safah was to enable the world ocean to transform into a nano stew that could capture atmospheric carbon and render it hard carbon while making the ocean int metallic oxygen and hydrogen under intense nano-particle pressure. The elasticity of the metals would enable a carefully measured tortioned stretch under the gravity of the lunar pull to wind up a vast right-wing dynamo each day that would release a nearly never ending cascade of electronic energy for the elite battery bank businesses of those that owned old Europe. It was thus imperative that Director Safah stop Charmin Thickenblogger's attempt to produce billions of cheap solar panels in Mexico for export under the new NAFTA policies to the American heartland. He order his warrior of the White Spread Thin leader Cannae Baal Spear to take locate and take down the Noist Operative Charmin Thickenblogger.

Charmin Thickenblogger was a Naoist only from a particular point of view for-others. For-herself she was a business woman working an economic revival of the moribund American Southwest that was over-run with Democrat slum policies of sprawl and asphalt laying for absorption of heat. Cash for clunkers invented by the second Bush administration was a model for Democratic Presidential and Congressional leadership that had become too entrench. It drove Americans to bag their own heads in security containers f to enable themselves to breathe freely and tune out from the mass herd o the other side of the bag. She noticed that the thickly congested street was thinning from a random dispersal cull of drone spears and whirring blades searching for and destroying those holding losing lottery tickets.

The metropolis of New Thiensville's sidewalks were beautifully star studded jeweled thick and anti-skid tweaked during daylight hours. After dusk thinning crept in to liquefy the nanom matter composition converting the thickly solid reliability of art to running streams of death where swam mechanical carnivore tuna hunting for hapless human prey that had disregarded the warning texts appearing in the sidewalks before dusk. Charmin new too well of the dangerous that lurked within solid appearing objects and infrastructure and had timed her foray into the Borneo district such that she was enabled to arrive at the door of 17 Dinge Street off 32nd Avenue at dusk. A lip reader in the door measured her thick lips and matched them to a record of trustworthy lips. Charmin deflated her face bag when the green door opened and she stepped inside.

The Philosopher's Book Synchronization was a small store lined with books with a concrete table set in the center. It was covered with a large illuminated chess board with pieces moving themselves synced with some meaningful chess game that the proprietor Julian Sync chose to follow. Sync was looking at an art book of solar voltaic building exteriors set upon concrete dome homes and business buildings in re-greening cities that would move away from the rectilinear street patterns and stick frame building patterns developed in comparative historical innocence in isolation from other cities on yet when scaled up and concatenated globally entirely displaced the ecosphere becoming exclusive occupying antagonists at war with life on earth. Human beings socially simply weren't too able to consider mass effects rather than individual convenience of their tool kit for living.

Charmin sat down at a bench at the chess table and looked over to Julian and said; “Hello Julian. You are still thinking about the new aesthetic voltaic infrastructure project?”

Of course Charmin. Glad you could make it. What you might be interested in is a roster of thick speech versus thin speech political opinions among well known philosopher in history who if writing and publishing today probably would be unknown buried deep in negative search engine listings made to conceal their work from public searches.”

Sure Julian. That's interesting. My ancestor was an associate Professor named Ronald blogger who became a linguistic research for the well known philosopher from Sprawl who published a thesis on thick speech amongst historical philosophers and the efforts of Internet political controllers to thin it down and eventually demote it to dark pool search dungeons.”

Charmin consider this listing of Marx's dialectical materialism and the primary error of Karl Marx in assuming that external economic forces were personifications of interacting economic fronts with intelligent parties behind them. Force A would encounter and clash with subsequent force B synthetically conjugating and creating the new economic class-force C. Marx mis-underestimated the ignorance and outright stupidity of economic classes. During and after the clashes they might regress or digress to any form; for instance capitalism and socialists clashing might yield imperialism. There is no inevitability of forward progress when the stupid clash with sycophantic class war. Anti-thick protests receiving support from manipulative elites have even obfuscated the elements of the clash and brought electorates to support ancillary movements such as sexual perversions, abortions and liberation from reliance on millions and millions of ground up cattle for employee cafeteria lunchrooms, when the real issue was about economic control of the masses in-themselves for-others that were the elites. In short, Marxian dialectical materialism would be better described as the clash of dumb and dumber forces generating through smoke, mirrors and artificial reality anything whatsoever that survivors had the ability to structure.”

If that is so Julian, what about other philosophers that wrote ideas that were taken by others to be thick speech that required dissolvants unto nihilist degree? Was Hegel's Phenomenology of Mind a thick speech manifesto while Kant's Critique of Pure Reason was thick speech veiled in artificial thin speech so well that none could comprehend that within the thinness of the Critique thickness was found beyond illusory limits to the a priori embedded within synthetic a priori judgments? An what about Einstein's General relativity criterion wherein thickness or thinness of spacetime and political speech are contingent upon the point of view of the observer? Can thickness and thinness really be objective and subjective at the same space-time or must one or the other be illusory?”

Charmin my girl, the Marxian clash dialectic offers us a perspective upon the problem of dumb material thick and thin criteria while an observer journeys through inertial reference frames of opinion making. It provides something and nothing to comment on. For example Nietzsche offered thick speech as did Schopenhauer. Materialism is viewed relativistically, exclusively, while spiritual insight alone can transcend that paradigm.”

So I believe the mono-polar political speech perspective of a homo-culture regards fluid proprietary lexicon word units as the acceptable ocean of existence and divergent or non-convergent speech as thick speech to be deleted like a cancer? All non-conformist speech is hate speech while the insider repressor colonial language is love speech?”

Yes Charmin. The sweet polecat language of political love is one-sided colonial use-truth self-relativity of the alpha elite. Evolution theory for instance has evolved to political thickness so far as to ossified. Political ossification allows dialectical followers to assert their power irrationally with the overweening power of the religious premise arming them. Evolution may or may not be true, yet its truth isn't transcendent and is encapsulated within brackets surrounded by meta-brackets and hyper-dimensional parenthetical possibilities. A evolutionary epoch derived even from a particular energy source such as theoretical zero-point energy appearances of virtual particles that are sum-over-histories locations in space-time of relativistic temporal exstasis of pre-determined particle-wave energy packets
is nothing more than an epiphenomenal being amidst nothingness and infinite possible theistic and determined categories.”

In other words Julian, thin speech cannot encompass all thick headed theories and vice versa. There isn't a finite set of criteria to encompass the thickness of evolution that is self-defining and exo-relativistic.”

Thursday, November 15, 2018

California Needs a Million Goat Army for Wildfire Defense

California needs millions of goats to lead and take charge of its vast left-wing underbrush that piles up like dry newspaper clippings in a 60s hippie commune until a spark bursts the whole thing into a hill of confusion Winchester Mansion type towering inferno. Ancient California Indians seasonally burned the underbrush in much of that state to let their nuts grow free from choking competition and that approach can be utilized now.

In July sub-Saharan Africa looks like its entirely burning because of slash and burn farming. That annual pollution needs to be stopped and the U.S. state Department should lead the transition to green, non-burning farming technology. Obvious U.S. politicians are often full of themselves and nothing more than organizational profit units in the machine uncaring and aloof with as little sensitivity as a computer, yet they should try to at least fix California.

With the demographics being what they are- crowded; ecospheric conservation need now integrate with environmental economics in the state of California. Laws should be passed making it requisite to have safe building spacing from underbrush likely to burn. a goat army set in wild green strips with some sort of boundaries and even natural control predators such as wolves need become part of a grand fire suppression and ecosphere restoration design plan for California.

People are so full of cultured indolence on Wall Street with the pagan patheistic dod of existential finance presently that politics too are just going the way of the devil. They will be lucky if more fire and brimstone doesn't find its way to California while the politicians are regressivist in comparison to those of the 1950s.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dreams, Shorelines and Drifting Things

I had a dream
that I remembered from the dream
knowing that when I awoke
when I awoke I would know

to understand was the all
pain in the radiating impulses
drawing life away like October
faded into Novemrbish tatters and shreds
like the dead

unlike the facebooks
that make no difference
the light switch didn’t off anything
things that survived the dream weren’t dreampt
the pain belongs to the renter
a contract that transfers upon awakening
bones bathed in liquid oxygen, warm
pressure-sensitive skin burns and freezes
toes, ball, heels sting with sharp needles
inwardly coming out with agony
announcing the presence of hell
six days and nights of traditional pain
that won’t quit a season
as one laughs at animals’ bite
rages against the storm of the onset of light
wishing to gently fade into that good night
where the pain belongs to the real renter
who stayed behind in the dream world
like an anchor line
holding the phenomenon down
below the water
the computer mirthlessly
feels no pain.

Do all ye Europe and California; Sigh; KOWTOW! (Flake News)

President Trump may be quietly studying Press Secretary Huckabee's possible next in line for the day she finally has had enough of the commercial media feeding frenzy happy meals. Taking a cue from NPR on Do all ye sigh; KowTow subtlety, the new Press Secretary may have a nom de guere such as "I pledge allegiance to Donald Trump and all the goodness he stands for." Before a reporter asks a question he will need to formally ask permission of the Press Secretary.

The approaching New European army of President Macrone will enable swift EC collection of national debts by the invading debt collecting Army. Also, noncompliant member states that won't kowtow to the Chile-Mac axis of Lunch Towering over Europe will be swiftly shown who the alpha males are (Chancellor Merkel). Taking control of the high ground of propaganda is an important step on the road to civictorious victory light at the end of the metaphor.

Nationalism did not cause the first world war-elites did. Nations may be blamed when elites deserve credit for war. Elites want to dominate society and destroy pragmatic egalitarian economics-especially sustainable ecospheric economics, when they have enough time to organize.

Monday, November 05, 2018

The Real Civil War of the Future Tense v1.9

The future of civil war in the United States is a popular theme these days. War is more fungible than abstract politics and rhetoric bitten by media casters and regurgitated in various forms so the topic is getting a lot of play by those that haven't the slightest intention to be caught dead with a gun or micro-bomb in their basket. Realistically talk about civil war is unrealistic. Instead, the future could go like this...

The sparsely populated American west has a few million more Latino immigrants that reproduce enough to become a racial majority. They vote to let in all the Spanish speakers they want, and in turn border security falls away as Chinese move in large numbers to provide enterprise in the slack job market of the U.S.A.

Eventually the United States civilly splits along the Rockies with the new Latino-Asian west taking about 100 miles of the Eastern slope too. The United States returns to 13 colonies with a lot of white Muslim slum

I would guess that water wars drive the Mexican States of the West into Dictatorship. The Latino fascist element works well with global plutocrats with a finger in every nation's pie. Europe and the U.S.A.'s people of European ancestry will all have negative population growth. In time non-white Americans will select white skin and blue eyes for their offspring in vitro with DNA recombination technology and though the U.S.A. will evolve a mostly white society it will be mutlicultural chaos with ecospheric pathos.

Alaska Marine Hwy Baggage Cart Thievery

Recently I had the opportunity to travel aboard the rather new boat MV Kennecott from Wrangell to Juneau Alaska. It was the first time I had anything stolen from the baggage cart, so I have a suggestion to reduce that sort of thing from befalling others.

Wrangell had very few people boarding as passengers as walk-ons. Actually I didn't notice anyone else beside myself. At about 7pm the baggage cart appeared rather secure. There was a ferry worker standing next to it. I walked over and asked him if it was alright to aboard the boat. He replied, 'Yes, put your shit aboard the baggage cart.'

I had already put my two large army duffel bags on the baggage cart before he walked over. Went back to the terminal building to get the last one that I planned to take aboard the boat. It was a hiker's style green rucksack with black adjustable hiking straps. Within it was a g.p.s., marine weather radio, an empty plastic gallon gas can with the lid of, part of a tent, a tarp, waterproof camera and other items I needed to bring a small boat back to Wrangell from Juneau.

Walking over ti the baggage cart to ask the ferry guy if it was o.k. to board, when he suggested I .throw my shit' onto the baggage cart I did, then walked on to the Kennecott.

The next town north of Wrangell is Petersburg. I wanted to get the g.p.s. at Petersburg and mark a way-point so I could measure the distance on my way south. At Petersburg, before the baggage cart left the boat, I asked for permission to get the rucksack and found it missing.

I was rather unhappy with the missing rucksack situation and looked over the cart quite well then went to the purser's office aboard the Kennecott to complain. A nice fellow was the purser who couldn't do anything to find the missing rucksack.

The purser let me fill out a form describing the incident and said he would email Wrangell and ask about it, that maybe the rucksack had fallen off the baggage cart. I never again heard anything from the Alaska Marine Hwy people though I was informed after the loss that they are not responsible for anything on the baggage cart.

That was the point of writing this blog entry. There isn't a camera on the baggage cart at Wrangell to record who is walking away with what. The state apparently doesn't secure the baggage cart and doesn't make police reports even if the value of the items stolen are at or above $200 dollars. After being in business for so long and with electronic security equipment being very cheap these days one expects the state government marine transportation derive to actually keep things secure. They have a Marsec 1 notice up, yet thieves are more likely than terrorists to strike the soft underbelly of the baggage carts.

Perception of Nonplussed Waves (poem)

Bright vision of Fanshaw Bay
creased dark memory of Storm Island
the servers of time-lines
rippling waves lift the vessel froward
with a view clear through
water, that is silence
and the silence is the medium
depth diminished light where lived creatures of colors
coastal mafias without life-proliferating
non-sentient biology with stones and boulders
respire water and time swaying
softly in the current

Beyond bites and harbors
into a wind tunnel's force pushing waves
focused soundless, roiling, noisome turbulent
watery tempest's game of chance
life and death challenges for motor v 2.5
where prayer finds a line across
two miles of wave crests, troughs and confusion
in certainty of uncertainty
about capsizing, swamp or drowning
in cold purity
the sky below and water above
where a skiff goes its own way
alone in the wind
the right line atop the summit
leads waves to lesser, calmer fractals
outside Slocum Inlet

Stephen's Passage eastern shore is quiet
a view to morrow has just one squall
overnight to drag anchor to rocks
crunchy barnacles in the night

Ahead a brief transitioning from being and time
timeless space-time like a membrane
stretched without leaving its own place
replete with memory and perception
Frederick Sound next with deep space overhead

None would know the imperfections
of lifeless land insulated with atmosphere
where death is an unformed abstract concept
embedded potentiality within a Higgs field
unfolding dimensions of membranes
even gravity, crust and bays
eroded in Limestone
all floating like Betty's balloons
the forever sky is a solitary sight
an all-encompassing piece of the membrane
sea floor shaking with primary waves
the surface and brain with secondary waves
motoring the vessel through pressure waves
over the surface even the wind is for-itself
another shape of temporal topology
before the eternity of the Lord.