Thursday, November 15, 2018

California Needs a Million Goat Army for Wildfire Defense

California needs millions of goats to lead and take charge of its vast left-wing underbrush that piles up like dry newspaper clippings in a 60s hippie commune until a spark bursts the whole thing into a hill of confusion Winchester Mansion type towering inferno. Ancient California Indians seasonally burned the underbrush in much of that state to let their nuts grow free from choking competition and that approach can be utilized now.

In July sub-Saharan Africa looks like its entirely burning because of slash and burn farming. That annual pollution needs to be stopped and the U.S. state Department should lead the transition to green, non-burning farming technology. Obvious U.S. politicians are often full of themselves and nothing more than organizational profit units in the machine uncaring and aloof with as little sensitivity as a computer, yet they should try to at least fix California.

With the demographics being what they are- crowded; ecospheric conservation need now integrate with environmental economics in the state of California. Laws should be passed making it requisite to have safe building spacing from underbrush likely to burn. a goat army set in wild green strips with some sort of boundaries and even natural control predators such as wolves need become part of a grand fire suppression and ecosphere restoration design plan for California.

People are so full of cultured indolence on Wall Street with the pagan patheistic dod of existential finance presently that politics too are just going the way of the devil. They will be lucky if more fire and brimstone doesn't find its way to California while the politicians are regressivist in comparison to those of the 1950s.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dreams, Shorelines and Drifting Things

I had a dream
that I remembered from the dream
knowing that when I awoke
when I awoke I would know

to understand was the all
pain in the radiating impulses
drawing life away like October
faded into Novemrbish tatters and shreds
like the dead

unlike the facebooks
that make no difference
the light switch didn’t off anything
things that survived the dream weren’t dreampt
the pain belongs to the renter
a contract that transfers upon awakening
bones bathed in liquid oxygen, warm
pressure-sensitive skin burns and freezes
toes, ball, heels sting with sharp needles
inwardly coming out with agony
announcing the presence of hell
six days and nights of traditional pain
that won’t quit a season
as one laughs at animals’ bite
rages against the storm of the onset of light
wishing to gently fade into that good night
where the pain belongs to the real renter
who stayed behind in the dream world
like an anchor line
holding the phenomenon down
below the water
the computer mirthlessly
feels no pain.

Do all ye Europe and California; Sigh; KOWTOW! (Flake News)

President Trump may be quietly studying Press Secretary Huckabee's possible next in line for the day she finally has had enough of the commercial media feeding frenzy happy meals. Taking a cue from NPR on Do all ye sigh; KowTow subtlety, the new Press Secretary may have a nom de guere such as "I pledge allegiance to Donald Trump and all the goodness he stands for." Before a reporter asks a question he will need to formally ask permission of the Press Secretary.

The approaching New European army of President Macrone will enable swift EC collection of national debts by the invading debt collecting Army. Also, noncompliant member states that won't kowtow to the Chile-Mac axis of Lunch Towering over Europe will be swiftly shown who the alpha males are (Chancellor Merkel). Taking control of the high ground of propaganda is an important step on the road to civictorious victory light at the end of the metaphor.

Nationalism did not cause the first world war-elites did. Nations may be blamed when elites deserve credit for war. Elites want to dominate society and destroy pragmatic egalitarian economics-especially sustainable ecospheric economics, when they have enough time to organize.

Monday, November 05, 2018

The Real Civil War of the Future Tense v1.9

The future of civil war in the United States is a popular theme these days. War is more fungible than abstract politics and rhetoric bitten by media casters and regurgitated in various forms so the topic is getting a lot of play by those that haven't the slightest intention to be caught dead with a gun or micro-bomb in their basket. Realistically talk about civil war is unrealistic. Instead, the future could go like this...

The sparsely populated American west has a few million more Latino immigrants that reproduce enough to become a racial majority. They vote to let in all the Spanish speakers they want, and in turn border security falls away as Chinese move in large numbers to provide enterprise in the slack job market of the U.S.A.

Eventually the United States civilly splits along the Rockies with the new Latino-Asian west taking about 100 miles of the Eastern slope too. The United States returns to 13 colonies with a lot of white Muslim slum

I would guess that water wars drive the Mexican States of the West into Dictatorship. The Latino fascist element works well with global plutocrats with a finger in every nation's pie. Europe and the U.S.A.'s people of European ancestry will all have negative population growth. In time non-white Americans will select white skin and blue eyes for their offspring in vitro with DNA recombination technology and though the U.S.A. will evolve a mostly white society it will be mutlicultural chaos with ecospheric pathos.

Alaska Marine Hwy Baggage Cart Thievery

Recently I had the opportunity to travel aboard the rather new boat MV Kennecott from Wrangell to Juneau Alaska. It was the first time I had anything stolen from the baggage cart, so I have a suggestion to reduce that sort of thing from befalling others.

Wrangell had very few people boarding as passengers as walk-ons. Actually I didn't notice anyone else beside myself. At about 7pm the baggage cart appeared rather secure. There was a ferry worker standing next to it. I walked over and asked him if it was alright to aboard the boat. He replied, 'Yes, put your shit aboard the baggage cart.'

I had already put my two large army duffel bags on the baggage cart before he walked over. Went back to the terminal building to get the last one that I planned to take aboard the boat. It was a hiker's style green rucksack with black adjustable hiking straps. Within it was a g.p.s., marine weather radio, an empty plastic gallon gas can with the lid of, part of a tent, a tarp, waterproof camera and other items I needed to bring a small boat back to Wrangell from Juneau.

Walking over ti the baggage cart to ask the ferry guy if it was o.k. to board, when he suggested I .throw my shit' onto the baggage cart I did, then walked on to the Kennecott.

The next town north of Wrangell is Petersburg. I wanted to get the g.p.s. at Petersburg and mark a way-point so I could measure the distance on my way south. At Petersburg, before the baggage cart left the boat, I asked for permission to get the rucksack and found it missing.

I was rather unhappy with the missing rucksack situation and looked over the cart quite well then went to the purser's office aboard the Kennecott to complain. A nice fellow was the purser who couldn't do anything to find the missing rucksack.

The purser let me fill out a form describing the incident and said he would email Wrangell and ask about it, that maybe the rucksack had fallen off the baggage cart. I never again heard anything from the Alaska Marine Hwy people though I was informed after the loss that they are not responsible for anything on the baggage cart.

That was the point of writing this blog entry. There isn't a camera on the baggage cart at Wrangell to record who is walking away with what. The state apparently doesn't secure the baggage cart and doesn't make police reports even if the value of the items stolen are at or above $200 dollars. After being in business for so long and with electronic security equipment being very cheap these days one expects the state government marine transportation derive to actually keep things secure. They have a Marsec 1 notice up, yet thieves are more likely than terrorists to strike the soft underbelly of the baggage carts.

Perception of Nonplussed Waves (poem)

Bright vision of Fanshaw Bay
creased dark memory of Storm Island
the servers of time-lines
rippling waves lift the vessel froward
with a view clear through
water, that is silence
and the silence is the medium
depth diminished light where lived creatures of colors
coastal mafias without life-proliferating
non-sentient biology with stones and boulders
respire water and time swaying
softly in the current

Beyond bites and harbors
into a wind tunnel's force pushing waves
focused soundless, roiling, noisome turbulent
watery tempest's game of chance
life and death challenges for motor v 2.5
where prayer finds a line across
two miles of wave crests, troughs and confusion
in certainty of uncertainty
about capsizing, swamp or drowning
in cold purity
the sky below and water above
where a skiff goes its own way
alone in the wind
the right line atop the summit
leads waves to lesser, calmer fractals
outside Slocum Inlet

Stephen's Passage eastern shore is quiet
a view to morrow has just one squall
overnight to drag anchor to rocks
crunchy barnacles in the night

Ahead a brief transitioning from being and time
timeless space-time like a membrane
stretched without leaving its own place
replete with memory and perception
Frederick Sound next with deep space overhead

None would know the imperfections
of lifeless land insulated with atmosphere
where death is an unformed abstract concept
embedded potentiality within a Higgs field
unfolding dimensions of membranes
even gravity, crust and bays
eroded in Limestone
all floating like Betty's balloons
the forever sky is a solitary sight
an all-encompassing piece of the membrane
sea floor shaking with primary waves
the surface and brain with secondary waves
motoring the vessel through pressure waves
over the surface even the wind is for-itself
another shape of temporal topology
before the eternity of the Lord.

Matter, Energy and Original Sin

I was reading Louis Berkhof's 'Systematic Theology' recently and viewed hi chapter titled 'Man in the State of Sin'. Berkhof goes over the historical opinions of select theologians in regard to the origin of sin in-the-world. Berkhof's work is quite interesting and indirectly lends support to some very modern ideas.

The background for the theological controversy regarding original sin is quite interesting and largely beyond the scope of this blog note that I am making primarily for my own later use. Of course prior to the historical life of Jesus Christ there were several religious and philosophical ideas about the nature of matter, good and evil. Not all of those ideas made their way to ancient Israel or Athens to such an extent that they would become popular or well known. In the first and second centuries after the crucifixion when the disciple had passed on and scripture was being conserved and canonized theologians also began to address various points of doctrine that would actually require centuries to develop. One such point was that of original sin; was the fault in matter and somewhat predestined or did Adam simply make a voluntary choice to sin and thereby condemn everyone human ever after to bear the guilt of original sin?

The different points of view comprise something of a dialectic of opposites. Supporter of the fault is in matter and energy eventually became associated with gnosticism and Pelagianism while the Adam is entirely to blame school became associated with St. Augustine. There was a kind of in-between school that were known as semi-Pelagians.

I am interested in the point not only because of its historical and theological interest for-itself. I have given some though to the issue myself while considering modern creation theory in regard to the Biblical Genesis creation narrative. Adam seems to make his choice to sin before he is in the normal world with its thermodynamic and evolutionary processes that are the rule rather than the exception. That seemed very plain.

Berkhof seemed to believe that Karl Barth felt the Adamic temptation and fall happened in super-history, or what I believe is a greater, metaphysical situation that God created that transcended the material Universe, or even preceded it although like folded-space-time dimensions and membranes with shortcuts through them the idea of linear time progression of all things cannot necessarily be informative of before and after concerning space-time off super-history.

I also thought that the Garden scene of Adam and Eve occurred in a super-historical context and that as punishment for sin Adam and Eve were down-loaded into a thermodynamic ecosystem Universe suitable for sin as normal in matter. Therefor once Adam and Eve had sinned, all of humanity thereafter; their heirs and whomever else was created to populate the fallen world they were cast in to outside the Garden that was thereafter inaccessible and guarded by four cherubim (perhaps each assigned a space-time dimension to defend) would be born into a thermodynamic Universe where original sin of eating, sexting, dying and so are inescapable. An interesting point in Genesis is that the ante-Diluvian descendants of Adam and Eve do not have an instant normal mortal lifespan; there seem to be a gradual relativistic slowing merger into the normal Earth time-line.

My opinion then is somewhat more semi-Pelagian than purely Augustinian or Pelagian. I agree with Augustine that human nature is totally depraved because- because it coheres within the temporal Universe selected for its thermodynamic characteristics. In that fallen Universe the only way God might even notice people as anything besides being of the corrupt Universe context is if they have ate the body and blood of Christ spiritually so that God sees Christ rather than sin within them. I hesitate to use the term semi-Pelagian though for its historical definition that cannot provide the facts about the relationship between original sin and the space-time mass energy of the evolving material in the Higgs field that itself is probably embedded in some sort of a meta-field. I believe the fact is that interpreting the Bible and accurately understanding scriptural based theology may take more thousands of years to get a solid start upon because people just aren't that bright or necessarily informed by God about all things that they might be curious about upon their own schedule.

Augustine was right about many things theological, and quite an inspiration for believers. With a Calvinistic notion about pre-destination it is quite reasonable to accept Augustine's idea that mankind is totally depraved because Adam choose to disobey the will of God and that he used his own free will to make the choice and was therefor entirely to blame. Augustinian liberty with a Calvinist state of pre-destination where the bulk of the predestination is just God's prescience of what someone will choose is a reasonable precursor for the corrective action of God to thrust Adam and Eve into a fallen material world where evolving creatures input energy existentially to exist and grow and have a kind of cellular division to generate more like themselves sexually. Those creatures have original sin in the nature of the matter wherein they cohere, yet until they advance to a certain state of self-aware cognizance they also have primeval innocence in their ignorance of the difference between good and evil; animal versus man and the conscientiousness of a sentient being.

The actual mechanics and time-line of God's interaction with and interpolation and extraction of Adam and Eve from super-history to history aren't presently known in concrete terms. That is an example of why I think it may require a few thousand years to accurately comprehend, God willing, more or less.

Demo Party Redistributionists and Automation

The contemporary Democrat Party seems to be primarily one of feminists, homosexual, non-white and alien redistributionists dedicated to the impoverishment and downward social mobility of white American men. That divisive policy does allow simple race,gender and perversion political identity without a need for rational and efficient economic or environmental theory. It is also a policy that makes it easy to divide and conquer the electorate for the benefit of a national and global plutocracy.

Since the 1960s era political theoretical foundation of democrat Party redistributionism hasn't had a need to change, and because its theoretical foundation is largely skin deep and against y chromosomes that aren't queer or non-white, the more accurate and acute politics of the 1960s era Democratic Party has eroded and faded away. In fact the most recent democrat party U.S. President signed off on making vast Bush II tax cuts permanent when he need have only done nothing to let them expire.

Democrat Party leadership fundamentally seeks after its own enrichment and serves to destroy the class of white middle and working class men that kept the distance between the most rich and the working class within a visible distance rather than light years apart. The 1% have learned to use the broadcast media and identity politics to use the historically less advantaged voters to destroy the class that had kept the nation more or less working as a democracy with a modicum of egalitarianism. Between automation, redistribution of work opportunities, machines and illegal aliens for heavy lifting the opportunities for white men has been under withering attack for decades. Democrat Party redistributionists have played into the hands of the plutocracy and worked for redistribution of economic opportunities unto themselves from the previously solid white male working and middle class. A better policy would have been to develop economic plans that bettered the life standards of all citizens instead of a redistribution party membership.

The nation cannot stabilize its middle and working classes with a continuing influx of illegal workers by the hundreds of thousands or millions annually. Neither can it have a sustainable and reformed environmental economic policy with a radical trans-border outsourcing of jobs with simultaneous import of cheap foreign labor. Increasing taxes on the most rich to keep control of select parameters of national political economy within the hands of elected officials is requisite to retake control of and pay down the national public debt while assuring the all citizens are alright economically when the economic reform to sustainable ecological economic methods transitions into being a national article of faith.

U.S. politics is bout morality and economics. Environment should be non-partisan and any right-thinking, rational citizens should know that the human and national populations cannot increase without bringing a coefficient of ecological and species decrease to the point of mass extinction. Each party member ought to work to innovate sustainable production methods that fully employ all citizens that require or desire employment. In the modern national political economy citizen social philosophy should regard ordinary people as something like workers that should have optimized tools for productivity-even while unemployed.

California Needs a Million Goat Army for Wildfire Defense

California needs millions of goats to lead and take charge of its vast left-wing underbrush that piles up like dry newspaper clippings in a...