Monday, October 29, 2018

Synagogue Killings, Illegal Alien 5th Column and Dopey Democrats

Shooting people at religious devotionals is certainly barbaric. There are morons with left-over ideas inherited from the Nazis I would guess about getting rid of Jews. In old Europe Jews were fairly numerous and wealthy hence easy targets for nationalist propaganda directed usually from above. Whenever the Tsar had domestic political issue he would order a pogrom on Jews for diversion of public interest.

In the United State and the world today Jews are a statistical tiny minority of over-achievers. maybe the morons feel it useful to attack Jews because they feel inferior however in my opinion it is nothing more than plain stupidity generated by various neo-Nazi club ideas. Really it is very exceptionally stupid. 

Democrat party atheists of course hate all Judeo-Christian and Muslim Abrahamic religions and the idea that anyone would say that homosexuality and various other depravities are sin. So they tend to reinforce ideas about killing Jews and Christians as well as Muslims that didn't exist in prior centuries much. democrats are mostly exceptionally stupid too with ideas about ad hoc unionism that would replace democracy and civil liberties for individuals. their ideal utopia is fundamentally Animal farm with female, homosexual union bosses as the prime pig chauvinists.

American Jews shouldn't feel especially put upon  with the recent synagogue slaughter. They have just join the victim's club that Christian Churches and Muslim Mosques have already experienced more than a few times. The proper response is simply to realize that the east has lots of neo-Nazi and loser lone turtles that will quickly shoot down believers in God when they can for sundry reasons. it is probably necessary to hire armed guards for services and to have video cameras film the streets outside. It might also be a good idea for members to have a members-only card that would be required to get inside a strong door. That's just the way it is in the modern world. people can travel globally to accomplish mayhem and a simple phone call from another continent can purchase a shooter. There is no longer an insular society with secure borders. Even now a column of illegal immigrants is marching toward the U.S. border intending to exploit Democrat Party sympathies for national defenselessness.

Central America is a great place with great potential that needs to have democracy, civil liberties, national and domestic secure and liberty and justice for all. That can be accomplished by purging the government of heartless killers, by taxing the rich and getting organized crime to take up the way of the cross and quit their thieving, murdering dopey ways; to become leaders of goodness instead of losers to the ways of decay and death.

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