Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dr Ford Forgot Washington Post Reporter Meeting Detail

Dr. Christine Ford in testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today said that she could not remember if she gave written notes to a Washington Post reporter she met with. That meeting occurred just a few weeks ago; not 35 years ago. The notes were very important as they described what she told her psychiatrist about her sexual assault memory from the high school party she says Judge Kavinaugh attended. When making a decision to present her story to a Washington Post reporter the item she would have made a choice about were the notes. Before going to any important meeting where one must provide witness one usually would choose what evidence in support she would take. Since the only evidence she had were the notes of what she told a psychiatrist, it is rather unconvincing that she could not remember if she took her notes to the meeting to let the Post reporter look at them of if she just casually described the content.

Hillary Clinton  told Ken Starr that she could not recall or could not remember more than 300 times in answering various questions. Ken Starr said he felt like he should charge her with perjury yet didn't. Dissimulation is within the power and practice of Democrat Party leadership.

The relativist and associationist truth schools following John Dewey's teachings believe truth is whatever they say it is. In other words they can pass a polygraph test about anything so long as they regard everything they say as being implicitly true. Those are the Democrats today, and especially psychologists.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

President Trump Ought to Shut Down Government

President Trump is likely to veto the spending bill sent over by the House and shut down the government. Congress has blown him off repeatedly on funding the wall so there isn't much else he can do excerpt close government down until they finance the wall or look like the toy of Congress.

It may be President Trump's last chance to fund wall construction so the government may really shut down until the people that prefer Mexican financial security over American theoretically rot.

New Allegations Against Judge Kav Reveals DC's Sewer Side

Washington D.C. is a sewer breeding corruption in its youth going on the basis of the swingie prepper stories emerging as Brett Kavanaugh is in the stocks during confirmation proceedings. Even though the Harvard Yale axis of dope is what SCOTUS is made of, there is a difference between men and women that pundits and cognoscenti have noticed. How can the Court have fair and balanced male-female members in the future that includes non-homosexuals and leftist wackos too?

There should be a definite protocol for letting accusations pile up, as if it was a legal hunting season, that ends so the Senate Judiciary Committee may rightly consider the stuff dumped their way- and not at the last minute so the Senate seems like a bunch of jackasses manipulated by any collusionists out there.

Should juvenile records be allowed that don't involve criminal convictions? That is a tough question. Adults are supposed to be more mature and with different conduct than juveniles.

And what about college parties? Is everyone that attends one responsible for everything that goes on there-especially in DC where the last President was a confessed minor cocaine user like former Mayor Marian Berry I suppose. 

If women are going to be held accountable for immoral behavior in some way that approximates male misdeeds, what can be considered; extra-marital sex or sex outside of marriage? Should every accusation of promiscuity be allowed against a female nominee in the years ahead. Where do the queer judges fit in? Is juvenile queer activity a fair reprehensible target for accusers to make against any judge that it might possibly stick to for a while at least?

Washington D.C. and environs is an ugly city morally speaking where some of the most corrupt and treacherous people anywhere gather to pile up vast public debt and let in drug traffickers and their fruits over the border illegally to supply their hench-persons that supply Hollywood. Someone has to judge the perpetrators with accomplices and collusionists who won't build a wall to keep the illegals out of the nation. In some way those living in Washington DC should be protected from all of the evil that California has to offer. Really, there should be some sort of protocol to defend Washington D.C. insiders.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pope John Paul II Was a Moral Leader; the Present Guy?

Pope John Paul II was a moral leader. The present Pope mostly stands for moral ambiguity. He said about homosexual marriage; 'who am I to judge'. Recently he signed off on letting the Chinese Communist Government nominate Bishops for that nation. That raises a few points of interest to non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

One. Will Alaska be allowed to nominate Bishops too, and of course the U.S. Government should have a few. Switzerland shouldn't be rated below China by the Vatican and has a right for a Bishop or two from its cantons. I understand completely that the Pope would not want to let Canada nominate Bishops. I can't say that I blame him for that. Russia though...

The Tsar used to appoint the head of the Orthodox Catholic Church so I suppose Vladimir Putin will demand appointing several Bishops to be on equal footing with the Chinese who have been given most favored nation bishops to nominate status. And don't forget about Google and Ford; they might want a bishop or two.

What will the communist bishops think about homosexual marriage though? The Pope said reportedly that the church needs to change because of its pedophile priests that have cost millions and millions or even billions in damages to victims. If the church allows marriage as it has in prior historical times, it will probably allow homosexual marriage priests and return to the pedophile problem.

Yet as the Pope said; Who am I to Judge? In the Revelation Jesus said to the seven churches (paraphrase) to shape up or be cast out. God is already judging people. Catholic leaders are supposed to advocate what the Bible instructs as right behavior. Homosexuality isn't o.k. It's God's judgment that is meaningful. Christians need to follow the rules.

Dr. Ford's Negotiating is Worse then Bobby Fischer's

Christine Ford's negotiating to appear at the senate to testify is worse than those that Bobby Fischer or the North Vietnamese might have demanded, respectively, for their appearances at a chess championship or the Paris Peace talks. That was all about the size and kind of the table. One would think that Dr. Ford wants to appear to testify rather than it being an onerous burden for her. If that is the case the Senate should simply let her off the hook and cancel the day for her to testify and hold a vote instead. There is no need to keep setting back the date for her testimony because of her unwillingness to appear unless certain conditions are met.

AI Apps for Language Interaction Would be Useful

An artificial intelligence app for learning a foreign language interactively would be useful; spoken language that is. The app should recognize at least two languages and be able to converse meaningfully. Maybe it already exists. It would also be useful to have a fast 1/10th second speech translator improvement phone tool for making foreigners speaking one's own language more intelligible.

Dem's Kavanaugh Craziness Driving Up Repub Poll Numbers?

Republicans have achieved their highest favorabililty rating in polls in seven years. The reasons may be the craziness about the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing support for unproven accusations against a spotless nominee.

In one case, an accuser admits that she isn't sure who the dick belonged to that she believes she saw at a frat party while buzzed from booze, yet thinks it may have been Brett Kavanaugh's spotted dick because she saw him tucking in his shirt soon after the alleged dick spotting. Did anyone think to ask if Brett Kavanaugh himself may be suffering ptsd from a boob flashing while at Yale?

In the case of Dr. Christine Ford, there is lack of verification from any other source. The high school year book scrivening though...that is damning. Brett Kavanaugh's high school essays ought to be examined for implicit, latent, chauvinism as well, by Special Inquisitor Mueller. Somewhere amidst the fog of war there might be Russian collusion.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Pres Putin Errs in Sending S-300's to Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a tactical error in sending Russian S-300 air defense missiles to Syria. The Middle East doesn't really need that kind of destabilizing missile presence. The United States doesn't actually need to regard Russian threats to Israeli security as non-hostile. One wants to overlook Russia's Syrian military activities that contribute to stabilization of the Syrian civil chaos when possible, and it usually is possible except when they are a threat to U.S. allies and U.S. military aircraft in the area. No one needs a possibility of a regional conflict between allies or larger powers in Syria or even Israel.

 For Vladimir Putin to allow the Assad regime to have the tools to attack U.S. and/or Israeli aircraft just wasn't a good idea. Letting Russian crews operate and perhaps shoot at U.S. and/or Israeli aircraft is even worse. Syrian security does not need S-300 missiles. In fact it undermines Syrian security to a limited extent as it increases awareness that the Assad government with Russian help could return to a status of being a danger to Israel and other nations. Then the moderate western support for a non-Sunni government in Syria might dry up.  People may suggest that more missiles be deployed in Europe along Russian borders to counter Russian air threats.

President Putin should seek for some way to let Israel and Syria work together and find solutions to troubling issues in such a way that gardening can return to the fore as possible activity for people interested more in peace than in military and terrorist activity. Russia has a Soviet past that brings an aura of evil to its Syrian activities that is reinforced with introduction of the wrong kind of weapons to an evil though understandable regime. If Russia chooses to be with the side of the lost and unsaved souls of Syria instead of national Israel, or or hopes for sympathy from the godless atheists co-anti-religionists of the west to work with the atheists of the former Soviet Union, that misdirected hope would not be worth a ruble

Vote on Kavanaugh Now- Impeach Later if Need Be

SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused by two women of sexual impropriety several decades ago. The accusations are last-minute kinds of things that accomplish Democrat Party objectives in a significant way; they hope to take over Congress in the mid-term November vote and stand to disapprove any conservative nominee. The nation should have a conservative justice and unless there is a legal reason why he shouldn't be on the court, the vote should proceed.
Did Brett Kavanaugh do what Christine Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh's Yale classmate; a Ms Ramirez, say he did? There is apparently no way to know right away. Plainly there isn't a legal issue existing after all the time that has passed without a charge ever being filed, it is simply a political issue and one that any reasonable soul knows is a favorite of the Democrat Party this year. They are accusations that stimulate Me Too ire and wrath and work to help bring out the vote.
Brett Kavanaugh is the primary victim of the accusations that may or may not be true. If his nomination doesn't go ahead the smears persist in public memory as if he was some kind of sex offender that escaped legal requirements to register wherever he chooses to live. If he is innocent that would make little difference for the public remembers the accusations rather than dismissals.
With months to make public accusations in a timely way the Democrats involved choose to wait until the timing would stop replacing Judge Kavanaugh before the next court session starts in October and the election occurs in November and that can't be a coincidence. It may be a cold-blooded political calculation that should not be rewarded. Dr. Ford renegotiates her appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee more often than the parties of the Paris Peace talks regarding the size of the table. If she is so reluctant to testify she ought to be excused from testifying and the vote directly proceed.
Fortunately the constitution provides a remedy for the present problem. A Supreme Court Justice may be impeached and removed from office by the House and Senate comparable to the manner a President may be. The Kavanaugh vote should go ahead as he is a remarkably well qualified Judge with an otherwise impeccable reputation. Yet an investigation could go ahead too and if Judge Kavanaugh turns out to be worthy of being removed from the high court later, the legislature will have the power to do so. It should not be that the orderly execution of government is disrupted or corrupted by last minute unsupported accusations that serve to accomplish a political purpose. Ample opportunity from several sectors existed for a timely presentation of accusations about the Judge's high school and college years. At least the issue is not as superfluous as the Harvard filled court hating to have a Yale man join them. Neither is it some kind of skull and bones frat collusion- probably.

King's Gambit 3M Blitz

                                                                                  I played white in this game.

Democrat Congress Could Perfect Do-Nothing Status

A Democrat Party win in November could achieve a perfected do-nothing except costly pork congressional transition to the dark side of the force. Republicans in theory are somewhat less immoral than Democrats hence they get the moral voter block, yet even with encouragement rising to chastising they too achieve little of solid value to the poor and middle class that is positive except of course in forestalling Democratic waves of demonic doom of individual civil rights subsuming individuals into the Borg of Democrat Party control.

Democrats controlling one or more houses of the legislature this fall while President Trump is in the White House of course would reject any effort to secure the border with a control barrier. Republicans haven't delivered on that one simple promise either. Neither really want Americans to manufacture their own electric bikes or actually have an independent and secure manufacturing base, borders or ecosphere that is sustainable for generations. Both parties could be conflated into do nothing oneness that isn't primarily for the benefit of globalists plutocrats and their depraved legions of doom following them like the most vile creatures of Mordor.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Blitz Chess-3 min Indian-Game-Yusupov-Rubinstein-System

                                                                                I played black in this 3 minute blitz game. 0-1 on time

Sketchy Military Affairs After 1918

The United States bailed out Britain with its decisive entry into the First World War. Patton on the western front believed the United States should have not signed an armistice but should have forced Germany to fight until unconditional surrender. Britain was decimated with casualties in the war. The Cambridge University class of 1914 for instance, had something like 80% casualties. Britain wasn’t in any condition to fight another war, while the United States was strong and getting stronger.
Eisenhower wanted to go to Europe from his job being a tank instructor at Ft. Hood, yet the army wouldn’t let him. It turned out that he had a role to play in the final battle of The First World War named The Second World War.
The United States perhaps should not have got involved in the First World War and instead could have let Germany win. Crown Prince Ruprecht led a break-through just before the end of the war 250 miles into France and then ran out of troops to continue. The entry of the United States had provided much manpower to wear Germany down. If Germany had won the war there would not have followed an Adolph Hitler and Third Reich.
George S. Patton’s poem
Peace -- November 11, 1918 - Poem by General George S Patton Jnr
“I stood in the flag-decked cheering crowd
Where all but I were gay,
And gazing on their extesy,
My heart shrank in dismay.
For theirs was the joy of the 'little folk'
The cruel glee of the weak,
Who, banded together, have slain the strong
Which none alone dared seek.
The Bosch we know was a hideous beast
Beyond our era's ban,
But soldiers still must honor the Hun
As a mighty fighting man.
The vice he had was strong and real
Of virtue he had none,
Yet he fought the world remorselessly
And very nearly won…
And looking forward I could see
Like a festering sewer;
Full of the fecal Pacifists
Which peace makes us endure….
None of the hold and blatant sin
The disregard of pain,
The glorious deeds of sacrefice
which follow in wars train.
Instead of these the little lives
Will blossom as before,
Pale bloom of creatures all too weak
To hear the light of war.
While we whose spirits wider range
Can grasp the joys of strife,
Will moulder in the virtuous vice
Of futile peaceful life.
We can but hope that e're we drown
'Neath treacle floods of grace,
The tuneless horns of mighty, Mars
Once more shall rouse the Race
When such times come, Oh! God of War
Grant that we pass midst strife,
Knowing once more the whitehot joy
Of taking human life.
Then pass in peace, blood-glutted Bosch
And when we too shall fall,
We'll clasp in yours our gory hands
In High Valhallas' Hall. “

The Kavanaugh Process is Important

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most highly qualified Judges for the Supreme Court available. To allow unproven allegations arriving at the eleventh hour to halt nominee selection votes regularly could make it very difficult to ever add anyone to the court. In a nation of 320 million people there is no end of possible accusations that could be made.
Democrats want to stop the addition of any conservative to the U.S. Supreme Court. Most Republicans would prefer not to add a liberal-leftist-corporatist judicial activist again, hence the present fight.
The next session of the court begins in early October so any delays the Democrats can make help to keep their agenda at SCOTUS more viable. The Ford accusation is a partial birth abortion of the nomination vote. Any tool to spike conservative guns will be tried.
In the future some sort of regular time table should be established to stop last-minute accusations with amorphous evidence credibility from delaying proceedings. Objections to a nominee should be required to appear within an open season that ends at least 30 days prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on the nominee.

A good working procedure for future nominations might be for the Judiciary Committee to accept accusations against a nominee for 30 days after the public announcement of nomination, then close the open accusation enrollment period and study the accusations for two weeks in addition to two weeks of general interviews, before voting. Criminal accusations would have a life of their own outside the scope of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Where is the Electric Lincoln?

Cadillac has some high performance models and some nearly compact coups yet Lincoln is something of a wonder. Why isn't there a high performance all-electric compact Lincoln convertible with a platform designed to one day allow the batteries to be replaced with a hydrogen fuel cell and for now a high performance liquid or nitrogen cooled gaming computer?

In theory electric car platforms and component parts could be so simple that they are nearly snap-together utilizing pieces from various companies conformed to select industry standards- rather like building a computer at home from parts selected on the Internet.

In the not too distant future electric transport platforms could enter automobile races such as the Indianapolis 500 with self-driving A.I., win, then go to the supermarket to pick up a load of groceries and drop off the owner at home before driving itself to Home Depot to pick up a pallet of building material loaded by a self-driving and loading pallet, while recharging, and bring the building materials back to the future new hut of the home owner moving up to a full ten by ten dwelling from his rental.

The hut could be manufactured as a battery-in-itself coated with voltaic materials  able to recharge the electric vehicle, although with power lines being ubiquitous and the equivalent of being filled with gasoline, future recharging should be transparently easy.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mobs in the Street Can't Substitute for Democracy

Theoretically the United States democracy is a representative republic, hence mobs in the streets aren’t the preferred way of working political opinion and the will of the people. The Congress has representatives of the people; elected representatives, that get first crack at making laws. It seems as if people aren’t contented with that these days goaded on by media cameras. The second amendment plainly provides for gun ownership.

People have written reminders that the founders allowed for constitutional amendments if the people want that, neither is that process accomplished through mob demonstrations in the streets, trails, parks or waterways. Courts must enforce the constitution. Democrats in the judiciary sometimes act as if they could interpret the constitution in any way they prefer; as if it were the intellectual equivalent of Silly Putty, and that making bad precedents ends the debate. That is known as judicial activism. Unfortunately that method conflicts with truth, language and logic over time, and requires correction.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Field Poems (video) Incld 'Invictus Saved'

Dr. Ford’s Research is the Right Stuff for Accusing Brett Kavanaugh

Dr. Christine Ford; Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, has the right academic background for making an effectively timed public attack on a U.S. Supreme Court nominee. She may have personal antipathy for because of his mother’s adjudication of her family’s home eviction proceeding even though it was dismissed by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother who was the Judge in the case. She may also have political antipathy to the conservative who has a constructionist view on the second amendment that isn’t popular among California liberals.

Dr. Ford’s professional research publications specialize in designing statistical models that can be applied to psychological research. She published a paper on ‘the effects of hiding sexual orientation’- a left-leaning field that might encourage determination for public homosexuality in youth. Without genetic evidence of homosexual nature, the political psychological pretense that homosexuality is natural and should be ‘out-ed’ amid recalcitrant youth that with encouragement might determine they are queer isn’t supportable.

Dr. Ford also wrote on child abuse (probably including teenage girls) and on the 9-11 attack. Each would help her understand effective timing and presentation modes for making sexual allegations against a Supreme Court nominee.

Dr. Ford’s co-authored… How Many Subjects? Statistical Power Analysis in Research. 2015

Invictus Saved

A slightly modified version of the famous poem Invictus by William Henley.

William Ernest Henley, 1849 - 1903

                      Invictus Saved

Trump Tariffs May Stim US and Mex Bicycle Manufacture

President Trump's prospective tariffs on Chinese bicycle dumping could stimulate American production of lightweight, energy efficient electric bicycles. Maybe illegal aliens could remain in Mexico and produce electric bikes for Mexican and American markets that could compete with Chinese bikes with trick pricing on ebay- especially the electric powered bikes that advertise one price and then add 400 dollars after selecting the color.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Couldn't Nike Have Got a Vet Amputee for Its Sacrifice Commercials?

Couldn't Nike have got a vet that actually made a sacrifice in combat for its commercials instead of a millionaire given more millions most notable for protesting during the national anthem?  Some have actually suffered quite a lot, for quite a while, for the nation. Maybe the rich have a different idea regarding sacrifice. Nike commercials seem rather farcical considering. I guess they couldn't afford Bill Gates for an example of sacrifice.

Pro Football is not a sacrifice. Neither is not playing after receiving millions of dollars. One can avoid head injuries that occur to long-time players. Sacrifice has some objective standards. It isn't just giving up caviar on one's filet mignon and accepting Grey Poupon in order to have a portion set aside for Lovie.
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, MMA-NYC, 1851.jpg’s Russian Annexation of Crimea Story is BS’s assessment of how Russia took possession is fundamentally a whopper. The facts are that Russia got the Crimea during the reign of Catherine the Great legally as part of a settlement of a Russia-Turkey war. The Soviet Union in ending the Russian imperial government reapportioned areas of Russia into different administrative districts. Yet the Crimea was still Russian regardless of where the Soviets placed it in their structure. When the Soviet Union ended all historically Russian lands should have remained Russian.

Russia was a name almost interchangable with the Soviet Union. It wasn't an entirely different nation. Lands that were in the Soviet Union that were in Russia before the October Revolution will be long regarded as Russian with perhaps, some a Muslim nation exceptions. When the Soviet Union ended so did some Soviet political districts. There is no easy transition after the Evil Empire except to Russian return.

The Ukraine was given away by Lenin to Germany in the Treaty of Brest-Litvosk. German’s had sent Lenin in a sealed train to Russia to take it over and put the Bolshevik party into power. Lenin ended Russia’s participation, or rather that of the Soviet Union and in exchange for peace (and a little promised help) let Germany have much of the Ukraine. Germans moved in and supported the 3rd Reich in world war two when the Soviets (aka Russians and others) took it back from Germany.

So the title to Ukraine is a little fogged. To exclude Russia altogether is bullshit. To pretend that Russia just invaded the Ukraine to take the Crimea because it has been Ukrainian for at least 60 years may be a propaganda point that Bolshevik Ukrainians might want to make, yet it is bullshit, for the benefit of Wall Street-hostile takeover of Russian lands polemicists.

Free (e-book) Science Fiction Novel

The book is my science fiction novel; A Universal Widget - In the Realm of Forms.

Book descriptionWhat if Plato's realm of forms is the abstract logical structure of all forms and relationships that exist in nature? Plato wondered if forms of material things were actualizations of transcendent blueprints from the mind of God. A realm of forms may contain archetypes of collective quantum mechanics. Patrick Voevoda-a philosopher and his friend Evonne search for a universal technology form and answers to planetary environmental morphs. Forms of all matter may have an origin in the mind-plans of God.

Democracy and the Balance of Capital

There are four primary types of capital.
  1. Intellectual capital
  2. Private capital
  3. Public capital
  4. Natural capital
When the nation was found there was a wealth of natural capital. Over the centuries much of it has been converted into private capital through methods that unnecessarily depleted or diminished the capital. Natural capital was sustainable yet the intellectual capital to use it and not lose it was lacking.

Intellectual capital built up over the centuries yet private capital can be managed by people with over-specialized knowledge who have no grasp of the intellectual capital content, especially regarding other forms of capital. Private capital has had a tendency to exploit and reduce natural and public capital.

Public capital (i.e. streets, public utilities, public schools, ports and harbor constructions, airports, sports stadiums proving a socialistic base for the NFL to perform bread and circuses rituals for the plebeians) has increased with the increase of the national population of the United States over the centuries yet it has not increased in size with private capital at all. Public capital policy general is made to conform with the interests of private capital.

Democracy can become dominated by concentrated wealth managers of private capital with obsessive specialized interests. Public political management may become dominated by representatives of private capital wealth concentrations in the political forms of corporatism and plutocracy. Then the capacity of enlightened political management and adaptation to national challenges is diminished.

In theory democracy is free to management parameters of private capital concentration that would reinforce egalitarian opportunity for the acquisition of capital and capital growth (capital is here defined as real properties and knowledge of value.) and support the increase of all forms of capital rather than the domination of private capital concentrated in a small percent of the populous.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Ford Accusation; All Hat No Cattle?

Christine Ford's accusations against a U.S. Supreme Court nominee may be all hat no cattle on her claims to be a rancher of a sex offense she said Brett Kavanaugh made. She made her accusation (that appeared carefully timed to delay a confirmation vote by someone-collusion with unknown persons of interest to leak the story) as a bolt out of the blue though Senator Feinstein had the letter Dr. Ford wrote since July and when talking with Judge Kavanaugh never mentioned the subject. Senators sometimes may have other concerns besides getting to the truth about the quality of potential political appointees. Christine Ford is unwilling to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to present her cattle for inspection, if she indeed has any. Did anyone offer to provide free transport, a quality hotel and a fully stocked refrigerator if she would testify?

It is ironic that the technically rigorous legal profession and judiciary is so influenced by ad hoc data that seem to have less than quality evidence standards for its Supreme Court nominations.

A school student at the elite female school Holton-Arms who graduated in 1983 informs us that;

"Christine Blasey Ford was a year or so behind me,"I did not know her personally but I remember her. This incident did happen . Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However Christine's vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly,  deeply know that the accusation is true."

Judge Kavanaugh's mother was a Judge too. She adjudicated an eviction proceeding for Christine Ford and her parents from their home. Judge Kavanaugh's mother settled the proceeding, dismissing it, yet it is possible that young Christine formed some sort of bias against the son; Brett Kavanaugh at the time became of his mother's involvement. It is quite possible that Christine Ford contrived some sort of revenge leverage and circulated it in her all-female elite school in 1983.

Demanding the F.B.I. investigate the decades-old story would require weeks and realistically might not get any sort of reliable testimony at all about the alleged party and party incident. The claims should have some clear, present discussion before the Senate along with whatever Judge K has to say about it. That is a good place to start to look into the alien mutilation of the cattle of Judge Kavanaugh's reputation as it relates to confirmation. In theory, the narrative will play before the Senate next Monday.

Cancel that. Dr. Ford has apparently decided not to testify unless the F.B.I. investigates first. The public is left with an unverified report of a bum steer on the road beyond the wire.

The Rich Should Be Taxed 90%

The rich should have a 90% tax rate in order to prevent them from playing with the poor. They have far too much power and influence to determine politics and even liberty to be allowed such wealth.

One doesn't need socialism to accomplish that, and the money could pay off the national debt and improve public education or simply be destroyed. The purpose is to de-mock democracy rather than to provide free chicken dinners for hundreds of millions.

Probably it will require war to get the tax rate down. A war with unforseeable context as yet a cloud at best amidst clouds. Then another Roosevelt will step forth to raise the bar on those that mock democracy in favor of plutocracy, globalism and corruption.

A disclaimer; the Democrats are even more corrupt than Republicans- one needs to look somewhere else.

An effectively aristocratic owned market limits the potential number of socially valuable creative start-ups. Individuals require enough capital to prove up worthwhile inventions. Egregious investment in dubiously necessary businesses such as fossil fuel vehicles and asphalt highways demonstrably present an opportunity cost that displaces better product simply through the weight of concentrated capital.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Big Rocket Gets Japanese Boost

A Japanese billionaire has bought all of the seats aboard a Big Falcon Rocket trip around the moon. That will help pay for construction of the rocket that should occur in the next three to five years. That's a venture capitalist time paradigm that ought to be emulated by N.A.S.A., who decided not to finance the Space X BFR.

What N.A.S.A. could chip in  would be a realistic study of building a Mars Gateway that is something like the moon gateway it has a a present project. The mars Gateway could be constructed on Phobos or simply orbit and should have next-robotic assembly and 3-d printing.

Syrians Shoot Down Russian Aircraft With 15 Aboard

The Syrian government forces were shooting at Israelis and hot a Russian aircraft. Russia blames Israelis because their aircraft wouldn't hold still to be shot down. Russia should be realistic on the incident and not blame Israel for not having dolt pilots. Real politik is a Russian strength rather than weakness. There is already enough spaced out politics in the world, Russia needn't contribute.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Derailing Judicial Ascensions With Last Minute Accusations

The technique of wrenching Supreme Court Judicial appointment votes with last second accusations about high school sexual misconduct is a fairly fool-proof tool for Democrats to use to force things their way. Judge Kavinaugh left high school decades ago and delving into those years with murky memories providing virtually zero chance of accurate confirmation works fairly well.

Opposition parties to judicial nominations should not be free to keep a spare accusation in their back pocket to trot out at the last minute when their prospects for getting a no vote don't look good. A regular process to input all objections to the nominee should be established such that the objection evidence is all brought to the public hearing attention in a timely way with a cut off date for the introduction of new evidence, except for explicit objective evidence of a very high quality.  Unscrupulous politicians may otherwise choose to subvert honest proceedings simply for temporal control of the court to keep it as it is presently for as long as possible if they believe the court membership is disposed to supporting opposition political viewpoints regarding decisions.

It is unfortunate that Prof Christine Ford; a psychologist, choose to wait until the last minute to  trash Judge Kavanaugh's character. Yet it may produce a positive result eventually in predisposing the Judge to hold a little bias against psychologist working conflationary activities to conjoin the law and psychiatry to the detriment of human liberty.

Law should stiff-arm psychology in evidentiary and culpability to prevent social totalitarians from making it illegal to think, and correcting those who do. No one has even troubled to ask if the young Mr. Kavanaugh broke any laws, and to what extent he should be disqualified from being a Judge on the Supreme Court if he did actually grope the future psychologist.

Psychology is a field for atheists these days, preponderantly, with associative mind contents they can dismiss as phenomenal and meaningless. They may even be capable of dissimulation equal to that of politicians. Yet Judge Kavanaugh, if he has been of good character and conduct since allegedly groping, Christine Ford 35 years ago approx, might still be able to perform the duties of being a High Court Justice.
It may be the Christine Ford views the incident differently than the Judge-especially if it did not occur.

How Senator Murkowski of Alaska views the matter may be dependent upon how the Alaska Federation of Natives regard it, for she is basically owned by them for supporting her in her first run as a Senator against the Republican Party candidate Joe Miller. If she sabotages the somewhat conservative nominee Republicans of Alaska may remember that in her next re-election campaign, in addition to her support for Obamacare. Fundamentally she is a mercenary independent for hire.

If the alleged incident of groping a peer-girl while drunk at a party actually happened, getting people to testify to the event that supposedly ended with two boys running downstairs in drunken revelry, would be challenging. Some people  might remember the party perhaps, a somewhat typical adolescent socializing event with girls and boys playing together rather awkwardly in a post-pubescent (mostly) event, yet with no report at the time of the incident made apparently, there wouldn't be a good chance of putting the Judge on trial, or waterboarding him to determine if he actually did or did not cop a feel of sumptuous boobs without permission, under the influence of alcohol.

A trial for an adult incident would require months to prepare and would set back the vote obviously. Yet with the incident introduced at the last minute simply to stop the proceedings being made from Sen. Feinstein's California constituency by a professional psychologist well able to fabricate false memories and so forth, the entire affair does have the aura of bogusness about it. In the future there perhaps should be some sort of rule made that does not allow the introduction of last-minute accusations in to derail a vote. That is, there should be some reasonable time requirements to introduce evidence that won't allow flimsy accusations to disrupt normal legal affairs. Supreme Court appointments don't just slip through when no one is looking; it would be reasonable to set a time period following the public nomination of a Judge of a month or two for the introduction of hostile accusations.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Automatic Food Dispenser for Weight Maint

To be as fashionable as those commercials made on the south of France where they show the chic way to open brand new large size garbage bag boxes I thought I would write about the concept of automatic food dispensers used for weight control.

Actually I don't know if they exist. The problem with dieting in the USA today is access to food without a planned diet and chef to prepare and serve the right quantities and quality of food. A new venture could produce a timed release, soy, dried beef, vegetables and fruit food dispenser for a balanced and tasty diet that would let consumers be free of concern about what or how much to eat for a month.

The automatic food dispenser should allow four meals a day and also have a liquid dispenser. One would be eating a variety of soy biscuits and compact dry goods of various sorts; maybe there should be four or five channels for different kinds of food and each tube or lane working like a dispensing machines would dispense all breakfast food, lunch foods, dinner and snack at the same time. The liquid portion would contain a fruit and vegetable drink rather like a mix of carrot, apricot and celery juice.

We the People*, (*defined as those that aren't just purely rich, materialist and aloof lacking any sort of spiritual element), should be able to have a low cost, in-home fast food dispenser with a timed release of diets designed for people according to an ideal body height and weight chart, as well as kind of work activity and caloric intake requirement setting that is appropriate.

Those who are very poor and even hungry sometimes have a difficult time stretching whatever resources they have away from a front-loaded immediate consumption of fatty foods such as the excellent pig barbecue burgers at a dollar store and to the monthly non-panicky balanced diet, if one is lucky enough to have monthly resources. So the cost should be low and as efficient at delivery a healthy diet although lacking the savory sauce kind of experience, as well as heating up.

Not of course as exciting as a super-rich NFL game with vast left and right wing consumption patterns plus steak and nutritional supplements or special excrement observers to make sure the diet of the players is working good, yet useful for those the people that remember what America was like before REM or the end of Radio Shack.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Team Obama Bought Costly Curtains for UN Ambassador Residence

It was team Obama that bought the $52,000 curtains for the U.N. Ambassador's residence in New York CIty; not Donald Trump or Nikki Haley. Before Mr. Obama left office Team Obama picked the best, though it probably lacked golden thread with cute little diamond chips, in anticipation of Team Hillary moving in.

Pope May Let Chinese Atheists Select Bishops

Allowing the Chinese authoritarian government, or any government for that matter, to nominate bishops for the Catholic Church is fairly crazy. It's a giant step backward on the road to human freedom that would subvert whatever moral authority the Catholic Church has in the United States after the child molestation record of the past few decades. Reportedly the Catholic Church leader Pope Francis is considering the matter, yet one hopes that he will soon say that it isn't so.

Churches are supposed to be of the city of God rather than of the city of man. Letting the evolutionist, liberal, secularian theological viewpoint promote itself further with Communist-approved loyalist bishops would be another substantial blot on the papal, record; the other being moral anemia in a leadership position on the homosexual marriage issue when it was a live grenade.

Catholic bishops become cardinals that elect popes. China has a large population and could potentially have a lot of communist bishops and cardinals becoming electors. One day the Catholic Church could have an atheist Chicom Pope if the Catholic church chooses to go after quantity instead of quality.

The Church should not conform itself to the world. If it loses truth in believing it can define it, what value has it then except to the secularian unprincipled? Peter said the saved do not sin and he was right. That is they are justified and have no legal accountability for sin even while their sanctification to be more Christ-like is a project continuing for the balance of their lives. To accept secularian doctrines like homosexuality and abortion enables the Church to deceive the masses and exacerbates the problem of sin. Bringing people into the Church with deceit is to effectually lie; and that is a sin in many cases too. 

Inforwars Still Exists; Just Not on Big Social Media

The social media giants are something like the Dar al Islam vs the Dar al Harb having pacified FB, Apple and Twitter by removing Infowars platforms making the environment a safe zone for the globalist left who refuse to transition to nationalist environmentalist with full-employment ecological economic policy.

  Alex Jones' Inforwars site is

Answering the Question; Is Google Biased to the Left?

Laura Ingraham's video provides some fairly explicit evidence.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Last Times According to Jesus (12 videos)

The Rev R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries presented a good 12 video course- free to watch on-line- on the last times according to Jesus. The last times concerning when Jesus will return, is called eschatology. Rev. Sproul is a discursive educator providing informative material.

Blitz Chess (3M) vs Scandinavian Defense

Board analysis shows that the player with fewer blunders won. More than a dozen blunders combined. I played white.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conner McGregor Fight

The October 6 M.M.A. lightweight title fight is interesting tactically. Each fighter is well conditioned and with different training. The 154 pounders each are title holders.

In McGregor's recent fight for a title,  McGregor's counterpunching clobbered Alvarez 3 or 4 times, and he fell down each time. The Mayweather fight prep and loss might have helped McGregor better his counterpunching skills. 

Khabib is a two time combat sambo world champion and that art is pretty good for sweeping legs I guess. He has a black belt in Judo, maybe with some Brazilian Judo skill thrown in- who knows- it's good for the ground game. It's hard to imagine that Khabib can't get break through McGregor's long jab that is employed like the jab of post-Joe Louis boxers. Like good fighters from Ray Robinson to Ali  and Holmes... If one watches a highlight of Khabib's fights, one sees that his opponents were very hard to put down, and wouldn't stay down.

House Bans Dog and Cat Eats; Hates Cattle

The Congress hates cattle enough to allow them to be slaughtered and made for barbeque yet has taken care of dogs and cats providing special protected status for them. The House has outlawed dogs and cats from being made into dog burgers and cat crackers, snacks and fries.

The Hindu wing of the Republican Party venerates dogs and cats as sacred, and disregarding the Petrine genius (all non human things are freely edible-Acts 10:11), thinks they aren't fit for restaurant menus. 

There are some down sides to the measure. For one thing I know of a few bike chasing, Achilles tendon biting pit bulls in Georgia that would be tasty on toast with hot sauce and fixins. They deserve the hors d'oeuvres penalty. Cats make good eagle snacks yet are really for the poor if starvation overtakes them, or if some kind of clothing for a global winter were required all of a sudden.

Excessive government regulation in the Republican-controlled House means that Democrats won't be able to put low-fat dog and cat treats on public school lunch programs.

It really was crass for the Congress to disregard seals and other mammals in the national waters from protection from being eaten when they mostly are smarter than dogs and cats. Seals deserve consideration since they really are smart and are suffering so much from humans eating their food. Whale eating should be prevented with a life sentence listening to REM for those that violate their peace and tranquility in the bays and American ocean waters, and maybe a little electro-shock conditioning to avoid eating whales.

Dogs that chase deer might be considered for exclusion from the special protection. Deer have rights too; or could.

Why Northerners Opted to End Slavery

The United States was about democracy and social equality from inception. In the late 18th century it was nearly alone in that regard. Slavery is the antinomy of freedom and implicitly inimical to democracy. It is a danger to free men.
The world governments of that era were royal with kings and queens, except for the United States. Forming the nation wasn’t easy. It required revolution, National independence came first, perfecting the union of free states need be achieved later.

At the time of the revolution all British colonial entities allowed slavery. During the revolution some states began the practice of ending slavery. After ratification of the U.S. constitution in 1788, many New England States were free states while southern states that regarded African slaves as capital assets were known as slave states

Some historians have the opinion that northerners regarded slavery as a reinforcement to the paradigm of oligarchic and aristocratic political forms. It was viewed as a threat to democracy. Britain continued to be a primary threat to the existence of the United States. After burning the U.S. capital in prosecuting the War of 1812 wasn’t successful in reestablishing British dominion in America outside of Canada England, continued to find the south a weak underbelly to work mischief upon. Northern states had a protectionist trade policy concerning Britain for much of the period. Though most Brits that weren’t members of elites opposed slavery, Britain sold trade goods vital to the south during the war. Liverpool was the main port of export to the slave states.

The free state-slave state duality continued while the nation grew in the first half of the 19th century. Laws passed by the federal government had priority over state laws. Some federal laws inflamed states citizens over a half century concerning slavery issues. The wikipedia relates this time line on select slavery issues, as well as one from England…

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, a law passed by the United States Congress. The Slave Trade Act of 1794, a law passed by the United States Congress. The Slave Trade Act 1807, an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom. The Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves, a United States federal law from 1807.”

As these laws were implemented the effects were substantial. The fugitive slave act in particular was onerous and offensive to northerners because it seemed to directly contradict their liberty and opinion; it required that escaped southern slaves that were in free states be returned to the southern slavers. An upgraded Slave Act in 1850 is regarded as a proximal cause for the civil war. It was an issue that was critical for liberty concerning not only slavery, but the power of elites and aristocrats over democracy.

Southern states couldn’t tolerate states that harbored escaped slaves, and northerners could not tolerate giving up people to slave states. There was still much Christian opinion in the nation in those days concerning the equality of mankind. Northern Christians regarded Africans as human rather than as capital, while some southern Christian leaders such as General Gordon, used wrong Biblical hermeneutics to support their opinions justifying slave ownership. The south sought secession rather than to have their rights to own and control slaves reduced, and war ensued. The war was fought not simply to end slavery. It was also fought to keep the United States and democracy from falling apart and sinking back into the vast human historical establishment of subjects ruled by rich, powerful elites.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Russians (600 Accounts) Violated US Proprietary Twits

Special issues such as Obamacare cannot be mentioned on Twitter or Facebook without consensus or stakehold of Democrat Party boss and Vigilante Media Watchdog. Twitter and Facebook are for Americans only; foreigners have no right to read American twits, much less twit for-themselves or post articles on American topics on Facebook. These corporations have been secure U.S. traditional venues since before Will Rogers crashed in Alaska.

In the days of WC Fields, Americans respected twits and mugbook without worry about foreign interference and comment sabotage. Now spooks tossed out of San Francisco under Boris and Natasha have taken to clandestine posts and tweets to subvert American way of life and pollute precious bodily fluids.

Pres Trump's Florence Reaction May Sway Mid-Term Election

If President Trump has a blitzkrieg ready for relief from the mass disaster of Hurricane Florence Republicans may narrowly hold on to both houses of Congress. If the response is mundane, though defensible, the pathos and propaganda will kick Republicans in the gut.  FEMA should be ready for a global warming era mega-disaster even if it is only a normal one.

The Federal response to take the high ground on positive p.r. with a quality rapid reaction force to beat down suffering and loss, quick rebuild and etc should be overwhelming. The first lady should visit within ten days of the eyewall reaching the shore to provide a morale boost. Rope a dope just won't work before election day. A Marciano knock out uppercut and left hook need impact the malaise across the region putting down for the count lack of coordinated response. Just waiting several rounds to let the opponent tire itself would let disaster stories multiply.

Nike Won’t Stand for the National Anthem

That’s something of a joke people say when returning new shoes to sporting goods stores. Politics entering into television entertainment isn’t such a good thing, yet it isn’t new.
Tennis umpires may boycott Serena William’s matches in fear she might go off on them. Serena’s rival who bested her for the U.S. Open title got a vast contract with Adidas. Amusing stuff.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Did Woodward Endanger National Security?

 Did Washington Post Reporter Bob Woodward endanger national security with his new book's leaked information and statements about unpublished tweets concerning North Korea? President Trump is making more progress with North Korea than any President has before. The Clinton's just gave the North Koreans a lot of food and cash in exchange for pretending they weren't building nuclear weapons (they did). If Mr. Woodward's book has effected the careful interaction between Kim Un and President Trump and the North Koreans fail to continue rapprochement with South Korea and the U.S.A. while getting rid of nukes, that may leader to a future nuclear exchange and that could be said to endanger national security.

The title of the new Woodward book is 'Fear'. Fear is a popular theme with young Democrat supporters and politics and. In Oregon last year Sen. Ron Wyden told the young people of Lane Community College not to fear (the Trump election). Apparently youth are fearful and worry about impingement on homosexuality, drugs and blue hair. Bob Woodward tapped into one of the Democrat party's underlying themes about Republicans. Apparently their is a myth that Republicans will put youth out on the street where they will be victimized by the Klan who is lurking with motorcycles, whips and chains nearby.

Yet Democrats don't have a real platform to change anything. Their polices work for the concentration of wealth; it what Mr. Obama who made Bush II tax cuts permanent without a single vote of dissent from Democrats except for Bernie Sanders who was an independent.

I recall that during the Reagan administration writers including myself used to advocate national self-determination and democracy as opposed to the forced subjugation to communist authoritarianism. I could no longer write that way about the United States or the west if there was some sort of international situation. I still oppose communist authoritarianism, yet the United States is no longer for national self-determination so much as it is for globalism. It is also a real politic advocate for corporatism and globalism instead of national democracy tat requires secure borders.

Democrats are leading youth to increased national debt in partnership with Republicans. Democrats just go about globalism differently and apportion government spending priorities to their constituency instead of the military industrial complex. Even so, the primary benefit for Democrat voters is moral corruption and licentiousness (Ken Starr writes in his new book that Hillary Clinton said she could not remember or didn't recollect an event more than 300 times while being interviewed and he felt like charging her with perjury). That will lead to the destruction of citizen interests and strength politically in prep for a lot of people globally being phased out. Homosexuality is just a birth control and population reduction tool. Democrat Party leadership just works to make a future Earth a better place for the 1%.

President Trump's government environmental policies aren't good. The only real way to fix the ecosphere is to have a strong national identity and self determination with Democracy taxing the rich enough to pay for secure borders and ecospheric rehabilitation. That can be done with either party. Presently neither party even recognizes what ecospheric economics are, nor have a clue about reforming capitalism. Democrats are trained to hate Christian, develop a Sodom and Gomorrah ethos and prep the world for the rich to inherit.