Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Vast L Wing Conspiracy Takes Down R. Wing Conspiracy Theorist

Hillary Clinton basically got the polarity reversed in panicking about a vast right wing conspiracy. It was a vast left wing conspiracy with the help of the most rich corporation on Earth that took down the leading right wing conspiracy theorist rather than vice versa. The richest corporation on Earth; Apple, led by an egregious homosexual, were quite unwilling to allow a critic of homosexual marriage to continue to say what he thought.   ...

"Apple, Spotify, Facebook and now Google (which owns YouTube) - all within 12 hours of each other."

Alex Jones will survive the Apple, Facebook, YouTube slaughter, yet his proplits were probably trimmed. If Bilderburgers orchestrated the purge it may be that they are not yet done. Defenders of the purge issuing apologetics will obfuscate the salient points of corporatism and concentrated wealth controlling free speech. They believe they can demand ass-kissing from everyone, and that none can use any terms about their political favorites except those deemed politically acceptable by the 1%, Bilderburgers, Illuminati or whoever the co-conspirators are.

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