Thursday, August 09, 2018

The Instant Historical Revisionism Power of Apple, Facebook and YouTube

When major video content platforms take down content posted by the public that has been viewed and linked in many other webpages because they have banned it as using hate speech, they in effect create instant historical revisionism. Deleting from the present the historical content of producers with divergent political points of view from the most rich corporations such as Apple is something even people with a minor in history don't like.

I don't like big gaps in the history of what went before as if it never existed. All of Alex Jones' old content should remain and a ban if it must be used should apply to new stuff. Then reality would be keep with a semblance of integrity. To simply cut it out and erase very influential elements of social reality is evil. 

The Congress should expropriate funds going to NPR and reallocate them to start a new public back-up of posts content that would keep a permanent record of items posted on social media that the posters want backed up. Then history could at least be conserved, and people of the future could get some idea of the true social media content of the past rather than sanitized versions allowed by Apple, YouTube and Facebook.

Alex Jones' Internet platform was under real and solid attack. He has had his political shows taken down from Youtube, Facebook and Apple podcast. Fundamentally those corporations are under the sway of homosexuals that hate anti-homosexual  political positions. Jones is a prime supporter of Donald Trump so the Democrat corporations have good reason to pull the plug on political opposition. It is Mussolini's political philosophy of corporatism in action. When President Obama's Supreme Court allowed hate speech and hate crimes legislation  to become law the corporations were armed with an example to emulate useful in killing free political speech and opposition points of view. Corporate wants shit eating mutts for sycophancy in the media.

Alex Jones reports on an important side of current events and social structure the establishment usually ignores. The 1% concentrating wealth is not an illusion. The Democrat Party is deaf, dumb, blind and stupid these days in working as hard as they can to destroy the heritage of national independence and self-reliance so far as possible. They are shop stewards working for the rich as leaders of a company-owned union. The broadcast media is owned by that 1% establishment- it isn't imaginary.

A good Canadian philosopher named John Sauls published a book on corporatism in contemporary society in 1999 named The Unconscious Civilization. I don't believe he has written another book on that topic since. I recall him writing someplace that he had a family to take care of. Corporatism can shut anything down just like Muslim theocracy, imperialism and communism can.  Apple the Trillion dollar corporation removed most of Alex Jones' podcasts; that's corporatism at work and a reason why the government should have some kind of citizen back-up venue to let publishing remain permanently even when public corporate platforms disappear. quote from note #7 "Adaptation to the niche of political entrepreneurship consists of becoming a better predator in a game where the predators make the rules. Politicians learn to cooperate, to be sure, but mainly with fellow predators. An evolving political order is increasingly dominated by corporatism (more pejoratively known as crony capitalism, where politically favored CEOs acquire the power to regulate their competitors), which is entrepreneurship of a destructive kind. Boettke 1995 articulates the theory of public choice implicit in Hayek."

SPLC appears to have left a semblance of neutrality and objectivity these days being so far removed from the 1960s and later when there were actually numerous groups perping violence that required tracking. SPLC could include CNN and the Washington Post these days and possible the Governor of New York on the list of extremists if they wanted to be objective. Throwing in powerful political bullshit in with the genuine articles degrades the credibility and reputation of SPLC. They aren't Elie Wiesel Inc.

I wonder about the Southern Poverty Law Center being an extremist organization using words and target listings of individuals in the attempt to socially marginalize them. Alex Jones, Bo Gritz and Gary Demar all made the list with Alex Jones being listed first on the list of 129 extremist individuals. American individuals should be free from organizational social terrorism.

Sure the Southern Poverty Law Center includes numerous people that probably deserve being listed, yet I suppose they also omit numerous people and  organizations including ANTIFA, because they are leftist or communist.

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