Thursday, August 09, 2018

Pros and Cons of The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs was controversial. It had its supporters and opponents politically. It resulted largely from narcotics flooding the U.S.A. and the damage that caused to U.S. society. Stopping importation and sales of narcotics was a worthwhile though challenging task. The issues of arresting the flow of narcotics and what to do with those arrested are, and were, different issues.

Mass incarceration of drug offenders as well as other criminals doesn’t have a great record for effective correction. That is more of a social and governance design problem difficult to correct itself. An ineffective corrections system, or one regarded by some communities as unjust or racist, creates social issues and substantial problems for-themselves.

Crack cocaine and meth apparently are quite addictive. Users get involved with other crimes-sometimes violent, to support their addiction. A culture of corruption develops; individuals fail to act like responsible citizens, neglect the book-work, and are a kind of hippie-yippee-wiseguy subculture. They often die early even outside of prison.

There is no question that a war on drugs should exist. It is a matter of how the war should be waged; that is, how can the problem be addressed socially and governmentally. It is a social challenge to have so many millions of citizens pursuing decadent and socially destructive activities.

The illegal drug sales phenomenon fuels organized crime. Some Latin American nations may be near narco-states heavily influenced by drug traffickers. Some of those nations are challenged to have civil order free of the on-the-street adversity of the presence of organized crime. Drug gangs have replaced the social niches formerly occupied by guerrilla armies in the region, to a certain extent. In the United States television and movies employ drug users that have political influence and choose to pursue agenda that can be destructive to traditional national values. The wrong people end up with a lot of cash.

National values can always use upgrades. However it isn’t credible that dope users would generally be the source of solid, innovative, intelligent thought about how to improve society.

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