Thursday, August 09, 2018

Nope; 2018 Isn't the Year for World War IV

The Cold War was World War III considering that millions died and it was quite globally diffuse. World War IV won’t occur soon. The major nuclear powers are too powerful for total war. The historian Arnold Toynbee wrote about that in his 1974 book ‘Mankind and Mother Earth’. A knockout blow to win a war between heavyweights has tech too large to use. Lesser powers would not be allowed free reign of the world to war either because of the harmful effects on the economy and ecosphere and would be terminated swiftly.

The best chance to get an equivalent or better amount of global destruction and death that a conventional World War IV would cause is anthropocentric ecospheric damage through economic methods, yet that takes time beyond 2040 to develop. Other than that if one hopes for a true W.W. IV they would need to be content with some rogue planetary biological sneak attack that is democidal.

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