Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Jerry Brown Could Have Prevented the Mendicino Fire

When I traveled through the Lake Mendicino region infrequently since 1977. I wrote a poem on one of the side roads off Hwy 101 and noticed the dry, piled up leaf cover on the ground. It was in most years tinder dry and readily combustible. The forest ground cover was so thick that any reasonable individual knew it was a catastrophe waiting to happen. The state is supposed to anticipate easily foreseeable things like that and use prophylaxis against fire. Madrone and Eucalyptus leaves burn.

Blaming global warming is easy. Being more proximal regarding causality though, it was the state's lack of fire prevention that let the fire rage. There are so many human sources of forest fires these days that nature can't be allowed to just take its course any way and active fire prevention is required. Alternatively one could just let nature burn things out and then not replant such areas with more human housing that burn.

The state should employ vast left-wings herds of goats to eat ground cover where it need by reduced. Intense forest management; ecosphere management, needs to be routine rather than rare.

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