Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Alpha Zero's Chances Against 100 Top Chess Players at One Move a Day

Gary Kasparov in 1996 playing the top 100 players one move per day. The collective playing an individual. I can’t say that Kasparov would lose. Collective mind isn’t necessarily better than the individual. Voting on the best move involves the opinion of a lot of non-Super GMs. One should throw out the opinion of 80 of the top 100 players since their ratings would be well below the most elite. Today anyone with a rating lower than 2750 shouldn’t get a vote. Presently there are just 17 players eligible to vote in that criterion.
The most brilliant chess games by champions were exceptional because they weren’t usual or anticipated. I think that knocks out about all of the 17 from getting to vote, so Kasparov would win by default because none would meet the standard to play. Probably Alpha Zero rates the same sort of consideration.
Magnus Carlsen deserves honorable mention too although well informed analysts (I am not in that group) say that others are imitating Carlsen’s endgame now and that he is losing his edge as he ages. Would he defeat Alpha Zero with the help of 100 consultants to choose one move a day? Maybe Alpha Zero with that kind of time to think for himself would develop some sort of computer chess neurosis and become lost in infinite loops of self-criticism or involved in images of bare transistors hanging like fruit, and forefeit, being unable to continue after the 50th day when its cpu and gpu fry.

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