Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mueller and 45; The Interminable Election Cloud

Special Council Robert Mueller has a been investigating President Trump since May 2017; nearly a year, and the lengthy process itself is starting to interfere with the election cycle. Hopefully the Special Council would conclude the investigation after a year has passed in time to allow the mid-term election to pass without being under the dark cloud of suspicion of one party's leader colluding with the traditional main enemy of Wall Street.

It may not have been a good idea to appoint a former head of the F.B.I. To investigate the President who had shortly before fired a head of the F.B.I.; James Comey. That itself presented a form of the appearance conflict of interest. If a union boss had been fired by a CEO perhaps appointing a former union boss to lead an investigation into the CEO's affairs would be the brightest way to go.

F.B .I. Chief Comey seemed to interfere in the 2016 election process with his unusual timing of the release of investigations into Candidate Hillary Clinton's loose private e-mail server and statements about her was exonerated or not. It was discovered eventually that one her her hard drives with the record of emails was erased without a good reason why. Former Chief Mueller duplicating former Chief Comey's history of F.B.I. election influence is an unfortunate emergent condition contributing to the public opinion about the veracity of U.S.A. Democracy. Creating dubiously non-partisan investigations that do not cohere with the idea of due process of law so far as reasonable timeliness goes that have a real affect on voter decisions probably should not occur just because it is popular with a broadcast media and opposition party to do so. In the Watergate burglary there were plain overt felony crimes to be investigated to start with rather than a broad effort to implicate anyone connected to the President in any sort of crimes, while the President himself hasn't been shown to have done any sort of criminal activity for-himself.

A Partisan intifada to protest the election result seems  a banana republic. sort of political event instead of one of speedy and transparent legal procedures.