Thursday, March 08, 2018

Greatest Trade War vs Pig Empowerment (humor)

Greatest Trade War vs Pig Empowerment (humor)

Alaska’s U.S. Senators are fearful of a trade war. They regard Alaska as a resource colony and rightly worry that the foreign or out-of-state people that own or work here won’t have as much spare cash to contribute to their re-election campaigns. That isn’t right, so civic minded citizens share ideas to bail them out of their fearful swamps of despair. One percent of the people own things in the U.S.A. and the people are rent-citizens who get the costs passed on to them while the profits of the rich increase anyone. Trade war is a very funny joke told among the most clever elite economists.

Canada started the trade war long ago during a border dispute in Washington State. An British advisor band with a wicked name goaded Canadian extremists in government to steal a pet pig of the state governor; a cute and fat pig that was the companion to the poor kids that visited the Governor’s hovel routinely for a quantum of solace. Canadians killed the pig inhumanely with much ado of cruelty and made bacon and delicious pork chops with country gravy of it. Ever since Alaskans have sought retributions for the loss of the pig to foreign predators.

Thus Canadians got the idea that starting hevy metal nmines upstream on flowing to Alaska rivers would be a good place to dump toxic mine wastes downstream to give Alaska something back in payment for porky. Canadians also sought to build a vast right-wing corporate copper mine in the headwaters of Bristol bay rivers where salmon return to poison and choke the life out of hapless fish and deform the zygotes of those that spawned with copper tailings to reduce salmon supply locally and increase Canadian and English farmed salmon import dominion in Alaska. Of course Alaskans saw through that.

The Governor made a trip to China to ask a rising Chairman Mao-for-life guy to colonize Alaska and build a vast pipeline made with Chinese steel that would bring gas from the Alaska North slope to Cook Inlet where a new LNG plant would be built for bulk carrier ships to take Alaska gas to Shanghai to supply clean energy for Chinese industry. I should explain that Alaskan politicians don’t understand economics or science and technology at all. They depend on gas and oil sales and royalties to fund state government. It is said that some in the legislature know stone tools of Oldavai technology yet that is not verified presently so construction on hydrogen fuel cell power plants in Alaska is not anticipated in fiscal 2095.

China of course, not being dummies, know that though the state spent a lot of money to get somebody to build a gas pipeline across the Yukon and Alberta onward to Chicago no one in the energy business was willing to do so since they knew fracking was making gas dirt cheap.

Oil companies keep things secret and hold investment and oil data close-to-the-bra not letting others know what’s inside. That helps them scalp the rubes. Alaska state politicians are quantum rubes when it comes to funding the government. Like avaristic Wall Street CEOs they lust after the profits from the state’s permanent fund. Yet that’s another matter. China isn’t likely to be daft enough to spend on a pipeline subject to foreign control even though they might need to place mobile missile launchers near it to defend it and that would help colonize the state. Even know the state legislature may be considering mandatory Chinese language instruction in state schools. Alaskans can learn to map and put inventory numbers on every individual old growth tree in the Tongass national Forest and can have a big tree directory and name an old tree for any American that wants to buy a name right for $10 while students learn to speak and write Mandarin.

Though China will probably be able to get cheap gas from global suppliers the next half century if it decides not to upgrade to domestically produced alternative energy production, the state of Alaska will need leadership in learning how to make things from all of its resources instead of selling raw materials abroad such as old growth forests to make would houses in Africa or wherever people want wood houses. Maybe sanctions can be increased on Germany until they surrender and send industry trade leaders to make suggestions about how to manufacture things in Alaska from Alaska products. Germans, though notorious krauts, supposedly are clever at making things though they need to be watched and restrained from making things that kill human life better than anyone else. Never forget that Einstein grew up in Germany, and that Oppenheimer sounds German, and Werner Von Braun made rockets even before Messerschmidt invented the first jet warplane.

The United State probably needs to start anew developing things along the lines of a reformed tech-industrial revolution. Ecologically speaking it is better to manufacture things locally and reduce transport waste. The environment needs to be restored t9o health-Puget Sounds a tragic case in point. Back in the day those people were clueless about ecosphere defense contemporaneous with development. They only needed to save the shoreline to a half mile inland from development and fifty percent of the rest of the land and that would have kept enough critical habitat to keep most things alive. Yet with the modern profusion of transport technology Alaska needs far more protection since people will kill about anything they can and eat or sell it.

Manufacturing jobs are healthy. Each nation should recognize the implicit right to manufacture articles locally and trade protection should be part of that. It was said that the Trans-pacific free trade pact was designed to enrich the most rich and let them move jobs wherever they liked screwing everyone else. That might help form a global empire benefiting the most rich new global Aristocrats yet it would make nationalism a bad dream where citizens used to have equal rights and opportunities and wealth wasn’t concentrated and that is a nightmare for imperialists and dictators alike.

Nations should form trade pacts that let variable tariffs arise without retaliation when domestic manufacturing levels drop below sustainable levels of continuity. While informatio9n about manufacturing technology can be relocated and it has to China from the U.S.A., the knowledge of actual manufacturing and spin offs inspire in that remain local to manufacturing. When America sends its manufacturing overseas it also send the opportunity for volunteer derivative manufacturing and innovation.

The period for patent exclusivity should be reduced to just five years if one wants to stimulate world manufacturing with a royalty to inventors after the five years elapse. As it presently is ordinary Americans can’t afford patents, patent search and patent defenses nor find convenient manufacturing facilities in America; they exist in China and that isn’t convenient for many Americans. Further, the NCAA should stop intercollegiate sports and public colleges return to education. If athletes want to be in semi-pro development leagues and pay to go to college part-time themselves, fine. Yet colleges should return to academic excellence instead of giving scholarships so iron pumping guys can crash heads on a football field. College sport should be intramural to benefit student health and some Chinese instructors in Wing Chun Kung Fu could be imported to accelerate the program. College sports spending should be on student health sports rather than travel and equipment junkets for a corrupt pro minor league training program.

Greatness can be restored to American pigs though China owns some great American pig farms in the heartland. Unpatriotic American swine can be restored to greatness and be made better than ever if an international moon colony is be built that would let Americans learn how to grow plants under glass so much as to let pigs roam freely within lunar pig farms. Chickens inevitably will follow and one day soon astronauts will breakfast on American bacon and eggs again along and Alaskans can manufacture things under careful German supervision in clean factories set along rivers full of Chinook salmon happily munched on by killer whales. If only enough large whales existed in the oceans whales might forgo trying to make a meal out of appetizers.

Alaska whales should not be forced to eat Thailand fish products to survive and give up their economic self-determination. Old economic methods of production require old trade ideas to utilize. Alaska’s economic compresence is a function of its reliance too much ion natural resources. Generalities in economic thought can be blunt instruments that crush progress instead of supporting it. Democrat party regressivism regarding national economic Independence and border sovereignty such as is exemplified presently in Gov. Brown of California’s neo-secessionist movement to form a globalist protectorate state of New Hispania exempt from U.S. federal law (why couldn’t Gray Davis have been re-elected instead of Arnold the Austrian Barbarian?) works for the benefit of globalists through easy, breezy, lazy foreign trade instead of intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation nationally. With so much imported cheap illegal labor even improvisational labor jobs opportunities for those of us living in the homeless U.S. archipelago in a lifetime of discontent and oppression who seem the humor and greed ubiquitous in the media mileau that is part of the Hollywood axis of evil moral decay can’t get good wages or job security averaged over a lifetime.