Friday, March 23, 2018

Arctic Sea Ice; Can it Be Great Again?

 Arctic sea ice has been in decline over the time that wages for white American males have stagnated since 1973. What can be done to make wages and sea ice great again?

  The entire Earth is in free fall in the nothingness of space. It is hard to realize that the planet is falling in an absolutely (nearly) empty spaces sprinkled here and there with mass and dark mass suffering the same fate of nothing to hang onto for a solid grip. Life on Earth just barely clings to the gravity of the world as a kind of elegant dirt on the outer layer that would be in a tough spot just free falling in nothingness without any gravity for a lifetime. Perhaps then each human would need to rely on his or her own gravity; being in quest of more. Yes, enough of that. On to the N.A.S.A. video with witty female scientists talking about the albedo of the earth decreasing and making the Arctic Ocean warmer as a result.