Saturday, January 27, 2018

H Clinton and Special Interest B-Words

Hillary Clinton’s recent phrase about bitches supporting bitches is a reminder of why she was not terribly popular with those that aren't extremists. The Clintons were regarded as leading the Democrat party into an era of bitches and butches that had little regard for constitutional rights of those that aren't in their extremist identity groups. The Clintons seem like that Colonel Crittendon of Hogan's Heroes that seemed to be a catalyst for everything going wrong. democrats have been led to believe that civil rights means identity rights for special interests that don't need to be applied equally to all citizens.

It is a sad and evil thing that the United States today has no meaningful political opposition party to that of Plutocrats. Even the public radio system acts to pre-empt any possible populism of dissent and make sure that the poor (never mentioned) don't exist in the U.S.A. except as they are immigrants oppressed by white men-yet not rich white men who are their best friends in many ways. Sen Mitch McConnell at least has Steve Inskeep from Kentucky to keep an eye on things for him.

  Adolph Hitler made good use of the S.A. with its homosexual leadership to wreck German resistance to the national Socialist party Agenda and personnel. Often the special interest groups of bitches and butches are so narrow minded and weak that they cannot imagine actually reforming society except as their corrupt leadership desires.

Today even the Supreme court of the United States is corrupted by those that interpret the Constitution in whatsoever way the Plutocrats desire. None could seriously believe that the Christian founders of the nation would have allowed abortion or homosexual marriage to be included, and it is amazing that the court has interpreted ideas that would have been abomination to those Christian gentlemen as meaning godless atheism through other means in support of global plutocracy.

Real people under stress not uncommonly use foul language. yet it is important that people keep that mud off the public airwaves so far as they can. bad language degrades public sentiments and morals. Though people can get mud splattered clothers or communicable diseases they rightly ought not spread that about carelessly.

Special interest groups may be so devoted to their own causes that they remain unconcerned and unaware of substantial and equally important issues. If political parties are practically stupid and tunnel visioned the well being of the nation is not really assurred.If democrats were so gutless with President Obama that they had to get rid of most of F.D.R.'s tax schedule for the rich, leaving just a little for President Trump to cut so he could claim to be the party guy that gives tax cuts to the rich, there is little real prospect for an intellectually bankrupt party rushing headlong for the global sewer of political superfluousness trusting in the risch to reform economics and morals for them.

After so many generations of television the nation really is politically at least becoming dumb and dumber. The more that ordinary people are trained to be degraded the likelier they are to be so. The poor have as much right as the most rich to politically run their nation. While wealth does allow some citizens to have far to much public political influence there is no political or moral reason why that should be so. The more narrow special political interests of the poor and middle class are, the less regard they have for their own capacity to reform capitalism and ecopnomics of the nation including tax policy the worse it is for those experienceing the unfairness of an implicitly malfunctioning public social order that cannot reform the patent process or employment rehiring for those that have trouble getting work. Neither of those require much public legislation for upgrade-it merely needed by competent.