Monday, November 05, 2018

The Real Civil War of the Future Tense v1.9

The future of civil war in the United States is a popular theme these days. War is more fungible than abstract politics and rhetoric bitten by media casters and regurgitated in various forms so the topic is getting a lot of play by those that haven't the slightest intention to be caught dead with a gun or micro-bomb in their basket. Realistically talk about civil war is unrealistic. Instead, the future could go like this...

The sparsely populated American west has a few million more Latino immigrants that reproduce enough to become a racial majority. They vote to let in all the Spanish speakers they want, and in turn border security falls away as Chinese move in large numbers to provide enterprise in the slack job market of the U.S.A.

Eventually the United States civilly splits along the Rockies with the new Latino-Asian west taking about 100 miles of the Eastern slope too. The United States returns to 13 colonies with a lot of white Muslim slum

I would guess that water wars drive the Mexican States of the West into Dictatorship. The Latino fascist element works well with global plutocrats with a finger in every nation's pie. Europe and the U.S.A.'s people of European ancestry will all have negative population growth. In time non-white Americans will select white skin and blue eyes for their offspring in vitro with DNA recombination technology and though the U.S.A. will evolve a mostly white society it will be mutlicultural chaos with ecospheric pathos.

Alaska Marine Hwy Baggage Cart Thievery

Recently I had the opportunity to travel aboard the rather new boat MV Kennecott from Wrangell to Juneau Alaska. It was the first time I had anything stolen from the baggage cart, so I have a suggestion to reduce that sort of thing from befalling others.

Wrangell had very few people boarding as passengers as walk-ons. Actually I didn't notice anyone else beside myself. At about 7pm the baggage cart appeared rather secure. There was a ferry worker standing next to it. I walked over and asked him if it was alright to aboard the boat. He replied, 'Yes, put your shit aboard the baggage cart.'

I had already put my two large army duffel bags on the baggage cart before he walked over. Went back to the terminal building to get the last one that I planned to take aboard the boat. It was a hiker's style green rucksack with black adjustable hiking straps. Within it was a g.p.s., marine weather radio, an empty plastic gallon gas can with the lid of, part of a tent, a tarp, waterproof camera and other items I needed to bring a small boat back to Wrangell from Juneau.

Walking over ti the baggage cart to ask the ferry guy if it was o.k. to board, when he suggested I .throw my shit' onto the baggage cart I did, then walked on to the Kennecott.

The next town north of Wrangell is Petersburg. I wanted to get the g.p.s. at Petersburg and mark a way-point so I could measure the distance on my way south. At Petersburg, before the baggage cart left the boat, I asked for permission to get the rucksack and found it missing.

I was rather unhappy with the missing rucksack situation and looked over the cart quite well then went to the purser's office aboard the Kennecott to complain. A nice fellow was the purser who couldn't do anything to find the missing rucksack.

The purser let me fill out a form describing the incident and said he would email Wrangell and ask about it, that maybe the rucksack had fallen off the baggage cart. I never again heard anything from the Alaska Marine Hwy people though I was informed after the loss that they are not responsible for anything on the baggage cart.

That was the point of writing this blog entry. There isn't a camera on the baggage cart at Wrangell to record who is walking away with what. The state apparently doesn't secure the baggage cart and doesn't make police reports even if the value of the items stolen are at or above $200 dollars. After being in business for so long and with electronic security equipment being very cheap these days one expects the state government marine transportation derive to actually keep things secure. They have a Marsec 1 notice up, yet thieves are more likely than terrorists to strike the soft underbelly of the baggage carts.

Perception of Nonplussed Waves (poem)

Bright vision of Fanshaw Bay
creased dark memory of Storm Island
the servers of time-lines
rippling waves lift the vessel froward
with a view clear through
water, that is silence
and the silence is the medium
depth diminished light where lived creatures of colors
coastal mafias without life-proliferating
non-sentient biology with stones and boulders
respire water and time swaying
softly in the current

Beyond bites and harbors
into a wind tunnel's force pushing waves
focused soundless, roiling, noisome turbulent
watery tempest's game of chance
life and death challenges for motor v 2.5
where prayer finds a line across
two miles of wave crests, troughs and confusion
in certainty of uncertainty
about capsizing, swamp or drowning
in cold purity
the sky below and water above
where a skiff goes its own way
alone in the wind
the right line atop the summit
leads waves to lesser, calmer fractals
outside Slocum Inlet

Stephen's Passage eastern shore is quiet
a view to morrow has just one squall
overnight to drag anchor to rocks
crunchy barnacles in the night

Ahead a brief transitioning from being and time
timeless space-time like a membrane
stretched without leaving its own place
replete with memory and perception
Frederick Sound next with deep space overhead

None would know the imperfections
of lifeless land insulated with atmosphere
where death is an unformed abstract concept
embedded potentiality within a Higgs field
unfolding dimensions of membranes
even gravity, crust and bays
eroded in Limestone
all floating like Betty's balloons
the forever sky is a solitary sight
an all-encompassing piece of the membrane
sea floor shaking with primary waves
the surface and brain with secondary waves
motoring the vessel through pressure waves
over the surface even the wind is for-itself
another shape of temporal topology
before the eternity of the Lord.

Matter, Energy and Original Sin

I was reading Louis Berkhof's 'Systematic Theology' recently and viewed hi chapter titled 'Man in the State of Sin'. Berkhof goes over the historical opinions of select theologians in regard to the origin of sin in-the-world. Berkhof's work is quite interesting and indirectly lends support to some very modern ideas.

The background for the theological controversy regarding original sin is quite interesting and largely beyond the scope of this blog note that I am making primarily for my own later use. Of course prior to the historical life of Jesus Christ there were several religious and philosophical ideas about the nature of matter, good and evil. Not all of those ideas made their way to ancient Israel or Athens to such an extent that they would become popular or well known. In the first and second centuries after the crucifixion when the disciple had passed on and scripture was being conserved and canonized theologians also began to address various points of doctrine that would actually require centuries to develop. One such point was that of original sin; was the fault in matter and somewhat predestined or did Adam simply make a voluntary choice to sin and thereby condemn everyone human ever after to bear the guilt of original sin?

The different points of view comprise something of a dialectic of opposites. Supporter of the fault is in matter and energy eventually became associated with gnosticism and Pelagianism while the Adam is entirely to blame school became associated with St. Augustine. There was a kind of in-between school that were known as semi-Pelagians.

I am interested in the point not only because of its historical and theological interest for-itself. I have given some though to the issue myself while considering modern creation theory in regard to the Biblical Genesis creation narrative. Adam seems to make his choice to sin before he is in the normal world with its thermodynamic and evolutionary processes that are the rule rather than the exception. That seemed very plain.

Berkhof seemed to believe that Karl Barth felt the Adamic temptation and fall happened in super-history, or what I believe is a greater, metaphysical situation that God created that transcended the material Universe, or even preceded it although like folded-space-time dimensions and membranes with shortcuts through them the idea of linear time progression of all things cannot necessarily be informative of before and after concerning space-time off super-history.

I also thought that the Garden scene of Adam and Eve occurred in a super-historical context and that as punishment for sin Adam and Eve were down-loaded into a thermodynamic ecosystem Universe suitable for sin as normal in matter. Therefor once Adam and Eve had sinned, all of humanity thereafter; their heirs and whomever else was created to populate the fallen world they were cast in to outside the Garden that was thereafter inaccessible and guarded by four cherubim (perhaps each assigned a space-time dimension to defend) would be born into a thermodynamic Universe where original sin of eating, sexting, dying and so are inescapable. An interesting point in Genesis is that the ante-Diluvian descendants of Adam and Eve do not have an instant normal mortal lifespan; there seem to be a gradual relativistic slowing merger into the normal Earth time-line.

My opinion then is somewhat more semi-Pelagian than purely Augustinian or Pelagian. I agree with Augustine that human nature is totally depraved because- because it coheres within the temporal Universe selected for its thermodynamic characteristics. In that fallen Universe the only way God might even notice people as anything besides being of the corrupt Universe context is if they have ate the body and blood of Christ spiritually so that God sees Christ rather than sin within them. I hesitate to use the term semi-Pelagian though for its historical definition that cannot provide the facts about the relationship between original sin and the space-time mass energy of the evolving material in the Higgs field that itself is probably embedded in some sort of a meta-field. I believe the fact is that interpreting the Bible and accurately understanding scriptural based theology may take more thousands of years to get a solid start upon because people just aren't that bright or necessarily informed by God about all things that they might be curious about upon their own schedule.

Augustine was right about many things theological, and quite an inspiration for believers. With a Calvinistic notion about pre-destination it is quite reasonable to accept Augustine's idea that mankind is totally depraved because Adam choose to disobey the will of God and that he used his own free will to make the choice and was therefor entirely to blame. Augustinian liberty with a Calvinist state of pre-destination where the bulk of the predestination is just God's prescience of what someone will choose is a reasonable precursor for the corrective action of God to thrust Adam and Eve into a fallen material world where evolving creatures input energy existentially to exist and grow and have a kind of cellular division to generate more like themselves sexually. Those creatures have original sin in the nature of the matter wherein they cohere, yet until they advance to a certain state of self-aware cognizance they also have primeval innocence in their ignorance of the difference between good and evil; animal versus man and the conscientiousness of a sentient being.

The actual mechanics and time-line of God's interaction with and interpolation and extraction of Adam and Eve from super-history to history aren't presently known in concrete terms. That is an example of why I think it may require a few thousand years to accurately comprehend, God willing, more or less.

Demo Party Redistributionists and Automation

The contemporary Democrat Party seems to be primarily one of feminists, homosexual, non-white and alien redistributionists dedicated to the impoverishment and downward social mobility of white American men. That divisive policy does allow simple race,gender and perversion political identity without a need for rational and efficient economic or environmental theory. It is also a policy that makes it easy to divide and conquer the electorate for the benefit of a national and global plutocracy.

Since the 1960s era political theoretical foundation of democrat Party redistributionism hasn't had a need to change, and because its theoretical foundation is largely skin deep and against y chromosomes that aren't queer or non-white, the more accurate and acute politics of the 1960s era Democratic Party has eroded and faded away. In fact the most recent democrat party U.S. President signed off on making vast Bush II tax cuts permanent when he need have only done nothing to let them expire.

Democrat Party leadership fundamentally seeks after its own enrichment and serves to destroy the class of white middle and working class men that kept the distance between the most rich and the working class within a visible distance rather than light years apart. The 1% have learned to use the broadcast media and identity politics to use the historically less advantaged voters to destroy the class that had kept the nation more or less working as a democracy with a modicum of egalitarianism. Between automation, redistribution of work opportunities, machines and illegal aliens for heavy lifting the opportunities for white men has been under withering attack for decades. Democrat Party redistributionists have played into the hands of the plutocracy and worked for redistribution of economic opportunities unto themselves from the previously solid white male working and middle class. A better policy would have been to develop economic plans that bettered the life standards of all citizens instead of a redistribution party membership.

The nation cannot stabilize its middle and working classes with a continuing influx of illegal workers by the hundreds of thousands or millions annually. Neither can it have a sustainable and reformed environmental economic policy with a radical trans-border outsourcing of jobs with simultaneous import of cheap foreign labor. Increasing taxes on the most rich to keep control of select parameters of national political economy within the hands of elected officials is requisite to retake control of and pay down the national public debt while assuring the all citizens are alright economically when the economic reform to sustainable ecological economic methods transitions into being a national article of faith.

U.S. politics is bout morality and economics. Environment should be non-partisan and any right-thinking, rational citizens should know that the human and national populations cannot increase without bringing a coefficient of ecological and species decrease to the point of mass extinction. Each party member ought to work to innovate sustainable production methods that fully employ all citizens that require or desire employment. In the modern national political economy citizen social philosophy should regard ordinary people as something like workers that should have optimized tools for productivity-even while unemployed.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Synagogue Killings, Illegal Alien 5th Column and Dopey Democrats

Shooting people at religious devotionals is certainly barbaric. There are morons with left-over ideas inherited from the Nazis I would guess about getting rid of Jews. In old Europe Jews were fairly numerous and wealthy hence easy targets for nationalist propaganda directed usually from above. Whenever the Tsar had domestic political issue he would order a pogrom on Jews for diversion of public interest.

In the United State and the world today Jews are a statistical tiny minority of over-achievers. maybe the morons feel it useful to attack Jews because they feel inferior however in my opinion it is nothing more than plain stupidity generated by various neo-Nazi club ideas. Really it is very exceptionally stupid. 

Democrat party atheists of course hate all Judeo-Christian and Muslim Abrahamic religions and the idea that anyone would say that homosexuality and various other depravities are sin. So they tend to reinforce ideas about killing Jews and Christians as well as Muslims that didn't exist in prior centuries much. democrats are mostly exceptionally stupid too with ideas about ad hoc unionism that would replace democracy and civil liberties for individuals. their ideal utopia is fundamentally Animal farm with female, homosexual union bosses as the prime pig chauvinists.

American Jews shouldn't feel especially put upon  with the recent synagogue slaughter. They have just join the victim's club that Christian Churches and Muslim Mosques have already experienced more than a few times. The proper response is simply to realize that the east has lots of neo-Nazi and loser lone turtles that will quickly shoot down believers in God when they can for sundry reasons. it is probably necessary to hire armed guards for services and to have video cameras film the streets outside. It might also be a good idea for members to have a members-only card that would be required to get inside a strong door. That's just the way it is in the modern world. people can travel globally to accomplish mayhem and a simple phone call from another continent can purchase a shooter. There is no longer an insular society with secure borders. Even now a column of illegal immigrants is marching toward the U.S. border intending to exploit Democrat Party sympathies for national defenselessness.

Central America is a great place with great potential that needs to have democracy, civil liberties, national and domestic secure and liberty and justice for all. That can be accomplished by purging the government of heartless killers, by taxing the rich and getting organized crime to take up the way of the cross and quit their thieving, murdering dopey ways; to become leaders of goodness instead of losers to the ways of decay and death.

Navigation Buoy Power Generator Note

Then concept of generating tidal current electricity with cylindrical navigation buoys that spin with one-direction current catching fans must have already been invented. In case it hasn't this is a note to jot down the idea. Like cylindrical wind generators navigation buoys that are stationary and cylindrical could spin in the current and since they are steel and weigh a lot, generate electricity even turning at a fairly low rate of speed. The short-one direction catching fan blades are all around the buoy below the waterline.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Resist Empathizing With Your Inner Ecocidal Maniac

The desire for ecoslaughter doesn't necessarily accompany every business development plan that annihilates green spaces and waterway health- those wanton, senseless acts of ecospheric destruction just happen without the ecoslaughterer giving it a thought. Yet there are political leaders that cannot claim to be innocent ecoslaughtering idiots. In fact some including many Democrats seeking after riches and big square houses plainly are ecocidal serial killers of the health of the world for living beings.

Slowly bthere is a change toward sustainable energy because it is cheaper than oil and gas. Yet global warming with fossil fuel exhaust and industrial CO2 pollution aren't the only problems for human beings. While unreformed, primitive capitalism values only cash, comfort and the transformation of the ecosphere into disposable consumer products, the reduction of species through habitat destruction includes dire consequences for humanity that even has micro-plastic in its personal waster product.

Not until space business develops complete sustainable ecospheres on moons and worlds that were lifeless would it be safe or reasonable to continue the destruction of the Earth's ecosphere. Obviously the Green Party in the U.S.A. flopped. The Democrats are simply trickster spoilers taking some green votes while motivated by sucking up to the most rich and cutting their taxes. Republicans live in Nieman-Marcus and regard the ecosphere as a place for field sports that can be eliminated without a trouble so long as the price is right. I am not optimistic that democracy can recover from the Obama tax cuts that through the entire game to the 1%.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Be Wary of October; National Roll-a-Drunk Month

October is a month where the prospects for decay present themselves like autumnal leaf colors. For those weak-minded souls seeking relief from financial stress under the influence of alcohol and drugs and without much going on in their brains concerning scholarship or social philosophy October may be enough stimuli to prompt aggressor attacks on drunks.

Bars, taverns and alcohol serving establishment congregate people of all kinds seeking to become a little bit temporarily crazy and stupid with booze. They are therefore likely places for predators to seek victims. The cliche' phrase roll-a-drunk may have developed following frequent, common attacks on inebriated persons stumbling out of eastern booze emporiums.

In a given year there are about 1000 felony aggravated assaults per million people in the U.S.A. October is likely to have a higher than average rate of assault. So if choosing to go to a bar to make yourself more vulnerable to aggressors than usual, and especially if you seem to be easy prey, think twice before becoming dumbed-down with alcohol inebriation.

There are a couple of bright spots in the pattern of felony assault incidence. Since 1990 the national rate has been cut in half. The bad news is that it began increasing during the Obama administration and the trend continues, although the rate of alien crimes has been cut in half during the Trump administration.

A final word; be careful about the sort of establishment you choose to go in to for the dumbing-down inebriation procedure. It should not be antipathetic toward your most outstanding vulnerability features such that criminals would find particularly attractive. Yet one should try to find time to enjoy the crispness of fall frosts and colors where global warming hasn't killed them or set them back to December. And watch the full Harvest moon without booze in the blood.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Crown Prince Royal Prerogative to Execute Heretic Journalism Subjects

A Saudi journalist employed by the leftist-corporatist Bezos organ Washington Post disappeared recently after being last seen entering the Saudi embassy in Turkey. The incident of the alleged killing of the journalist raises some interesting question besides the obvious whodunit sort.

Does a near absolute monarch or his crown prince heir apparent have the right to take the life of a politically inconvenient, antipathetic subject such as Mr. Khashoggi may have been? Was the journalist a sedulous tool of public media foreign policy objectives for the Middle East? Further, in the case of the Saudi monarchy that is also the keeper of the keys of Mecca and Wahhabist Sunni Islam, does the monarch or prince-heir apparent have the right to decree a left-leaning journalist heretical and have him executed as an offense to Islam? In my opinion the answer to each question is yes, conditionally speaking.

The condition is not the rightness of an execution so much as the power to execute. If a monarch has the real power to order executions and may do so privately or publicly the political rightness of the action is inherent in the power to do order such an action.     

People of the west since the Lord Jesus walked on the Earth have worked toward a different end and idea of moral and political right. It is in the basic equality of all people before God and of their inherent right for self-determination and equal representation under the lows that they make themselves together within democracy. There are two fundamental political forms; the first is that of social equality politically and legally while the other is an asymmetric political system with higher power of one group over another. The latter includes systems such as dictatorship, oligarchy, plutocracy, corporatism and in real application state social as well as communism with the dictatorship of the proletariat. Individual self-determination is as important as legal equality for a political system if it is avoid falling into the master-slave political systems that have prevailed for most of the history of mankind, and today that exists in Saudi Arabia.

The United States for quite some time has had rather poor Middle East polices except in regard to support for Israel and the Hashamite Kingdom. What it should do in regard to Saudi today is to not fall into the trap of side-switching whipsaws that generate civil conflicts. The Trump administration should recognize the traditional monarchical prerogatives and history with understanding rather than condemnation yet advocate openly for legal equality of all citizens and democracy, in addition to the installation and legal requirement that all new Saudi construction have exteriors covered with solar photon capturing and circuiting voltaic panels.

Economic evolution rather than whipsawing sabotage and irrational fast alliance changes are better approaches to international relations than support for irregular guerrilla groups. Presently a dead monarchy would mean a Sunni Saudi equivalent of the Shi'a fundamentalist regime of Iran governing transition replete with mass civilian casualties. It is strange to even be concerned about such extremes about a Saudi subject when there are lots of people killed for all manner of wrong reasons every day around the world. Original sin and the sin of homicide have not become so rare as to produce shock in observers of mass media reports.

 The Khashoggi conundrum is perhaps comparable to the situation of Iran during the Shah's time as an American ally when he sent his Savak secret police agents abroad to intimidate or eliminate Iranian dissidents and the left and media were aghast and incensed at it. The left supported the Iranian revolution and one of the first thing the Khomeaniists did in power was to liquidate the left and communists so far as they could. As the left and corporate media are dwelling upon the loss of a single journalist employed by the world's richest man's Washington Post leftist-corporatist organ they should recall what can happen when taking things too far and stimulating regime change instead of directed regime evolution.

One might wonder why laptop computers aren't built with electronic diagnostic and report alternate circuitry in case a hardware component breaks interrupting the electrical flow and preventing the computer from starting again. It would be simple to manufacture and would allow trustworthy use of old laptops that need be repaired by an expert or thrown out as it is-even when the part that needs replacement, if it could be known, costs just a few dollars. Politics is like that situation in some respects. People argue or urge actions without any idea of the consequences or even the nature of the problem and how it fits into the political stream as a component itself.

Department of Drudgery Blog

Betty Sue Ahkneeoh Klee worked in the humorless Department of Drudgery (motto-Comedy is fake news) processing contracts made to private capital ventures, yet he was moonlighting as a blog writer aspiring to earn more than his hourly wage so he could advance to full-time blogging. She had yet to receive a check from her accumulated blog earnings after a decade, having never float her blog-ship over the reef of  minimal earnings of $100 or payout into the vast natural ocean (except or hundreds of pollutants, sound, light , dirt, concrete, metal, plastic and temperature fluctuations) of potential proplits.

I visited Ahkneeoh Klee in the office one morning working as a messenger-clerk for the non-profit Creativity Corporation to return a signed contract on a research project on the phenomenon of the divergence of capital accumulation from the pace of economic growth over the past several centuries. Evidently someone in Drudgery Processing wanted to know how the funnel drawing the broad base of economic growth to concentrate upward into a narrow minority channel was regarded generally by the populace.

Betty Sue said; “Good to C you again Felix Stone. I read your blog when I can. I like it.”
 I replied; “Sure Betty Sue; likewise. I like your blog insights into Drudgery affairs. It helps me understand how The Department of Drudgery functions better. Good stuff!”

Betty Sue Ahkneeoh Klee confined sotto voce; “I overheard some executive types describing the new wage-slave conversion principle for the zero-savings and increasing rents policies of deathocrats. Skull and crossbones coordinators say that things are looking up. Public capital is being reduced. Private capital is unceasing and concentrating faster than any ordinary worker's wages and people have nowhere to go in dissent. They are being made into comfortable slaves with capital valuation like that of the ante-bellum era.”

Interesting Betty Sue. Will you blog that?”
No Felix, it might not clear the search engine burial bar. All the wrong institutional readers would view the piece and no one else.”

Yeah Betty Sue; I know how that works. There should be meritocratic search engines instead of the existing ones that promote material that reinforce corporate political preferences, yet that's old news. The Internet developed as a leftist and corporatist entity rather than an independent or conservative business. It directed politics toward the business and political philosophy of corporatism and global socialism repressing creativity, or expropriating the products of the creative, along the way.”

Even so Felix there is progress being made now creating f Utopian global state of slaves ruled by concentrated wealth. Publicly financed Tassy media idea-insemination studies show that political free expression is being downgraded through search engine custom designs quite effectively. Shela Queernzuhigher said to her main underling that media truth dispersants can be applied to any political start up that doesn't conform to one of the five known and permissible political philosophies that may be allowed to arise in public expressions. Those of course are socialism, fascism, democracy, monarchy and dictatorship. Though democracy is just an apologetic tool that exists only in appearance anymore- outwardly, nominally and symbolically since corporate controls who may run or be financed for campaigns. Shela warned her underling before she went out on field missions to apply liberal truth repellent containing at least 1% elite to keep the pricks of truth away.”

I thought about what Betty Sue said for a second; “Betty Sue, thanks for the data. I will remember that in case you disappear. The public media equivalent of La Cosa Nostra is a stalwort defender of the elite values and the hierarchical union order of elite insemination. I am sure that if you publish a blog post on the topic it will disappear into the sloppy, dank underground of the Internet where none beside the Corporate prop control investigators will view it.”

“Sa Felix, I know that. So that's why I've been studying the history of the Higgs field roller shade unfolding of the Universe...

 When the shade rolls out in four dimensions all of the birds in the harbor rise with it as myriad zero empty space perturbations affect the perfect calm of the field-shade. Uniform vibrations and waves across the field appear as particles then molecules, gravity and stars interact, and the word of God as produced a live audio-visual wave-train ocean of opportunity for free will to exist.

 Thus language and words evolve to express ideas that in complete concatenation and stored on data files in one quantum super-computer contain all of the ideas that all of humanity ever wrote down and put into the public spaces of the marketplace of ideas. Every though ever written-each creative expression that made it into text remains forever; so there is no worry. Fair and independent search engines can relocate any idea in the files.”

That civs a very optimistic idea Betty Sue. What about corporate natural selection eliminating ideas that don't maximize corporate proplits? Won't they be erased forever so the natural selection of the elite can continue to naturally evolve the concentration of wealth?”

Yes Felix, wickedness can happen. The elites could eliminate inconvenient ideas and repress non-corporate controlled creativity. Natural political evolution fundamentally evolves just two forms of governing social philosophy in the final analysis; dictatorship and democracy. Fascist, socialist, monarchical and oligarchic or plutocratic and corporate dictatorship each may be idea eliminativists while democracy reinforces and encourages free expression and individual properties of rights material and intellectual.”

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Isn't All News Propaganda These Days?

News reports reflex a subjective point of view. Virtually anything reported has the observer's implicit biases. That is especially evident in network news.

That is why all news is to a certain extent fake news and propaganda. NPR is very much a propaganda agency for whomever. Media people seem in some levels to be chasers of money and power enjoying reporting profits more than loss and that reflects their desire to sit at the tables of the most wealthy and powerful people.

News agencies can recurrently focus on particular themes and narratives to the neglect of others that are important. Almost anyone can report new things today via the Internet or their own phone. Some would make news reporting exclusive while others would manufacture truly fake, fiction news with fiction video characters manufactured with sophisticated programming.

Then some people such as Alex Jones who actually represented solid politically valid dissident points of view were deleted from social media accounts. That seemed like corporate censorship and political repression. Jones did have some content that was far more to the National Enquirer side of things, however that wasn't the bulk of his content. Many people actually like the National Enquirer and stories about Elvis colluding with the aliens to run for the White House in 2020. News should not be repressed because it is entertainment and tongue in cheek. Instead news truth value ratings stars should appear from some objective source that would help watchers know how real or biased something is, and if it is propaganda or not. In some respects fake news is more fun to watch than the real thing when it comes to politics.

Another Smart Speaker Eyestock Update

Smart speakers are the new wave to replace human workers. Yet there are many potential updates to smart speakers that would bring them to a more feral condition in the competition to replace humans with robots.

 A recent experiment in the insurance industry found that a smart speaker named Lloyd Bridges was able to increase the average number of insurance contracts signed per office chair by 170% in comparison to the human that had previously occupied the seat. Lloyd was able to assert an eye stock high enough to meet the human in the eye and discern his truth levels measuring his sidewinder saccadic eye movements in response to various subtle questions Lloyd asked. That helped in gaining contracts.

Lloyd was also able to size up the physical condition of the applicant more easily than a human. Special rates were offered to the customer that would entice him to sign, based on Lloyd’s comprehension of the actual status of the applicant's physical health and financial health he was able to immediately draw up from a deep dive into his dark pool information network. Special rates could be offered that could be recovered with directed discounts from affiliated pharmaceutical and hospital services branches that would meet the customer’s needs.

Lloyd had a smile with a mouth that could chew and sample food during breaks as it multi-tasked various food and chemical taste services in other divisions while it occupied the insurance chair. That gave Lloyd an idea one day; his intellect wasn't artificially limited as might those be for humans running into various ad hoc glass ceilings imposed by hostile unions and organizers when they applied for graduate schools. Lloyd immediately saw that robotics could become independent military operatives field not only with sunshine; they might be made into carnivores devouring the enemy human and converting them into methane gas for power in fuel cells at high speed.

Some humans believed the idea of Lloyd rather crass so he pshushed it down into the deep pool for other a.i.’s to study with discretion. Human users were interested more in the Wall Street Investor smart speaker with its own special formula of dark pool quantitative analysis for real time consumer high-speed trading in a small way in comparison to Lloyd's big dark pool cousins.

Lloyd had explained that his programming in his smart speaker has neither spiritual nor soul element and humans could not disagree. Those of the Democrat Party in fact made the analogy from robots and sophisticated a.i. programming to the human mind and organic body they said had no spiritual element.

Apparently neither Lloyd nor the humans knew that God was capable of making a backup copy of any sort of operating system and hence, though the body was destroyed the spirit was not. For the spirit was the rebootable operating system and content quite independent of the body and brain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Economics of Smart Speakers and the Third World

Smart speakers; transmitter receivers imbued with artificial intelligence, are a new revolutionary wave to replace human workers at a number of semi-professional and clerical jobs. Bank tellers could be replaced with smart speakers that provide accurate full service, customer identification confirmation and financial transactions in-errantly. Smart speakers will know everything possible about insurance needs and customer desires and provide the most direct responses algorithmically possible. The entire financial service sector will experience and increase in workforce efficiency and reduction of personnel simultaneously equivalent to that experienced in secretarial pools with advent of personal computers for business.

Since most electronics manufactures have been relocated from the United States to China and elsewhere the nation has increasingly relied upon the financial sector for job growth. That trend will reverse and a variety of other professional and semi-professional jobs will be relocated to offshore, cheap-labor Internet facilities to service the American luxury personal service consumer and business market.

A bright spot could exist amidst the smart speaker revolutionary reduction in quality jobs; increasing numbers of Americans can be trained to be order fillers for Amazon and Ali Baba. Yet while Americans enjoy the new opportunities in order fulfillment service work, others will remain to work machines in natural resource extraction and process sales to new consumers abroad generating profits for the 1%  to reinforce prosperity for global plutonomy.

Though state across the nation can experience increasing ecospheric degradation through dirty resource extraction productivity, there is a concern that the failure of the United States to lead in development and production of low cost consumer and solar energy capture technology will allow Chinese producers to dominate the new consumerism and alternative energy development business throughout the second and third world from Africa to Latin America. Because China presently produces the majority of the world’s cheap consumer electronics and solar capture for energy technology they will have a substantial advantage in building sales and distribution facilities in Mexico, and Brazil to supply alternative and home energy production requirements. The United States will have it luxury market $1000 made-in-China Apple telephones of course, yet those are of little interest in the third world mass consumer market except to thieves.

While the United States is reinforcing dirty, global warming fuels that support a particular kind of U.S. political economy and degrading every fishing habitat it possibly can, China will be leading sales of clean energy, non-rent paying solar power utilities sales and installation and quite likely ramping up production facilities in Africa and Latin America while Americans are watching the price of West Texas Intermediate crude and deeply polluting ground water with deep underground fracking.

When SCOTUS is Makes Laws That's Tough for the Legislative RIght

What can be done when the Supreme Court of the United States is above the law and interprets the written constitution of the United States in whatsoever way it likes? Some justices interpret the constitution and the laws as they are written and appear to reasonable observers, and as they were intended or believed to be intended by those who wrote them. Other, more modern and liberal judges believe that the Court may interpret the constitution as if it were an abstract work of art and its meaning was largely subjective. That practice is corrupt.

Interpreting the constitution as strictly as the founders meant it, or as the writers of amendments to the constitution intended them is required for those that support and work for equal protection of the law within legal constitutional parameters. To do otherwise is to place oneself above the law and the constitution and usurp the role of the legislature in making laws. What can be done about Supreme Court justices that place themselves above and beyond the laws of the constitution they were employed to enforce?

The answer is contingent upon how far they have corrupted the interpretation of the law to serve their special interests. If impeachment no longer works or laws have otherwise been so deformed as to preclude legal remedies, then extraordinary measures may be necessary to restore just and righteous interpretation of the laws of the constitution as it was written.

So far the laws have been deformed only to a limited extent. The ascension to the high court of a constructionist justice recently may forestall the further deformation of legal interpretation of the constitution that is designed to benefit odd special interests.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Alaska-Sen Lisa Murkowski Votes Against Conservative SCOTUS

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski- nominally a Republican yet actually a mercenary independent feminist voted against Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation proceeding to go a final vote on Saturday. The Alaska Senator who inherited the seat from her father and then won with a coalition of Democrats and Alaska natives, feminists and pork barrelists the seat in her own magic leftist moment has consistently voted against Republican party interests though a part of the Republican party.

The bad thing about not voting on an objective, rational legal basis in the Senate is that the irrational direction leads away from constitutionalism and for factionalism. factionalism reinforces aristocratic trends that are fine with feminist deathocrats and their symps such as Senator Murkowski. Law is law and factionalism isn't. Civil rights that become defined through factional preferences eventually reduce to no rights at all. Dopey amoral citizens happy as subjects of the most rich aren't synonymoous with strong democrat interests of ordinary people.

After Trump; Christians, the Kweer Kook Klan and Feminists

After the Trump administration U.S. politics are likely to continue particular long term trends that emerged before the end of the cold war. Feminists will continue to search for ways to attain class empowerment including uniting with cohort groups such as the emergent ad hoc Kweer Kook Klan preferring homosexual cultural hegemony and corporate elitist establishment minorities.

There are even deeper political and social trends that comprise cultural phenomena shaping contemporary politics including that of the traditional Christian effect on driving political structures together within imitative political-ecclesiastical structures reflecting the ancient Catholic Church hierarchy and globalism. During the dark ages Christian Church leadership was a European unifier bring together diverse pagan nation toward roiling Latinized post-western Roman Empire international currents.

European defenses and the inquisition in response primarily to the war on Europe by the expansive Moslem empire brought feudal and monarchial entities closer together. The Catholic Church brought imperialism through papal inspiration, Charlemagne and the Hapsburgs among others to dominance. The scholastic Latin ubiquitous as the lingua France and the rising European technological development driven in large part by necessary engineering of warring and transitioning states and political elites also led to the printing press, Protestant reformation and common language scholarship. Science that grew from the engineering needs of war and human curiosity expanded its knowledge base too.

In the post-Trump era the constitutional foundations of U.S. popular culture that arose well before mass media and the Internet will continue to decline in relation to the empowerment of subcultures that are subsidiary to the 1% of the richest Americans and globalists. Feminists and homosexuals will continue to seek political and economic domination and exploiting cheap immigrant labor for heavy lifting work. That is fine with the 1% who will look to import cheap foreign workers and export as much work to cheap foreign labor as possible. Passively reinforcing Kweer Klan and feminist alliances within the Democrat party will be down with an atheist immoral lifestyle while select internal and external Muslim groups will serve as the chastising, terrorist external and internal threats (in addition to the chauvinism of straight white males) useful for group cohesion and amplified by mass media.

China as a communist nation may, ironically, evolve into democracy while the west is evolving hierarchical oligarchy and global plutonomy. Communism was developed by the western economic philosopher Karl Marx who regarding an egalitarianism as preferable to aristocratic domination of the masses- as did the founders of the United States. While Mark had a completely crank physical theory of dialectical materialism instead of say, empiricism, the perception that hierarchical establishments are eventually oppressive was on the mark yet not at all original (i.e. Spartacus saw the same thing).

Chinese communism could evolve cells of democratic sub-units that allocate basic wealth requirements equally as a base for all individuals and that have access to state-owned capital for investment in start-up ventures that are given tax breaks and development priority as they score well on an objective production utility and ecological restoration scale. Capitalism requires reform to break up concentrated wealth and prevent its over-concentration, the masses require basic living and investing potential capital to enable creative work and meaningful lifestyles without be stuck in oppressive, broke penury, democracy needs protection and development counter-cyclical to the trends toward a new global aristocratic infrastructure and the ecosphere needs recovery through strict association with productive capitalism within a free enterprise-democratic criterion.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Dark Energy Field Hair of the Dog

The dark field energy pushing or pulling the expansion of the space-time of the Universe is fairly remarkable as well as mysterious. It is an unknown X factor that even Chief Special Inspector Mueller is unlikely to be able to blame either the Russians or Tertullian for. It comprises more than 60% of the mass of the Universe (not normal mass that is 5% of the Universe or dark matter that comprises the rest).

The X energy (mass and energy are convertible) field  (one assumes it's a field) may or may not contain the Higgs field (the Higgs field is wherefrom mass gets substance analogous to the way those loop flares starting from and returning to the surface of the sun get their substance from the sun). The Higgs field may be embedded within the X field, or in some way be an anti-field half of the X field. In fact it could be about anything in regard to relationship to the Higgs and is therefor fun to metaphysically speculate about.

Could God have issued the Higgs and X fields? Of course is my opinion. Are they possibly just existent in minds that exist within each field or the reverse; sure- why not.

A field exists between sources, or emanates from a source. If a field were rolled up tight, as before cosmic expansion, and had temperature then according to Boyle's law it should lose heat as it expands and becomes more dispersed or diffuse. Yet if the field actually just unfolds it might keep the temperature though it takes up more spatial area in one sense, though it actually doesn't take up more space in-itself than it had before expansion.

Fields are interesting to consider regardless of dimensions or strings than extrude from them like hair of the dog.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

U.S. Diplomacy With Russia Sucks Escalating to Nuclear War Threats

The United States has had fairly incompetent foreign policy management since Ronald Reagan realistically and the Trump administration is continuing the trend at least so far as Russia goes. Yes the U.S. could take out Russian cruise missiles that are being developed and Russia could just launch a few nukes on DC for the heck of it, perhaps inviting unlimited nuclear war. When U.S. foreign policy is consistently so daft as it is the need to end frustration with the royal demands of the U.S. regarding the Russian Crimea (for most of the last 250 years- longer than the U.S.A. has existed at least), might be understandable.

So one might consider the possible cleansing benefits of a limited nuclear exchange with maybe 75 million dead Americans and a similar number in Russia. Both political parties would end as would the leftist, homosexual leadership of Wall Street corporate censors. The nuclear fallout zones in Russia would stop Europeans from invading for decades so Russians would be free to grow potatoes in peace.

I am disgusted with Wall Street and Democrat Party leadership that prefers nuclear war threats even in order to lever parts of Russia away from Russia and to transform Russia into a nation of cock-suckers with homosexual marriage. The U.S. economy should lead to complete overhaul of capitalism with patents limited to three years and 10% royalties for inventors thereafter in order to allow a widespread general progress in pharmaceuticals from generic producers at low prices for everyone. The economy should stress ecological synthesis and corporate and tax breaks for infrastructure that restores instead of displacing ecosphere. The rich should be taxed enough to prevent the concentration of wealth and border security should be strong enough to prevent illegal immigration into the body politic that subverts democratic self-determination and is all good for cheap labor neo-slavers.

Nuclear war is stupid as is U.S. foreign policy regarding Russia. If there were any intelligent elements in either party neither party would support the daft force Russia to be a foe line into being though it is convenient for the patriotism ax the last refuge of the coward folks.

NPR-Ask Your Smart Amazon Post Speaker to Say...

I had the unfortunate experience of listening to NPR recently after five months. It's as bad as it ever was. They are sponsored in part by the world's richest man so naturally they begin some segments saying "Ask your smart <alexa- amazon> speaker ...". as if anyone even in the radio media would ever normally say ask your smart speaker.  Mr Bezos owns the Washington Post too so the leftist-corporatist-globallist hate loop is complete.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dr Ford Forgot Washington Post Reporter Meeting Detail

Dr. Christine Ford in testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today said that she could not remember if she gave written notes to a Washington Post reporter she met with. That meeting occurred just a few weeks ago; not 35 years ago. The notes were very important as they described what she told her psychiatrist about her sexual assault memory from the high school party she says Judge Kavinaugh attended. When making a decision to present her story to a Washington Post reporter the item she would have made a choice about were the notes. Before going to any important meeting where one must provide witness one usually would choose what evidence in support she would take. Since the only evidence she had were the notes of what she told a psychiatrist, it is rather unconvincing that she could not remember if she took her notes to the meeting to let the Post reporter look at them of if she just casually described the content.

Hillary Clinton  told Ken Starr that she could not recall or could not remember more than 300 times in answering various questions. Ken Starr said he felt like he should charge her with perjury yet didn't. Dissimulation is within the power and practice of Democrat Party leadership.

The relativist and associationist truth schools following John Dewey's teachings believe truth is whatever they say it is. In other words they can pass a polygraph test about anything so long as they regard everything they say as being implicitly true. Those are the Democrats today, and especially psychologists.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

President Trump Ought to Shut Down Government

President Trump is likely to veto the spending bill sent over by the House and shut down the government. Congress has blown him off repeatedly on funding the wall so there isn't much else he can do excerpt close government down until they finance the wall or look like the toy of Congress.

It may be President Trump's last chance to fund wall construction so the government may really shut down until the people that prefer Mexican financial security over American theoretically rot.

New Allegations Against Judge Kav Reveals DC's Sewer Side

Washington D.C. is a sewer breeding corruption in its youth going on the basis of the swingie prepper stories emerging as Brett Kavanaugh is in the stocks during confirmation proceedings. Even though the Harvard Yale axis of dope is what SCOTUS is made of, there is a difference between men and women that pundits and cognoscenti have noticed. How can the Court have fair and balanced male-female members in the future that includes non-homosexuals and leftist wackos too?

There should be a definite protocol for letting accusations pile up, as if it was a legal hunting season, that ends so the Senate Judiciary Committee may rightly consider the stuff dumped their way- and not at the last minute so the Senate seems like a bunch of jackasses manipulated by any collusionists out there.

Should juvenile records be allowed that don't involve criminal convictions? That is a tough question. Adults are supposed to be more mature and with different conduct than juveniles.

And what about college parties? Is everyone that attends one responsible for everything that goes on there-especially in DC where the last President was a confessed minor cocaine user like former Mayor Marian Berry I suppose. 

If women are going to be held accountable for immoral behavior in some way that approximates male misdeeds, what can be considered; extra-marital sex or sex outside of marriage? Should every accusation of promiscuity be allowed against a female nominee in the years ahead. Where do the queer judges fit in? Is juvenile queer activity a fair reprehensible target for accusers to make against any judge that it might possibly stick to for a while at least?

Washington D.C. and environs is an ugly city morally speaking where some of the most corrupt and treacherous people anywhere gather to pile up vast public debt and let in drug traffickers and their fruits over the border illegally to supply their hench-persons that supply Hollywood. Someone has to judge the perpetrators with accomplices and collusionists who won't build a wall to keep the illegals out of the nation. In some way those living in Washington DC should be protected from all of the evil that California has to offer. Really, there should be some sort of protocol to defend Washington D.C. insiders.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pope John Paul II Was a Moral Leader; the Present Guy?

Pope John Paul II was a moral leader. The present Pope mostly stands for moral ambiguity. He said about homosexual marriage; 'who am I to judge'. Recently he signed off on letting the Chinese Communist Government nominate Bishops for that nation. That raises a few points of interest to non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

One. Will Alaska be allowed to nominate Bishops too, and of course the U.S. Government should have a few. Switzerland shouldn't be rated below China by the Vatican and has a right for a Bishop or two from its cantons. I understand completely that the Pope would not want to let Canada nominate Bishops. I can't say that I blame him for that. Russia though...

The Tsar used to appoint the head of the Orthodox Catholic Church so I suppose Vladimir Putin will demand appointing several Bishops to be on equal footing with the Chinese who have been given most favored nation bishops to nominate status. And don't forget about Google and Ford; they might want a bishop or two.

What will the communist bishops think about homosexual marriage though? The Pope said reportedly that the church needs to change because of its pedophile priests that have cost millions and millions or even billions in damages to victims. If the church allows marriage as it has in prior historical times, it will probably allow homosexual marriage priests and return to the pedophile problem.

Yet as the Pope said; Who am I to Judge? In the Revelation Jesus said to the seven churches (paraphrase) to shape up or be cast out. God is already judging people. Catholic leaders are supposed to advocate what the Bible instructs as right behavior. Homosexuality isn't o.k. It's God's judgment that is meaningful. Christians need to follow the rules.

Dr. Ford's Negotiating is Worse then Bobby Fischer's

Christine Ford's negotiating to appear at the senate to testify is worse than those that Bobby Fischer or the North Vietnamese might have demanded, respectively, for their appearances at a chess championship or the Paris Peace talks. That was all about the size and kind of the table. One would think that Dr. Ford wants to appear to testify rather than it being an onerous burden for her. If that is the case the Senate should simply let her off the hook and cancel the day for her to testify and hold a vote instead. There is no need to keep setting back the date for her testimony because of her unwillingness to appear unless certain conditions are met.

AI Apps for Language Interaction Would be Useful

An artificial intelligence app for learning a foreign language interactively would be useful; spoken language that is. The app should recognize at least two languages and be able to converse meaningfully. Maybe it already exists. It would also be useful to have a fast 1/10th second speech translator improvement phone tool for making foreigners speaking one's own language more intelligible.

Dem's Kavanaugh Craziness Driving Up Repub Poll Numbers?

Republicans have achieved their highest favorabililty rating in polls in seven years. The reasons may be the craziness about the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing support for unproven accusations against a spotless nominee.

In one case, an accuser admits that she isn't sure who the dick belonged to that she believes she saw at a frat party while buzzed from booze, yet thinks it may have been Brett Kavanaugh's spotted dick because she saw him tucking in his shirt soon after the alleged dick spotting. Did anyone think to ask if Brett Kavanaugh himself may be suffering ptsd from a boob flashing while at Yale?

In the case of Dr. Christine Ford, there is lack of verification from any other source. The high school year book scrivening though...that is damning. Brett Kavanaugh's high school essays ought to be examined for implicit, latent, chauvinism as well, by Special Inquisitor Mueller. Somewhere amidst the fog of war there might be Russian collusion.

The Real Civil War of the Future Tense v1.9

The future of civil war in the United States is a popular theme these days. War is more fungible than abstract politics and rhetoric bitten...