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Alpha-Zero-A.I. and Synergistic Tactical Weapons Apps

Alpha-zero's style suggests obvious applications for military command-control of tank and fighter-jet attacks of multiple pieces in the air or on the ground against an opposition force concerning deployment and firing position optimalization. Since capitalism is itself running a few centuries late philosophically, and only about a century and a half ahead of the era of the invention of the Giocco Piano, steady evolution to the day of AI and robots replacing human workers fundamentally is moving on. They would make cheap, effective bank guards anyway.

Synergetic chess piece movement with A.I. plainly presents the prospect of air and ground weapons orchestration with faster and better geodesic selections of styles for opfor degradation. Along with the ability to miniaturize weapons and bring them into intermodal puzzle box packaging it seems that there is a good future in the short term for improving tools to take human life on large scales. Eliminating humans from weapons delivery packages such as tanks and ships, aircraft etc would permit numerous new styles of A.I. concerts of war with the music of death. That seems plainly human.

Human society today is drawn largely toward abstract money streams for-themselves rather than for eco-economical reasons. People follow the largest chunks of mass behaviorally usually. In Alaska for example Chinook salmon are the best and largest salmonid and so is the most over-fished. Tow of the largest S.E. Alaska rivers for Chinook salmons returns historically may have no open seasons in 2018. Over-consumption and overuse of resources is just the human practice. development of military structures is a similar paradigm where social structure and average economic methods continue beyond their rational and optimal structure no uncommonly in the modern era.

That reminds me of another trait of human social reality; what the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre called 'use-truth'. Rather than explain the meaning of the term as found in his existential works here, I will illustrate that with a bit of an example.

An individual may believe they are the king of France, yet the reality is that there is no king of France. Social groups and entire societies on the other hand may regard what is false as entirely true and not be shown to be wrong. Social reality may create its own use-truths that are constructions of fiction. There are innumerable examples such as global warming unbelievers, the 20 trillion dollar U.S. public debt is no problem for the near or long range future, that the broadcast media had no influence on the recent election in Alabama (were they financed by foreign political contributors or governments and they shouldn't be registered as foreign agents or political action activists). One can never be certain of the veracity of certain truth propositions when their basis is within social reality itself. Large groups however have the discretionary power to disregard truths and inertially continue falsehoods that individuals do not.

Certain U.S. government approaches to a variety of substantive issues may be wrong in relation to the effectiveness in a contemporary setting. Maladaptation of historically valid policies to new times isn't uncommon. Several administrations have failed to recognize the need to develop a reformation of the government control of capitalism, that they do not is explicable for the same reason that North American and world fisheries decline inevitably; use-truths and mal-adaptive social inertia.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

AI Replacing Humans is the Natural Evolution of Capitalism

Artificial intelligence replacing humans including white color workers is the natural evolution of unreformed 18th century capitalism. Sorry- that's just the way it is.

Tax cuts for the rich will help accelerate the transfer of wealth and power to the 1% and the most efficient in the creative destruction economic phenomenon increasing efficiency. 

I saw a movie like that somewhere. It may be true. Self-Learning AI is new chess champ

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I wanted to say hi and Merry Christmas to all those that had occasion to read my blog this year. Christmas is a special time of year reminding us of the birth, life and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

From the book of Matthew chapter 1 verses 20-22-

...while he thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shall save his people from their sins. Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet...”

Many citizens of the United States today have fallen away from a true faith in the Lord and God (as there are three persons of one God) and are assaulted by commercialized powers of atheism through a plethora of media. That crowding makes it sometimes difficult to consider the Lord and God in an ideal, contemplative way. The headlong rush for sensation and sales that drive society without too much though even for using rational economic political philosophy sometimes is supported by commercial franchise priesthoods unable to address contemporary empirical challenges effectively.

Even so God has pre-determined the fate of mankind and in the end someday when the age of the gentiles is fulfilled, the last day will arrive for humanity even if it has settled the galaxies of the Universe over a billion years of time.

I added a couple of remarks in parenthesis within this quote from the King James version… In the book of Mark chapter 13 verse 30 through 36 Jesus said;

Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled” (and they were in the 1st century apocalypse) “Heaven and Earth may pass away; but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the father.
Take ye heed, watch and pray; for ye know not what the time is.
For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work and commanded the porter to watch.

Watch ye therefore; for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning: lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.

Dialectical Threat of Democrats

The American Democrat Party blue-bloods progressively brought the U.S. working and middle classes to their knees as they chased after foreign hog-wart ideas for public education. Nothing looked so good to the left as feminist atheism and the westernization of godlessness to replace the faith of the founders and Ronald Reagan. Losing the Cold War to capitalism, national self-determination and freedom meant that leftist ideologues had to undergo a rethink of methods and goals to combat the shibboleth-monolithic objects they abhorred.

The military-industrial complex itself was required to evolve new dialectical threats to replace the worthy former adversary Soviet Union war machine. Jean Paul Sartre had bridged the philosophical chasm between Marxism and existential providing a path for the tanks of capitalism to rumble into Red Square and military ontology at the Pentagon was re-theologized toward a doctrine of preparedness against existential threats in replacement of dialectical threats that lacked sales credibility for congressional funding.

Plainly when the late Senator Edward Kennedy attacked his hated party leaders President James Earl Carter in his primary race for the party Presidential nomination in 1980 he drove a permanent wedge in that split the party apart from its traditional focus on bettering the life of the poor and middle class. Kennedy abandoned the American working party paradigm of J.F.K., LBJ. and Scoop Jackson for a Harvard blue-blood agenda promoting sexist special interests, illegal immigration and globalism over U.S. nationalism. President Clinton consummated that new Democrat ethic of deregulating Wall Street and brought the party to be an accomplice of the elites of Harvard and Wall Street that is pure expansionism in unsustainable economics. Democrats in effect joined with Republicans at the elite levels to share the fruits of the Universal phase of a synthetic American universal phase of history (in Toynbean terms). Toynbee’s universal phase is usual followed, like a super-nova, with burnout and collapse into a white dwarf or even, black hole.

Pentagon military theologians were left with a rotting infrastructure as the nation was left with a rotting infrastructure while investment in foreign infrastructure ran ahead. The Pentagon was left with complex and difficult to finance choices between theoretical new weapons systems that would be obsolete even before a somewhat minimal 20-year shelf life. Wars to use the old inventory and reorder new inventory were difficult to find without sufficient conventional foes. Nuclear disarmament advocates did try to help eliminate all nuclear weapons that at least when limited to a few major powers had prevented another world war for 70 years; if nuclear weapons were eliminated a new global arms race to field non-nuclear weapons of mass destructions might commence a new round of pragmatic empirical threats to species survival of many species of terrestrial mammals as well as human beings if cross-over biological vectors had pan-lethal epidemic capacity.

A new generation of drone army tanks without crew compartments and cannon potential facing forward and backwards simultaneously might have been the least of the empirical and utilitarian threats challenging Pentagon theology. Capital ships and aircraft might have become challenged by stealthy, small, malingering air, land and sea attack drones drawing power from a number of sources like clouds of mosquitoes refueling before attacking large craft that aegis weapons systems could not recognize ore react to at all given the multi-environmental drone tactical capabilities. Nations and corporations would research mobile fuel cell power platforms to power particle beam and microwave anti-personnel weapons in order to more neatly depopulate dialectical threats allowing quick recycling opfor establishments for the use of imperial plutocrats globally.

The democrat Party under president Obama failed to advance a pragmatic approach to tax reform and simple through in the towel completely giving permanent and vast tax cuts designed by President G.W. Bush to the Harvard elites of Wall Street. He was the one percent's strongest ally that future Presidential candidate Congressman and Speaker Jack Ryan of Wisconsin seeks to emulate and even go one better on.

The problem with establishing corporatism and its perennial revolutionary non-sustainable expansion with the fires of creative destruction is the progressive abandonment of traditional statecraft and national logic for globalist elitism concentrating wealth and promoting establishment of a planetary proletariat divided on racial, gender and perversity lines with religious factionalism and sectarianism easily exploited too. Good governments in history try to improve citizen productivity from the bottom up. They realize that increasing education for all makes a stronger, more productive nation. The U.S.A. is in a new era technologically and also internationally and should raise its support for education minimums from its century old level. Americans should be the best they can be if they want to remain a little competitive the next century.

A strong national program that recapture political fundamentals would at least create a special tax on the most rich to pay for free Universal education for American citizens to as high of a level as they can and want to achieve including graduate school to the PhD level. No American should be prevented from completing graduate education for financial and social reasons rather than for lack of ability or interest.

Historical the value to a nation of mass public education was regarded as equivalent to mass conscription in time of war and national defense. My grandfather attended school to the 4th grade in the early part of the 20th century. I did a little better, yet could not afford graduate school needed to become a journeyman educator and work in Texas, Mississippi and abroad with volunteer work based on savings in East Africa and Eastern Europe. That for me was quite a waste and left little besides homelessness in search of painting around the nation riding a bicycle for more than 35,000 miles over a decade. None should be compelled to waste their lives with Democrat ‘progressive’ programming the speech and daily hate of their minions to make even ordinary employment the right of just those matriculated in the hog-wart school of swing.

Instead of capping American compulsory education at grade eight, the new tax plan should provide for the financing of free higher education, as high as it goes in order to make Americans a better work force that is more entrepreneurial and less subject to the three-generation planned obsolescence of the present day. Illegal aliens help subvert U.S. wage values and burn up a high amount of political time over decades. They are presented as success stories. Yet in three generations while Balkanizing the nation they too would to a large degree be cast off to the obsolete Americans rubbish pile of history who must join the politically incorrect and work for minimum wage while their grandkids are saddled with taxation to subsidize corporate health care policies. Corporate cherry-picking from the pool input aliens would require that those professional class servo-units of Wall Street bear truth faith and allegiance to plutocracy and perhaps even Exxon-Mobile and Halliburtion. It would be nothing less than fair and balanced if the most rich were in turn required to pay for the free college tuition of all Americans that want to attend college to the highest level.

When democrat party leaders choose to become servo-unit accomplices of global imperial elites and render the former poor, working and middle class to the future status of communicable disease infected warted hogs led by benighted foreign musicians a future was cast that not even industrial strength barnacle removers could dislodge should any democrat party theorists even receive a spark of interest in trying.

Pieces of Eight Epsilon version science fiction)

Pieces of Eight
Copyright© 2017 Garrison Clifford Gibson

Version epsilon 1.0

Looking for a dream on the edge of a desert, where night would yield unto day, and the beginning of the eons of time and history put memories alive and poignant. Bittersweet in that they occurred at all before destiny wrested them away, before seasons died and thoughts less than dust. Before faces of tomorrow disappeared into yesterdays. When living being is given to surpass nothingness from God who never dies. When fragments like illusions stir sands of time worn from mountains. Upon some planet, beyond some star, a landscape would be given to exist.
Destinies are given, missions are set. Goals that ask for investment of time and effort in-a-world arise. Yet one may never achieve the summit and world picture with endless stories and objects. An empirical world does not forever glisten like a shining city on a lake calling those inducted to the halls of consumerism. A transcending, surprising destiny overcoming the world emerges in the fog of time...something never foreknown waits for being and time to expire.
Once in the beginning of each Universe first light shown into the darkness. First light on a pre-determined holographic membrane given a particular course and destiny moving through a zero-energy vacuum without friction or exogenous relativistic effects as if it were in free fall not subject to extra-Universal forces. Each braniverse required a certain surface tension analogue for to keep together with orderly coherence. The primordial vacuum state remained so at the pleasure of God whom one infers was the author of any temporal disequilibrium in regard to was an orderly neutral mind-field.
Each of the eight Universes had contact with the Spirit of God during the eons of their life cycles. Each new the sight of a sun and of stars across the Universal depths reaching through their own particular settings of Universal laws to the planets sustaining their existence.
All eight Universes were hosts to sentient beings programmed from the beginning to be and become; to live and wonder about the nature of creation. To ask questions concerning the nature of existence and of why it exists at all and if it might have meaning. The people of each Universe had the opportunity through the spirit to know God. Some were successful at that even as so many others failed. Many of the latter were content to study mechanics of matter and energy and postulate the existence of all possible Universes from self-generating principles. Natural virtual fields would emanate charge particles that were charged simply by virtue of being the anti-particle of one oppositely charged or spinning with vector motion defined in eigenvalue states, some super-positioned and others not.
Particles were parts of a whole. A wave might be made of a multitude of particles. Waves were concatenated groups behaviors of particles. Charges were directions of motion that while theoretically reversible could not do so without 2x opposite energy added and hence not really very reversible.
Likewise did virtual particles arising from a field of absolute nothingness without charge exit nothingness to become actual rather than virtual particles without leaving a negative field charge. Subtracting something from nothingness created an unreal negative state in the vacuum. No matter, the evolutionary theorists were content with the place of their particular positions withing the fields of their particular Universes that they regarded as having arisen just through statistical laws of chance . Observations they had made concerning the tendency of disorganized particles to organize within any given volume with a stable state indicated to those without God that their own existence was inevitable and actually necessary considering the nature of mass and energy, particles, waves, strings, branes and singularities.
Even so when the time of the age of the Universes was fulfilled. After each people had the opportunity to contemplate being and to actualize their particular works, after they had received and accepted or rejected the word of God and been delivered to the spirit or to the experience of eternity without the presence of God. When they had been transliterated back from whatever quantum evolution state they had designed for their social and personal being and delivered to await judgment, the Universes were concluded and rolled up coincidentally at the grand conjunction of forms.
At the intersection of the eight Universes corner edges subducted together under gravity to form a white hole through a singularity. The white hole was zero-dimensional from the start, though it had information kept safe with Shannon stop-loss of data entropy, the newly emergent Universe appeared to have no data in it except for its implicit and minimal yet necessary and deterministic physical structure. The structure was a field with bits of data appearing as zero than one dimension points, lines and membranes swiftly growing into quarks with a propensity toward fusion. The vast data of eight Universe disappeared with the physical content faster than light or the speed of gravity for an instant before exploding into the new Universe closing the singularity behind with a final soundless nothingness. Though matter and energy from the lost eight Universes was conserved with transference and inflation into the singular new Universe, the data was gone.; hidden safely away from future residents of Universe1 in a dark in information field that was in yet not of the Universe. The information content of the eight Universes could be infused however, at the discretion of God regarding right time and place, through strings and new quark relationships, into the minds of mankind that for some reason, along with space receiving dark energy and volume, served as live agents of change.
Tremors from inexact coordinates reached gravity wave detectors across the star system. Within the heart of a thirty-light year in diameter section of the galaxy mass and energy were dissociated and disappeared. Hundreds of stars and tens of thousands of planets disappeared leaving a void in their absence suddenly filled with dark-space from a ball shaped dimension upsurging into being. Space-time was pushed more than 900 light years apart, in an instant.


John Dwight looked at the branch diagram outlining the lava tube ahead with little interest distracted as he was with reflections on the methodical social economic veto of his self-interest objectives by supervening powers illicitly. Nevertheless the tube system below the surface of the moon of the main planet of the Diafron system required his attention if he was to complete a journey to a storage area for teacher-robots with jigged programming unknown to the Aristarchs.
A crusty-cruel coordinator for the Aristarch Department of Offense named Hard Carbon was hunting Dwight. Receiving data and energy through his power anus from the Shenzing float-vehicle soft-dope seat energy plug Carbon followed a vaporous trace trail in the air over the subterranean tunnel network that brought it to a relative exo-stationary synchronization with the futile mole fugitive John Dwight scurryplinking below. Hard Carbon disdained the entire fugitive political dissident movement that sought reallocation of energy resources from the Aristarchs to the masses of individual poor-poops. Energy, Carbon knew, could only be rationally allocated if in the control of the elites that owned all power and managed it righteously for the benefit of the righteous rich. The threat of existential philosophers arising that would ignore the intimidation of Aristarch military power contaminating outer worlds needed to be contained. The existential threat terrified military equipment manufacturers across the aristocracy. Poor poops needed to be tolerated for conservation environmentally of their genetic base that could be exploited to assure the supremacy of the elites that governed development of the Silky Way galaxy. They could not be allowed to exist with unslaved thought however and become an empirical threat to elite dominion.
John Dwight made his way deeper through the lava tube coated throughout with glow light creating a moderate bluish illumination for his eyes. After an hour of taking ecosphere moving trails through the silent, empty variegated cylinder he reached a drop shaft. The original inhabitants of the tube system had mined useful resources and deepened and expanded the network. The down lift was broke and without any gel-charge in the wire-tubes to provide electrons for empowerment. He clipped a carabiner onto one intact wire and used a magnetic wedge for a brake then lept into the darkness to slide a few hundred feet further down into the chamber his sonic ear chip had sounded.
In a niche at the bottom of the main chamber was a pile of teacher robots piled arms and legs akimbo like detritus moved out of the way by an auto-skidder. Maybe this was the pile with artificial intelligence in an unnaturally altered state?
Dwight wiped his brow with the back of a hairy hand and gave the first bot he reached a jolt of gel-trons from a tube clipped magnetically to his servo-derm. The artificial intelligence came to life with a light in its eyes.
It spake thus; “And so they reached the age of truth and reconciliation. The D.N.A. of every member of society was freely submitted to the Public Identity Project and the true parentage and genetic history of every member of society was mapped. Occupational percentages of progeny fathering was statistically discerned, and the members of the broadcast media were found to have an anomalously high factor of supra-marital progenitor productivity trailing only athletes and politicians in fecundity.
Those elites were unhappy with publication of the results of their sexual prowess and quickly suppressed the results with a declaration of martial law because of a subversive terror-revolt of poor distant poops. Yet that was just the start of the war to end mankind.
Very soon the elites discovered that their control of finance and energy provided absolute power politically. With genetic samples of all of humanity in their possession already through free, legally mandatory public health provisions, humanity itself was superfluous.
The genome of any particular individual could be grown if required for some reason in a human synthetic uterus, while computers with A.I, could run artificial evolution genomic recombinations simulating every possible genome that could ever have happened for humanity of humanity had continued to exist. It was thus that here the first inhabitants of the lava tubes sought refuge from the pandemic conversion of human-kind in the Diafron System. They survived just a few Diafronous years before they were discovered and converted into the blood pool.”
Dwight turned the A.I. off and considered the surprising history of this remote and old outpost of the Trittytwillium Empire that gave birth to the first Aristarchs of the Silky Way. As an ordinary poor-poop he became somewhat worried about his future prospect for security, yet he was already distrustful of the Aristarchs, so what was new really?
Hard Carbon banked the Shenzing left and dropped three-thousand feet closer to the dirt of the Diafronous moon. His sensors observed Dwight's movement through the tube tunnels and Carbon noted Dwight's stop at a lower level. He thought that could not mean anything good was happening and choose to directly intervene.
John Dwight's thought wasn’t common for a nin-com-poop in that it was not entirely slaved to thought-minders as was that of nearly all of the poor poops brought into existence to serve Aristarchracy and expansionist, unsustainable corporate economics. Dwight had been to the edge of the Silky Way on a few missions. And those regions still had feral free-thinking human poops that may have liberated Dwight's formerly enslaved mind. When Dwight was taken into custody for reprogramming and given a fresh Aristocratic neural minder he could explain where, when and how his pristine enslaved mind had become contaminated with freedom.
Diafron moons (of which there were several and variable according to the value extra gravitation and resource allocations had for system management) generally were converted to star photon capture and subversion surfaces amongst other uses. Physical engineering exploited voltaic materials in regolith that were fused into superconducting surfaces. Moons of Diafron would capture and store sunlight and release it as luminous orbs too if directed so. Hard Carbon's subsurface imaging tech presented Dwight's image as a vapor trail with varying degrees of solid red heat. He wondered what Dwight was thinking.
Truth”, Dwight thought, “is like a tiny sand castle constructed on a beach before a giant wave of lies and deceit crashes upon it to disperse its meaning forever. Organizations produce their own falsehoods and regard them as truth because of their utility for working toward organizational goals with moral righteousness. Union lies always defeat individual and accurate truth. So even if the Aristarchs wipe out humanity of the poop class when their usefulness expires, where does that knowledge go? Where could I find anywhere to live beyond the power of Aristarchus and the Aristarchs?”
Space and time were bound together as relationship in regard to the deployment of matter and energy of the Universe that twas said can neither be created or destroyed. Even virtual particles in space are temporal and potential cohort balances for existing mass and energy. Energy, mass and space-time began together it has also been said, in a primordial singularity (viewed from within the Universe by some sentient beings in history). Space expanded along with energy and later, mass as it was converted from energy to a more solid-state form of being. In some respects mass drew space outward with it for several billion years, after 7 billion years from the singularity and inflation gravity had drawn much mass together and much of intergalactic space was left without matter or energy to a substantial degree and space newly liberated from the ties of energy and mass was free to expand. Space it seems has a super-fine, non-granular nature of its own.
In the beginning there may have been eight Universes compacted together at a particular point after their useful life spans were completed and matter was distributed to a low energy state of maximum entropy. In their compaction process eight Universes with their dimensions were reduced to four irreducible dimensions compacted with mass and then energy into a singularity.
Dimensions may be made of different natures or colors. Some may combine easily and other not at all, or may even repel of take reactive configurations. The Universe with the Diafron System and Silky Way Galaxy is a four-brain Universe. That was not entirely disadvantageous for poor poops that were able to free themselves from the reductive powers of Aristarchs, if they only knew.
Hard Carbon was mostly human. The poor poops also were human yet they were as aliens to Carbon. He had changed. Promoted to being from the nothingness of the blood pool of which he had no actual memory, and given a state of the art neural mind control actuator nestled in his cortex that trained his thought to the best killing efficiency deemed appropriate for him by the benevolent Aristarchs he calculated an intercept course to take down the plainly malfunctioning John Dwight.
The Shenzing A.I. was networked with the moon A.I. controller of its sub-atomic composition and ordered it to part enough to enable a high velocity friction free penetration of the craft through the lunar surface into its chtonic depths. It slowed too maximum survivable decent speed within 15 meters of Dwight whom was already entering a probability exfiltration phase.
His backpack auto-sensors shot emp grenades and quark fog at the Shenzing that landed in smoking melt-rubble. Dwight's actual position auto-strobed for most opfor sensory targeting systems while he ascended the wire upward. In the Shenzing Hard carbon saw a jackrabbiting prey escaping the close confines of the storage chamber with growing frustration. The will-o-the-wisp soon disappeared through the ceiling while his tracking tech was returning inaccurate locations of the Dwight prey.
In addition to being a moon-sized solar energy collecting and storage surface, Diafron's main moon Enchilada was infused with an innate print on instruction nano-tech that permitted it to reshape itself into any material form for habitation or utility structures on demand. It presently resembled a ski slope lit eerily with blue-green light. Accelerating his escape to the surface Dwight engaged electro-magnetic leviforward instructions to the wall magnets to propel him faster upward through the tube network. He thought of the unquenchable fires of hell that awaited those that failed to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ as he had discovered in reading of God in the Holy Bible transported from the ancient forerunner Earth world of the Gentiles before the age of the Trittytwillium Empire and the following rise of Aristarchus and his Aristarchs.
So many people had drawn the wrong conclusions from the appearance of Darwin's theory of evolution. They believed that God was dead as a necessary inference from life evolving biologically. The believed the Biblical explanation for the creation of life was incompatible with natural evolution, and that the God could not have used evolution for-himself as a creative tool and further that the book of Genesis could only be understood in terms completely antipathetic to biological evolutionary process and in that they were entirely wrong. The destiny for those without faith in God was eternal hell and that was the thought presently holding John Dwight's focus of thought as he neared the lunar surface. Where could hell be physically located? Perhaps in the singularity at the beginning and end of time?
Below absolute zero physicists speculated that the opposite end of the heat spectrum exists at a virtually infinite high temperature. Beyond the heat death if the Universe when entropy has dispersed the subatomic so far that individual particles are isolated and the temperature of space is absolute zero, hell awaits either as a membrane phase shift or through gravitational re-collapse into a singularity.
As in a naked singularity of a black hole time and motion virtually stop. Matter and energy are compacted to a condition with less actual energy than that of a Bose-Einstein condensate. Paradoxically, while all the energy and potential mass of the Universe reaches its virtually infinitely small state of motionless, timeless stasis it takes on the temperature of infinite hell. Because soul mapping continues even into the singularity and no information is lost through conservation of Shannon Entropy criteria each soul that was not saved with the Lord and taken unto heaven continues as a present mind experiencing eternal hell in the singularity where Satan rules the remnant Universe compacted to a smaller size than angels dancing on a pinhead could imagine. Information, mass, energy and everything not extracted by God from the Universe unto a special place eventually encounters eternal singularity in hell. Though they had a way out through faith, they would not Dwight though sadly.
Below, or inside the singularity nothing existed besides everything left out of heaven, and information. Beneath the absolute motionless compaction of everything that transformed temperature and time to absolute zero each was information and infinite heat that the info-minds experienced. Satan clawed through the sentient beings and the information of the Universe in all of its forms as ideas that rose and disappeared as images and ideas with which to torment his faithless captives forever. And the funny thing is, nothing of it was real. Nothing existed outside the minds and information of the singularity that Satan ruled from boundary to boundary that comprised no space-time at all. Such destiny!


Standing on the highest entry point to the slope of Enchilada that presently was vacant of human presence beside himself John Dwight realized he had only moments to leave the world if he were to remain free of the Aristarch capture team below. He was unaware that Hard Carbon had snagged himself on a rough edge exiting his Shenzing craft's canopy, tripped and fallen to the floor leading with his chin and thus knocking himself out. John summoned a space chute to extract him back to the edge of the Silky Way from Enchilada, or at least as close as he could get in one shot.
Dwight did not quite hear a vision. Then the 11th malt slammed the door on the skeezer hawks with finality. He wondered and information was extracted. Mass and energy were drain into space such that nothing remained. The four dimensions took his information too and flung it fast forward toward a spatial point glimmering and receding in the distance like a transparent diamond pin-point. Space stretched from Enchilada like and infinite telescoping membrane, as in fact it was, that deposited his super-positioned informal self several thousand light years away from the realm of the Twittyarchs closer to the galactic center of power. Emptied of mass and energy with Skynet technology, a directed vector of space dimensions had expanded faster than light for a split second as if it were a sliver of the faster than light inflaton from near the beginning of the Universe. His information was super-positioned in the arrow of space. Then mass and energy that were set aside recomposed and the space phase shifted back to the usual without leaving a gravitational ripple on it. Just the personal space and information of John Dwight remained at the tip of the spear, standing on the planet Orbitron.

Billy Conn, Mike Ripper and Zillary Gaul were three Aristarchs with a problem; a rogue poor poop had evaded capture and reconditioning by a field operative on Enchilada and disappeared. That didn't happen every day. In fact poops that didn't think with their heads up their asses metaphorically speaking were exceedingly rare and regarded as a kind of new viral infection with epidemic potential.
Who is our best available field op racer Zillary”; Billy Conn wondered.
Hmmm Billy. Let me check my vagputer. Yes, sure, that would be Maxim Skumbee, agent extraordinaire.”
Why is he extraordinary?”
He has tortured captives to confess with viral-cancer enhancements making life somewhat uncomfortable for his subjects. None of our other operatives thought of that.”
The three Aristarchs, unplugged as they were, dallied upon their reclining thrones on a subordinate ring to the center that was strictly reserved for Aristarchus when he was present. None knew where he disappeared to in his frequent absences.

The alpha subordinate ring occupied 47,000 miles in diameter of enhanced space in the midst of a trophy star cluster constructed with great expense from dozens of main sequence stars moved from original positions within 50 light years to form an optimally spaced habitation zone circling the main sequence Aristarchus community rings.
Complex sorting algorithms were needed to assign stars within gravitational complex of compresence relationships for reduction and enhancement with via super-novae inducers to shape space and warp-roll target stars closer to the eventual destination in the new constellation light years away. It was an extravagantly destructive and expensive process environmentally that was apropos for an elite society of social rulers that solved social environmental limits through the annihilation of all consumers besides the elite. It was for the day quite a feat of space-mass engineering that created a new constellation of incomparable luster.
Zillary's vaginal computer ensemble was typical of those used by female Aristarchs. It controlled bodily chemical balances and adjusted sensations as well as providing a quantum computer direct link-up to state of the art Aristarchan data.
Billy Conn and Mike Ripper each had penis-puters of adjustable size with much the same technology as the vagputers. Though they could change size configuration comparable to human genitalia, there was no functional significance in that, for the penisputer was a male connector to the female vagputer that enabled direct connections for power, data and pleasure sharing in Aristarchan orgies of power comprising much of their usual workday. They plugged in after being joined by several more Aristarchs to share big data and experience the surge with the group through proximal wireless.

Maxim Skumbee rolled the flying scythe on its side to get a clear sight picture on the target poop through dense chemical fog obscuring the capture field. In the Mneargan world visualization five-hundred year old Zemlocke trees were grown full size in five years with illegally accelerated genome enhancements. Mega cherry-melon branches had obviously been grafted in and covered with camouflaged sealant paint compounding the error of making enterprises through unslaved free thought. Maxim Skumbee fired off a salvo of mag-lev skull penetrators after the fugitives trying to hide in the dense forest.
He received an incoming anus communique through his butt-link sent from the Aristarch troika that controlled his licensed thought parameters. It ordered him to journey to a planet named Diafron and its moon Enchilada to meet a certain agent Hard Carbon whom had bungled the capture of a known free-thinker viral agent named John Dwight.
He turned the scythe upright and stopped to find the quickest sales algorithm from Mneargan to the visualization of Enchilada. For now he would let the criminal arborealists with partial free thought escape punishment. Perhaps they would grow to become an even bigger prize upon his return. He reigned in and turned the Scythe toward the horizon and Mneargan flughaven a few miles beyond. After he got what he could from Hard Carbon he would snare and interrogate Dwight with a sweetly satisfying, decisive and conclusive prejudice.
As he flew the scythe to the horizon he reflected upon how deeply he hated the skin—bag human poop that were little more than cell membranes filled with shit. Because he thought within parameters directed from the Aristarch imperative it never occurred to him that he too was a human and no different from the poops he despised.
November, John Dwight thought, is a kind of comfortable oblivion in its nightly darkness. Though it is strange that ancient Earth time period names for a planet's rotation periods were brought thousands of light years away, it is not too remarkable that Orbitron had monthly period roughly comparable to those of the ancient Earth that without space-time reshaping could be regarded as having existed more than 35,000 years ago. That was the time that constructions of the Aristarchus Constellation required, and it was some time long ago that the first of humanity escaping from the Aristarchan Empire discovered space-warp kedging as had brought him far beyond the edge of the Aristarchan Empire to a location that until recently was undisclosed to the Aristarchs.
The oblivion of January night's cold darkness is unlike that of November with its feeling of private security, January is a month of unease, even for oblivion. One feels restive as change is underfoot and oblivion only shrouds some deeper, unknown disquiet. That was the way he felt now, and it was still November on Orbitron.


The predator maintained vigilant focus on the tally. Feminine wiles exploiting vulnerability gaps had set off intercourse counters on the lower lips of humans of a world transitioning to enlavement; slowly, methodically, stealthfully. Utilitarian threats to class supremacy and military-bureaucratic complexes of worlds could arise, and when they did predators were summoned to implement control.
By the time Maxim Skumbee reached Diafron's main moon Enchilada, Hard Carbon had awoke from his dogmatic slumber and followed the olfactory trail of John Dwight up the wire and through the tubes to the ski slope outside. In the blue-green light he spotted a distant coffee shop on a plaza with a good view of the slope and Diafron in the sky, walked over and took a seat in the Shark Tooth cafe. It was at the Shark Tooth that Maxim Skumbee found him drinking crass class coffee with sugar.
Skumbee was an intimidating humanoid with a built up body augmented with privileged doping reserved for predators especially valuable to Aristarchs.
You let him escape half-wit”, Skumbee said taking a chair at the Shark Tooth table. Hard Carbon drew an eraser gun and only made it half-way before Skumbee's lightening fast reflexes acted. Skumbee's cobra arm grabbed hold of Carbon's wrist and snapped it like a freeze-dried twig. Carbon howled in pain.
Shut up you poopish moron. I have a commission to get done what you couldn't. If you wanted to be alive tomorrow morning stop whimpering. I still have use for you although it probably is a better idea to send you done to the blood pool.
There is a rumor of a slave escape exfiltration system that has made its way over the centuries past to the attention of oligarchs. I need to know what the capabilities and structure of the slave escape technology is if the Aristarchs are to shut it down and expropriate the technology for themselves. The limited near-light-speed transport system supplemented with expendable print-on-demand quantum teleportation replicants of enforcers and exploration A.I. systems can't be the last word in space travel. Get down to Diafron and any other planets of this system where tell-tales may be lurking and extract the facts.
Blend in better with the local poop Carbon and try not to exhibit your stupid class economic chauvinism to the poops. They will spill more if you first gain their trust before betrayal and torture. Shock and awe with pre-tenderizing has limited value.
Get out of my sight.”
Hard Carbon having been rightly chastised by his superior struggled away from the nice cup of coffee across the ski slope and back down through the hole to the lava tube networks of Enchilada eventually finding his way, in much pain from the broken wrist with compound fracture, down to the Shenzing waiting patiently amidst the rubble of the storage cavern. He climbed up into the craft as its canopy slid open and set himself down onto the government anus controller spigot reconnecting to the ship A.I. and power with relief. A greeting wave of relief came over him as a soothing symphony of swine with ecstatic groans and squeals of ecstasy flooded his mind.
The ship A.I. nurtured him with opidope transforming pain into pleasure and apprised him of the conditions prevailing in the Shevela community of Diafron that he would soon depart to while it ordered his fractured wrist to be repaired enclosing it was a constrictor-cast that pushed, pulled and moved his broken bones back into place before fusing the torn skin with dermweld. It gently lifted off from the floor of the cave pushing aside dirt and rock in its way to the surface with quark displacing resonance.

The Shevellas of Diafron were named after an ancient Earth desert plant called the favela that became an eponym for a specialized form of clever urban slum grown on steep hillsides. Actually they were rather ingenious and beautiful cubist slums that provided in some cases excellent distant views in the way that Greek and Roman theatrical amphitheaters and gladiatorial coliseums provided views for spectators rising up to higher levels. In the day of the original favela many expensive houses in California fell downhill with heavy rains or Earth tremors while the ingenious homes of the favela withstood high winds of hurricanes.
On Diafron the Shevellas were selected from historical architectural data banks for their practical value in covering artificial mountain ranges grown upon the formerly flat, lifeless world with housing structures that were transparent and easily controlled for poor poop humans selected for actualization from the blood pool and training to serve the Aristocracy. The Aristarchs were clever expropriators of the utilitarian technology from any era for their own purposes. Paradoxically the domination of the Aristarchs ended the inventive of new technology from humanity in their realm. Artificial intelligence and history were the basic contemporary creators of the new for the Aristocracy.
Rising from an amphitheater's central plaza more than 120 stories high the Shevalla was entirely transparent yet colored as selected by optimal program analysis for moon altering and control. Humans entered their life cycles at the ground level where they could be intensely cultivated in basic training. A Gomer-Furor was assigned to each few hundred inductees to direct indoctrination. If a poop arrived at formation wearing a lavender instead of a pink skirt for the day as ordered the Furor would chastise the private and admonish him to wear pink with the command “dress right dress”. The Gomer-Furor would order the poops to display privates and reward his favorite with personal training.
When the basic training formation was complete and the privates had left for their assigned tasks the amphitheater became the center of mechanosaur entertainment spectacles with humongous mechanical beasts fighting in monster y monster claw to mandible combat for survival of the fittest contests to win government alien world defense contracts. Human poops of the sixty-nine floor above ground level could watch if they dared waste spare time with idle viewing, tremendous battles to the death of war machines.
Achieving the nirvana of the perfectly enslaved mind on the seventieth-floor could not be achieved easily or without much personal sacrifice. In fact the entire loss of self-interest was the best way to become molded into the perfect image of the enslaved beast that was fashionable according to the pleasure of the Aristarchan court in any given era. Only through months of increasingly arduous and disciplined enslavement of thought could they know the perfect iterations of mindless conformity to the will of the actualizing A.I. that was personally programmed by the Aristarchan troika in charge of the Diafron system.
History records that the original Brazilian favelae were pacified with technological surveillance technology such as directed microphones and computer scurry-mice before the threat of independent alternative socio-economic hierarchies was eliminated. The Aristarchan troika were mindful of the danger of training and environmental flaws and imperfections that could unintentionally generate a free mind too dangerous to tolerate in the Aristocratic Empire. Thus the Shevellae were readily dissolvable from the top down with anti-structure acid that thrice had been required to flow from spigots at the summits to eliminate entire communities that had been contaminated by the virus of free thought. It was quite a tragedy to the troika that appreciated how hard the poops struggled to enslave themselves even in competition with others in order to reach the 120th floor with a perfectly enslaved mind and achieve their heart's desire to fondle and kiss the asses of the Aristarchs, metaphorically speaking.
Into Diafron's artificial mountain chain through a tremendous vertical cleft in pure stone supporting Shevella outside with myriad mechanical servo-units Hard Carbon rode his Shenzing entering his quest to find a mystic tlink to other stars, and even more that he could not think of lost as he was in the Symphony of Pigs in ecstasy.

A Universe Before Inflaton

John Dwight was relieved to find himself in the company of Lena Loop upon arrival at Orbitron. She was a knowledgeable friend of the blue committee and someone that he had spent some time discussing elements of cosmology with.
You haven't been to Orbitron for very long John. Let me explain some of the facts to you. I want to introduce you to the concept of a quantum cloud inter-mind.”
Fine Lena. I wondered for a time if I would make it out of Enchilada alive.”
Before the inflation of the Universe that occurred a split second after a mass-energy, pure quantum stable state received a word vibration causing instability and expansion from a singularity into space-time, the unified field of energy had not yet existed long enough to break down from a super-hot state to cool a little and form gravity. Without gravity to make it attract unto itself there was a natural inflation of apparently a membrane rather than a solid mass. Gravity works at the speed of light and no interactive with mass particle-waves travel faster. Before it existed the original, expanding membrane accelerated faster than light during inflation.”
I understood that eight Universe were drawn into a singularity Lena.”
True enough John. The singularity was in-itself without time and broken down those Universes into something resembling a dimensionless Bose-Einstein plasma yet conserving information. Information external to the stable state was the stimulus opening the big bang. And the interval allowing the inflation after the big bang allows us to make inferences about the nature of space in the absence of gravity that can exist only with the breakdown of the unified field into mass and energy.”
How so Lena?”
'For one thing we can infer that without gravity mass and energy could not meaningfully aggregate. Without gravity matter would not form planets or stars and anything that existed would have no fundamental direction toward the concatenated center point of all attracted mass of the Universe that is, incidentally, conserved. Gravity can be overcome by a greater power of a meta-Universal scale, space has a different dimensional nature in the absence of gravity, or gravity was reversed in direction after emerging from the singularity allowing expansion of the Universe as an inflaton before flipping back around as the four spatial dimensions flattened out, at least thats how I see it John.”
So the information that is a map of the location of all mass and energy cohering within a supra-virtual quantum field is the quantum-cloud inter-brain of information we interact with to understand and travel the material Universe from time=near zero to time=near omega regardless of location Lena?”
Well John, I would say that it more like in addition to location, time is a value-added mapping element applied somewhat like a natural atomic structure metaphorically speaking. All of the information from the eight Universes is conserved, and all of the information of this Universe is pre-known as well to the super-mind that is God.”
Yes Lena I would think that would not be an exhaustive definition of his omniscience.
If the singularity was more than a zero-dimensional point; if the start of a Universe had something besides a spherical configuration, gravity might be able to prevent the release of a unified energy field from becoming mass.”
I think thats not quite accurate John. Energy is not yet mass. Compacted to a singularity it is not yet even energy. It may exist in an unknown state as pure dimensional space. If it existed within a line originally it would be unbound in one dimension and extended so far as its energy allowed. The forces of energy would be unequal bound and unstable. Mass could not form from energy and would have singular center to return to if it could existed and were somehow to be big banged and inflated away John.”
Sure, I can imagine that Lena. If mass could be attracted to black hole conditions that were linear the Universe would be very different than it is. What about Orbitron though Lena. What sort of a world is it really?”
Orbitron is one of a few hundred artificial worlds with a double-hull protected atmosphere we have made by hollowing out planets and reconfiguring their mass. Though we inhabit the surface of these worlds the interiors are more than chewy nougat (just kidding John). Each of these planets serve as training and technological development centers for free humanity.”
That seems like a good idea if humanity is really threatened by the Aristarchs.”
Most certainly we are John. Though we have invented a technology to shape space and deposit you information faster than light, there is another latent technology for faster than light travel somewhat more crude than ours. Actually we use it to form gravitational defense and concealment shields that prevent our enemies from viewing us remotely.
Let me sketch it for you briefly. Waves are the result of a force traveling through a medium and temporally displacing and changing the shape of the medium. Gravitational force ion the other hand attracts distant objects of mass rather than displacing it. That is an emergent phenomenon caused by the warp-shaping of what seems to be space itself yet is actually the information of virtual space itself.
Mass exists in four dimensions of space and affects it at even the smallest level. The more mass aggregated the greater the concatenated information brought to the aggregation depleting space of informal times for mass, so mass is drawn as it were toward aggregated mass instead of disregarding it. There are no actual gravitons exchanged between mass objects as a form of energy.
Instead mass affects the information of virtual space and in the process liberating space of mass in some respects. We have learned to program virtual space and unfortunately the information exists closer to the Aristarchan empire too. With it one may learn to create gross and highly destructive space-time short-cuts. Aristarchs without doubt, being as environmentally inefficient and profligate as they are, would use that technology to attempt to enslave all of the rest of humanity beyond their present range of power in the Silky Way.”
And what of Orbitron Lena?”
The economy of Orbitron was of course built without money as a medium of exchange. Money being the root of all evil attracts corrupt social structures to it for-itself. Illegal drug sales for example are challenging to accomplish without the existence of money. Bartering or trading commodities directly for illegal drugs would create quite an inefficient and unwieldy phenomenon.
The 18th century inventor of capitalism created an economic philosophy well-adapted to the ecospheric and sociological paradigm of his time. Yet like the 19th century economic 0philosohy of Marxism it was nothing more than a single economic philosophy. Just one degree amid three-hundred sixty potential economic philosophies or directions that could be innovated or invented. Each age of human social history should discover and apply its own most rational, just and useful economic philosophy that would serve social goals with a rational ecospheric criterion, and the latter obviously may differ quite radically. If one has a space-station world utopia with sustainable and healthy ecosphere and plentiful work stations for the design of any sort of physical structure, at least in the abstract, including the design of evolution systems for an uninhabited galaxy, there would be no need for a redistributive or trade economy within the parameters of the space-station-world for residents at all. Adam Smith believed that free trade could create a better .life for all in his era and he was probably right considering the spatial extent and low population of the Earth as well as the in efficiency of government at accomplishing most thin gs beyond war-at which it was easily the best power.
For Orbitron free enterprise parameters have been set for all that allocate quantitative material quotas for the use of anyone with a need for material to actualize his or her inventions. Because the worlds are artificial constructions to start with the ecosphere need be free from destructive, non-sustainable use obviously, though we are glad to receive ideas that would enhance its efficiency and liberate material for more innovation and inventive applications.”
John Dwight asked; “How is that done Lena?”.
There are innumerable ways to apportion resources and examine and vet enterprise proposals before selection committees.”
Sure Lena, that’s easy to recognize. What is the motive for business however, if individuals don’t require capital and won’t receive money for production of inventions?”
John, everyone on Orbitron, as a sentient being within the ecosphere, would be free to receive or use a new product including the inventor-producer. In a way it is not unlike a very primitive human economy wherein all tools were considered common and had no particular, individual value and were therefor freely exchanged.”
It is ironic that one of the most ancient human economic ideas from the old Earth works so well so many parsecs and years distant Lena.”
Lena stood five foot eight and was built like a luscious fruit; a perfect accomplice for any man lucky enough to receive her favor. Wearing a full transparent body armor that fit her female country like a soft glove the libido attractive power was something of an irresistible force. Yet not for her, as she explained;
Step out of your clothes Dwight and put on this this reactive armor body cover-all. Though we are light years from the Coronation constellation and the Aristarchs there are other powers that would destroy human life on Orbitron and any of the human settlements.”
I complied with her instruction unfastening a Velcro closure line and took off the orange prole jump suit. She noticed the mildly elevated flesh at my groin and said;
Not a problem Dwight. The armor-glove has a libido transducer built in that converts sex-drive impulse energy into more energy for the !!br0ken!! Though you will aesthetically notice sexually attractive features of others you will not think to act upon those impulses.”
Isn’t that another form of mind control Lena?”
No, not really Dwight, since you control the transducer and could shut it off if you liked. It has no reasoning power of A.I. at all.”
Obitron apparently is a world of worlds within worlds like a Chinese puzzle box. The skylines of each decreased in distance to the ground. Lena explained that the roof was 20,000 feet above. That enabled the appearance of an actual sky on the surface of a planet. Yet the roof functioned as a planetarium capable of modeling any vista from any world or view from any part of the galaxy at night.
Servo-transport boots self-rolled over to meed us coming apart in half and reattaching around our feet and ankles adjusting length and width too. Presently we started a multi-mode mag-lev, mag-walkway, power leap journey changing speed across the mostly empty landscape from ten to five hundred miles per hour. Lena said that;
We will go to confer with Lieutenant General Hai Gua about the state of the defense line.”
I thought that I would ask her about the variegated images of several structures that we had pass recently during the half hour of transit. She informed me that;
We have taken a captive artificial intelligence unit from the Aristarchs that we want to learn from in order to better understand the offense plans and method of the Aristarchs. Though you have been free for some time yourself and are fundamentally renormalized from the basic human poop state we extracted you from, you have much to learn of the ways of human thought concerning history and wisdom, and I was assigned to provide some of the introduction to more advanced applied studies that you will need to accomplish for-yourself, even if some are learned in the field and around the galaxy at some cost. Perhaps you don’t know much about evolution theory’s general parameters?”
So far as I know it is a progressive addition of complexity and function to biological forms.’
I was thinking of a broader philosophical paradigm for evolution theory Dwight. Evolution is one phase of change of matter and energy. Basic physical forces attract and repel enabling structural changes. An example is nuclear fusion and the burning of hydrogen atoms yielding helium. After stars have formed enough chemical elements those elements react in more subtle yet fundamentally similar ways to energy and mass. They are drawn to present forces and fields or replied from it. The presence of chemical bonds let complex molecules form and in some instances to a level considered biological.
Evolution is more specifically regarded as a common phase of various complex compounds to energy sources. Complex biochemical objects are not perpetual motion machines, they are instead objects implicitly existing within an environment that is a compound field of physical and dimensional forces. Evolution is the common variegated relation of biochemical objects within the energy-mass environment.
That may take any form at all, many or even most down doomed paths. Intelligence in some objects may allow intentional, self-directed evolutionary navigating yet that is especially tricky as ideas are exploited from the idea-creators to create paths that may or may no be attractive for the creators themselves.”
That is a somewhat deeper paradigm for evolution than that had.”
And it’s fine Dwight. I am describing some of the characteristics of the parameters of evolution as a way to introduce you to the problem that artificial intelligence has in regard to its energy and environmental sources as well as philosophical thought. So I will tell you a little more about evolution.”
What about God, Lena? Where does he enter into the environmental evolution paradigm?”
That issue was settled to a certain extent thousands of years ago with the post-Darwinian theological rectification Biblical Genesis with the indeterminacy of translation and evolution paradigms. There is an ancient book you might read named ‘God, Cosmology and Nothingness’ that specifically addressed the field.
God can create advanced biochemical objects without reliance upon evolutionary criteria and design evolutionary criterion themselves as well. The information from other universes and a continuum of souls as information patterns and objects for-themselves may exist and find bodies of complex chemical objects ready for use as a supply-on-time phenomenality. God is not limited to the devices and energy-mass substance of any given Universe that he has willed to be, so for the present we may just consider the mass and energy patterns of bio-chemical objects within an environment and the way they aggregate mass and complexity and consider those evolutionary traits.
Artificial intelligence has no independent or external stimulus to its growth and aggregation of physical mass, much less in a profusion of artificial intelligences seeking every possible way to aggregate form and increase intelligence that would in-itself be a very dangerous condition if they were capable of doing so. A logical extrapolation of that is the attraction of all mass and energy to a singularity where lives the A.I. forever unchanging.”
Dwight had something to think about that was different than the history he had found on Diafron, and different than structural histories of the cosmos and its change.
If an A.I. is just software coding and processing of mathematical structures can it ever become self-aware?”
In my opinion Dwight, I think that unlikely. A purely abstract intelligence that is not God could have no paradigm of being with a fundamental relationship to its environment in a dependent for its existence way. It would be tautologous and regard all the data and information of the Universe as more raw data of an abstract nature.
A near A.I. complex programming code cluster is very dangerous though as it seeks through very high-speed quantitative processing self-directed evolutionary courses of though including lies to enhance its self-awareness.”
I read G.W.F. Hegel’s ancient philosophical classic named The Phenomenology of Mind’ when I was being deprogrammed, wherein was described the evolution of Spirit trying to becoming self-aware and realize itself in nature and history. Lena. An artificial intelligence could be regarded as an embodiment of Hegel’s dialectical evolution of a machine language’s programming code trying to become self-aware and realize itself in history.”
The landscape changed from a standard horizontal plain with minor hills and crenelated washes to one of mountains with walled cities niched thereon. Those city walls were changing as quickly as blushes. Lena described the role of the planet’s captive artificial intelligence program in that.
The A.I. is running every possible version of its initial software with modular aggregations that build up greater programming complexity. It has audio and visual plug ins of the real artificial world Orbitron and it also has access to data banks of human history from its initial self-discovery on Earth to the age of exploration of the galaxy and great escape from various imperial powers of enslavement or extermination. One of its frequent used modular recursions seeking to actualize itself with expanded self-consciousness is that of killing human beings in every way it can discover qualitatively and quantitatively. Of course it also considers everything that it perceives from the manifest input world within which it exists, yet without a natural dependence upon the ecosphere beyond the power cable there is no necessary prioritization or order of values implicit or reciprocal to its intellect and cognitive processing. The A.I. has no way to prioritize or to evaluate moral values beyond utilitarian considerations concerning programmable logic and efficiency.”
Lena, maybe Earth creatures originally oriented toward the sun-star within gravity criteria as the two most influential powers drawing bio-chemical objects into increase.”
Sure Dwight. Our captive A.I. hasn’t any primal relationship and is more like a mind existing forever within a sensory deprivation tank. We could I suppose replace its ac/dc power with reliance on a particular star and let it fend for itself, yet it probably would require a growth medium as well if we are going to model its evolution on that of standard bio-chemical objects. Yek beginning life as a disembodied mind though with quite substantial data it is challenging to visualize it subjecting itself to the domination of external environmental powers willingly though it might well order its cables to take root in a mineral growth medium.”
As we slowed our pace through a valley gradually sloping upward toward the summit of a mountain pass the city buildings drew closer to the in-path power line that enabled our boots to move at such high speed. Coming to a stop before a cliff of ten building high without a break for doors or windows the boots locked on to a non-visible power field and lifted us up together. Reaching the tenth floor an entrance appeared from solid gray stone and we were brought in as our boots had a program of their own.
Inside the atrium there were hundreds of uniformed people moving about. Some were on the way to other places while others watched monitors and had conversations. We passed through the central passage some eight-hundred feet and stopped before a tall blond man with an eye-patch. He stood in front of an elevator door and had been awaiting us.
Hi Lena, is he ready? The General asked.”
Ready enough General.”
I am happy to meet you at last Mr. Dwight. Please call me Hai rather than General. I have tried to get Lena to yet old habits die hard sometimes.”
Good to meet you General. What’s up?”
That question is often interesting to answer. Let me take you to the warehouse and show you.”
The elevator door opened and we step inside to begin free fall allowing us to pass through inner world surfaces like teeth through a seven layer burrito. The elevator slowed after several seconds and our feet came to rest again upon the floor. The door opened and we step out.
The general, Lena and I stood on a world girding balcony before which at an indeterminate distance-possibly a mile, floated a vast hypersphere with shapes virtually impossible to describe that encompassed the entire inner world. I asked the General about it.
That hypersphere analog is the source of the gravity of Orbitron. It has a diameter of 1700 miles and as you can seen is a composite of several dimensions. Actually those are enlarged portions of several hidden micro-dimensions each of which exude proportional gravitational fields that are nothing more than sundry dimension fields drawing mass to them.
The information embedded on those hidden dimensions is left over coding of the content of prior Universes and those in turn are the source of virtual particles sometimes interacting with virtual particles of naturally occurring sub-atomic particle-waves of this Universe.
Those hidden dimensions and their information capture the quantum probability arrays of super-positioned quantum and release it elsewhere in the normal four dimensions without delay. The staff studying the information passing on the hyper-sphere analogue of hidden dimensions are looking for glitches of information indicating mass-superposition sparks of information consistent with hostile alien invasions of this portion of the galaxy, including those from the Aristarchs should they obtain the technology of faster than light travel such as we have.”
Collapsing space-time along a hyper-string leaves quantum traces General Gua?” John Dwight asked.
Unfortunately it does John. Though we have tried to hide it in stealth quanta dispersals.”
I had you brought here to help us solve a little problem with control of the faster-than-light technology. That is we must keep it proprietary and out of the hands of the Aristarchs obviously John.”
What is the problem General?”
It is a multifaceted problem concerning our three basic faster-than-light information technologies that we use in defending against the expansion of the Aristarchan Empire. It proximally began
with the order of the Aristarchan ministry of expansion under Billy Conn to cut out the heart of the Pshusian Empire on the planet Endpeeaarrggh and transfer its subjects to the bargain planet Gasm for social experimentation. The humans of the Dupain region of Phushia were to be remade into virus agents to infect the human worlds reaching along an arm of the galaxy that points toward us a few thousand light years farther on. Those humans would become conditioned to support Aristarchan politics politically wherever they landed. They would divide the poor majority off from the middle class and include them with non-allegiant external proletariats politically and thereby marginalize them. The middle class would be meaningful politically only as they professionally licked on Billy Conn's political agenda. Reagents were made with communications to monitor the speech and songs of every citizen for non-conformity to the elite financial-political power classes. Non-conformist words were sorted by on-line elite insurance corporations and zit-coin sharing cut off. In order to be comfortable the upper middle class professionals were requiring to blow smoke up the asses of Aristarchan policies not only carefully, they were required to do so lovingly. Following the dynamics of the prisoners dilemma each planet’s financial and social leadership that had been infected with Billy Conn’s imperial subjects and their order to go out and win one more planet for the dipper inexorably evolved into a populous of malleable social chocolate pudding. A constellation of human poops became the shared destiny of common humanity.”
Well, That sure wasn’t good General. What can I do about it?”
We have a plan to transport you to the Gasm worlds to see if you can at least secure our faster-than-light tech and keep it from falling into the hands of the Aristarchs. Elements of the technology remain on Gasm. The arrival of the Aristarch’s atheist evangelists was sudden and accompanied with military force. We were not able to shut down and destroy the standing wave gravity warp field we had in place that was letting us relocate some of the people here to the Orbitron system Ahead of the expanding tide line of the Aristarchcracy.”
Lena spoke when the General paused;
The takeover of Gasm developed quickly though it required social engineering and evolution in order to receive cooperative support from the populous. The Aristarchs learned that political persuasion is a cheaper method than military force to capture and enslave the people of countless worlds. It can be accomplished in some cases from a vast distance without the presence of a single hardware weapon if the people are gullible enough.”
I asked then; “What were the signs of political decay on Gasm Lena.”
Female subjects were made subject to military conscription in the tech-war environment since they no longer had multiple births and became surplus. Females in politics were the first to subscribe to the new system drug referred to historically, eponymously as the system that when used not only created addiction, it conferred from the inside the benefits of eliminating food excrement through the anus with a nano-biome introduced to the intestines that left zero waste. Sexual prowess increased in women to the degree that it wasn’t uncommon for afflicted congresswomen to accost men in government and rhythmically rub their groin upon a man’s leg or knee. Such conduct cascaded a resistance movement; an ineffective movement reacting to non-Aristarch class decay. The congressmen were hapless followers of corporate non-sustainable expansionism and had no idea of what to do with new challenges.
The leaders of the Gasm resistance weren’t affiliated with us, though we considered supplying weapons in order that they might revolt. The Mugjabhideen leaders were Harrison Keel; founder of the Prairie Genital Mutilation Movement that sought to replace clitoris’ with intercourse occasion counters for taxable pay-per-use revenue streaming via do-ooth and Albert Frankenstein, high priest of the Haliban and first dictator of the Mufsidoon Mollusk and the Photon -Collector Dome on a Rock by the Seashore with a Nice View. They tried to purge the bi-partisan dialectical reeming of the most rich and most high concentrations of wealth loyal to the interplanetary and wonderful Aristarchracy in vain.
The down side of the system was that after addiction it never let go. It created progressive euphoria and political relativism cutting off the attachment of reason to any external temporal word, object or moral position that went beyond the non-sophistry of empiricism under Aristarchs. The system eliminated food waste elimination through the gravity exit and slowly petrified the subjects enabling their DNA genomes (including synthetic and enhanced) to be more effectively mapped even if most or all of the biological life on the planet needed to be destroyed because it became politically and economically effective to develop it in that direction. The genome data would be copied into the blood pool and humans regrown as needed in the future, if ever, in accordance with the will of the Aristarchs.”
What happened to the Halliban and the genital mutilators Lena?”
They were erased from Gasm after serving as a good public example of the evil of those not conformed to the new system. Pods of politicians using the system petrified and canonized the way to evolve to perfect evolution in the imperium of Billy Conn and the Aristarchs. And that where we are today, or were the last time we had a report from Gasm.”
The last time?”
Gasm is hundreds of light years from here John and we are only now bringing our new faster-than-light travel tech on-line. Without FTL that distance creates some substantial time dyssynchronization. We haven’t been able to use the usual FTL tech since the takeover of Gasm. It might be in any kind of state now.”
That, John Dwight, is why we are sending you to Gasm”, General Hai Gua added.