Thursday, September 28, 2017

Shouldn't Republicans that Voted Against Repeal Produce Their own Versions?

Senators Murkowski, Collins, and others that voted against Obamacare Repeal should produce their own acceptable versions rather than sit a chesire cats voting down anything that appears. Republicans should be able to communicate adequately to know a priori what is wrong with a particular bill such that it gives to great of offense to particular senators and then avopid the embarrassment and not bring it to a vote until its fixed. That seems like basic logic and political competence one should expect from pros.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Russia 3rd Rate Hacking Behind China and U.S.A.

Apparently Russia isn't the only nation that has a lot of hackers. Five years ago China and the United States ranked ahead of Russia in world hacking ratings and that sat probably hasn't changed.

Microsoft is soon set to release a quantum computer language that if learned and exploited by patriotic U.S. hackers will give America a boost past China to take the world's top spot, even if that isn't politically correct.

Assuredly Russian hacking efforts to stuff ballot boxes technologically such as Mayor Daley's Chicago machine reputedly did for J.F.K. may be matched by a planet-ful of hackers including even some American one perhaps of each major party.

Puerto Rico; In Need of Nation Rebuilding Military Exercise

President Trump should send the crack nation-rebuilding team improved since the Iraq debacle, to Puerto Rico to field test their nation-rebuilding skills. Quick. They may be needed in North Korea eventually too.

Trump’s Tax Plan (Public Enslavement Act) Needs Four Brackets, Not Three

President Trump is a great guy, immeasurably better than Hillary Clinton in all things, and Bernie Sanders might be anti-Semitic since he is against funding Israeli defense needs. Even so, the new tax plan is little more than a public enslavement act.

Interpreting the new Trump tax plan from the bottom up. Here’s how it works…

The bottom 1/3rd bracket are dirt and not economically significant. Fifty million of them alone have less than ½ of 1% of the national income together.

The second bracket-ostensibly the middle class are regarded by the most rich as the new poor class. They will protect the class above them a little because they are insecure.

The top third class is really, for the most rich 10% of the top 1% that own a third of all U.S. wealth, the new middle class. It has numerous petty millionaires who work in the Senate and will protect their class interests. That is a good class for the most rich to hide in protected by their Senate servant class-peers making tax law.

One of the oldest political arguments, in fact a foundational one for democracy, is that between the demos and oligarchy. Socrates supported oligarchy and corrupted youth to believe that oligarchy is a good thing, and the democracy ordered him executed.

President Trump’s tax plan with just three tax brackets provides a large insulating class for the top 1% to hide in. It’s an amusing ad hoc union to benefit plutocrats. The super-rich are not like those marginally qualified for the upper third of the nation’s income earners. They are a danger to the freedom and democratic form of government. Yet if properly harnessed they can be of service to the people and environment rather than dooming it to their whims and caprice.

The over-concentration of wealth present de facto oligarchy. Defending democracy requires taxation on the rich sufficient to prevent their purchase of the democracy and control of all economic networks through ownership. The top 5% of income earners should be charged a 65% tax rate. The founders revolted against foreign aristocracy that was domestic aristocracy too; Presidents since Ronald Reagan have given them love as if they were sweet toes to lavishly suck.

If those super-rich people wanted to accumulate even more wealth they would need to just produce more and be of more benefit to the nation rather than extend domination over every aspect of the economy stagnating innovation and controlling the media that conditions the electorate about public issues and who to victimize. A feedback-control loop need be formed with taxation that prevents the rich from becoming royals yet allows them to work to increase wealth with the entire average worth of the people proportionately increasing.

Black Lives Matter protest about all sorts of issues rather superfluously because the issues are over generalized. The takeover of the economy by the super-rich that will reduce Americans to little more than lasting wage servitude and that is something they could meaningfully protest about, and should., or would if they were not trained to just react with race content as their red flag. If the super-rich would just wear red for a few days B.LM. might more readily recognize what issues to charge. Maybe Americans have been conditioned to become dopey slaves of plutocrats and nothing can be done about it. Time will tell if the people are really lost without a clue about the founding father’s political philosophy.

The corporate tax rate being lowered to 20% might increase revenue or not. The proposal seems somewhat like President Reagan’s supply-side economics that got the ball rolling on the deficit build up. I read somewhere that multi-national corporations pay no net taxes because of deductions and clever accounting as it is, and that U.S. corporations pay less than 5% as it is, so getting anything from them could be an improvement. President Trump’s tax plan just requires some simple modifications and could be given a chance.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Would Sen. Payton Manning Stand for the National Anthem?

Reports say that former football quarterback Payton Manning may be interested in running for the Senate seat that Tennessee Republican Bob Corker is leaving. Manning has a reputation as a somewhat brainy quarterback, hence he may be as able as former quarterback of the Bills Jack Kemp at negotiating his way through politics.

It is an irony that the NFL is somewhat unpatriotic in pr these days full of youth socialized during the Obama administration to take a knee during the national anthem to protest the state of race relations of police in the U.S.A. I wonder if people expect too much from those   (police) high school graduates and shouldn’t look elsewhere for solutions to law enforcement procedure problems; such as eliminating poverty.

If each NFL player that takes a free knee during the national anthem were instead to contribute $50,000 to the United Negro College Fund each game it would probably produce better results and scholars than were NFL players on football scholarships.

Solar Power for Puerto Rico- Enough Federal Support?

FEMA relief for Puerto Rico should include a substantial solar panel element to help the people move more off-grid and less reliant on energy networks that obviously can crash for numerous reasons. Two hurricanes will leave many people without electricity for months. Yet 12 volt off-the-grid solar and wind energy systems that can at least keep lights in the darkness going without pollution are easily to install, and can be removed when Hurricanes strike and set outside again later.

Puerto Rico had already planned to acheive 20% power by 2135...why not expedite that?

Storing energy in 12 volt batteries and using 12 volt tech that is very common in cars lets people use those cigarette lighter plug ins and adapter with little effort. LED lights have gotten much better than years ago and use little power. It is rather sad to hear reports of so many people waiting to buy gas powered generators and waiting in line to buy gas when there is so much free sunshine lighting Puerto Rico up every day.

I should note that 12 volt wind power systems are also easy to install and tech installers for emergency sites like Puerto Rico could be trained in a day or two how to wire simple 12 volt systems up for homes.

It would be great it Puerto Rico had a surfeit of electric powered 4 wheelers and fuel cell charging cut down on recovery and immobility time.


Kurdish Independence and NFL Player Disdain for National Anthem

NFL players show as little public regard for the national anthem of the United States as would Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis. The public wants to debate Francis Scott Keys song commemorating the War of 1812 victory over the British and defense of Fort McHenry because he owned slaves. The Union was a growing item, imperfect as the U.S. Congress is today (or less so), that only over time was able to evolve the free democratic state for all envisioned by the founders who were revolted by aristocratic elites.

The Kurds have been promised there own nation for at least a century (since the WW I negotiations) and with those promises never fulfilled there has been a coincidence of instability. Most of human history including the feudal era is fundamentally a race war-even if the races and tribes are very similar and little different. Kings sired as many as Wilt Chamberlain perhaps, and with a smaller demographic the gene pools of royals and aristocrats were reproduced in common faces. In the United States today the NFL player knee taking during the national anthem of the world’s primary democracy in support of race shows the continuing nature of human social and political structures. Not surprisingly the Kurds have found support mainly in their own race and ethnic identity, and so they vote on independence and security perhaps not trusting Iraq to withhold using chemical weapons again on them someday.

American black concerns with police brutality cannot be allayed in a month or two or by a sudden act of congress. The nation has elected government that is too influenced these days by concentrated wealth and power of course, even so it is through specific legislation that the democracy moves forward, rather than with sensationalist camera grabbing and riots. In seeking general remedies without attachment to anything real, and in seeking special race measures rather than egalitarian ideas for social betterment of all people of a given economic class, the Black Lives Matters movement does err.

The U.S.A. must be bettered and restructured from the bottom up rather than the top down. The nation could hardly go wrong if it created a guaranteed minimum income, free higher education and universal free medical care for the poor. Letting a society fill and be complete from the bottom up in economic classes makes certain that human potential is fulfilled rather than repressed, that progress develops rather than prisons. The nation is lacking concern about the bottom economic classes today and that is reflected in the decaying environment, infrastructure, increase of prison populations and impotent manned space exploration programs.

One may double the number of police and try to improve their training and equipment so they are more comfortable with a network and digital photo capture of resistant suspects confident they can be arrested in time, peacefully. One cannot create such advanced structures without a lot of money though- and that can’t occur with tax cuts. It is therefore remarkable that black leaders don’t ever mention the subject of tax increases on the rich, and that they supported the Obama tax cuts.

In an advanced post-industrial society with 3d printing of building and weapons it should be possible to reform capitalism with conformity to the new means of capital and communication. Capitalism does not naturally evolve to a perfect form of capitalism. With reforming legislation it may evolve into oligarchy or monopoly or be ripe with implicit structural inefficiencies. It is not an economic system as naturally occurring as biological evolution wherein reason may be abandoned and the best possible situation will appear even if most life is exterminated by human actions. If a tyrant owns Wall Street or at least his or its clones then that is the best state possible for capitalism? No.

In a prosperous advanced society wherein the basic ,material and social needs are guaranteed by a social net the development of new ideas, inventions and economic phenomenalities that advance human society and restore the ecosphere should be promoted. Patents should be reduced to just five years exclusivity so that generic application of new ideas can quickly follow, and inventors would receive 10% royalties from anyone using the patented product or technology.

With poverty eliminated and people generally secure and with constant technological companions to record life circumstances crime and police brutality should fade away for anyone. If one wants truth in policing and living, in crime and punishment, rather than making a show in front of cameras, people should seek to change society for all for the good from the bottom up.

And the Kurdish vote on independence should be supported by the United State. It is not improbable that the basic condition for nations of the Middle East will be racial or tribal for some time. Living in peace in close proximity to other tribes within their own secure national borders should be recognized as a practical diplomatic objective for Mesopotamia. There is no reason why the United States couldn’t support an independent Kurdistan that is united in defense agreement protocols with Iraq.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The National Football League and The Internationale

Players of the national football league have been exploiting the national anthem during football games for political purposes recently. They take a knee to protest either the way black Americans are treated by American police forces in the states or President Donald Trump. In either case the nation nis not favored to have the gracious loyalty of such wonderful Americans as football stars. If war breaks out the NFL will perhaps not be people one can count on to go to basic training to be available for service after the war is ended. Well, they have a lot of money to count anyway.

The national football league acquiring an unsavory reputation as yippees loyal to the nation only if their political party wins or if it suits them are not helpful to the cause of nationalism. Nationalism is the right realm for the existence of democracy. Elites have been trying to give it a bad reputation ever since aristocracies lost power. Quite grudgingly I might add.

Elites and aristocracies are the traditional enemy against which democracy formed. Communism and a classless society is equally bad for it represses individualism and promotes elite dictatorial rulers and committees, besides usually being atheist. Aristocracies or their proxies-national socialist corporatists such as Hitler evolved or plutocrats dominating power through the extreme concentration of wealth, have always warred against democracy. Especially the American democracy. Keeping it free from global and international elites of any sort- imperial, communist , aristocratic or plutocratic is a never ending challenge.

Nations can support any sort of government. A geographic region is not the problem. The problem is the sort of government that is sovereign in it. In the era of aristocratic, royal nationalism kings warred against other kings. Nations did fight nations yet the nation was no more than an extension of the will to power of a monarch.

Europe has little history of large scale democracy. Aristocracy or communism-totalitarianism of some form or other is behind about every nation during its time. Athens had a limited democracy, and so did Holland with the Dewitt brothers before being torn apart, even so most of European history is one of elites ruling masses of inferiors, and that isn’t what then United States was supposed to be about.

So the NFL stars that support tribalism or globalism, Internationale communist songs or those were the days tunes and need to protest during the U.S. national anthem are doing a double disservice to the nation. Or make that triple.

1) They are bad role models training youth to hate the national anthem, sports or football players
2) They represent the word nation as disloyal, spoilt rich guys with head injuries

3) They seem too spaced to have particular issues to fix that might have some political remedy directly such as increasing taxes on the rich to pay for better police forces in the U.S.A., and must instead support anomie and chaos to help destroy U.S. democracy in order to benefit the rich

NFL Free Riders and a Minute With Gen WT Sherman

NFL players have taken to free riding political advertising during the playing of the national anthem at NFL games. That is, the protest by disrespecting the national anthem written by Francis Scott Key during a notable battle.

NFL players are rich and could easily afford full-page ads in the N.Y. Times expressing whatever political opinion they have. They could hire writers to write graphic novels and cartoons to reach Democrat Party members with their opinions, and of course they have radio, television and Internet advertising media, as well as formation of political action committees to express their grievances with President Donald Trump and American policemen and women. Yet they choose to disrespect the playing of the national anthem because they don’t have to pay anything at all.

The solution to the police indiscipline issue perceived by NFL players is not to pass hate crimes laws against those who kill white policemen instead of black because each year 99% of slain policemen are white men. The solution is to have Congress raise a special tax on rich people solely to pay for doubling the number of policemen, raise police salaries 50% and double the training budget.

Quite likely over-worked, underpaid police forces without adequate equipment and training or supervision feel the need to use decisive force instead of more relaxed means of apprehension of suspected felons that result fatalities.

Thus I sought the opinion through the means of the erstwhile reporter with the latest tech gizmos, of Civil War General W.T. Sherman about the national anthem. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sign of the Times- Record Minimum Arctic Ice 2017

There is no question that the atmosphere is warming this era. Regardless of the cause humans should take action against increasing global heating.
It is ironic that the capitalism has improved the human material condition while degrading the ecosphere simultaneously. Unreformed philosophy of capitalism theory little improved from its foundation by Adam Smith cannot support less than viscous competition or alternatively plutocratic network oligarchy neither of which actually are functioning models for capitalism or ecosphere defense to follow in a new era of material and technical production.
A basic minimum income for all to enable individuals never to be stuck in non-productive, oppressive currents, and free education along with a reformed U.S. patent system with patents limited to 5 years followed by just 10% royalties for inventors, would support a capitalist philosophy wherein  it is recognized that since everyone has basic social and material requirements for existence cynched, that it is better for a hundred inventors to be searching for tools to better the republic's life than for just a few that dominate and stagnate the market forcing unresponsiveness onto it.
image credit; Cryosphere Today

NFL, Seahawks and LeBron James Against the U.S. National Anthem

One might understand Carlos Kapernick and Steve Currie of San Francisco taking a knee in support of homosexual marriage. For LeBron James to call POTUS a bum and the NFL Commissioner to defend the right of players to moon the national anthem is something else. I defended Bill Clinton a little during the darkest of his lying about blow job impeachment days, though I never voted for him nor would not, simply because he was POTUS and should not be overly abused. Mr. James shows no respect for the office at all.

If any of the players or the commissioner had ever served in the nation’s military or received a purple heart their refusal to stand during the playing of the national anthem could be understood if not entirely respected. One must wonder if Ulysses S Grant or George Armstrong Custer’s brother, twice was awarded the medal of honor, had taken a knee during the national anthem of the day and not fought whole-heartedly for the Union because everything wasn’t perfect in the southern states, if life today would be the same.

The entire Seahawks team stayed in the locker room during the anthem in game against Tennessee. If anyone in the entire national football league has served in the armed forces I would be surprised. There are other ways to protest than to show disloyalty to the nation as a whole. It is simply not respectable- the players don't deserve any respect any more than Kim Jong Un.

Black millionaire football and basketball players are some of the world’s most overpaid performers. Lebron James, playing a children’s game as a full grown man, is paid more than enough to provide food annually for 20,000 starving African families. It is no surprise that the most spolit are not loyal to the nation than supports their extravagant, non-productive lifestyles that are about as valuable, at best, as that of decadent rock and roll singers such as the beknighted Elton John.

After the cold war the national Democrat Party abandoned traditional party politics and moved toward Wall Street and voodoo economics. Wealth became concentrated after the Bush-Obama tax cuts even faster than before. Public debt rolled up and black millionaire, ignorant, sports stars move toward political leadership trough disloyalty to the U.S.A. completely satisfying globalists that plan to concentrate wealth for global plutocrats and downgrade the U.S.A. and its people to junk bond status.

The best way to secure better economic and legal rights defense for black Americans is in securing those economic rights for all Americans through adequate taxation of the rich, secure borders and a lawful labor market. Solid national public financing must needs occur if the social safety net for the masses of poor and middle class is not to collapse during the predictable economic crisis down the road that black millionaires will largely be exempt from. None of the black sports stars are taking a knee during the national anthem to protest their low tax rate.

The late NFL convicted murderer Aron Hernandez was found to have suffered severe brain trauma from football concussions perhaps explaining his tendency toward violence. Ok. So NFL players are brain damaged. What explains Lebron James and Steve Currie?

While attending Theology School in Houston during the 90s I bought a small motorcycle to drive to Alaska where I lived. I had a Honda Civic wagon with a rusted out floor that I wanted to store someplace in my absence, so I choose a garage-an old-fashioned one made of wood, not too far from where I lived, in El Campo Texas.

Parked and walked inside the rather dark and warm auto-repair shop toward the back where I found an office with the door open. Inside sitting at a desk was an Hispanic man of medium height. Behind him on a shelf was the sole item that caught my attention; a photo of the man with a medal of honor around his neck, in Army dress uniform, beside an American flag. A little taken aback I asked, is that what I think it is? He answered, yes.

Roy Benavidez was a humble and ordinary appearing gentleman entirely not puffed up after receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor. An auto mechanic in plain El Campo Texas, besides owning the modest auto shop. I looked up his award citation on the Internet and it read like a classic archetype, something like…

Sgt. Benavidez had a glorious day. He had the day off while his green beret team were on a mission a dozen miles away. They were attacked by 1000 N.V.A. and along with other soldiers were taking heavy casualties. Sgt Benevidez boarded with the rescue helicopters to go and extract the team/

Sgt Benavidez having landed repeatedly took the wounded aboard the evac choppers and returned to fight the attacking N.V.A. He was shot and stabbed and engaged in hand to hand combat then continued to load team members and other soldiers aboard evac helicopters, making sure he was the last one out.

Sgt. Benavidez was exceptional in another respect. He returned his medal of honor to congress because he did not like the way the nation’s poor are treated. He did not take a knee or something similar to show disrespect to the nation during the national anthem though.

The poor and increasingly the middle class too are endangered in the nation today by the careless attitudes about public affairs proven by the most rich. Unstable federal financing will be balanced during emergency times not by increasing social security as F.D.R. did during the depression. Today the rich globalists will just let the house of cards collapse and focus on their foreign investments. Of course black ultra-millionaires that are sports celebrities can fan the flames of racism easier than comprehend economic reforms required to bring the poor up to a productive standard of living, so they work on that, taking the nation’s attention. In a nation they never fought for and may have less loyalty to than their race.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Unaffordable Care Act-Democrat Party Perfidy

At the end of the cold war the Democratic Party sought to hide its leftist history and become blue rather than red state supporters of the rich. Their leaders supported unlimited Wall Street expansion and annexation to the west of areas of Russia that were also within the Soviet Union such as Ukraine and Crimea. That led to the sabotage and subversion of post-cold war foreign policy. Domestic policy was subverted with tax cuts for the rich (Obama), piling on public debt and finally, the affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.

Make no mistake- Obamacare is unaffordable for a nation with 20 trillion dollars of public debt and a trillion a year (approximately) federal finance gap. Obamacare is a result of Democrat Party cowardice. That party took up a Nixon era health care plan and abandoned the quest for plain public medical service operated by the government.

Obamacare is corporatism pure and simple. All Americans are required to buy a product from the corporate world and provide them with personal medical information. Therein is the Democrat Party cowardice of abandoning rational policy and opting to follow Hitler’s socialist party way toward the corporate state.

The reasonable and affordable way to provide health coverage for the poor is to expand the V.A. hospital system and unite its services with community health care structures that treat the poor and just not charge anyone qualified (certifiably poor) that walk through the doors.

The government cannot afford to buy health insurance for everyone that can’t afford it, and it is just plain wrong to go about it that way-in a most inefficient manner possible.

The sole group that might reasonably receive federal help would be those people with serious, debilitating illnesses that cannot afford health insurance or for who the benefits but not the illness have expired. They should be given permission to enter the poor peoples health service that charges nothing.

Maybe 70% of Americans don’t need federal insurance support. States are no longer laboratories for political experimentation because of broadcast media pressures to conform to what they believe is correct- and the broadcast media generally is owned by the 1%. Even so a system of free public health service for the poor should be tried in some state instead of the Unaffordable Health care Act.

Friday, September 22, 2017

S.E. Alaska King Fisheries; Taking Account

The population of king salmon has crashed in Alaska again and still the state fisheries management have decided to have a winter king season albeit with limited activity. Why do the fish have such difficult times reproducing? Are they trying to achieve zero population growth. Surely something could be done to encourage them to breed, perhaps marijuana fish pellets?

King salmon are what many people regard as a kind of spirit of Alaska along with killer whales, bear and eagles. An Alaska with weak king salmon sport fishing is a pathetic condition to many, and that hurts revenue streams generated by travelers seeking to bring in a large fish on small tackle.

Actually fish management seems to be treated as a saving account that will refill if their is enough escapement of fish-capital to reproduce itself. Of course the overall size of the account keeps shrinking since none of the high tech fisherman can resist taking any sizable chunk of money-fish, and the state cannot resist giving it to them except for a tiny quota of escaped fish that are regarded as capable of replenishing supply each year and of course cannot. The king salmon fishery has been beaten down to a sliver of its former natural size for decades.

It is not surprising that fish are regarded in the same way as money. The value of fish to fishermen and the state is money, just as the velocity of money through accounts govern Wall Street investment priorities so it stimulates fish management toward resembling financial rather than natural cycles.

Instead of treating the king salmon fish stocks as a saving account it should be recognized as part of nature that will decline with habitat loss from development and logging, and that over-fishing and poor management may reduce it permanently to something as pitiful as that of Washington State.

The answer is simply to allow no fishing at all except for provable subsistence needs in a third of S.E. Alaska (rotating third) for two years of every six.  it might be reasonable to allow sports-fishing a 3/4s of the the usual size-with a very low absolute fish number threshold, in the third of S.E. closed for commercial fishing. Then fish can have a chance to recover some size and numbers. Since kings are plundered in the North Pacific in their four year cycles the U.S., Canada and Russia should agree to close the ocean fishery and police that closure two of every six years, together.

The main thing for fishermen would be to have a stable fishery. The opportunity cost of an an irregular and paltry fishery is probably fairly high. Given more certainty of fish numbers and seasonal reliability fishermen could probably plan for something else to do than fish during the recovery years.

Katy Freeway Station (poem)

Katy Freeway Station

Past a spot under a glistening canopy
cars off the Katy Freeway decades
apart space a station
fragments gas with fuel pumps
cards flash through readers
driving away hearts that I saw
as living forms are quickly gone
concrete oil drip stains

The City grows measuring itself with time
where Euclidean shapes built
prefer 90 degree angles
and trendy pastels
flirt at structural tensors beyond-
those of destruction that first overtake nature’s
lush dreams crowding a prairie's cactus

Buildings demolished like a timed storm-wave
reach renewal of sunset west
like an explorer conquering Katy
fuel hoses gushing nozzles
even as I grew older

Every young stranger’s well-gassed
fueled and flies
performing the same ritual
as the century retools
through glaring lights down the on-ramp
into darkness

A vacant field exists only in memory now
visited by a tornado
tearing apart steel roof anachronisms
from anything meaningful
besides mountainous dream-structures
sheltering a fossil fuel sanctuary
where passing strangers are recurrent thoughts
fueling lifetimes
never to return.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Trump vs Satan in 2020; Who Would Win?

President Trump has encountered a Democrat-media axis of evil intifada against his term since inception. Robert Mueller the special prosecutor for the Inquisition is doing his best to stick the flaming toothpicks under the President’s toenails and expedite a kinder, gentler Pence administration. Democrats will run a loser again in 2020 of course since neither party permits anything else, and Trump will perhaps want to be re-elected, so who would win?

Democrats would elect nearly anyone including the devil whom they don’t believe in as their god is Charles Darwin and materialism is the dialectical evolution to servility under the 1%. President Trump would need to have some pretty solidly bad policy actualization to lose the re-election race and he may be on his way to achieving that.

Since he withdrew from the Paris menage of nations CO2 deal he should get the solar panel wall with Mexico built and act environmentally rational on everything else. Of course he should not touch ANWR with a ten foot pole as even exploring there will doom his re-election chances. He ought to support full-scale infrastructure renewal featuring electric plug in cars and truck support with charging stations and even in-line charging while driving.

The President needs to normalize his policy with Russia and possibly vaporize North Korea before they vaporize the 1% the DC crowd gives tax policy support to.

What else can be said; the Democrats will vote for Satan before Trump in 2020-especially for not butt-kissing queers.

Sanctuary Cities Ruling Shows States Can Moon Federal Law

When a federal judge ruled that U.S. non-federal governments can not cooperate with federal law enforcement a fairly solid anti-federal government ruling was made. Actually it is more difficult to get federal judges to sign off on letting cities and states cooperate with enforcing immigration law than not.

Federal judges don’t want to go so far as to approve liberal sedition or secession from  the U.S. federal debt though some have probably thought about it. Yet they do allow states to be dopey and have homosexual marriages, though they would send the 82nd Airborne to force states to allow homosexual marriage if states banned it.

Apparently the federal judiciary draws a fine line one letting states not cooperate with the federal government that has a reciprocal in not letting states enforce federal law.

As Hillary Clinton said recently, democracy is in danger (or dead already). (I can’t believe that woman is so godlessly pro-abortion as to oppose anti-abortionist in the Demo Party)The Democrats are dumb as sin and vote against the economic interests of thee 90% that aren’t rich on tax policy, and the voters of Democrat politicians select items that just concentrate wealth and make peons or serfs of the 1%.

Silly evolution to servility. Build the solar panel wall President Trump! And get some energy flowing that’s renewable.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Harvard Appoints Chelsea Manning Visiting Academic Fellow

Harvard University appointed Chelsea Manning Visiting Academic Fellow for a year to the Kennedy School.


US Army Self-Driving Electric Vehicles

Plainly plug-in electric vehicles and making their own electric power with portable fuel cells, along with portable solar panels, is the way for the Army to be energy independent on the battlefield. For the past several years the U.S. military has been moving toward energy independence and plug-in electric vehicles.

Katherine Hammack (far right), assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment, a big supporter of energy-efficient vehicles that are also high-performance combat ready, was on hand for the unveiling of the ZH2 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle rolled out Oct. 3, 2016, during the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Symposium.
The advantages of autonomous Humvees are too obvious and numerous to mention. The ability to produce electric power from local resources such as water and sunshine, along with air-dropped energy packs are also somewhat revolutionary, practical and environmentally friendly. The  vehicles should be able to recharge without wires as well-even on the move, drawing from a power ‘tanker’.

Tesla motors is working on a semi-truck that may hit the market in 2020. Plainly the ability to develop all-weather and climate electric vehicles including the Arctic and deserts are apparent in an era of global warming.

It is self-evident that the electric vehicles would need the ability to survive EMP attacks-perhaps with an auxiliary ghost electric wiring net.

Militant Homos Attack N.A.S.A. Chief Pick Bridenstine

President Trump’s selection of Jim Bridenstine is getting opposition from homosexual militants that maybe hate the idea of Americans returning to the moon to build a lunar research station. The permanent facility for scientific and industrial tech research needs a politician leading N.A.S.A. to get it done or it won’t exist for maybe another half century.

Homosexuals don’t like the idea that Jim Bridenstine doesn’t support homosexual marriage. People have a right to personal opinions though, and homos should be able to prioritize public affairs enough to realize that they don’t need a lavender trans-gender to lead N.A.S.A. even with a degree in science, instead of someone that will get the moon base built.

Pre-Universe Ball-Shaped DImension

 A ball shaped dimension received a 0 dimension singularity- mass-energy went through ball for split second (hyperinflaton), 

One field-mass-energy stretched over ball. Surface-tension is 4-dimensional space-time. Then was stuck on surface. Ball dimension surges through mass-energy surface tension- dark energy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nakamura vs Crafty 2007 (video)

Zillary Knows Trump Assos Helped Russians Influence Election on Tentaclebook

Zillary Westwood knows that Trump associates coached Russians on how to influence the election via advertisements and fake news on Tentaclebook and said so on her book tour da triomphe.

This rare dumbo octopus (Cirrothauma murrayi) is often called the Blind Octopod due to the lack of a lens and reduced retina in its eyes. Its eyes can really only detect light and cannot form images.

Stephen Hawking has directed a breakthrough initiative to contact extra-terrestrials and received signals bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Cyrillic alphabet.

Climate change skeptics that disavowed the election result influence by aliens and went out to the Trappist Star system to look for themselves into the prestigious alien netweb construct Tentaclebook discovered that alien influence does not exist.

Where does that leave the Congress investigating Russian influence on extra-terrestrial signals to the electorate? Lost in space for the present, when the other shoe drops and reality checks and balances follow campaign soirée-pac events, the federal reserve will make up the difference.

*images created by N.O.A.A. and N.A.S.A.

  The Trappist Planets

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What is the Congressional History of Condemning Civil Political Opponents?

Recently the Congress passed a resolution condemning ‘white nationalists’. On its face it means condemning all white people that are patriots or nationalists. It's o.k. apparently for the nation of Islam to exist without condemnation, or for black nationalists to exist- or even Mexican nationalists that want to annex the U.S.A. onto Mexico. The law should be color-blind on behavior and never condemn anyone for race, religion or political opinion. The Congress shouldn’t act as collectivist demagogues.

One wonders what the history is of the U..S. government condemning citizens for having antipathetic political opinion that do not comprise sedition? When it goes that far it is fine to call out the Federal Marshals, yet the democracy of free people with equal protection of the law isn’t a place to condemn, white people or any other race. Neither is it a place that should tolerate condemning any political group extra-legally beyond the objective criminal codes that apply to all individuals at any time. Congress didn’t condemn black rioters in Missouri during the Obama administration. It should just condemn movements that don’t obey its laws if it must be redundant for pr purposes.

Far-right and far-left extremists have always been a part of the United States without causing significant damage to national interests. Of course the McCarthy era purged communist infiltrators from government and Hollywood so far as possible, yet that should be no example for the government to follow now. Sure there was racism historically on all sides for a number of reasons, yet there were all people that supported the concept of a nation where all people could live under God as of equal worth.

The United States is in an era where democratic politics and the 1% of corporate wealth tend strongly to support globalism and the destruction of the integrity of the United States as a nation. The black power movement goes beyond seeking equality in all social things and beyond to the destruction of the nation and whatever white establishment remains in order to promote themselves.

The language does matter. Short after the Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage the Congress ended no child left behind and replaced it with 'every child succeeds'. The Mayoor of Seattle- a leader in the homosexual marriage movement,  just quite after several allegations of molestation of male children surfaced. Congress understands the symbolic consequences of its language.

President Trump does not need to support the invasion of the United States by Mexican illegal immigration nor the outsourcing of jobs to China. Looking out for the interests of all the people of the nation impartially is his right. And he doesn’t need to sign off on the ambiguous phrase of ‘white nationalists’ in order to prove he is working for equal protection of the law. The movement to condemn the historical United States as a white nation of Christians in order to promote people that feel they were second class citizens is misguided. So many white Americans lived and died working to create social equality and liberty for all in the United States. The high-power anti-white racism is not leading in a good direction.

Keeping the nation divided at all times over race is a device used by globalists to take down the nation of all citizens.

On BS in the Media

W.V.O. Quine, the philosopher, published a book titled 'Word and Object'. Words obviously differ from objects, hence there is no precise description of anything that is exhaustive or comprehensive of possible descriptions of what it is- not even of a zero-dimensional singularity.
Andy Warhol could paint a tomato soup can accurately, yet try to write about a can of coke-in-itself... ie 
Intentional words strings are implicitly analogous of that perceived. Observer bias effects every report, yet words have practical value of communicating information, so valued reports are more worth reading than those that are just entertaining. People will want to pay more for better, more accurate information as always. For now they tend to over-rely on video. It is the accompanying words that are the problem. Broadcast media may not use complete bs- they may just toss in 5% bs for spicing up public interest and narrative.
An argumentative, litigious society concerned less with creating a better society and more with going forward in private interests with law as a kind of fender obviously would attract a lot of bs to desynchronize macro-social control. The positive should be accentuated rather than the negative.

NK DIctator Promises 'Greatest Pain' for Sanctions- Hillary 2020?

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has promised the U.S. would receive 'the greatet pain' for sanctions imposed by the UN even though many Chinese companies sell on ebay. China may have already imposed partial retaliatoryt sanctions on the U.S. ordering its China e-bay sellers not to accept paypal from U.S. orders.

 The threat may have been a Jungian leak that Hillary will run again in 2020. It is plain the Dictator's hydrogen bomb and ICBM threat is a great problem for DC being taken almost as seriously as the greater danger that oil sales might be cut off to North Korea or anyplace else on Earth.

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