Thursday, August 31, 2017

TRUMP Vindicated! ANTIFA Are Violent Thugs (video)

Racism is counter-productive to democracy with equal protection of the law for all citizens, yet free speech is important too as is freedom of assembly. Hitler led the Nazi socialist party, Stalin was a communist and the American left united with the globalist left not only use violence against political opponents, they also use the push-button tool of internet information controlling, directing, and sabotage when they can. They are not a neutral, just suppoort the U.S.A. element and apparently work to force the U.S.A. into their idea of the ideal globalist lackey stooge state. "domestic terrorist violence"

Russia and U.S.A. May Open Facebook Consulates/Appoint Sect's of Twits

After Russia ordered 750 U.S. diplomats out of the Moscow embassy in retaliation for U.S. retaliatory sanctions in retaliation for something else, the Trump administration retaliated by ordering the closure of the Russian consulate in San Francisco. When Barrack Obama was President we had good terms with Russia and diplomats were drinking, dancing one hand free in the high life .

Pres Trump explained Russia is helping America save money for supplying party supplies for so many diplomats and he would return the favor. It is believed that each nation plans to build new consulates in free Facebook accounts and have a Secretary of Twits administer the sites for each respective nation and perhaps block U.S.A- Russian trolls that retaliate in kind.

Blitz Chess (3M) Modern Defense Against 1.E4

I played black in this 3 minute game.

Pres Trump Doublles Down Russian Consulate S.F.-Ft. Ross Closure

President Trump ordering closure of Russia's Consulate in San Francisco made the historically satisfying for America-for-Indians-only people rather happy perhaps if one thinks about it symbolically. Russians were the first Europeans to make a settlement above San Francisco building Ft. Ross in 1812.

The order proves the President is a true American-first kind of guy.,_California

Shouldn't MLK be on New $20 Instead of Tub-man?

The Obama administration decided to kick Alexander Hamilton into the gutter like an embarrasing turd and replace the image with the face of Harriet Tubman. Why not MLK? Wouldn't that do more good globally?
Martin Luther King, Jr..jpg

Tub-man sounds apropos for a modern super-hero. I would also like to have a Turn-man who is a super-hero video capturing people that make turns without signaling as if they provide telepathic notice to everyone.

Congress Should Make Harvey Solar Tax Breaks and Subsidies for Electric Cars

Hurricane Harvey may have wrecked a half million vehicles that will need to be replaced. There is no better time for congress to act to move part of the nation toward non-polluting electric cars. Curtailing greenhouse gas emissions as far as possible ought to be a priority for the U.S. government. This is a moment in history where the U.S. Congress could take several steps to show the electorate that it is not worthy of a disapproval rating greater than its present 79%

The Congress should also act swiftly to eliminate taxes and to provide whatever financial help that is possible to Texans that buy solar panels. The new roof tiles that produce electric power should also be given a special status.

England has already acted to ban sales of fossil fuel automobiles in 20 years or so. The U.S. government should itself do something at least to support a Texas reconstruction with solar power and electric vehicles.

Does Mueller’s Conspiracy With Schneiderman Violate Ethics Norms?

Evidently Special Prosecutor Mueller has enlisted the help of NY. state attorney general Schneiderman to attack President Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Paul Mannifort and therefrom President Trump.

The power of a special prosecutor is equivalent to that of a federal district attorney, perhaps for every district, and such may collaborate with states attorneys generals on criminal investigations and grand jury matters, yet a special prosecutor is under no compulsion to do so.

Former F.B.I. Director Mueller has apparently taken that dubiously ethical step in order to thwart President Trump’s potential power to pardon Mannifort of any federal charges. If the New York Attorney General and state of New York could charge and convict Mannifort under state criminal law (as yet no indication of substantive charges potential has been presented to the public) the President could not pardon him since he can only pardon federal convictions.

Such a tactic to lever cooperation from Mannifort in order theoretically to evade state charges seems a key ethics violation by the special prosecutor who is supposed to be conducting an impartial investigation into what Rolling Stone has called Russiagate. In Russiagate theory President Vladimir Putin cooperated with Donald Trump to put a silver stake through the heart of Hillary Clinton and put Donald Trump in office.

Mueller’s tactic follows the President’s pardoning of Arizona maricopa Country Sheriff Joe Arpaio on federal charges too quickly to be a coincidence. The brazen attempt to nullify lawful Presidential powers and even to influence the conduct of the executive branch of government seems like a breach of neutrality of the office of special prosecutor and together with the weird conduct of the last F.B.I. Director Comey during the Presidential campaign raises the question of what sort of people have been appointed to lead the F.B.I. ?

Theories of Capitalism Don't Include the Political Effects

This is just a blog comment. I believe that classical theories of capitalism and its evolution as a natural selector of the best producers and inventors don't include politics and the effect of capitalism on political freedom and self-determination by the electorate. In theory the demos is free and not controlled by capital. In practice, capital increasingly controls the demos.

The electorate in theory, within a democracy, have equal votes and equal power to determine issues values and select with poltical support and votes the issues that are best. Concentrated wealth and capital especially today nulifies the value of votes with its power and influence. In turn, the expropriation of political power by concentrated wealth supports less intense competition in capital acquisition and the concentration of ownership of capital.

A free market works best if buyer-consumers are free politically and can make uncoerced choices from the market. Market choices are reduced as wealth is concentrated and destructive competition is eliminated from the network of market producers.

Today too many people regard all concentrated wealth as supportive of the political philosophy of capitalism and have little capacity to discern the fact that capital or wealth can be held by those that do not support a maximized or even minimal free market.

Amazon Rainforest Slaughter Continues- New Species Discovered and Lost

The Independent published a brief article on the continuing deforestation of the Amazon (rain forest). New species are being discovered even as the ecosphere locally is degraded by logging. Inevitably some species will be lost before discovery.

381 new species were discovered in the Amazon region

New Amazonian species discovered every two days while the rainforest is trashed by 'relentless deforestation'

Image result for pink river dolphin jpg public domainimage credit: WWF

Could Harvey Damage Have Been Minimized With Good Design?

The damage caused by four or five feet of rain to the Texas coastal plain cities may reach 160 billion dollars. That’s a rather unimaginable cost for rainfall and wind damage. One must ask if the damage could have been prevented with good land use engineering and political zoning prophylaxis?

Vast eco-engineering projects have been done before. Pre-emptive flood control and water re-directing such as the Garrison diversion project have altered the flow of North American rivers. Coastal Texas could perhaps use some vast right-wing political and engineering conspiracy as federally directed construction projects for oceanic surge and rainfall flood control for the 'rare' 30 foot sea level catastrophes that may occur ahead. Such projects could have buildings atop them so they are not just useless except once a century or two.

Harvey 1950 poster.jpgThe Texas coastal plain used to be a sea-floor. Ocean levels rise and fall, storms arise and water surges over the land now and then. All that is known. So if one does the equivalent of falling asleep by a river where bears eat salmon and wakes up to find a bear dining on a your foot, doesn’t the careless individual bear some responsibility in addition to the bear that was just going about nature’s work?

If a Texas coastal plain flood and surge control infrastructure is built it should as a goal seek to restore a five mile thick coastal forest behind the stone wall in order to let nature enjoy the ocean-land interface zone.

For some people building anything within thirty feet elevation of the ocean seems dare-devilish. It is known that global warming is changing the sea level and surface temperatures and exotic weather patterns world-wide.  Global warming for conservatives is as unreal as Jimmy Stewart's 6' 3"" invisible rabbit in the movie 'Harvey'; they ignore its existence and effects at their own risk. Texas like Bangladesh is a pathetic scene when the ocean and sky conspire to reveal the fragility of human structures near the ocean’s edge. They are as flimsy as the world trade center under Al Qaeda air-assault.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

On Jokes About Hilbert Space, Function Space and Complete Cellular Topology

Maybe there is nothing funny about the topology of infinite space and infinite dimensions. One might chuckle somewhat about an absolute volume of nothingness divided into some function space value sets and diss the locality of those values in comparison to a universal field prior to and more fundamental than all of the infinite dimensions and content-cubicles with n function variables. Plainly though initial substance or form singularity with zero dimension and zero entropy isn’t laughable or understandable for us non-mathematicians.

A zero-entropy state of absolute organization and certainty in zero dimensions is something to think about. One may assume it breaks down as matter and energy and space-time, dimensions etc., and that it may be regarded as having quantum composition as field phenomena, yet assumptions about the eternal null state no longer existing are somewhat arbitrary; the null state could emit a ghost universe of Hilbert space and function space content itself and remain central and omnipresent through all generated spaces.

Unifying the Inflationary & Quantum Multiverses (Max Tegmark) (video)

America's Game 1985 Chicago Bears (video)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

With N. Korea, Diplomacy Equals Appeasement

Diplomacy has tried and failed to end the Korean Peninsula crisis since the 1950s. North Korea has pushed nuclear weapons development as far as it could afford to under various circumstances, and slowed its pace a little now and then, yet i could always continue researching and constructing weapons infrastructure in part even if not actually enriching uranium. Now it has nuclear weapons and is close to having ICBMs. It is the world's best rogue communist authoritarian state and closet communists probably hope it continues to attacks the core of capitalism and perhaps even nukes DC eventually or a major U.S. city or two. That would collapse the U.S. economy instantly and rewrite world economic and political balances.

Can the U.S. and the rest of the world live with a nuclear North Korea? Of course, until it actually uses  nukes on San Francisco and Seattle, D.C. and Chicago the what me worry approach willwork fine. It is worth remembering that nations and political theorists have made sacrifices in times past in order to advance a particular agenda.North Korea could be the communist's second to last card to play to restore communism to the glory it had before the end of the Soviet Union when hundreds of millions of people in Russia and China lived contentedly under elite dictators and politboro non-representative congresses.

Mutually assured destruction deterrence policies don't work if one party believes its sacrifice is worthwhile if it can advance a broader political cause. Neither would anisotropic one-sided assured destruction policy be effective in the same context if North Korean Dictator Kim Un believes that collapsing the U.S. and world economy is worth the price (since it will bring planetary authoritarianism and corporate-communism to universal power. British still think diplomacy is a good idea

Shoes; Jackie Kennedy vs Melania Trump

The mangestream media has brought to the worlds attention the fashionable footwear Melania Trump wore leaving the White House on her way to Texas and the scene of the wrath of Harvey.The First Lady wore high heels aka 'pumps' with a bomber jacket and  aviator sunglasses and the press thought it appeared from spoilt, aloof, red-state and all things unAmerican. So that leads some fashion  inexperts to wonder; what would Jackie Kennedy have worn to a hurricane disaster site?

After so many years it is challenging yet not impossible  to induct exactly what she would have worn; honest democrat party Johnny Unitas blacktop sneakers with matching handbag, white cigarette pants and an ensemble that would be both provocative and awe inspiring at the same time. She would have worn the sequinned bib coveralls made famous in the late farm chic era on the east coast.Melania Trump

Has Anyone Thought of Asking Russia for a Good Moon Base Design?

Could Russia produce a better practical moon base criterion than N.A.S.A.? The United States space program except for the Kennedy years generally gets little done in the way of manned space exploration. In about 70 years no one has gone beyond the space station (except for the Kennedy programs through Apollo). The Apollo program might not have got started except for competition with the Soviets. 

It would be a good idea to ask Russia to produce the most cost-effect, practical moon base for research and industry they can, if one wants to look at a practical design. It could be made to synergize with any private corporate technology, yet government providing a core base catalyst can actually get things moving.

Russia since the end of the cold war has had a platter of problems to deal with including complete economic and social restructuring. It has had to protect its historical lands from global carpet baggers as best it can, and to deal with terrorism, pollution and NATO military threats. It has had little ability to put too much into manned space exploration although it was a vital link to get astronauts to and from the I.S.S. when America's space shuttle program was closed down.

Russia has had to face the fact that the U.S.A. has a military edge and also made it first to the moon staking a claim. Those and other factors have made Russia unwilling to challenge what President Reagan called the high frontier (of the moon). That's too bad in a sense because the Soviet Union and Russia were the first in a few critical space areas leading the way. They also got things done with cheap, practical, no-frills technology. Because the U.S.A. has just let N.A.S.A. largely abandoned manned space exploration and hope that a few corporate efforts lead for the U.S.A., and that is too large a task to get a moon base built anytime in the next decade that has any sort of real economic and scientific development value, one might like to have Russia involved to concept-brainstorm its version of the most affordable and capable moon base that the U.S.A., Russia and the European Space Agency could build in a joint venture. Democrats though would hate that.

Harvey Housing Should Be a Spray-Concrete Formed Experiment

Spray-gunnite concrete emergency homes would be a good innovative upgrade for Texan emergency shelters for those homeless from Harvey. With clever federal leadership able to find a few good ideas the quick construction of spray over rebar forms concrete housing shelters could leave an after-the-gold rush infrastructure that serves some other purpose. I can probably think of many uses for eventually vacated concrete structures built to last in a variety of configurations.

Texas is the world leader at spray on concrete homes. Monolithic Domes of Corsica Texas virtually invented the genre.

Rather than building just domes and individual homes, various shapes of long and winding tubes could be built and given temporary dividers into housing units that could be taken out later. Quality water pipes could be run the length of the tubes to serve dozens of housing units as could solar powered electrical conduits share wiring.
Monoithic domes could be a kind of 3D print unit, and the Army has recently worked with making 3D printed buildings. They too could practice and coordinate in Texas with Monolithic print housing experts.

Constructing buildings that could later be used for public facilities or that innovate new forms such as artificial mountain ranges is worth doing since the public will need to pay for it anyway; why not get more bang for the buck. Practice some of that Martian 3D printing of buildings near the Texas Gulf Coast. 

With CAD/CAM and the Internet the government might be able to offer building designs that could be selected and spray and sold to buyers before construction, who would agree to let the building serve as an emergency shelter for a couple of years. Buyers would find quality buildings at a fraction of the cost of a completely new structure; perhaps 50% off.

Ecosphere and sustainable energy consultants should be brought in to help place the emergency shelters in the best ecologically useful locations in Texas, and consult with practical sustainable energy criteria. The Rocky Mountain Institute

Monday, August 28, 2017

Shouldn't Pres. Trump Create a National Harvey-Jobs Clearing House?

A national, easy-to-find job placement service for all things Harvey-related including displaced locals section and work for all  U.S. citizens ought to be established if it isn't already. President Trump could help with that getting existing job services and employment agencies to tie-in their software to a meta-structure that even google AI jobs could find.

Shouldn't the U.S.A. Give 24 Surplus Pershing 2 Missiles to Japan?

North Korea launched a missile over Japan today, and of course President Trump can do no more than twit about it. Kim Jong Un knows that and will continue to lever missile launches to drive wedges into tactical partnerships while enjoying target practice. Un's Hwasong 12's have a range of 3000 kilometers.

The United States doesn't actually have any short-range ballistic missiles it could give Japan.  The ideal missile would be able to hit North Korea or fly over it into the ocean. The United States got rid of all but two ground-based ballistic missiles after the cold war-and they are ICBMs with a range of greater than 11,000 miles. Because of Hiroshima and Nagsaki some Americans are understandably unwilling to give those to Japan.

Still Japan needs to be free to defend itself. There aren't any smarter people in the world than the Japanese and they could easily destroy North Korea given license to do so, if they wanted. Because Asian policy stabilized somewhat after W.W. 2, not counting Vietnam, Cambodia and some other skirmishes, the balance of power is rather o.k. except for Kim Jong Un. Japan needs to be able to defend itself with some missiles it can launch over North Korea if the they want, as well as some warheads to go on the missiles. Maybe the government has some leftover Pershing 2 missiles. They had a range of a 1000 kilometers and could carry nukes or thermobaric discourager bombs I suppose.

The missiles of the USA have been largely replaced by cruise missiles such as the Tomahawk that can deliver nukes for low cost.If President Trump wants to mak ea statement Kim Un can understand he should send two dozen Pershing 2's to Japan and an assortment of warheads to go with it.Then he should try diplomacy and keep 20 or 30 nukes on Tomahawks flying within range of Pyongpang at all times. a list of countries and missile assets

Harvey’s Supply-Demand Labor Test of Trump

After Hurricane Katrina President Bush flooded the south with undocumented workers from Mexico and wherever to work for any wages along the Gulf coast. That policy might be a southern tradition of exploiting labor for the least possible recompense, yet it was bad for U.S. workers. 

The Democratic Party is made of doper-dummies regarding labor value theory. Rebuilding after hurricane Harvey will require a lot of labor. Hundreds of thousands or millions of northerners are unemployed or have poorly paying jobs or even are unemployed and would travel south for the winter to rebuild Texas after Hurricane Harvey if the wages were good and jobs readily available. Democrats used to be a party that understood labor and especially union labor, yet they undoubtedly will demand that tens of thousands of Mexican undocumented aliens be allowed to work in Texas for below minimum wage through waivers.

In the real, adult world of labor wage values supply and demand for labor set prices- unless one can subvert that with cheap foreign or slave labor. President Trump ostensibly looks out for ordinary non-rich Americans. So no Mexican laborers should be allowed to arrive into the nation to take jobs that should be done by Americans- and will if wages are allowed to rise and attract people from other parts of the U.S.A.

There are numerous deleterious consequences for flooding regions of the U.S.A. with cheap foreign labor that continue for years after the work demand subsides. Consider just one effect; that of letting Mexican destroy surplus jobs and short labor supply through waivers; the black cradle to prison pipeline recidivism will not change as blacks on parole won't be able to easily find a lawful, productive and rewarding job rebuilding after Katrina. At any given time there are 7 million Americans in the prison and parole system. Several thousand on parole should be given waivers and supervision to work in the south if wages rise to make that worthwhile. They should not comprise a prison work-gang population, instead they should be no more than 10% of the regular American civilian workforce taking temporary jobs rebuilding from Harvey. Since it costs 35,000 annually to imprison people in the U.S.A. keeping them from going back to the big house is economically desirable.

Cheap Mexican labor is of especial benefit to the rich and labor exploiters that can hire them. Ordinary Americans are left to just lose benefits from federal revenues and get nothing else of benefit from the disaster. The leftist media of course tries to benefit Mexico when disaster strikes the U.SA., advocating for floods of foreign workers to be let in.

Obamacare Regs Rollout to Cause- 15 Days of Darkness in November

N.A.S.A.has repeatedly, unconvincingly, denied the existence of a hidden 15 trillionterrabyte to the Quadtillionth power research paper containing a condensed version of the full Obamacare regulations scroll. Even so there may be plans afoot to release the report from its highly condensed state over the skies of D.C. in Novermber creating total darkness for 15 consecutive days. Congress demanded and finally gwill get to look and see what's in it.

Serious publications like Forbes have tried to discredit the rumor perhaps because Obamacare is good for the corporate world. The skeptical ask however; "Can Forbes really be trusted?"

Harvey’s Micro-Macro Climate (GW) Synergy

Hurricane Harvey’s flooding of Texas’ low lying coastal areas with record rains were especially severe around the Houston asphalt heat absorbing micro-climate. Houston at night releases far more heat to the atmosphere than surrounding unpaved rural areas. Heat and cold temperature differences are prime elements in hurricane behavior.

Harvey will reignite national controversy over global warming and how to prevent political ostriches from taking over to thwart defense against it. Global warming greenhouse gas releases from fossil fuel powered cars is the nation’s biggest contributor to global warming. A lesser known enabler of global warming is heat-absorbing asphalt.

Micro-climates are created in cities with so much asphalt. Poor people die. A common image from Hurricane Harvey and Houston is poorer people (comparatively) walking to leave through flooded streets.

Urban micro-climates and their mortality of the poor

Surprisingly asphalt and the Arctic ocean have at least one thing in common; each absorb heat better than ice. As the Arctic ocean loses its icepack it takes longer to freeze and captures more heat. Ice has a higher reflectivity ability of sunlight. Dirt and grass to not absorb as much light-heat from the sun as asphalt. As permafrost melts- and as much as 40% of it may with global warming, carbon stored in the permafrost may be released further contributing to the greenhouse gas effect, Arctic tundra fires in the decades ahead may increase inexorably as hurricanes may be attracted more to Houston and linger there with the asphalt-Galveston bay axis of empowerment. burning tundra occurred thousands of years ago

More than 1000 billion tons of carbon are stored beneath permafrost that will be slowly released with global warming effect. 

Fire in tundra could release materials from human industrial processes too that have accumulated in the tundra over hundreds of years

There are numerous, obvious architectural responses that are possible to counteract coastal flooding from hurricanes that would require mass architectural and engineering design, Actually there are too numerous to describe here. Artificial mountain range with curved shapes that allow wildlife to live on the outside and that would channel winds and concurrently change the micro-climate of given areas, large artificial river-canals used to desalinate pumped-in seawater periodically and for flood control rarely, fast above ground level monorail evacuation lines from coastal areas to inland safe points, etc.

image credit NOAA