Friday, June 30, 2017

How Do You Turn Off Washington Post Feeds?

 For many moon I have sought a way to ditch the Washington Post feeds from my google news page. I just don't know how to do that. It is really dumped. 

Every day almost every article is an anti-Trump piece. I think Trump is doing a good job as President so I don't want to get the abuse stuff, plus all that s...t from all the rest of the main streme media like the Morning Joe articles.

In the 50s and 60s and even the 70s the news media was more or less respectful toward the President. Listening to them now and reading the Bezos Post I realize they are simply vicious animals without any moral nature that's positive. Don't ask me why they are vermin. They simply seem so.

The media is to politically influential and is a tool for the rich to control the masses' political thought. Sure, the President should just shut up and let the media rule by decree (via the Presidential puppet). Plainly the President needs the distraction of the scum media having nothing else to do than pay attention to that swine.

Good Value on a Wind Generator

Missouri wind and solar has quality, made-in-America, low cost wind generators. They are durable. $349

Germany's Lutheran State Church; Anti-Christian Now With Homo Marriage?

Germany's Lutheran church is far too closely affiliated with the state. Since its inception in revolt against the Catholic Hapsburgs following Martin Luther's 96 thesis and the ensuing Skalkaldic war between German princes and Hapsburgs the government was tight with the clergy. SInce Germany voted to allow homosexual marriage that throws the entire issue of its relationship to the state in question.

If the state has taken an official turn for legal sin can a church in Christian conscience continue any sort of official relationship with it? Would corrupt Lutheran priests perform the abomination of rites for homosexual marriage?

In a godless atheist social environment Germany has moved its church toward a more consistent anti-christ symbilism appropriate more so back in the day for the official Nazified church under Hitler's power than any sort of priesthood of believers such as Martin Luther wanted. Luther regarded it as anathema for anyone to think that not all Christians are priests. In the full fructification of the Lutheran church clergy as special upper-class Christians preaching to a 'laity' the Lutheran church has moved perilously close to spiritual death.

Germany Votes to Make Cock-Sucking Legal Marriage

German lawmakes voted to legalize cock-sucking homosexual marriage to make the Bundt a sweeter place. That follows a revelation of allegations of child abuse by the Pope's assistant. Assuredly there is not relation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently said that now she supports homosexual marriage. Probably that's because Russia hasn't so far at it will give her more queer power in her arsenal to attack and sanction the Russian state.

Russia of course has a population problem in that it isn't keeping growth pace with the rest of teh world. Encouraging queer cock-sucking unions probably would not be a rational choice for Vladimir Putin.

The historian Arnold Toynbee, or Oswald Spenglar or some other philosopher of historical cycles found that civilizations tend to fall after women attain full political status. Evidently they promote queer and feminine perspectives that bring civilization to decay.

It is a lucky thing for individuals that they do not live for as long as God and are thus spared experienceing the follies of man and womenkind ad nauseum. Maybe England will send Boaty McBoatface to Hamburg to join in the celebrations under the surface.

Media & Speaker Ryan Claim Little Women Rights On Mika's Special Face

When President Trump made a retaliatory tweet over Morning Joe's Mika Brezinski's caustic comments he stimulated a media firestorm attacking his lack of civility. Female news faces are protected by the special right's commissions 'Little Womens Act' that states that even though women are in extremely powerful social and political public roles they have inalienable rights as little women of the homsetead to be free from being treated as peers by men in political matters.

The Little Women's act was first championed by a female fighter pilot who sued a Russian Mig fighter pilot for shooting at her with a HARM missile. Her winning lawsuit noted that she is speciallly protected by Little Women's rights and the Russian pilot could not legally shoot at her. A suit and sanctions were placed on Russia even though she shot down the Russian fighter with an air-to-air laser.

Women in the media are protected by the first amendment 'Little Women' provision besides. That states that women may chat about male politicians to their hearts content on camera as abusively as they like and a politician may have nothing to say about that ( because that would be rude). The colt peacemaker made men equal. Technology made the media equal to the President regarding influence (actually he has less influence).

The main stream media commentary notably found that being a woman is the equivelent of being a negro or homosexual and any criticism of a persons behavior, words or appearance in regard to a political context is forbidden by straight white men who have no specially protected status whatsoever. Those second-class citizens are slaves to the new special-class majority.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Commenting on the Face of a News Face Critic is Criticized

Speaker Ryan joined in with the msm attacking President Trump for tweeting a remark about the bleeding facelift of a news face that ascerbicly attacked President Trump's record in office. THe public views those tightly drawn of faces with moving lips and may have a right to know that the wrinkle free persona's may actually have labored in the hot sun and just look like they  haven't because of then wonders of Obamacare or MSNBC health insurance.

Reading about all the a do do about the Presdential 'incivility' I was expecting that he would have said something notable such as that double-dealing back-biting bitch! (bbb was invented by President 41). Nothing besides something about the sacred face of the new person and how it is verbotten to get personal with the msm. If people had been personal with Heinrich Himmler without being trashed as a matter of principle for unreich0like activities (or anti-Soviet in Stalin's time) and held the media accountable for their incivility it might have been less of a fascist evolution.

My criticism of President Trump is that watching msnbc, Morning Joe and stuff like that isn't good for one's health. He should watch N.A.S.A. or environmental videos on youtube instead. The media is largely evil and crazy leftist-why should the President listen to that? He should hire someone to watch it and give him hazardous duty pay.

There are some good news feeds President Trump should review each is one worth viewing and getting a free subscription...

Russian WIdfires Worst in 10,000 Years

It would probably be a good idea to send some American firefighters to help extinguish all of those fires in Siberia. All of that extra CO2 released can't be good. Some believe the problem is global warming. Maybe U.S. led sanctions have forced Russia to cut back on the firefighting budget.

A day photo of smoe and a night photo of wildfires viewed from space show the extent of the problem. In the night iage (each from N.A.S.A.) that little lake inshore from the Sea of Okhoskt is the Zeya Reservoir.

Night image of Siberian fires (image credit N.A.S.A.)

Image credit N.A.S.A. Earth Observatory

Is Germany Ready to Send 100,000 Soldiers to Seoul?

Would Germany contribute 100,000 soldiers for a battle for North Korea? If NATO is to mean anything it needs to mean Germany will send 100,000 soldiers to fight with Americans to change the North Korean regime unifying the country.

Europeans invade Russia; not vice versa. NATO and their symps in the U.S. government want to lever Russia into the power of the most rich globalists. Russia has the most resoures as Neocons believed Iraq had the best oil supply when that commodity was tight. Republicans just put up new sanctions on Russia. They only attack states that are weak or not interested in offense.

North Korea is closing on on developing a hydrogen bomb and ICBM to hit a red state city, a blue state city, maybe Hawaii or Anchorage (or both) and possibly a European target such as Berlin. The difference between Kim Jong Un and Saddam Hussein is that the former isn't bluffing. And there are probably a lot of people willing to provide technical assistance to the NOrth Korean hydrogen bomb program gratis.

Previous U.S. administrations have avoided any sort of military pre-emptive strike on North Korean nuclear development sites because of pusillanimity and fear. Probably 'diplomacy' will prevail again and North Korea will go ahead and develop its weapons program though perhaps more quietly with Chinese encouragement. The value of letting someone nuke a large American and European city is obvious. It would realign the world economy favorably to Asia.

Prior administrations did not shirk facing up to the reality of weapons in the possession of enemies as have all U.S. administrations since the end of the cold war. One cannot be certain about what course to take, yet the administration probably should set a date a priori to quit diplomacy and vaporize whatever nuclear facilities and research sites they can.

In some respects the nuclear umbrella of the U.S.A. is seeming sorta ratty to nations in the orient like Japan that may not like to let. Korea eventually have several nuclear weapons pointed its way on intermediate range missiles. U.S. administrations seem o.k. with tolerating that and letting a few ICBMs be pointed in the general direction of the nation as well.

In the North Korean dictatorship just one guyfor whatever reason can decide to launch a nuclear attack regardless of the consequences. THe dictator is not a commune or politborough with a little more tendency to consult. U.S. leaders should not be too contentedly confident that Kim Un is another Leonid Breshnev or Mikhail Gorbachev.

A Comment About Public Debt and Government

Theoretically there are primarily three ways to respond to a vast and increasing public debt.

1) Cut services and spending
2) Increase taxes
3) Increase efficiency in services enabling spending reduction

The U.S. Government demonstrably likes none of those approaches.

Public responses to poor government may be apathetic or ineffective. With globalism and concentrating wealth the governing class of elected offcials easily have a two-worlds existence. Few are motivated by increasing government efficiency, innovating new approaches to create social well-being or even improve a general philosophy of government. Simply being there and enjoying the benefits personally seems to be the main thing.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska powered by

These bear wern't at work early this morning. Evidentally they sleep late, yet work late. Avoiding the heat of the day in the river is a win-win situation.

Alaskan Bear Killings and Intelligent Super-Organisms

Black bear attacks in Alaska are quite rare. They are not impossible, yet they are rare. Black bear are of a different genetic origin that brown bear and are far less agressive toward humans.

When I camped in the Juneau area for a few years, on Douglas Island across Gastineau channel I was visited by a black bear fairly regularly. A large black bear had a circuit I suppose looked for anything that smelled good to replace the lost access to fish from so many home going in over the years, within the range of bear.

I never had to do anything besides hit the tent door to send a black bear into paninicked flight. Once while camping north of Auk Bay I caughta tent with his nose in a bag of flour and the poor 250-300 pounder ran uphill (a steep hill) like a sprinter.

So I was surprised to read that a Douglas homeowner shot a larger black bear this year, of more than 300 pounds. Why shoot them? Kowee Creek (named for the deceased Tlingit Chief) next to the bridge has returning chum salmon that are rather too dangerous from cars buzzing about for bear to get to, though they may try. Living on skunk cabbage and blueberries and no fish for bear is forced poverty.

When two Alaskans were killed by black bear shortly after the killing of the large black bear on Douglas for some reason I wasn't too surprised. It seemed as if the black bear might have wanted humans to know to leave them alone to go about their business. Black bear aren't the dominant bear in Alaska. They have learned contriteness because of their need to defer on all territorial issues to the larger, fearsome brown bear or get knocked  about or killed. Yet black bear are not willing to be debearmanzed so far as to be erased. Maybe targeted human killings was a political statement.

THe interpretation of events may offer a range of possibilities. A wikipedia entry states that, "The anagogical is a method of symbolic interpretation of spiritual statements or events, especially scriptural exegesis that detects allusions to the afterlife. Certain medieval theologians describe four methods of interpreting the Scriptures: literal/historical, allegorical, tropological (moral), and anagogical. Humanity ought to find ways other than killing to solve things when it can rather than using it as a first application of will.

Yes that all sounds  as spaced as aliens have made contact reporting. Look at the U.S> Senate and its ideas about health care for the rich that trasheds the poorest of the poor; the Senate could be possed by alen transmissions even now!

About the Theory of an Intelligent Super-Organism

Pierre Telhard De Chardin wrote of a layered life approach and of a noosphere. The cosmogenesis approach is interesting. Telhard was a World War One French Army officer who got so drunk on Armistice Day that he couldn't get the key into the lock on his door. He was also a priest and theologian. It is impressive that he could view stomachs hanging in trees and later write such interesting and optimistic philosophy.

James Lovelock and the Gaia hypothesis argued that the world ecosphere behaves like an intelligent organism. The complex feedback mechanisms of which there are a zillion act together. One can consider Elton's research on the way bare post-glacial era northern island became populated with vegetation and other, larger life as guano from seabirds and seabirds themselves as food and in other capacities helped to reinforce an increase population of life forms. If bees were taken out of the life equation on Earth that would present quite a few problems.

Regarding the web of life as an integral whole is a fundamental parameter of contemporary ecospheric research I would guess. Several books have been published on ecosystems integrity from the requirement that large predators exist to the harm done to the American southwest by the removal of mammoths of the elephant family whose footprints allowed seed to grow.

Human beings are too a part of the ecosphere as are their intellect such as exists outside the beltway. Some of the intellects are daft regarding the ecosphere and do their best to exterminate much of it en mass instead of conserving it while they advance science and technology to the purpose of knowledge and human well being. The ecosphere isn't just an aesthetic luxury.

Inevitably the political trail returns to the oval of NASCAR and high-octane automobile pollution-that may not change soon.

Lovelock wrote in 'The Final Warning' that the human population may drop to about 200 million in the future as a result of global warming and other issues. At that point the global temperature may stabilize. Lovelock conjectures that if humanity continues its usual greenhouse gassing at that point Gaia will simply remove the remnant of humanity.

Life may act on Earth as a giant organism. G.W.F. Hegel believed that life on Earth is a process of God realizing awareness of Himself in history that fits rather well with the Gaia criteria.

There are additional ways to consider an ecosphere in larger, intelligent organisms in discrete or monistic guise. Ant colonies sometimes seem to act as intelligent collectives-one must consider the Borg obviously as a future mode of ultra-right-wing or left wing consumerism.

Of even more concern to some is the potential that some of those giant fungi discovered now and then to be the largest organisms in the world have as much intelligence as federal budget planners. Then there are whales and ravens-seemingly happy creatures of moderate intelligence in tune with the temporal times even as they decline.

The entire quantum universe could be a super-intelligence, quantum computer or God running this Universe as a sub-routine.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yes, There are Vaccines Against the Plague

The bubonic plague killed maybe 200 million people long ago in Europe as it emerged from the early middle ages. European sanitation was crude and the people ignorant. They traded and warred promiscuously and allowed plague infected rats to be thrown over the protective city walls of Constantinople by Muslims. Trading ships carried infected rats all over Europe. People died, were carted up, piled up and burned. Eventually, after a few centuries, researchers started looking for inoculations against the plague. And they were found.

Vaccines don't usually work forever. Today the government won't let people get smallpox inoculations as they did in the 1960s. When biological war crisis occurs however there may be too little time to react.

The Soviets worked on combining different biowar pathogens in its biopreparat program. One double virus combinations would infect someone with the pneumonic plague, and if they survived, kill them with something like smallpox. As late as 1999 some biowar research facility remained in Russia. Much of the old stuff was taken to Siberia and buried where no one besides terrorists might find it.

A vaccine against the bubonic plague was tested during the Vietnam War and it apparently worked. It didn't last forever though and its production was discontinued. The military needed something that would work against the better military weaponized version of the pneumonic plague.

The pneumonic plague is an airborne virus. Soviet scientists sought to decrease its size so that it could be inhaled. If a viral agent is too larger the body tends to filter it out. They wouldn't be carried so well on the wind either. Probably researches were successful at reducing the size of pneumonic plague agents.

Three new vaccines appear to work against the bubonic and pneumonic plague. The plague Y. pestis attacks the immune system. H.I.V. attacks the immune system in a different way, yet several adverse agents attack the immune system and a weakened immune system renders one more susceptible to attacks from additional invasive agents that may present. Genetic manipulation exacerbates the problem of creating lasting vaccines since opfor biologists can manufacture multi-drug resistant strains.

Probably it is better to let people be inoculated while they can in case the unexpected occurs, rather than to wait, I would think. It is difficult to know what new form of completely synthetic agent may be devised next.

EU Fines Google Nearly 3 BIllion to Get New Post-Brexit Revenue

With Britian leaving the EU that bureaucracy needs something to make up for lost English finance contributions and so they looked to Google. Google has had problems with China- leaving it for a few years after 2010 because of censorship, and it has a different set of issues with Europe that aren't completely different.

Perhaps the Trump administration should fine Germany for making good cars, yet ones that largely add to global warming, to help pay off the U.S. public debt and reduce government energy costs with purchases of more solar panels. Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and Porche should be good for a billion each.

I wonder if Pres. Trump has considered asking Germany to pay 20 trillion dollars (including interest) for the cost of World War Two. America should sign a seperate defense agreement with Russia and then cancel whatever it has with NATO. Europe should pay for its own defense if it wants one.

Today Google ran an anti-Christian sort of queer rainbow symbol (it is anti--Christian because its pride in sin for homosexual use is directly contra to the rainbow set as a reminder from God that he won't destroy most of humanity for sin again) on its search engine main page, yet they seem to try to be all things to all people, and many don't want everything in everyplace as it were like letting cattle and pigs wander through the dining facilities. Some may dislike Google's political messages that are pro-sin and want to censor that. Others look at the poor quality of many search engines so far as getting everything together for a log on page, and just use Google.

Google is large enough that it is hard to censor. Almost any web site that allows publishing by users can be bought by the rich and taken down (all of the content). Of every place that I have written a blog on the Internet just two remain in existence. Not even MSN has a blog anymore. 

In time I suppose blogger will disappear or be gutted. Europes attack financially isconsistent with the way of money power that elites use to close down free political expression generally. They will  find some excuse such as locating 'hate speech' that is even less than 1% of the content  to delete individual user accounts before the entire site disappears.

It's not really a free world and there is an ongoing battle to keep lasting free expressions sites for all content including political content in existence. Most of the poor cannot afford to have their own nearly permanent publishing sites such as the msm have.

Probably the majority of Google users go directly to various sites such as Amazon or ebay for purchases insteaf of Google. The majority parobably just use the search engine, news and so forth for free. European elites probably want to stop that too. Google was fined for having too much advantage in sales.

Rainbow is a Pledge From God That He Won't Destroy Most All of Humanity for Sin Again

Of course the homosexual crowd don't believe that and have expropriated the rainbow ala Mark as a reimnder of their pride in sin. It isn't necessary to debate the historical time and physics paradigm nor the exact meaning of the language in an accurate understanding of context here. Christians take the word of God as a matter of faith understanding God's intended meaning in Biblical expesssions.

"9 And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.
2 And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.
3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
4 But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.
5 And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man.
6 Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.
7 And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.
8 And God spake unto Noah, and to his sons with him, saying,
9 And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you;
10 And with every living creature that is with you, of the fowl, of the cattle, and of every beast of the earth with you; from all that go out of the ark, to every beast of the earth.
11 And I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.
12 And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:
13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.
14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:
15 And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.
16 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.
17 And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth."

Homosexual political behavior is one of sociopathic force so far as possible, to insinuate male power over other males, and females over other females. Homosexuality is a biological sin-meaning missing the mark, of health. It is the social behavioral equivelent of the physics of just isn't right.

Evidently McConnelcare and Russian Narratives are Mostly B.S.

Evidently McConnelcare and the Russian narrative are "mostly bullshit". A CNN producer was video'd saying the Russian narrative is b.s.

McConnelcare was found by the Congressional budget office to lose coverage for 22 million and raise, gouge the elderly and poor,  and provide tax cuts for the rich.

The right thing to do is provide free governemtn medical service for the poor via the VA system networked with clinics for the poor that already exist while cutting the tax on youth for Obamacare and stimulating medical competition by letting people select medical services in low-cost foreign nations such as India as part of their insurance plan (when appropriate).

Monday, June 26, 2017

Slavery and Holocaust Without Christian Cakes

Holoaustic, Slavery of Cakelessness By Anyone Besides a Christian Baker

The Supreme Court will decide if it was kosher for a Christian cake baker not to bake a cake promoting sin. The particular sin was that of homosexual marriage, but it might have been any other sort of sin including murder, if the government legalized or promoted it. Tough decision.

It was said that a sympathetic baker offered to bake a cake for free for the homosexuals desirous of cake decorated with a rainbow (a reminder of God Biblically speaking while a symbol of godless, sin to homosexuals). One expects homosexuals will find courts that require Christian bakers to make cakes for black masses and Muslims to bake cakes celebrating Jewish holidays soon. Cynics may demand that Muslim butchers make pork chops.

The author of the fox article wrote that "Ms. Waggoner said the state’s civil rights commission compared the baker’s stance to “slave owners and perpetrators of the Holocaust.”" I thought one had to lose access to Crispie Cream donuts for the equivelent of slavery and holocaust to occur.

Supporters of the evil court decision have said that homosexual behavior in the new world order is a sort of special category equivalent in theory to being a Negro or a Jew in times of persecution (not prosperity and empowered). It is note associated with being female, though Elton John sang; ‘I can bitch better than you’ in ‘The Bitch is Back’.

If it is sin to cuss or otherwise use foul language, wouldn’t cake makers be at liberty not to make cakes that would have decorations disparaging the New York Yankees or even a divisive political figure such as Nancy Pelosi. Don’t cake makers have political right not to promote political speech they do not agree with?

Happy B-Day Nancy; You’re Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!’ emblazoned in gold frosting on a red,white and blue cake, when everyone knows she led the Democrats to increasing public debt and making Bush II tax cuts permanent (under the supervision of Pres. Barrack Obama of course).

An anniversary cake for an abortion clinic Christian party 'Celebrating 50 Years of Abortions!) ought to find a few Christian dissidents. The Colorado High Court would probably order bakers if every faith to bake it under penalty of law.

Todd Starnes writing for the Fox News opinion piece hyper-linked above reported that “Lower courts ruled that Mr. Phillips discriminated against the gay couple under Colorado law. He was ordered to make cakes for homosexual newlyweds and to file reports for two years to show that he was abiding by anti-discrimination laws. He was also ordered to “reeducate” his staff on discrimination.

Plain something has gone seriously wrong in the United State when courts punish citizens for dissenting from their most flaky decisions. The Colorado Courts really took Marie Antoinette’s maxim ‘Let them eat cake’, to heart.

The socialiation of homosexuality may have insuinated an implicitly sociopathic disregard for others into legal codification.That isn't good.

Maybe nothing exists that homosexuals object to except God and the concept of sin and equal rights for other citizens to be free from state and social coercion so they just don’t get it. The state of Colorado should pay the victimizing baker of apparently highly desired, exquisite cakes a million dollars in damages at least, after the high court reverses the silly, disrespectful and predatory, onerous order.

Academic Tempests of Tuval and Durden

Lisa Durden was fired from Essex C.C. after defending a blacks only event. Rebecca Tuval- a philosophy professor, was criticized after writing an article published in a feminine journal defending the right to change race.

Racist events aren't good. If one were to exclude the media, that might be better, yet what if one excludes only media of select race? ran an article on another female college professor (Rebecca Tuval) who ran a controversial article called 'In Defense of Transracialism'. She was soundly chastised for suggesting that its ok for people to change their race if possible. I would think that changing culture would be the more important issue, or at least improving it so far as to benefit society with security, technological and spiritual progress.

  At any rate, assured readers that genetically race is de trop. Yet one knows that besides the behavorial differences in different cultures such as exist in deviant theologies of trans-African Christian communities (i.e. Evans of Nigeria), skin color matters for purposes of sunburn and absorption of vitamin D. Apparently white male pattern baldness evolved in order to let men get more vitamin D in cloudy northwestern Europe long ago.

Someone explained to me that even though Oregon legalized dope, they can't allow it on a community college campus that received federal funds-because its still illegal in federal law (dope). A community college that receives federal funds, would want to be in compliance with federal policy. I would think that would exclude support for segregation advocates, race-only events, neo-nazi supremist adjunct professors etc. Colleges are said to run toward effite leftism (I don't know if that's true or not), and a racial policy preference of any color in any way might not sit well with the left.

A white female Professor of Law was 'lynched' last year as much as was adjunct Professor Durden. At a private party the University of Oregon professor wore a costume with blackface. She was then fired. Apparently colleges have discretionary power to fire people for creating bad public impressions. They may want to seem politically correct. With so many Asian students working hard the administration may not want to seem like hillbillies or something. The new black college President may have dismissed Prof. Durden for that same reason. They may be able to fire people for wearing scandalous attire or bad breath.

  Instead of people changing their race or learning rap-hip-hop-gangsta-kentucky billy sorts of plain unintellectual cutlure, hthey should learn more technical material such as is available often for free on-line at COURSERA and elsewhere. One may utter sillyness in or out of academia as cultural waves of empowerment put the letter patches on people of different suits and pantsuits. Racist events that are exclusive to particular groups are and will remain politically unpopular however. The Federal government cannot support organizations financially that advocate racist activities-even if race exists only in skin and various other areas of the genome that regards as unimportant or trivially differentiating. People do that with the public debt economics too.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Obamacare Reformed* Renewing Infficiency

Medical testing for some people can be costly. $10,000 is too much for diagnostics. Maybe it would be possible to introduce more competition in some way into the medical system. I wonder if Obamacare reformed should be required to pay for air travel to cheaper, though still good, treatment abroad when possible such as India and China?

I once got an infected blister at air assault school while in the N.G. Blood poisoning from infected blisters killed 20,000 or so in the first world war. I didn't know about that and was ready to go on vacation yet visited a clinic before catching a plane, concerned about the red streak moving north. A physician said those can kill you so reluctantly I paid $100 for the treatment (pills). ..If one doesn't use sunscreen to get all those skin cancers of advancing years prevented (global warming makes it easier to get skin cancer), one has costly annual minor surgeries to remove them. Unpaper'd homeless people with no national medicare coverage journeying to look for labor from state to state are too slow to get through the bureaucratic coverage hoops. Obamacare reformed is still soley designed for the comfortable and sedentary lifestyle.

Since both parties write plans for the sedentary and comfortable letting poor, unpaper'd, non-doper wanderers slip through the cracks it would be better to expand V.A. Hospitals and homeless clinic networks and provide free medical service directly for those earning less than $15,000 annually. The Obamcare provisioning of rich coverage for opium dopers and treatments costing 50 billion a year and up desired by democrats is indicative of the sort of thinking the government has. Maybe the government should provide opium den-hospices and free funerals for the 50,000 that die annually from heroin and opiods. 

U.S. Dope Addictions WIll Select National Health Care Policy?

Reportedly politicians concerned about the 50-60 thousand heroin and opiod deaths in the USA in 2016 may vote against Obamacare Refrom. It is remarkable that American dopers will determine in part the form national health care takes for the poor and lower middle class. Homosexuals requiring AIDS treattments for life and dopers are one of the main concerns democrats have with securing subsidized medical care for all AMericans. They wanted to tax youth that are healthy and working to pay for that.

The U.S. House and Senate need to be realistic and provide direct free government provided medical service in V.A. hospitals (expanded) and networks of free health care facilities for the poor. Dopers may need government sheltered opium dens to waste themselves yet not cost tazpayers a bundle-free funeral services too when they are done with paradise.

Non-dopers that just are poor and get ill or injured need a real, actual medical treatment system that works even if they are wanderers, homeless or otherwise not paper'd up with bureaucratic sign in for the sedentary. Rich sedentary folks create those silly Obamacare policies that won't actually cover the poor who slip through the gaps

Opium hospice-dens may be the way to get a cheaper Obamacare reformed policy that will please Senators from dope-rich states.

Aren't Sanctions On Russia an Effort to Influence Russian Elections Too?

Because it may be useful not to overlook the obvious, it might be worth remembering that the U.S. Government during the Obama administrtion were solid opponents of Russian President Putin and would have been happy to sanction him and his Party policies to support the election of politicians with antipathetic attitudes. Sanctions on Russia for the Crimean reconquista may have been a knee-jerk response, yet the other barrel of the bidurcated policy would have been targeted to encourage Russians to elect a leader who would change the policy to end crippling sanctions. There is a President election in Russia in 2018.

In May Russia released a report with something to say about the propaganda of the American media detrimental to the United Russia Party.

It seems evident that the bilateral election influencing accusations are more the result of political special interests than reports from victims.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kierkegaard’s Socratic Approach to Epistemological Veracity

Kierkegaard’s Socratic Approach to Epistemological Veracity
Søren Kierkegaard’s salient thread of philosophical authorship grew within the concept of irony he earned from Socrates. Socrates’ concept of irony becomes Kierkegaard's concept of irony; a conflation of subjective and objective in epistemology that works to the advantage of the informed by enfilading ignorance, uncertainty, social relations, social knowledge and social errors. Socrates was critical of the unreflective, ossified social praxis of the crowd (and he was a subtle supporter of oligarchy and further; possibly the perfect state along neo-fascist lines set out in Plato’s Republic). Kierkegaard’s M.A. thesis; The Concept of Irony inspired by Socrates’ introspective means of extrospection, is an important work for its straightforward approach to self, society, truth and social critique.

The connection between Socrates and Kierkegaard is still relevant in the world today. Socrates and the method of self-examination of The Meno is a paradigm appropriated by Kierkegaard and applied to his own day. Philosophy students today benefit from learning of the Socratic approach and how it was updated and applied by Søren Kierkegaard to his own era.

Socrates tethered Kierkegaard’s philosophical development against the storms of German romanticism and Hegelianism that drowned European politics for the century 1845-1945. Critical self-reflective analysis of Socratic thought differs substantially from the ideas of Karl Marx and Frederich Nietzsche that grew in the cauldron of royalty in turmoil locked in mortal combat with the revolt of the masses (cf Ortega Y Gasset).

The connection between Socrates and Kierkegaard is still relevant in the world today. Socrates and the method of self-examination of The Meno is a paradigm appropriated by Kierkegaard and applied to his own day. Philosophy students today benefit from learning of the Socratic approach and how it was updated and applied by Søren Kierkegaard to his own era.

Søren Kierkegaard regardied Socrates as having discovered the philosophical point of view of subjective epistemology. Socrates may be considered the great ancestor of Rene Descartes and Meditations on a Method. Kierkegaard’s valuable rediscovery of the subjective perspective of knowledge is a forerunner of some of the epistemological researches of 20th century philosophers of logic I think, such as W.V.O. Quine in Word and Object and P.F. Strawson’s Individuals wherein the difficulties of supporting a purely empirical point of view are viewed.

Kierkegaard’s high regard for Socrates led him to modernize the role for the individual exercising his/her right to objectively criticize society objectively, impartially and with true opinion instead of just going with the flow of social use-truths.

In my opinion Kierkegaard’s ideas about applied social politics were fundamentally off-the-mark or even wrong. In his preference for monarchy as a paradigm in which an individual could concern himself with his subjective concerns against the social exteriority and unexamined collective consciousness of democratic movements he failed to recognized the evil of the absolute state. An absolute monarch such as Thomas Hobbes developed in ‘The Leviathan’ would be more capable of repression of the individuals and of individuals (with modern tools available even to Joesph Stalin) that a Democracy armed with Facebook and Twitter. Rather than making a choice between democracy and monarchy with Either/Or he might have found Neither/Nor a little better.

The individual’s interiority is the source of knowledge so far as one may have knowledge. It is the first cause or principle of perception and cognition. Socrates found that knowledge is just ‘tethered’ true opinion (the Meno sections 96-100). I am not sure if, arguably, Kierkegaard’s best work; The Sickness Unto Death, is not a development of interiority reaching its limits at what Sartre called ‘the reef of solipsism’ and transcending or overcoming that absurdity through faith and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jean Paul Sartre's work; The Critique of Dialectical Reason’ is a 1000 page examination of the realm of exteriority of social interaction/phenomenality that people exist or live within. That would include political activities. If one equates Kierkegaard’s interior-subjective epistemology with Sartre’s 1944 existential viewpoint of ‘Being and Nothingness’, then the Critique forms the right philosophical response to the social world of interaction. I think that Søren Kierkegaard lacked the philosophical support to reach Sartre’s viewpoint written a century later.

To be aware of the nature of social reality epistemologically, and to share that awareness in the popular realm, would be the entry requisite for solving political issues well informed with of mind and its place in nature. In theory well informed rational citizens could address their actual quantifiable social concerns more effectively than political parties and masses acting in the unreflective, unexamined realm without inward free thought group think of mass social behavior.

Kierkegaard’s attack on elements of the Christian church seems natural. The non-interior,, inertially and even career motivated facts of a socially ossified priestly and ecclesiastical structure would inevitably be the target of his criticism. Socrates would serve as the model again for finding contradictions or errors in the approaches to belief.

Kierkegaard was a strong advocate for individualism. The Danish Church, like the German church that had its ministers appointed by royalty before the Schmalkaldic War with the Hapsburgs, was the state church. Democracy except for the United States seldom has unentangeled origins and often is subtly corrupted. The United States had the great corruption of slavery until the civil war, and that legacy continues to trouble the nation. Kierkegaard apparently didn’t devise a perfect state for-himself; such as an enlightened democracy with very smart and publicly spirited citizens. He remained within the Socratic, negative way of clearing away falsehoods rather than throwing new synthetic political or theoretical ideas into the social dialect such as Hegel and Marx had.

In discarding a view of Jesus as an Apollonian sort of God-man in favor of Jesus as a humble God-man Kierkegaard threw out of the Temple of Faith eisegesis of error, and that was a positive development from Kierkegaard. He could have noted better, explicitly, that a priesthood of believers is a better church structure than a dichotomy between priestly class and laity. He refused to take communion from a priest on his deathbed, preferring that it be given by a layman. Martin Luther (all Christians are priests) and his 95 thesis might have been a work Søren Kierkegaard appreciated. Ironically Kierkegaard criticized bishops Mynster and Martinsen, who led the Danish Church, vigorously for straying from the right Christianity role models of early Christians. Luther also dampened down eisegetical tendencies of a commercial clergy unified with royal and secular interests, presenting an implicit conflict of interest. Kierkegaard also attacked the outward characteristics of the church (as did Tolstoy later) and was able to disambiguate his interior-kingdom of God point of view enough from royalty (i.e. Christian VIII) to have honest, thoughtful opinions about Christ. If he had lived in an earlier or perhaps later era Kierkegaard might also would have been a reformer.

I must admit that I haven’t difficulty viewing Jesus as God and man simultaneously ,for several reasons, including quantum and M-theories. If God created the Universe and everything in it, why should he not be able to exist in it too in any way, should He prefer?

If one regards the kingdom of God for-oneself, maybe hat is the best one might accomplish. It may be that the kingdom-of-God-for-others is an external idea that would be too impersonlized and instead exists as an illusory collective idea in that list of invalid and illusory crowd-sourced concepts. God would have the power to allocate where the kingdom of God may be experienced, and when, within and/or without (in the empirical realm).

It is easy to discern the value of Kierkegaard’s subjectivist method for Karl Barth where he has written on the kingdomof God. It may be that Kierkegaard’s criticism of the church combined with his subjectivism and his take on relativism influenced Paul Tillich’s approach to theonomy.

In my opinion reading or studying Kierkegaard’s works are a good way to place German philosophical developments of the 19th and 20th centuries into a better historical context. Kierkegaard’s thought is perhaps more classical than romanticism, relativism and nihilism.

Reason in the historical development of ideas finds a place not as a self-defining ratiocination as a computer might process mathematics in a darkened box phenomenally, it interacts with the empirical world of objects. Balanced subjectivism appears like a bridge between two extremes of romanticism-nihilism and empiricism. Empiricism and relativism each are like a computer in box through different approaches. Subjectivism may be in a Schrödinger's quantum box, if that is so.

And Kierkegaard’s most useful continuing value is in informing philosophical minded programmers and even physicists of the historical forms of subjectivism regarding epistemology. For the question; what is truth, to be answered in programmable logic useful for quantum mechanics requires a certain element of enlightenment that a Kierkegaard course might potentially provide.

Subjectivism for human thought is a fact that must be considered when determining numerous criteria in particle-wave definitions. Truth or true opinion of the existence of a quantum state; contingent self-determination of quantum states accidentally-such topics probably have and will arise in hard, scientific contexts. Chinese physicists recently performed a quantum entanglement from an orbiting satellite to Earth. No time needs to pass for the information of the state of the particle-waves to be expressed. Conventional ideas of time and space seem to be transcended so far as current theories go.

Scientists like to be able to understand and predict various physical and quantum states. Relativism in perceptions and subjectivism and determinism in experimental designs are actual elements that play a role now and probably far more in the future. If truth is a way of confirming the relation between words and objects existentially, definitions of words and objects, and ideas about what, when and where they are, will continue to be supported by comprehensive bootstrap epistemology helped along with Socrates, Descartes, Kierkegaard and Sartre before moving on to Quine, Strawson, Kripke, Heisenberg, Einstein et al.

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