Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Billionaires That Own Media Worry About Russians Meddling in U.S. Elections

Fifteen billionaires and six corporations own more than 90% of U.S. media. So I was a little amused when U.S. News published this today...

U.S. News is owned by one of the 15 billionaires- Mort Zuckerman. The media billionaires themselves meddle in U.S. elections with their spin propaganda viewpoint.

The Meaning of Covfefe is Typo

The meaning of covfefe is 'typo'  and 'the damn computer moved a chunk of words around here and there when I was erasing and rewriting'. That at least is what the cognoscenti say about the Presidential tweet gone bad. I personally haven't ever put a typo anyplace it would matter. My editors cover all of my posts quite thoroughly in order to assure the highest quality English use possible.

Still, I understand the President's feeling about the media covfefe. They really are full of that.

Dreyfus, London, the Law of the Wild and Mr. Christian

The Dreyfus Trial and Mr. Christian

Having breakfast with a friend who is a history expert, the conversation wandered over to the sensational Portland Oregon incident concerning one Mr. Christian, a hijab -wearing Muslim woman, a minority woman companion and three men aboard a MAX light-rail train where two men lost there lives, one was wounded and Mr. Christian went to jail and presumably, trial.

The feminist, homosexual left concerned that the alleged White Supremacist that killed a blond male in a confrontation over minority beligerent yelling at a hijab wearing submissive female presumably not to wear a submissive hijab and possibly associating with terrorist plotters to destroy the American way of life, have noted the similarities to the Pulse nightclub slaughter of homosexuals by a weaponized homosexual. Apparently the guy who walked away with the backpack and wedding ring of one of the slain was arrested; good cultural progress.

Portland Oregon is a progressive city that hates Christians. It has embraced evolution and homosexuality as solid atheist world-view political positions. With the election of Donald Trump to the White House Oregon has been looking for its Little Big Horn to put down the right. A comedian posed with a replica of Trump's severed head as if the left were ISIS imitators.

I asked my friend if this incident was another trap Custer gambit that. He said;

I would compare that favorably to the Dreyfus Trial in France. Richard Dreyfus as you know played in Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and was convicted for victimizing the poor and sent to eat Devil's Food Cake at Corsica. Soon after he escaped and returned to lead the Muslim hordes against Charles Martel's forces at the battle of Tours being defeated only through the intervention of the Duke of Wellington.

So how can we apply the lessons of history to the Portland problem?
Like someone with a crack legal mind I shall summarize main points.
  1. There was a fight between alpha males for dominance over two females.
  1. One of the alpha males-the minority male, was under the influence of Sangria alcohol
  2. Of the three challengers to the minority alpha, the first to engage in conflict was a much younger, or precocious male, infuriating the older alpha

In my central African researches into guerrilla behavior I have seen this sort of conflict too often. Aboard MAX there was no opportunity for the submissive females to groom the males into quiescence.

Though people say that I have a cracked legal mind and would be another Mark Garigos if I wanted to be a criminal defense attorney, that bar was always set too low for me. Thus I look toward challenges in the Middle East.”

And what would interest you there F. Lee?

The origin of the ban on bacon in the Muslim world. If they had been northerners instead of desert men they would never have banned it. What happened was this, and I shall prove it.

Early one hot morning a powerful Muslim sheikh caught a smell of frying bacon and the smell nauseated him so he commanded the offending substance to be forever banned from his realm, and that made it into Muslim tradition followed ever since. In cold climates Canadian bacon and scrambled eggs on toast smells superb.”

It hasn't anything to do with Muslims following the Jewish religious laws?

Of course not. Muslims hate Jews.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

T.S.A. May Ban SIgsauerkraut and Media Notebooks from All Aircraft!

For safety’s sake its would be a good idea for the T.S.A. to go ahead and ban all notebook computers except those that are used by American bloggers flying domestically. The media are quite close to terrorists globally and might easily be duped into carrying an ISIS or Al Qaeda tampered computer aboard an aircraft with catastrophic consequences.

Especially Washington Post and N.P.R. reporters computers are vulnerable to material hacking (assuming they are actually trustworthy to a limited extent and not suicide-bombers themselves) because of their close associations with terrorists and jihadists, with D.N.C. 1% globalists tax cutters and even foreign oil export executives.

Some say that a notebook ban is a way to promote lagging tablet sales, and other say that German ASUS computers have mooned the US long enough and its time to put the foot down. If  ASUS is wiped, Germany could retaliate on non-Washington Apples.

Not only are notebook computers in the hands of the media a clear and present danger, so is Germany and their sauerkraut upgrades with nano-chips and hot sauce dip. It is little known that foreign agents may conceal in an innocent jar of glimmering designer sauerkraut some of the most invidious, dangerous substance known to mankind. An agent walking aboard and aircraft with a jar of designer kraut may take everyone down. The Sigsauer is a lethal weapon.

Capt. Queeg and Mr. Christian in Portland

Making a political trial of what was otherwise a fairly common sort of crime, although usually one with alcohol or drugs involved, makes me a little uncomfortable. The media should not be trying the crime or self-defense or whatever in print, instead of a judge and jury in a court. It is the left as Capt. Queeg and his plant, to obsess over.

Historically speaking there have always been culture conflicts. For some hijab is as emotion stirring as wearing a confederate battle flag is to others. It is ironic that the mayor of Portland wanted to shut down a right-wing free speech event over the issue, in order to defend civil liberties? 

There is no mistake that Islam is a rival civilization and it was only by the narrowest margin that the west was able to free itself from Muslim invasions and conquest from Vienna, Rome, Byzantium and Tours France. Spain fought the Muslim invasion for nearly 700 years wining the final battle at Grenada in 1492. The left are usually completely blind to the actual nature of Islam and its thousand year war against western and now world civilization. 

So the left, of which Portland has lots, defends Muslim immigration and offers sanctuary to illegal aliens, when Muslims generally support Islamic law and illegal aliens take jobs away from male workers-especially white workers. Thats not a problem if you are homosexual and swingy, dope using and receiving public support a little now and then of course, however for people that want rule of civil law and and a democracy where elections rather than criminal entry determines how many people to allow to migrate to the U.S.A. they are issues. 

Christians are being killed by Muslims and purged from regions in numerous nations. Iraq and Syria have few. Oregon probably has more than its share of haters of Christians that are pro-evolutionary atheists (I believe God contains the evolution phenomena myself). Defense of culture differs from racism. Americans should have equal protection of the law. 

Philosophy Essays (video)

The author reads two essays. The first video has 3-4 minutes of warped trees distorted by camera held in one hand while riding a bike down a trail through a forest.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Mankind's Birthplace Was Europe-Not Africa?

If the recent scientific finding that mankind became the human line in Europe-in the Balkans 7.2 million years ago, just before nationalism several million years later with all of the conflict that followed, how will that change the entire history of Hollywood film scripts about the origin of mankind from a chimpish looking female from the Olduvai Gorge in Africa?

Apparently the original home-place of South African Negroes is not the jungles and swamps of darkest Africa, but Berlin and Munich! The primitive homing impulse is what is driving refugees from the Obama era supported Middle Eastern wars northward to the tranquil meadows and alps such as existed in the Balkans (well actually it was a savanna 7 million ago) in genetic memories.

This finding is great news because it means that Europeans really only went south for the sunshine and beaches when ice ages formed in the north. Those ancient Europeans were so busy fishing in the sun they didn't notice being cut off by swamps and deserts. In isolation from the northerns and without quality sunscreen except for wildebeest fat they darkened and became the future Chicago Bulls championship teams ancestors. Ironically, everyone's an Aryan.

Sen. McCain's Views of Vlad Putin and ISIS are Tough to Understand

Senator McCain has a different point of view about Russian leader Vladimir Putin and ISIS. He feels that Mr. Putin is a greater threat than ISIS and is nervous about back-channel communication with Moscow. May one infer that he believes it safer to build back-channel commo links with ISIS?

ISIS and Islam are direct threats to the American way of life and seek to increase by cutting off heads, establishing Islamic law and occasionally blowing up tall office buildings with Americans in them when the opportunity arises. ISIS is seeking recruits, Russia isn't doing any of that sort of thing so far as I know, yet what do I know in comparison to Washington insiders? Maybe a Russian adviser tortured John McCain in Hanoi as in that Rambo movie and he dreams; 'I'm coming for you Vlad.'

Ukraine was Russia for half a millennium before Columbus discovered some friendlies and hostiles in America. Crimea was part of Russia longer than the United States has existed. It isn't reasonable to equate Russia with ISIS so far as invasion go. Nor would it be reasonable to compare U.S. occupation of Vietnam with Russian occupation of Crimea. General Westmoreland was trying to defeat communist expansion, yet the U.S. had never had Vietnam as a state or even trust territory at the time.

It would seem as if increasing communication with President Putin by the American President is a good thing, as would increasing business, trade, tourism and environmental mediation cooperative ventures. With ISIS alternatively, less is probably better.

The opinions of people in D.C. can be somewhat mind-boggling.

Few Recall the Way Earth Was Before Industrial Revolution; Yet Ahead...

Before the Industrial Revolution the ecosphere was more or less healthy. Since then it has fallen into decay. It is the commons that everyone exploits and few protect. Like naive children they regard it as a cornucopia without end. Life is an ever-replenshing bowl of chocolates...

Here is a fair video explaining in a nutshell some ecosphere challenges...

Add 9-11 Victims to Memorial Day Observance

In addition  to honoring the nation's veterans that served and died, those victims of the 9-11 massacre should be added for official observance on Memorial Day.

The nature of war and of service have changed in recent times such that some civilians are regarded as targets for war. The business people of the Twin Towers and the passengers of flight 93 assuredly were targeted by Al Qa'eda as soldiers of war. That is business and research are considered as the equivelent of military activity, for each support the other to a certain extent. Donald Trump at 9-11

The nation should never forget those that have sacrificed their lives in American defense, nor the business people that have perished for advancing the American way of life (to the extent that they aren't loyal to global oligarchy). 9-11

What's Wrong WIth Trump Transition Como Link to Kremlin Anyway?

What is actually wrong with trying to establish a back-channel line of communication to Moscow that circumvents the bureaucratic and non-secure diplomatic channels or those run by the Obama State Department? Trump might not have had access to the hotline of the Oval Office if such exist, and it may be tapped anyway or cloned by Siberian hackers on the Chicom or Red Army payroll.

The President of the U.S.A. should have as good of practical communications with Russian leadership as possible to help reduce tension and increase profits for Americans as well as Russians.

Since the nation has moved past the McCarthy era inquires a little, becoming linked-in with world leadership is a task the Trump administration needed to accomplish strait-way.

So much classified material was leaked to wikileaks during the Obama administration that official channels were suspect. President Obama even pardoned Chelsea Clinton-Manning the soldier after sex conversion. He-she provided hundreds of thosands of classified emails from officially secure transmissions. I have no idea where Mr. Kushner thought he could find secure 'back-channels' that Democrat Party symps couldn't corrupt or hack. My guess is that it wasn't through the State Department or Google Play.

Online Courses

I'm taking a course on Soren Kierkegaard's concept of irony that's quite good. Provided from Copenhagen University, after I complete it I will be able to add to my Linked-in resume that I have a certificate from Hamlet's home town. There are lots of good courses on line these days...

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tri-Met MAX Slayings; Naming and Necessity

The slaying of two men and stabbing of a third in Portland aboard a light rail train is a reminder of how dangerous it can be to interfere, or intervene between complete strangers with issues. That includes the dangers to oneself presented when a compete stranger attacks or threatens to.

I had a bit of personal experience involving a complete stranger in Oregon last spring at Lane College in Eugene. I had caught a bus to the college and was listening to music with earpods yet still at the bus stop. A stranger from the parking lot with an Indian woman with him apparently arriving to attend the Pow-wow on campus said 'I will kill you' and I looked in his direction to see him looking directly at me. I was uncertain if he was talking at me, and continued walking on. Yet it gave me some pause to think about what to do if a complete stranger presents a deadly threat.

My first thought beside the uncertainty about the context of his meaning and the problems about words, meanings and hostile witnesses was that I wassn't carrying a conncealed weapon with which to shoot center of mass if he actually attacked. In Oregon on public transit there is a possibbillity of street-level conflicts that can occur, sometimes with deranged individuals.

That brings me to Mr. Christian and the people he attacked aboard MAX. At the moment of the conflict his stress was probably increased by the 4 to 1 odds plus the burkha wearing woman. One wonders I supose why he was yelling and verbally chastising complete strangers who were obviously Muslims. The issue of why the three men choose to confrnt and suppress Mr. Christian is another part of the story.

Three men presumably with iphones that have great video with sound ability could have just remained seated, recorded the incident and sent it off to the Portland police. The women were apparently not in danger and MAX is never more than 5 minutes from the next stop. Five minutes before someone could have exited MAX and no one would have died perhaps.

Standing up to intervene made the three guys half of a situation with an angry guy cocked to unload emotionally. They should have thought about that, and of their ability to fight (was it any good) before trying to make the guy back down.

If they had video'd the event remaining seated Mr. Christian probably would have been angry and yelled or attacked them (also being recorded), shut up so as not to be recorded, or continued ranting thus contributing to an excellant rant video. Why do all those police shootings get video'd yet when the left intervene there is no video or video with sound?

About names and necessity though. Many years ago I did some research on the names of people serving time in prison and discovered that an anomolously high percent had names that obviously would create some social or psychological transference of association issues for the bearers. For obvious reasons I won't cite any real examples. Consider though the effect of having the name 'Clinton', Jack the Ripper, or Putin at various times in American society.

Christians have been targets of attack by Muslims for more than 20 years now, and since 9-11 that has been at a very high level. Large Christians were purged from the MIddle East. Just a couple of days ago 20 Coptic Christians were killed on a bus in Egypt. Every time sch an issue arises it influences someone that bears the name and reads a headline or hears a radio report to the effect that another Christian was killed. My point is that  Jeremy Joseph Christian may have been pre-conditioned to not feel good about burkha-wearing Muslims moving into the neighborhood, espeecially in a punky social environment with the temperature seasonally increasing. There are many people that just lose the necessary social reserve in the WIllamete Valley mass transit systems during the transition from spring to summer I think.

Socially the three interveners seem to have been predisposed politically to sympathize with the abused Muslims for political or other reasons-even so far as to comprise ad hoc law enforcement. Yet the help may have triggered what otherwise might not have been a violent situation-I can't say, the facts aren't published that far. 

MAX is supposed to have cameras that record such incidents aboard. The interveners might have used their cell phones and just recorded and sent the video to the Portland Police and Mr. Christian might have been arrested if he had actualy broken any laws. Depending upon how the incident is examined, he may actually be able to claim self-defense against four attackers receiving sympathetic media acounts. I wonder what Christian Fodenvensel of OPD thinks about it, if anything.

The take-away is that if one decides to intervene in any situation less than clear and present danger to someone's life, one must be aware of the possibility of one's own life becoming in jeopardy, and rationally be willing to defend to the death, and with some capacity to have a chance to stay alive in combat. One should never expect aderanged individual to be either unarmed or unwilling to kill you. One does not cooperate or play with felon attackers.

What is Truth

The question 'what is truth' precedes ‘where is truth’. Is truth in the mind, within a book, on the tip of a statue's nose or within a crisp apple? Soren Kierkegaard being not a dunce might have upgraded his paradigm of truth theory were he alive today.
Truth theory offers several versions one should know. I prefer correspondence theory and its emphasis upon communication. Truth is a process of verifying subject-object relations. For example, one says that it is raining, so Sally looks out the windows, sees that it is and determines the statement 'it is raining' is true. If, alternatively, it had been snowing, she would have determined the statement was false.
Yet truth is a relationship within communication. One might ask if communication is subjective or objective equally well. Truth is a relationship amidst words rather than a thing in-itself, except as a relationship about words. Thus John begins his gospel with, In the beginning was the word. One realizes that Jesus, and God, implicitly are truth. They not only transcend everything material of the Universe, they are the authors of it from which everything else that is not God, is contingent being.
Pontius Pilot rightly asked 'what is truth' before giving Jesus unto the mob for sentencing by default. Jesus had said that the kingdom of God is within you. Also that the truth will make you free. And of course Jesus is the truth and sets free from the sin-debt (not a relative and subjective state) those receiving the Lord as their personal Savior. Pilot did not recognize the truth within or without yet he was fearful of it, knowing that he knew nothing too well, except for worldly objective facts such as that he would be chastised by the Emperor if he let someone go free that some said was a sedulous king.
Sometimes I open the Bible randomly when I haven't read it in a while and/or am a bit tired as a way simply to not put off reading it more. Saturday I took a bicycle up a small mountain topping out around 5000 feet. After completing the day's exercise, a bit tired, I opened my Gideon's bible randomly to Matthew 8:1 "When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him." Once again I was mildly shocked at the relevance of the Bible to situations I am in during life.

That made me think about Jesus and crowds. The kingdom of God is within each individual, yet the Lord knows what is within each individual, and their thoughts, while no other does (except the other two members of the Trinity). I am glad that no crowd followed me when I came down from the mountain. I can do without crowds. Jesus did not view crowds as so many strangers or even acquaintances though. As God, he could view even a large crowd personally IMO.
Soren Kierkegaard seems to have taken the inward philosophical path for his primary development while Hegel should have taken the outward path more so than he did. IMO The Phenomenology of Mind is a brilliant analogy of evolution phenomenalities of the Big Bang thermodynamic time-arrow so far as it might have been presented in his day. And though human intellectual development increases too over time (such as the history of ideas compiles), I believe that Kierkegaard is far more correct than Hegel with epistemology. Kierkegaard and Hegel could be said in a way to have been talking/writing past one another.

Basically physics differs from epistemology and communications. Communications allow things to be muddled up very well and easily. Back in the day, circa 1835, it was too easy to unify philosophically distant topics such as mind and cosmology in one wrong, or partly correct, system. Kierkegaard generally avoided the errors of that sort unlike G.W.F. Hegel (though I like Hegel's works too). Words probably have a nominal character rather than Platonic realist, and one uses them freely with whatever degree of skill one has. Some people could use more words and better learning, while others might be better off with less.
Language is a phenomenal tool with the original application of a field-expedient utilitarian pragmatic nature. It is still used to allow individuals to learn more about the experience of life and where they are at, as well as what to consider true or false. Language exists with lexicons each with a personal ontology (according to Quine). Mass, energy, the quantum field wherein people are embedded and self-aware as well as aware of others, are aspects of being. Some want to locate this or that phenomenon in coordinate A or B...N with absolute precision, while the field itself is only relatively located withing the great unknown.

Hillary Says 'Third Party Voters are Crazy'

Hillary Clinton while giving a commencement speech at Wellesley College once again applied hate speech to American voters referring to those that vote 3rd party as 'crazy'.  Democrats and Republicans both supported the vast tax cuts for the 1% including Hillary as a member of the Obama administration that signed off on permamnent tax cuts for the rich. Any sort of dissent with a 3rd party vote is deemed to be 'crazy' by an imperialist perhaps, yet most people would regard it as reasonable. Especially of one gets the added opportunity of keeping Hillary out of office.

Hillary is accustomed to being abusive toward dissident political parties. In Europe Angela Merkel said that Germany 'can no longer rely on the allies'. Meanwhile Barrack Obama is quite popular there.

Apparently Merkel has taken up Hitler's conviction that he could not rely on the allies for support. Hitler disparaged the allies and called President Roosevelt a 'Jew'. Perhaps she will seek to form an axis of her own with support from Hillary and Barrack.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hillary Clinton Most Likely Met Several Foreign Operatives During Campaign

Hillary Clinton probably had innumerable contacts with foreigners overtly and covertly during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Her Clinton foundation and State Department contacts must have made hers a revolving door. Of especially concern are her meeting with envoys from Britain. Should a special prosecutor be named?

Hillary Clinton's hate speech calling 3rd party voters 'crazy' may be the tip og the iceberg of elitist anti-democracy sentiments. Like Napolean she may believe hers is a natural right to rule due to position. It is hard to say just how far such an individual would go to win.

Completely Aphoristic 1

T/F; each mathematically chaotic system has a meta-mathematical reciprocal of order

Divine Commands and God Trumping the Universal

In the context of Kierkegaard's 'Fear and Trembling', the Universal should not, without exceedingly good cause, be suspended. The age of fracture we are living in takes little account of universal economic principles and regards 20 trillion dollars of public debt as an existential cloud to be ignored with partisans making up their own romantic realities explaining it as trivial.
Kierkegaard's concept of the suspension of ethics seems to be an individual one. Though he didn't say so, I believe that the relationship of the individual to the Universal is a secular paradigm, whereas in the case of divine command, while the individual may be required to suspend ethics or rather morality (for ethics is probably better described as how one implements the moral), the Universal remains in effect.
Thus it is important to distinguish the Universal from divine command. The Universal is entirely temporal whereas divine command is transcendent. If one follows the will of God through faith, and suspends a moral paradigm, defense isn't required in the temporal world for violating the Universal, for God will provide it, if He wills it so.

Socrates' death is a different paradigm. in my opinion, he was fundamentally opposed to the Athenian democracy, was old in a tough era without good medical treatment (Emperor Sulla later died from worms rotting his stomach and his guts literally fell out) so a good peaceful death wasn't such a bad option; one attended even with glory, good friends and wine, and did not die as a result of enacting a divine command. Following his conscience to subvert the Athenian demos was his choice in effect, for he seemed to prefer Sparta judging from Plato’s The Republic.

Russia Should Create Eqv. of Rhodes Scholarship for U.S.A.

Vladmir Purin should create the equivelent of the Rhodes Scholarship to balance the influence on U.S. foreign policy. Bill Clinton-the first U.S. President to have attended Oxford University on a Rhodes scholarship, radically warped U.S. foreign and domestic policy toward the Brtish and dope. Even the next Democrat President Barrack Hussein Obama used cocaine as a youth.

Rhodes scholars never go away. Bill Clinton has been all over the U.S. political scene warping everything to benefit the Brits and his bank accounts since leaving office. Russia has suffered quite a bit since that Rhodes scholar held the Presidency. Russia could make its scholarship equally prestigious to the Rhodes with superior funding for the scholar.

That scholar would not be investigated by the F.B.I. for 'meeting with the British envoy', even if elected President.

Germany is another nation with a bad rep that should create the equivelence of the Rhodes scholarship that is 'dedicated to the advancement of the Anglo race' with the intent of influencing U.S. domestic policy for the purpose of 'selling e-books of Gary C Gibson' (just kidding) allowing Germans to fell superior to everyone else again or alternatively; 'to negate those d-mn racist Brits.

Svalbard, Arctic Ice Loss, Methane Issues etc (YouTube videos)

Here are a few interesting and scenic Northern Ice videos...      Svalbard satellite timelapse     Taking off from Svalbardx     NASA Operation IceBridge Zig Zag East (Svalbard - Thule Air Base)      Methane in East Siberian Arctic Shelf 2017      Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing        Arctic ice loss time lapse       Ocean's oxygen dropping much faster than previously believed

Friday, May 26, 2017

Germany Is Very Bad; What Can Be Done About That

President Trump rightly pointed out that the Germans are very, very bad. He was referring to their trade surplus with the U.S.A. After reading Tacitus history book on Germany I realized that. Germans had a monetary compensation based corrections system that charged less for injuring a stranger to the tribe than a tribe member.

It is easy to understand President Trump's displeasure with our traditional enemy. For those that forgot history (Alzheimer's deaths are up 55% the past 15 years maybe due to dopers getting old), Germany sent mercenaries to fight against the American Revolution, attacked U.S. shipping (e.g. the Lusitania) to draw us into the first world war and then resumed the war in the final battle called W.W. II.

There is no question that Germans would have nuked the U.S.A. if they had developed the A-bomb before the Manhattan project. Because Germany was so misguided traditionally, they have sought to exterminate Jews and make good friends to sympathetic Muslims. Thus Germany liked Barrack Obama and Israel didn't seem to care for him. Now the Germans have a trade surplus with the U.S.A. and show no moral guilt for having that.

Germany should invest 60 billion more each year in the U.S.A. buying into U.S. space businesses that create jobs paying good wages. They should fundamentally spend more in Alaska besides in tourism as well.

Cars are obsolete that use fossil fuels-and even electric cars require global heating causing blacktop roads. So Germany should lead in non-governmental environmental reconstruction in the U.S.A. instead of cheating to pass government auto exhaust tests .

Germany may one day try a sneaky war on the U.S.A. with biological or nano-weapons; who can say? Germany history in the long run shows that they are a latent threat. If they attack again the U.S.A. would vaporize em for good I suppose. My father was a W.W. II veteran of four years off North Africa. That war doesn't seem so terribly long ago in some respects, although he would have been first to forgive them and the Japanese for making the mistake of causing a war that led directly to the deaths of more than 50 million people.

Germans are good technicians with the problem of being taken over by aristocrats now and then. Left Hegelians such as Feurbach, Bauer and Marx also emerged from the self-defining ego school of German romanticism that shapes the wrong thought of people not only of the right, but of the left too.

Germany could develop a good space program in the U,S,A, launching to build a moon base perhaps. Or spend on programs that would get more Americans to use alternative energy that produce electricity for individuals and homes. The German trade surplus properly addressed could be a tool for much good.

Is President Trump Assertive Enough (video)

President Trump without brusque rudeness levered his way to the front of the pack of politicians at a NATO summit recently. The media wrote that it was a 'shove'. Thankfully they aren't in the judiciary.

President Trump could learn politeness on how to kurtsy and kiss a with European leaders that are Russian haters.

Were Some of the Web Giants a Bit Crooked?

When the Harvard Crimson student paper was hacked targeting Mark Zuckerberg visiting for a commencement speech there were articles posted about it descriving some of the Facebook founder's murck or even trecherous origin of the corporation wherein he might have stolen the idea from fellow students who had hired him to develop 'Harvard Connections' and expand it to other campuses.

Peter Theil founder of Pay Pal was an early investor in the Zuckerberg Facebook start-up.

That made me recall that Bill Gates of Microsoft was also alledged to have received stolen goods; the DOS disc operating system that was developed by Gary Kildall through IBM who had purloined it and gave an exclusive contract to Mr. Gates for its pcs if he developed it.

Then there is the late Steve Jobs of Apple. Legend has it he stole the mouse idea that made small computer use practical. Apparently Jobs is the only one of the big three that seems to be entirely kosher. His encounter with the mouse of Xerox within a legitiamte paradigm allowed him to apply his talent for innovation and improvement to make a better mouse by orders of magnitude.

Jobs too had some early encounters with Bill Gates that are interesting.

Alaska's State Government; Finance Issues

Nations that rely on oil revenues to pay for government usually are backward, authoritarian leaning corrupt phenomenalities opposed to reason and equal protection of the law. So many Alaskan sycophants of big oil seek to be the most flattering minions of those globalists. They have no interest in the historical facts that government must be paid for by the people and users if democracy is to exist meaningfully. An income tax is part of the equation of opportunity. It is a kind of user tax inclusive of those that simply visit the state, extract income and leave paying nothing.
The usual practice for a kleptocracy is to plunder whatever it can (oil, Permanent Fund etc.) while it can before leaving the state finance and diversification plans in ruins when the money runs out. Then of course they prefer selling government to the highest bidder.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Can President Trump Restore International Order?

When Barrack Obama left office he had brought chaos to the Middle East and a slow-burning conflict to Europe in Ukraine. Terrorism had increased more than at any time since 911 for Europe and the U.S.A. Illegal alien immigration had established networks of sedulous 'sanctuary cities in the U.S.A. scoffing at law, democracy and self-determnation of the electorate over immigration levels and work training. President Trump needs to correct all that mess.

When President Trump delivered a stern message to N.A.T.O.. to take their defense obligations seriously. He failed to say that if Russia is perceived as the main danger to Europe then a rapprochement with the Russians such that peace and harmony again develop as it started to under the Reagan-Gorbachev aegis, would allow reduced arms expenses (a threat to arms manufacturers) and increased European economic health. What Europe doesn't need is stress with Russia instead of love and understanding.

President Obamao spoke in Germany with our former bitter and bloody enemies about Americans 'hiding behind a wall' in a speech ridiculing national job security. Maybe growing up in a Muslim nation he doesn't think much about American efforts to liberate Germany from Hitler and the Nazis during the 1940s. Americans weren't hiding behind a wall then nor would be now if they built a viable national defense barrier against illegal immigration.

President Trump is faced with as great of a challenge as was Hercules in correcting the deficiences to U.S. and International interests created by the leadership vacuum after Reagan-Bush in 1992. Cleaning out the stables of mountains of bureaucratic policy poop would make any non-sycophant of just spend and Fed Reserve roll out the money policy flinch a little considering the size of the deficits environmentally and economically.

The President's budget isn't so bad, yet he should eliminate and cuts to the Department of Energy's advanced and non-polluting tech research. That's the increasing way of the future. The Government needs to work with change in order to work with corporations and individuals producing items that bring it.

President Trump should leave ANWR alone because it will be a big fight creating enmity forever and making Republicans seem like retarded neanderthals trying to enrich Exxon-Mobile/BP primarily without any sense of public service or leadership or a remnant of integrity.

Walls are built at prisons to keep convicts in, yet the Welsh leader Offa built a great dike that kept savage, troubled Brits from invading pastoral Wales for some time. The Romans built a wall to keep vile, rapacious, ugly Scot warrior-hordes from attacking the lovely and bucolic southern parts in the primary British isle. Mexican hordes of job-plundering international anarchists wreaking havoc on the value of labor in the U.S.A. can be kept at bay with a salt-water desalination canal (condensation from evaporation) on the border while making water if the administration has a little good sense. The water can be piped in from the Pacific ocean using solar powered pumps.

Cheap labor is damaging to the efforts to treat all lawful Americans fairly and even to change the economy to a sustainable atmospherically benign activity. The U.S.A. could show Mexico how to build a health and sustainable ecospherically cool economy if it had a clue about how to do that itself.

Republican Health Care Bill D.O.A.-Victimizes the Poor, Weak, and Old Yearning for Pain Relief

Republicans need to get real with a good health care paradigm that isn't just a crooks ideal transformation of Obama-Corporate-Burocratocare into cheap-o-care for the benefit of the rich.

The sole affordable health care would be for the government to invest in upgrading and expanding existing V.A. hospitals and poor peoples public health clinics...I will modestly name that Trump-Care. Every poor American would be eligible free treatment for walking in.

The government should offer very low-interest short and moderate term health care loans for people that need some sort of blue-moon surgery or emergency treatment yet have jobs and solid annual income since money is so cheap from the Federal Reserve now. The loans would be up to $30,000 with favorable repayment terms.

Pre-existing conditions and chronic illness care should be in another program if insurers are reluctant to cover that.

Its fairly simple to ad hoc and piece together a better coverage paradigm for all Americans-even bringing fuel cell and electric vehicle transportation networks to synergize patient transportation to authorized low-or-no-income treatment outlets. There are numerous ways to delivery free or affordable health care that aren't even considered by the U.S. Government because big corporate and big governemnt are their primary ways of thinking about anything.