Friday, March 31, 2017

Citizenship & U.S. Chess Championship

If So isn't a citizen of the United States, why is he taking a spot in the limited-to-12 field? What about Wei Ye, Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik? Shouldn't the U.S. Chess Federation have a guest pass for them too? Some of those globalist chess organizers /commodities traders invested in Carthaginian shipping probably wouldn't have complained if Hannibal arrived at Rome to play a game. If Wes becomes a U.S. citizen then he should be allowed to enter the field for the U.S. championship and not before.
My theory is that billionaire sponsors are used to buying a winning team with trades.  While Lebron James might go if traded to the Thunder, that would diminish public regard for the city of Cleveland. Global oligarchs may be more comfortable globally viewing citizens as pawns of little consequence. Residence is not the same as citizenship. Remember when that little league team from Chicago had to forfeit the national championship for playing ringers from outside the district?
Luckily So panicked in his game vs Shankland in round 2 settling for a draw. After 30 or so moves and with about 18 minutes remaining before the time control So and Shank had given up just a pair of pawns each. Wes then went on an exchange/simplification spree and he ended up nearly mated. The logic of that was not plain. He has that laid back style waiting for the opponent to advance and then clobber a vulnerability perhaps not finding one he just blitzed it.
Nakamura nearly crushed Caruana yet that too ended in a draw. Some American chess player was bumped from the competition so the chess federation coulod field an all-star team.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Does Oregon Get too Much Federal Funding?

Rich states like Oregon may get too large a share of Federal revenues while powerless states like Alaska with only Don Young representing them in the Congress don't get enough. Doesn't the University of Oregon get a lot more than the Univeristy of Alaska-Juneau in absolute federal revenue sharing and support for various programs?

One wonders why states that pretend to be ecologically progressive like Oregon get more in support for public transport bussing that still use fossil fuels, why there is no coordinated ecological scorecard not onbly for Oregon but the entire nation equivelent to the public debt registers on the Internet? The national and world ecosphere status salient feature numbers should exist and continually be upgraded. CO2, amount of deforestation, reduction of ecosphere area, corruption of oceanic health, amount of new asphalt and concrete sq feet poured, remaining species (not yet extirminated) etc.

Progressive states that are rich should be on a fromch according to their ability tax basis while poor red states should be on a too each according to their needs basis on order to let blue states feel good about themselves.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Greens to Congress in 2018?

With Republicans accomplishing little except to assault ecospheric health so far in Congress even with a friendly Republican President in the White House the public may look toward the Green party more so than historically in 2018 as an alternative third party possibly interested in getting something positive done for the U.S.A.

Republicans passed bills ten times to get rid of Obamacare while Mr. Obama was President, and yet with complete control of two branches of government (Democrats largely control the Supreme Court of the United States) they cannot pass an Obamacare reform bill even once.

The Democrat Party obviously lost public trust after the Clinton era started that still seems as if it will never end. They became a celebrity party concentrating wealth for the rich and running class tokens while cutting taxes for the rich. Their primary appeal to the masses was debauchery in some form or other prioritized instead of reasoned legislation to economically better the poor and middle class. Republicans don’t have much incentive to be creative or reformist when Democrats enrich them so well.

The public for several election cycles has looked toward various combinations of Republicans and Democrats to get the nation working right eliminating debt, restoring the ecosphere and building quality life for all U.S. citizens without satisfactory results. The Clinton effect was like a gas giant planet sweeping and clearing all the little planets out(other candidates of quality like Bob Kerry in 1992) of a solar system leaving nowhere for poor and middle classes to live. The rich can afford to buy up exclusive space station property around gas giant politicians-not the poor.

The Green party may realize that national environmental legislation and strong border security are requisite for having sufficient sovereignty to lead the U.S.A. toward and ecologically sustainable economic policy using free enterprise with direction. Though the Greens would find it challenging to win even ten seats in Congress, where else can the public look?

With no limits on campaign spending contributions via PACS that are heavily corporate and that perhaps don't support less corporatism or ecological economic transformation it may be inherently challenging for Green candidates to afford the 2 or 3 million dollars it costs to run a successful House campaign.

No Hay Nurolink-Avocado da recha Por Favour!

No Hay Nurolink-Avocado da recha Por Favour!

Riding an articulated bus a gentleman wearing a king kong suit suddenly jumped up and grabbed the handles to the back exit door shouting to the driver way up front ‘abogado avocado la recha cha pork favort!”. Plainly he had not only missed his stop, additionally his newrot-link battery had malfunctioned.

Brain implanted links to controlling corporate-communist central processing units began early in the 20th century as it freed the people from external devices and thinking. Computers programmed the public with nice voices and pictures moving them about society sometimes just in their imagination and sometimes in the real world. Unfortunately much of the technology became obsolete rather quickly and people such as Kong were left with the equivalent of vacuum tubes implanted within their brains.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Flatterland and Hilbert Space

   Reading Flatterland by Ian Stewart (2000) I encountered a chapter about dimensions-a topic I am interested in. That led to information about what dimensions are described as (in physics it has traditionally been 3 directions plus maybe time). With non-Euclidean math and algebra it was possible for mathematicians to evolve the notion of extra dimensions. If one has a 2-dimensional quad/grid one can use that square or power of 2 notation. Eventually one finds cube roots or 3rd power and I guess extra, higher powers although I seem to recall something about Abelian algebra issues with some higher powers.
   Regular shapes from geometry can thus be described with natural and real numbers algebraically, although the product of such constructions can be fiction or consistent just in mathematics. Some physicists created the idea of dimensions as being a kind of set theory criteria apparently redefining what a dimension is. So any number of dimensions with what are in effect defined as a given set might coexist with Hilbert Space.
   Hilbert Space is a given area with four dimensions inclusive of time wherein any number of dimensions defined as behaviors of motions could exist. Nevertheless the dimensions tend to all exist within the boundaries of Hilbert Space rather than is alternate Universes made of different dimensions of the other kind of definition.
  Maybe Multiverse theory does not extend dimensions beyond real (Hilbert) space of necessarily within the implicit construction of its math. Obviously I am not a mathematician. Clever dimensional modeling remain simply theoretical constructions that physicists might infer something about reality with. Maybe Multiverse theory does not extend dimensions beyond real (Hilbert) space of necessarily within the implicit construction of its math. Obviously I am not a mathematician. Clever dimensional modeling remain simply theoretical constructions that physicists might infer something about reality with it. Some regard space of the Universe as expanding. Like upwelling ocean currents nothingness is thought to upwell into pre-existing space making evermore of nothing. Nothing times nothing equals nothing? The square root of minus one equivocates the reality of nothing? Maybe it is easier to regard nothing as omnipresent except where something is existing or made to exist. Rather than space expanding it is the Higgs field expanding or being active in some way. It might be some other more primary field of the Universe that is subject to change that gives rise to the appearance that space in-itself; nothingness, is expanding. The effects might be the same, although possibly not in present mathematical models.
What description encompasses the entire Universe of economic action? Multi-dimensional economic models would provide no finite and simultaneous infinite, accurate set descriptions of actual states of affairs. Economics is a purpose, an antinomy to art yet the flip side of it simultaneously. Economics is a clump of precision engineering of wishes to bring in a harvest of potatoes before the season's shadows grow long and frosts descend upon the fields. It is a complete world of opportunities and ideas interacting with material, finite material, of which planets are made of.
Economics of Wall Street physics can construct external reality such that if the theoretical models don't crash immediately they may crash later after dimensional cosmonuats have extracted a suitable profit-for-sponsers (ref. 2008 crash).

Saturday, March 25, 2017

U.S. Congress Lacks Intelligence, Will & Leadership

Republicans as half of a dialectically bifurcated one party system lack the will and intelligence to get rid of Obamacare since it is Richard M. Nixon's old plan to enrich Wall Street. Democrats advance tax cuts for the rich or vice versa and the other party confirms them. president Trump has no capacity to get the one party elephant mule to move when it is too comfortable as it is.

Trashing Obamacare and replacing it with an expanded V.A. Hospital system that includes poor civilians and those that have exhausted their insurance coverage and are poor and uniting that with community clinics for the poor is plainly the cost-effective way to go, however congress never advances intelligent legislation. Instead they send Clinton-Obama-Bush II style junk to Presidents that never veto anything and the poor state of national public affairs continues.

A good congress with intelligent leaders could actually pass good legislation that benefits the nation so its affairs are in good order and health. Republicans could advance ecological economics and lead the world to a better way of business. Instead congress wants to delegate social responsibility for public concerns to the private sector and corporatist social structure. Capitalism however isn't dummy-proof and can't substitute for intelligent, thoughtful, creative public leadership in public affairs. Neither communism or capitalism can automatically produce good political works if the leaders are the idioso.

Around the nation people are holding vigils as seriously as ever the Klan did to assure their policies continued in the Jim Crowe south. The difference being for some the object of good government and for others simply having their way toward progressive socialism and national failure with losing being regarded as a virtuous, feminism characteristic leading to domination. Convoluted criteria for vigils do have political value in the media though and support ad hoc sedition of benefit to various special interests. The Congress should try not to fail.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Strange Growth of Orthodox Atheism

Orthodox atheism supports content that was for prior generations of Americans and reproves content that does not acknowledge the orthodox line. It’s quite a change. Maybe Bill Clinton was a strong early element in its national development and president Obama was something of a tool for heresy and blasphemy in high political office with his homosexual marriage agenda that he said ‘evolved’. That is a blast from the past now though of course, and have been programmed toward heresy as a laughable, regressive turtlish sort of excrescence of dogmatism in video games such as HALO. Evolution theory and physical cosmology are ends-in-themselves for the orthodox without even philosophical thought.

Thomas Brooks in 'Precious Remedies to Satan's Devices' examines one particular satanic device to snare the soul that has wide-spread use today. One use of the device occurs in the attack upon Genesis in order to make just-worldly cosmology opulent and desirable in comparison to parchment of Genesis.

DEVICE 1: By presenting the WORLD in such a dress, and in such a garb to the soul, as to ensnare the soul, and to win upon the affection of the soul.”

Satan seems to use confusion about the construction of the Universe today as a way to draw people to faithlessness and frustration with the Bible. Those that wouldn’t know a proton from a quark leap to faith in electrons and football to disdain Genesis. The media love that. There is no need for frustration.

The orthodox atheism line doesn’t want to think that anything is true besides its own point of view on creation and the Universe as well as the social relativism of morality. It also tends to assume they are well-informed and have exhaustive understanding of the worthlessness of non-orthodox viewpoints and would even censor them in the corporatist way of they could.

I have thought that there are two basic forms of government; those that are voluntary and those that are coercive. Coercive governments require minority rule, and that is why communism breaks down into the sort of oligarchic-party-elite tyranny that corporatism has too with each form also having a dictator form if required to continue coercive social governance. The orthodox atheist way of thinking and acting leads toward the government by coercion direction even if it from the left.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

U.S. Senate Bungles Alaska Wildlife Conservation

The U.S. Senators that voted to end hunting limits on wolves and grizzly bear on Federal Lands in Alaska may be frightened of encountering such creatures in the wild if they were ever to visit the state in the middle of summer when they might not experience frost. The vote is completely profligate and will cost the public a fortune in the future to recover the lost populations much less the damage to the genomes that will end up in-breeding if they can survive at all.

Human beings have extirminated so many large mammals. It is unfortunate to have such low-information and reasoning content politicians spend the common heritage of mankind as if they were just loetting Daniel Boone off his leash.

Alaska should be the natural state featuring its better-than-communist-polluted-Russia northern ecosystem that's a good example for others to emulate. Instead it has people like Don Young gut the guts out of the wild ecosphere for the benefit of people that like fur coats and silk.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Will Sect. Tillerson Dance for Chancellor Merkel to Defuse Euro-Tension?

Plainly German-American relations are reaching a serious enough stage of decay that President Trump may need to send Sect. of State Tillerson over to Germany top dance-down the escalating crisis. When President Clinton needed to end North Korea's nuclear weapons development program he sent Sect. Albright to dance before Dictator Kim and that was the end of that.

Chancellor Merkel of course isn't yet a dictator. Getting Germany to relinquish their designs on wherever such that crisis can be averted and the media that can focus on important things like president trumps unwillingness to shake hands or high five foreign rulers with complete trust that they have washed their hands after going to the bathroom or kept nano-particles from laboratories form interfering with any potential toxic substance invented by chemical experts that might have accidentally been introduced by subversives to the Chancellor's person unintentionally or otherwise.

Formerly the important bumper sticker of Envision World Dance evolved the OPEC oil crisis into peace at the end of the tunnel that blossomed with a great leap forward into a spring of limitless fracking so the world had lots and lots of oil to help global warming, avert communism in Germany and create a holiday statue of Crown Prince Ruprecht.

Media focus on the important things gives ordinary people confidence that they can be forced into early retirement even without adequate savings, that the environment will continue its decay and that public debt will increase while the majority political intellect is largely dispersed.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Obama Admin Doubled Debt from 10 to 20 Trillion $ (Appx.)

So the salient question is should President Trump continue the Obama method and double public debt for-himself from 20 trillion dollars to 40 trillion over the next eight years? Maybe Congress would save a dime here and there of course with austerity as a cruel yet necessary concept held out there with as asceticism at a distance.

Of course the poor and shoulder the burden of austerity for the rich as the middle class fades away into retirement. The poorest are most used to hardships and are believed by insiders probably to deserve it.  Insiders and the most rich need tax cuts perennially in order to make free enterprise work and allow trickle down to properly function; goes without thinking even if the environment is another nagging concern of mal-contents. What if that's not enough though?

U.S. public debt is nearing 20 trillion dollars while U.S. gross domestic product is somewhat more than 18 trillion dollars. The public debt is apparently increasing faster than U.S. economic growth-and most of that is going to the richest. Because the Clintons and Obamas did not address the structural issues for the benefit of the poor and middle class first, and as the discretionary part of the federal budget comprises just 7%, I wonder how the economic picture of the nation can be reformed.

Actually I think that real economic reform that actually benefits the poor and middle class isn’t likely. Human greed and original sin saturate government, the media and Wall Street to the point that even the environment suffers so champagne and fine booze drinking elites can have cashmere shag carpets or whatever and cars that pollute the atmosphere with tons of carbon emissions each year.

Actually socialism, communism and corporatism end up with the same oligarchy-like monopolistic bureaucracies running the world because of the nature of human social organization. Free enterprise actual dies within advanced bureaucratic-wall Street stock owning wealth concentration though good product continues to be produced for some time. Individualism and free enterprise as well as real democracy are actually the endangered political forms now.

Government with the consent of intelligent masses could actually make vast practical reforms toward sustainable ecological economic infrastructure limiting the percent of capital anyone may have in order to keep democracy rather than plutonomy ruling. With guaranteed minimum income and pragmatic social support services it would be possible for inventions and clever, efficient free enterprises to be developed theoretically first and those meeting environmental low impact and synergy goals best allowed to go ahead. That is desperation for jobs wouldn’t be the only political moderator on the electorate. Capitalism itself selects naturally for more capital rather than for a better environment or equitable distribution of wealth to all people equally within basic criteria even while allowing people to profit and save from their labor and inventions above the baseline.

Plainly the United States and most world political systems today are maladaptive to the present environmental and demographic facts of life. Political theory tends to be at least a century behind along with governing environmental theory. The natural default to thoughtless minions supporting concentrated wealth and saluting the dollar sign fuhrers that are money rather than reason will continue even being reinforced by waves of senseless commercial brainwashing. A financial philosopher today developing political epistemology might write “I think, therefor I am broke”.

It will be amazing to see what President-elect Trump can do with a fundamentally crummy national economic outlook that has found it to easy to develop overseas, exploit cheap foreign labor, run up public debt and avoid any sort of national leadership responsibility since the end of the cold war. Capitalism itself is in need of reform as well as the nation’s infrastructure. Infrastructure could be transformed into a new ecological economic form rather than wasting resources in old style, existing establishment, yet of course the establishment resists that.

President elect Trump should prioritize green transportation with electric cars, buses and rail drawing power from green sources. African development should be influenced toward green electro-magnetic power too, rather than fossil fuel cars-and that means new mass transportation.

Wherever possible developed land should be returned to a natural condition replacing existing buildings with smaller, cheaper better monolithic domes occupying less space. Border security could have a trans-continental salt-water canals and solar evaporation-condensation for desalinization infrastructure to make water for the parched Southwest. Many things are possible. A return to making patents affordable would help. Inventors should be given exclusive patents for just 7 years and after that a small royalty percent from anyone using the patent for production (for 50 years) before its public domain. Its rather difficult materially to manufacture things in the U.S.A. after getting an idea that is patentable making it doubly difficult for poor yet intelligent and inventive people to cash in on thought-as it is presently-ideas have to be given away to trickle up to the rich or well-placed, so why be inventive at all?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Should Trump Apologize for March Madness Losers?

Some celebrities have compared the Trump administration to 1930s Germany, yet a better comparison would be to 1920s America with the financial bubble being government debt. it might be possible that President Trump will authorize invasion of Canada after he builds the wall on the Mexican border, in order to get lebensraum for Molson beer drinkers; one can never be too certain of high level historical tendencies.

Those of the Democrat persuasion have also said the President owes apologies for statements made that Obamacrats bugged him. Realistically Mr. Obama's policies bugged a lot of people, wired, and tapped or not.

Apologizing for any losses in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament might pre-empt and satisfy Democrat desires for Trump apologies. Maybe he should consider that?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

On Roger Penrose's Chess/Consciousness Paradigm

Roger Penrose wrote a book with the premise that human minds are grounded in the quantum realm. Hence human thought has an element of quantum computing to it implicitly. Thus one gets to what Roderick Chisholm might have called the problem of the criterion. As the quantum realm and quantum effects such as super-positioning transcend the material, steady state entanglement of atoms in the Universe at a deeper level, that is as in some ways it can be regarded as more 'real' or better as noumenal realm of being in-itself, one must just accept things on faith that this contingent reality is good.

Probably it isn't presently possible to design a computer or even a quantum computer entirely in the quantum realm as if it evolved and had an essential, primary function from-the-ground-up. Instead quantum computers will be designed from the contingent reality of this Universe (top down) to interact or compute a little in the instantaneous quantum realm. That is an essential difference between human consciousness if it has a quantum, innate element and quantum computers.

I watched a video of the physicist Roger Penrose named: 'The Emperor's New Mind, Quantum Mind, Quantum Consciousness, The Laws of Physics' at Youtube. In the video he relates the reasons why he thinks a computer cannot be given an actual mind with lines of programmatic logic. Essentially he thinks that the cyto-skeleton, or the infrastructure that make up the brain neurons and synapses functions at the quantum level (with all of the issues of quantum super-positioning, quantum uncertainty and so forth) and thus cannot be modeled in programmatic logic.

Of course it might be possible to design an automatic operating quantum computer one day with its own brand of artificial intelligence with real-world integration able to randomly reconfigure material reality according to its own inscrutable will without any sort of moral reservations-yet I think that wouldn't be a very good idea. That would be something like designing an robotic arsonist with its own will to set as a security guard in a fireworks factory. At any rate it would take quite a long time for the clever writers of computer code and physical designers of quantum computers to evolve that sort of technology... a century or two at least. So it isn't much of a clear and present danger.

Dumbing Down Mankind with CO2

During the pre-Cambrian era 550 million years ago (that's when it ended) atmospheric CO2 was as high as 7000 ppm. There wasn't much complex life on Earth then, and that ended with the Cambrian era explosion of life with most all of the planet's major phyla developing then for a few decades. That life growing scrubbed much of the CO2 from the atmosphere because plants take in CO2 and release oxygen. CO2 was present from many natural inorganic sources in a low-life environment.

So mankind in reducing plant ecosphere health along with destruction of major elements of phyla so far as they can work toward a pre-Cambrian, carboniferous way of being. Like those breathing auto and diesel exhaust occupationally the effects of deoptimalizing creative intelligence may be less noticed by the victims. As CO2 increases ,deniers that it is harmful become less able to comprehend the reduction in their own potential.'s_atmosphere

During the quaternary glaciation 2 million years ago atmospheric CO2 was as low as 280 ppm. Mankind developed into a modern form with large functioning brains in that low CO2 era. Increasing Co2 to 400ppm as as present with all of the pollution probably tends to dumb people down as would putting a plastic bag over your head and rebreathing CO2.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Obama-Ryancare Light on Healthcare for Poor

Republican congressional efforts to transform the massive Obamacare health policy into one made to financially benefiot the well to do and scuttle anything resembling easy free health care for the poor and lower middle class seems like phase two of Republicrat efforts to saddle Americans with another structure to bind themselves into servitude to the 1%. President Obama and his Democrat sycophants installed phase one with p[romises of sugary things for everyone except the rich and then phase two arrived; Republican renormalization efforts for the bill to transform it into advantage for insiders.

It is amusing that CNN and others have noted the tax breaks for the rich; democrats voted 100% to make Bush II tax cuts permanent with only Bernie Sanders dissenting so the pretense that democrats are anything besides one side of a two-part government to enrich the rich is not very credible.

Probably the entire Obamacare nonsense should be scrapped and a material free public health care system for the poor built up from V.A. and community clinics. Then everyone would be free of the Obamacare tax-bill. Government non-profit hospitals for direct provisioning of the poor is the cheapest, simplest way to provide medical service. Those that can afford private treatment could still buy insurance. Government generally should not be buying insurance for citizens since thats a real haywiring interference in market economics in ways political philosophers probably havent even researched to logical exhaustion.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Doesn't Obama-Ryancare Work Against Free Enterprise?

When people are required by government to a product by the millions isn't motivation for free enterprise competition to drop the cost of the product undermined? Obamacare just-charge-it and live for the day economic attitudes along with collective bargaining theorists felt a price decrease of product insurance could be attained with all Americans compelled to buy health insurance. The theory was probably wrong over the long haul for several reasons foremost of which is the fact that mandatory product purchase kills the need for suppliers to compete to drop the cost to consumers and instead goads them to increase cost and to not invest in inventing better product in order to decrease cost.

Healthcare inventions and improvements of technology are stimulated by competition to a certain extent. Instead of health care costs for the top 100 insults to health reduced to Walt-mart prices, with Nixon-Bamako-Ryancare they may remain quite high for a long time adversely effecting global public health.

The U.S. Government should just expand and coordinate V.A. and public community treatment to provide for the poor and anyone that really can't afford health care. In a free enterprise self-help democracy that is probably as far as it is reasonable to go. Lung Work-Around Paradigm

Lung Work-Around Paradigm 1

It would be interesting to research the idea of introducing oxygen directly into the blood stream bypassing the lungs. That would enable physicians to work on lungs off-line while a patient with pneumonia, cystic fibrosis etc. could remain alive without breathing.

If one has nearly complete blockage of lungs with pneumonia or jell afterwards experimenting with using unconventional treatment such as hydrogen peroxide delivered locally to burn up some of the insulting substance might be enabled if the lungs were not needed for breathing for a while.

Some sort of portable rebreather that is designed to deliver and monitor returning blood oxygen and other gas (levels) could be made to plug in at some point of connection where it would replace lungs temporarily, entirely if needed. I am unaware if the technology exists already (it should), if it is feasible if it doesn't, or who would invent it. Existing heart-lung machines might serve a similar function. If the heart is healthy one might need only a synthetic lung. It might better be reduced to just an oxygen delivery unit without the lung-bag though, in the form of an efficient rebreather/concentrator of scrubbed atmospheric oxygen. Then one could walk about while the lungs are experiencing chemical-biological cleansing and blood is being reoxygenated by a discrete unit-pack.

The technology might be useful for manned space missions to worlds without human-breathable atmosphere or if existing in an artificially reduced metabolic state..

Good luck.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Sustainable, Renewable Destruction of Life on Earth

Many politicians use the buzz words sustainable and renewable to expropriate the environmental vote unto themselves. Oil and gas are sustainable and renewable; Saturn and Uranus are full of hydrocarbons that could be clumped and delivered by space-drone tugs and flung down-to-Earth someday like meteor goobers flaming through the sky to SUV filling stations. The reason for sustainable and renewable as desirable ideas is largely lacking from political understanding. That in brief is the need to keep life on Earth viable with a full, healthy ecosphere ins as if it were a disposable, edible creme puff.

The ecosphere is under attack by humanity in a way comparable to the way bacteria in a petri dish attack and consume their growth medium. Basically the drive to consume is non-rational and insatiable. Such non-thinking guides the corporate world and is not improved by either capitalist or communist political philosophy.

Globalism today is largely the bacterial cultural over-consuming everywhere it can. Nations are firewalls that in theory might be the organizational basis; the only strong organizational basis remaining, wherein resistance to the destruction of the ecosphere or takeover by robots and A.I. might be developed. Human organizations without the land standard equivalent of the monetary gold standard are floating social relativistic and inherently corruptible. Nations with the land standard of political civil of individuals in democracy at least have some basis in reality.

Some such as Stephen Hawking believe in error that one government for the entire world is the only way to stop A.I. takeover and conserve the ecosphere too perhaps. One government would just require one takeover by A.I. hackers to take down the human race. It would amount to a dictatorship at any rate.

Restoring the ecosphere to health requires ecological economics within a directed, regulated, incentivized free enterprise economic welfare state. That is a tough idea to sell of course yet maybe the only way short of dictatorship that life on Earth may be able to survive in the long-run. Remember that just because a politician uses the words sustainable or renewable that it does not mean they understand that keeping the ecosphere intact (all the plants and animals) and non-extinct, is the reason.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What Trumpcare Should Be

The replacement for Obama/Romney/Nixoncare health bill probably will pass into law within a few weeks, yet it would be better to dual boot a new health care operating system that actual works for the poor and veterans at low cost while scaling O-R-N down to include just those too sick to insure. NPR funding should be eliminated and used to be of benefit to public health.

Scaling up VA Hospitals and Community Health Clinics large enough to cover all those earning fewer than 15,000 dollars annually at no cost in public facilities is the most realistic and cost effective way to cover the uninsured while creating a good public disaster emergency hospital system.

As it is the really poor and homeless generally fall through the cracks while a zillion PTSD veterans go without quality psychotherapy and social well- being adjustment counseling as well as getting whatever drug packages deemed able to modify their brain experience positively. The corporate approach to treating veterans and the poor is likely to be less than entirely effective.

It is said that Obamacare created unequal treatment and protection of the law based on age such that older people would be denied treatment available to younger treatment, and that a primary difference between Obama and Trumpcare is that the prosperous would pay the same as the poor without age discrimination at all. Seemingly a rob Peter to pay Paul approach is equally ineffective and harmful to the majority of Americans.

On Central Intelligence Agency V7-Hacking Leaks

Julian Assange's wikipedia recently published C.I.A. hacking methods and content in redacted form on-line in what was named Vault 7. The body of C.I.A. hacking documentation may be genuine or possibly fake news since it would be possible for experienced hacking consultants with some C.I.A. information to invent such material however unlikely that might be. If the expose' is true then it might be Mr. Assange's get-out-of-jail card that will allow him to emigrate from the Peruvian embassy in London where he has lived as a refugee from the law and extradition for several years.

I was initially one that regarded the wikileaks publication of the Snow and Manning files as an accomplice in espionage. The international law situation of multinational acts of espionage make the legal standing murky. Plainly the new material act as a kind of counter-intelligence operation enfilading the C.I.A.'s ineffective security on their own operations. Those that drink the kool-aid are not supposed to divulge contents of the secret sauce.

Much will be written about C.I.A. violation of foreign and perhaps domestic civil rights to communications privacy and the danger to human liberty that entails and rightly so. It also allows one to infer that Chinese, Russian, British, French and Saudi intelligence are likely to be working the same activities.

So President Trump may have been right about Bamako-era spooks hacking his campaign. Seems that anything occasionally connected to the Internet is a tool for the voyeurs of government cyberspace. Maybe Julian Assange will be granted a pardon eventually from the White House along with Mr. Snowden for providing the dangerous public service of letting the U.S. public have a look inside the secret world of government surveillance encroachment.

Lawmakers may want to take action to assure that stolen information is carefully and impartially reviewed by unemployed and retired Americans acting as part-time contractors in a blind-juried sort of way in a way comparable to jury selection.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

More Problems with Marxist Dialectics

Dialectic is two part; dialectical unity is something of an oxymoron. There never was a requirement of a single reply to a thesis. There may be numerous counter-thesis emergent whenever an idea makes it to the social realm.

 Marxism in borrowing Hegel's paradigm of the world spirit realizing itself tried to formalize his own application with something of a pseudo-scientific-rigorous method for credibility's sake I suppose. It was inefficient then and was rather terminally, permanently flawed.

Marx's fancy way of saying that some political states and circumstances have opposition had no implicit points in support of an ideal political state (such as Hegel believed in Germany of his day to be (in error) when U.S. democracy was actually the highest then extent political evolution). Dead reckoning and pure intelligence have no necessary association with ways to inductively configure some political formula.

Checks and balances are something of a joke in an era where plutocracy has bi-partisan support and the .1% own or control about everything in economics. Ordinary people have no idea nor capability of realizing the way things are such that they would chose good and appropriate policy for the day. That in my opinion would be ecological economics.

Consider just the issue of illegal immigration to the U.S.A. Millions of illegal workers take labor jobs away from Americans and gut wage negotiations. Being largely from a dry 2nd world nation they have few if any ecospheric economic education nor tendencies. However leftist Democrats support them as do the rich for different reasons. In the case of Democrats they fail to factor the extra environmental costs of consumption of non-renewable resources by illegal aliens nor the effect on the body politic in failing to add up the ecological economic calculus of each individual. The illegal aliens are less well educated than Americans on ecological economics who are in turn themselves rather dull to the point of insensibility as they support cars, highways, sprawl and so forth.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Open Water on Alaska's North Shore March 5,2017

 Look at those large patches of open water on Alaska's north shore and the Bering Strait March 5 of this year (2017). It seems a bit early since it is still winter.

image credit; 'cryosphere today'

Consider First Corinthians Chapters 12 and 13

Chapters 12 and 13 of First Corinthians concern spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and prophecy. The Apostle Paul speaks well of them yet notes that they are temporal and pass away. In fact he warns a little about using them too well without love. He wrote that love is a more excellent way in chapter 13.

Chapter 13 is one of those that are jaw-dropping when one considers that it was written in the first century and is unmatched in quality by any non-Biblical writers of antiquity. Paul actually meant what he wrote too. Shakespeare could write some pretty fair blank verse 1500 years later that at times approaches the literary quality of the apostle, yet of course without the meaning. Shakespeare's paradigmatic axis was comparatively lacking.

1 Corinthians 13King James Version (KJV)

13 "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.
Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;
Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;
Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.
11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."

Zillary Defeat Deniers Want Special Russia Prosecutor

The last thread of hope for Hillary loss deniers to overturn the election of President Donald Trump is the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate any possible relationship between Donald Trump and Russian efforts to subvert the Zillary campaign with true propaganda email's hacked from her unsecure private emails and the DNC. It is a rather silly wish since the sole way Trump could be subject to impeachment would be if he were found to have been part of a criminal conspiracy, with Russia and that is not likely. 

All top government officials are subject to internet hack attacks from numerous governments and private parties. Because of the Clinton-Obama antipathy to Russia and desire to wrest their Ukrainian heartland away from it, Russia obviously had a motive in hoping or working for the defeat of Hillary without any encouragement from Donald Trump. At the time the state department Hillary content was hacked Trump wasn't even running for office.

It is not criminal to influence elections publishing true information. It is criminal to hack into computers to get information obviously, however there is not even the most vague shred of evidence that candidate Trump did anything of the sort. Probably the Russians, British, French, Chinese etc were hacking into Hillary's private emails for years and years and none choose to publish the content and give up their view over her shoulder into the most private secrets of the U.S. State Department. Russia on the other hand might have weighed the pros and cons of publishing the data and decided in favor because it was a reasonably close election and like millions or billions of others hoped Hillary Clinton would lose and go back to Little Rock, Chicago or wherever at last.

It might be that the Obama administration and Hillary should be investigated for possible espionage ties with Bradley aka Chelsea Manning for the dirty work at military intelligence perhaps in order to advance the Obama homosexual agenda. President Obama commuted Chelsea-Bradly Manning's sentence his last day in office.

The Presidential election cannot itself be overturned because of wikipedia leaks. If Trumnp were impeached the Vice President would be promoted, and as the new President President it is not unlikely that Rush Limbaugh would be named the new Vice President after being awarded his medal of freedom.

Federal Reserve's Magic ET Satirycon (fiction)

When alien propagandists demonstrated they could create fake news to erase Earthly evidence of their conquest of Earth and its leader the Federal Reserve Chairperson, that agency was liberated to exploit alien technology to produce zero-interest electronic dollars by the trillions from zero-point space. That is the maximum, minimum energy value of the void if theoretically everything of value is removed from it. In that minimal condition the Federal Reserve chairman can summon a mini-big-bank effusion of e-dollars from virtually nothing. As the inflaton expands faster-than-light a fraction of a second because it is creating zero-interest space-time with it along with persons of interest to vote for it it deposit trillions of zero-interest loans into the accounts electronically crediting them with charged particles.

As the inflaton slows a cloud of obfuscation appears because the energy is still too hot to allow viewing of individual particles of light. Instead the e-loans in dark pools begins to cool down while expanding space-time. Trans-dimensional aliens direct the allocation of e-dollars globally to hidden accounts offshore where they can balance any irrational exuberance arising amidst investors on Wall Street with the cold reality checks of sobriety when the last bottle of single malt scotch lies pathetically empty in the gutter.

Fundamentally its all about genetics and splicing of Higgs vector bosons in a temporal field with Harvard Wu Soup research dancers. Applications of extra-galactic technology may keep economic lunches working good for the 1% into the unforeseeable future.

Decades ago when Boris Yeltsin was Chairman of the Federal Reserve an American Secretary of State was sent on an impossible secret mission to stop nuclear weapons development in North Korea. Armed just with a prickly, thorny rose she stripped down to dance config and danced for the dictator Kim II in exchange for North Korea giving up nuclear weapons construction and fourteen cases of Twinkies. Dictator Kim put a tip on monetary policy in her garter belt that became known as 'M-Theory'.

M-theory provided multiverse renormalization of home mortgage derivatives technique whereby the middle class and poor would be relieved of their abodes through defaults and swaps trading ownership with the 1% who would be financed by zero-point e-dollar multipliers in the Federal Reserve alien technology archive.

Dissidents were few to the expansion of planetary networking, yet they provided a steady-state barter Universe theory wherein trade would be based on corn liquor and honest cracker barrel content auctions at yearly meets on neutral islands.

Exsiders speculated the new Trump administration may implement T-Ball, Wall Street Dregulation Lawn Bowling oor Ecological Economics for course correction.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Genetic Breakdown in Formerly Elite Mammoth Populations

Even global human populations without substantial degrees of isolation may eventually suffer the effects of inbreeding or sharing bad genes if one extrapolates from a recent study of Wooly Mammoths on Russia's Wrangel Island.

Apparently the ancient elephant-like creatures that were killed of at Wrangel Island Russia 3500 years ago compiled substantial genetic defects perhaps for many reasons such as bad diet, environmental conditions etc, and inbreeding. As all human populations interbreed and isolation from contaminated populations no longer exists as firewalls genetic decay may occur in the finite yet initially variegated pool as well. Natural isolation in moderation with adequate populations for sustainability seems good while no isolation even with large numbers may mass produce and share critical genetic errors. Obviously possible human extinction criteria do not resemble closely those of Wooly Mammoths.

Maybe gene structures continue placidly unchallenged, unchanged and breakdown in effort to find adaptive change in circumstance of creeping environmental extinction.
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Jacque Cousteau anticipated humanity has fewer than 200 years remaining before its overuse of the environment and technological development (such as genetic engineering, biological war, nuclear, etc) led to mass extinction. The poor Wooly Mammoths gradually faded away as humanity consumed them as mobile fast food platforms.

Congress Probably Would Flunk an Ecological Economic Exam

It would be a safe bet to say that Congress doesn't know what ecological economics is. For many in the two houses the term might suggest something like solar panels or renewable materials. Yes it can include such items however it means a lot more; in fact it is an entirely different way of regarding the economy as part of the environment (the world basically) where it occurs, including the ecosystem.

Air is a simply idea. Usually it’s not included in classical economics quantitatively for the entire world though it could be. If someone were to make a substantial impact on the ecosphere reducing or increasing planetary oxygen and other gases, production of air fit to breathe it could be measured.

There are finite quantities of air, water, land and biota on the Earth. One can compare the amount of ecological goods available to the number of users of the finite ecosphere and its ecological goods and determine what the budget for use that is sustainable is with various scaled population and use factors- if the goods natural renew themselves (such as a lake that refills after rainfall).

Good ecological economic policy would provide work for citizens sustaining the environment and wildlife with all the value it has with D.N.A. structures uniquely configured plants, etc. in addition to usual jobs manufacturing items that make life easier or more interesting.

Ecological economic criteria do need to have government set guidelines and coordination that fit within a Democratic, free enterprise social paradigm in order to sustain a continuum of creative human progress. Contract criteria for work that supports sustainability and has low impact on the ecosphere that is adverse or destructive is a good vehicle for transforming a classical, non-renewable economic infrastructure to one that is sustainable.

Fundamentally the Democrat party isn't any more aware of the deeper nature of ecological economic procedures than the Republican Party, though the Democrats flirt with conservation and renewable energy items enough to try to attract voters to their general policy of concentrating wealth in a global plutonomy while destroying U.S. sovereignty.

Europe; Leftist, Squishy, Needs U.S. Help?

If Europe threw a hissy fit after Trump administrative upgrades for visitors to the U.S.A. in order to make terrorism more difficult to perpetrate here, it did not need to go so far as to consider making it requisite for American visitors to the old world region it has rescued twice from German hostile takeover. Yet it may be a benefit to Americans if Europe does that since more Americans will travel to Alaska this summer instead of Europe.

Old Europe has been an expensive project for the U.S.A. to invest in since the First World War. Often Americans have wondered if Europeans could quit letting their latent Neanderthal side dominate affairs without going to the bipolar opposite course of homosexual marriage and some sort of incapacity for general political reason.

Make no mistake; Germany has the best pastry in Europe and would dominate if there were fair, unbiased Universal competitions. Sadly, pastry excellence is insufficient qualification for ruling the troubled region. European resolution for worldliness without ecological economic transformation yet with a decline in Christian values while acting as a catalyst for Muslim migrations and simultaneously seeking to annex Ukraine and perhaps other parts of historical Russia and debasing individual citizenship in comparison to a concentration of wealth is problematic.

Old Europe has been squashed down twice in the 20th century by political elites sometimes clashing with other political elites. Adolph Hitler was a surrogate for the aristocracy deposed in the First World War’s end and that Frankenstein project got out of control. The left in its infatuation with Trotsky-Leninism decided that nations rather than elites were the problem entirely misdiagnosing the a-lect of the dialectical cycle of history enabling overcompensation from the b-lect for several decades.

Global today is the left’s idea in the United States for progress. They have substituted corporate elites for political elites that became unpopular as monarchies on soviets fell on hard time. Globalism is fundamentally a tool for letting a planetary oligarchy or plutonomy own everything while in turn the masses of people become powerless through relinquishing their nationhood.

Globalism has always existed since there was a world realistically. Nations however are political constructions that let a body politic have inalienable political rights unless they give them up through weakness, moral incapacity or ignorance. Though nations are strong and have strongly defended boundaries the world still may coexist peacefully with trade and tourism. Today’s globalists claim that the alternative to the unfettered planetary domination of wealth is isolationism however it is isolation of citizens from their own national right reason and properties of civil rights that occurs when the 1% have the world as their oyster and the masses are shifted about as cheap labor without a right to own anything or even in time to have sovereign democratic political rights in a republic.

Today a popular leverage tool for the globalism for the rich is to use Russia as a villain to prevent the practical global smooth flow of commerce and trade amidst sovereign nations with strong national ecological economic values. At the end of the cold war the Clintons and Europe sought to take Ukraine a third time from Russia in a century following up on that last accomplished by the Nazis in the Second World War. It would make sense for the U.S.A. to form a free trade policy with Russia in order to allow Miami to Fairbanks to Irkutsk high speed electromagnetic tube travel (and onward to Europe). That too would be globalism even if it occurs with strong U.S. sovereign boundary protection. It is not necessary that Americans are weak and indolent, doped up homosexuals to let the fake brave new world globalism bring happiness to the miserable. Rational actual global facilities for all travelling from their own nations with strong ecological economic policies can develop too as a better alternative to the world vision imagined by deathocrats and plutocrats seeking to rule as a corporatist central committee.